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Voodoo Spells & Spellcasting – Doktor Snake

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London, United Kingdom

About Site - Doktor Snake is the UK's leading voodoo man providing voodoo spells & spellcasting for all your needs, including love spells, lover back spells, hex removal, protection, fast luck, good job spells, money spells and gambling spells.
Frequency - about 6 posts per week
Since - Aug 2009

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About Site - A Voodoo Blog.
Frequency - about 1 post per month
Since - Aug 2017

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Vodou - Reddit

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San Francisco, CA

About Site - This group is for the discussion of the religion of Vodou. For now, it is focused on the Haitian tradition, but I welcome links and discussions of West African, New Orleans, or other related traditions.
Frequency - about 4 posts per month