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Wushu Youtube Channels


WUSHU TV Lausanne - Beijing
About Youtuber Subscribe us to keep up with Youtube Channel of the International Wushu Federation (IWUF)
Frequency about 8 videos per week
Since Dec 2013
Channel youtube.com/user/iwufwushu/v..
Youtube Followers- 19,623 . Views Count- 3,286,515 . Video Count - 483

2. Wushu

Wushu Delhi, India
About Youtuber Wushu.in is providing detailed information on martial arts styles, martial arts competitions, martial arts styles and forms and martial artists around the world. At Wushu.in Martial arts, fans around the world communicate with other martial artists and shares photos, videos and other martial arts related information.
Frequency about 2 videos per month
Since May 2012
Channel youtube.com/user/indiawushu/..
Youtube Followers- 12,192 . Views Count- 2,478,286 . Video Count - 155

3. Wushu Sport

Wushu Sport About Youtuber Wushusport.tv promotes wushu as a sport and provides support to wushu athletes. It publishes all the latest wushu news and keep you informed on all the major competitions around the world.
Frequency about 1 video per month
Since Aug 2012
Channel youtube.com/user/WushuSportT..
Youtube Followers- 6,213 . Views Count- 961,555 . Video Count - 82


About Youtuber The mission of the WKFI is to organize a previously un-organized action arts and extend it's joy and benefits to the Indian people.Today, the WKFI has a successfully developed regional and national structure, which has organized an extensive range of activities throughout the nation.
Frequency about 21 videos per week
Since Sep 2007
Channel youtube.com/user/wushuindia/..
Youtube Followers- 1,148 . Views Count- 113,300 . Video Count - 252

5. Wushu Ariel

Wushu Ariel About Youtuber Follow us to keep up with videos from Wushu Ariel.
Frequency about 1 video per month
Since Apr 2008
Channel youtube.com/user/carvalhio/v..
Youtube Followers- 441 . Views Count- 75,672 . Video Count - 84

6. Wushu Martial Arts & Fitness

Wushu Martial Arts & Fitness Bathinda, India
About Youtuber Follow us to keep up with videos from Wushu Martial Arts & Fitness.
Frequency about 3 videos per month
Since Oct 2015
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCym1..
Youtube Followers- 412 . Views Count- 36,797 . Video Count - 99

7. WUC Wushu 2018

WUC Wushu 2018 About Youtuber Subscribe us to keep up with videos from WUC Wushu 2018.
Frequency about 14 videos per week
Since May 2018
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCCZp..
Youtube Followers- 312 . Views Count- 21,658 . Video Count - 9

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