Top 100 Uk pet Influencers in 2023

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Looking for Uk Pet influencers for your outreach campaign or for collaboration to promote your brand or product? Our Uk Pet Influencers list is what you need. When ranking these Uk Pet influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the Uk Pet space.Learn more

Uk pet Influencers

Here are Top 100 Uk pet Influencers

1. Errol

Bio Not a fox Just foxy Errol, Stealer of HeartsInstagram Handle @errol.the.catInstagram Followers 115.5KWebsite

2. Ragdoll Bleu Snowflake

Bio We are 2 Ragdoll cats! Living in England Floppy Bleu(M)Queen Snowflake❄️(F)Instagram Handle @bleu_snowflakeInstagram Followers 127.1KWebsite

3. Leopold and Brigand

Bio Black & golden madly fluffy bunch & here to make you smileCatmom @katdelaetphotography BelgiumInstagram Handle @madfluffsInstagram Followers 132.7K

4. Artemis and Apollo

Bio Two highly spoiled high-born Maine Coons who love to share their cosmopolitan life and offbeat adventures with the world on Instagram.Instagram Handle @themainecoonlifeInstagram Followers 107.8KWebsite

5. Patrick & Norma

Bio Handsome Patrick the Bengal X & Naughty Norma the Abyssinian Best friends, mischief makers, professional meowdelsInstagram Handle @patrickcatsonInstagram Followers 72K

6. Hector

Bio Hi, I’m Hector. A good boy who lives with his Mama & Lanks ‍♂️Wanna collab hectorthesausage@hotmail.comInstagram Handle @hectorthesausageInstagram Followers 91.9KWebsite

7. Buddythedappleddachshund

Bio ʙᴇᴅꜰᴏʀᴅꜱʜɪʀᴇ . ᴜᴋ ʟᴏɴɢʜᴀɪʀᴇᴅ ᴍɪɴɪᴀᴛᴜʀᴇ ᴅᴀᴄʜꜱʜᴜɴᴅꜱ ᴄʜᴏᴄᴏʟᴀᴛᴇ ᴅᴀᴘᴘʟᴇ - ꜱʜᴀᴅᴇᴅ ᴄʀᴇᴀᴍ - ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ & ᴄʀᴇᴀᴍ ♂.. ♀.. ♂.. ♀..Instagram Handle @buddythedappleddachshundInstagram Followers 82.6K

8. Digit & Pippa

Bio UK Miniature Dachshunds 2 Small But Sassy Bitches As Seen On MTV, SDS, Boohoo, LADBible & UNILAD TikTok @digitdax digitdax@gmail.comInstagram Handle @digitdaxInstagram Followers 115.1K

9. Cheddar & Chester

Bio The cutest twins in EnglandShort legs, big attitude!Borking Zooms FUN Blog, more photos and FREE downloads below ⬇️Instagram Handle @cheddarandchesterInstagram Followers 84.1KWebsite

10. The North London Crew

Bio Qualified Applied Animal - Cat Behaviourist.Based in North London. UK Butler to: Hula, Luigi, Archie, Bill & Ted AKA The North London Crew.Instagram Handle @lillmanlulu_luigi_and_coInstagram Followers 53.9K

11. Dante

Bio a cat living in London Collaborations -Danteduffinduque@gmail.comInstagram Handle @danteduke_thecatInstagram Followers 42.7KWebsite

12. Miu and Mao

Bio Sisters Living our best lives Music lovers Mischief makers February 2012Instagram Handle @miuandmaoInstagram Followers 42.6KWebsite

13. Eric

Bio Hello, I’m Eric British boy Former stray No. 1 ginger Chin scratches are my favourite DM for promotionInstagram Handle @eric_the_c.atInstagram Followers 52.7KWebsite

14. Skye & Copper

Bio 6m+ followers across all socials ‍‍ Yasmin & Kieran @lifewithfamilia Skye - CEO of cross paws Copper - Mariah Carey impersonatorInstagram Handle @lifewithkleekaiInstagram Followers 246.1KWebsite

15. Teddie & Casper

Bio Casper 20/06/2015Teddie 24/06/2015Purrfessional bug hunters & bird watchers ⬇️ Follow us on TikTok ⬇️Instagram Handle @teddieandcasperInstagram Followers 122.3KWebsite

16. Minnie and Marvin

Bio Marvin and his new sister Miffy living in London. Perfect Minnie passed away on 25/12/17.Instagram Handle @minnieandmarvinInstagram Followers 33.8K

17. Iris, Ivy, Violet and Maple

Bio Iris 15/02/18 Ivy and Peony 26/03/18Violet 10/05/19Maple 13/05/20YorkshireRaw fed @the.silly.sausageInstagram Handle @_the_sausage_sisters_Instagram Followers 78.2KWebsite

18. Harris Reid

Bio → born to grouch♡ coastal adventures @coppernotes / copperline.coEast Lothian, ScotlandInstagram Handle @theworldaccordingtoharrisInstagram Followers 47.1KWebsite

19. Mayo

Bio Female Ragdoll Featuring Invader ZimInstagram Handle @mayonnaise.catInstagram Followers 26.9K

20. Steph, Sev & Lily

Bio ⛰️Adventures of a Dog Mum & 2 Spaniels Dog Friendly Travel & Van LifePhotographer | LGBTQ+ ️‍⚧️️‍Instagram Handle @stephandthespanielsInstagram Followers 30.7KWebsite

21. Kirk

Bio Blue British Shorthair Edinburgh, Scotland 2nd September 2019Instagram Handle @kirk_the_catInstagram Followers 44.3K

22. Spartacus & Missy O

Bio From England #thegingerflashInstagram Handle @omgitsakittenInstagram Followers 30.4K

23. Potaito

Bio #PotaitoTheCat BSH Blue Boy London, UK Human siblings Chicken lover DM/Email for business enquiriesInstagram Handle @sweet.potaitoInstagram Followers 27.2KWebsite

24. Otis & Amos

Bio 14/10 good boys living in YorkshireOtis // Amos //9 Stanley 08/07/2019Instagram Handle @the_real_yorkshire_sausagesInstagram Followers 30.3K

25. Harry

Bio Harry the miniature Dachshund.London . Master toy destroyer Rescue dogInstagram Handle @harrythedaxenInstagram Followers 81.2K

26. Lola

Bio Mini Dachshund ☀️ 4/10/2017 UK Love @richyrich_and_doratheexplorerInstagram Handle @lolalittledashInstagram Followers 36.5K

27. Sidney

Bio ’ ⛰ @ACAIOutdoorwear @paleoridgeInstagram Handle @sidney_minisausageInstagram Followers 106.9KWebsite

28. Tommy

Bio Tommy from the ukInstagram Handle @the_ginger_tomInstagram Followers 45.7KWebsite

29. Betsy

Bio & .. , ️ @equafleeceInstagram Handle @betsy.and.meInstagram Followers 28KWebsite

30. Frankie

Bio EdinburghTheatre dog✨Brand rep codes in highlights/LinktreeInstagram Handle @frankietheminidaxieInstagram Followers 26.1KWebsite

31. Ozzy

Bio 01.06.2013 - 24.01.2022Memories of Ozzy #ozthecatInstagram Handle @ozthecatInstagram Followers 18K

32. Rocket & Mar

Bio Rocket man + Marsy Moo Miniature long haired dachshunds LondonInstagram Handle @longdogrocketInstagram Followers 19.1K

33. Misti_and_Miloh

Bio Meow I'm Misti The Tongue Out Slomo Expert My videos are under license. If you want to share them, contact me ➡️ DM or mistitongue@gmail.comInstagram Handle @misti_kohInstagram Followers 62.9KWebsite

34. Pepper Oni

Bio AKA Peps, Pepsi, Pig, Piggle, Pigatron, Notorious P.I.GSuffolkProfessional Sock ThiefCEO @southwolfuk Discount codes in highlightsInstagram Handle @pepper_oniInstagram Followers 25.8KWebsite

35. Georgia

Bio 2 gorgeous Sheepadoodles ❤️❤️Leaving a little sparkle wherever they go ✨Instagram Handle @surreysheepadoodlesInstagram Followers 30.8KWebsite

36. Sid and Tillie

Bio Miniature long haired dachshunds 30/5/2018Shaded cream & Shaded red Shropshire, EnglandOwners- @andreahortonx & @andygoringInstagram Handle @sidandtillieInstagram Followers 30.3K

37. Daisy

Bio | ᴍɪɴɪᴀᴛᴜʀᴇ ᴅᴀᴄʜꜱʜᴜɴᴅ | ᴄᴏɴɢʟᴇᴛᴏɴ, ᴜᴋ‍♂️ | ᴅᴀᴅ’ꜱ ɢɪʀʟ | ᴅᴍ ꜰᴏʀ ᴄᴏʟʟᴀʙᴏʀᴀᴛɪᴏɴꜱ ️ | ᴘʀᴇꜱꜱ ᴀʀᴛɪᴄʟᴇInstagram Handle @daisyminidashInstagram Followers 34.5KWebsite

38. Dexter and Roxy

Bio Dex 20.07.17 Rox 22.07.16Bournemouth Discount codes in highlights ♥️Instagram Handle @dexterandroxypugsInstagram Followers 14.3K

39. Moggsy

Bio Supermeowdel Guest appearanceFeatured 13x on @cats_of_instagramCollaborations moggsythecat@gmail.comTreat me to a cattucino ☕️ or a:Instagram Handle @moggsy_the_catInstagram Followers 26.5KWebsite

40. Kikko

Bio My name is Kikko, like the soy saucePure black & tan pug. Pure weirdo. Me is a girl Causing mischief since 2016Instagram Handle @kikko_thepugInstagram Followers 28.1KWebsite

41. Silver

Bio - or ‘Silly’ for short! Silly by name, silly by nature World renowned Bug Catcher UK| 14.07.19#sillytheshorthair ✨Instagram Handle @silverthebritishshorthairInstagram Followers 11.8K

42. Marley

Bio I’m Marley, an ex-orphan rescue tabby Follow for some smiles, cuteness and lovable content ❤️ My rescued family - bro Jackson ‍⬛ & sis LilyInstagram Handle @marleytheorphancatInstagram Followers 28.4KWebsite

43. Cockersquad

Bio Glasgow Molly 14, Arthur 9, Henry 8 & Mirin 5Raw Fed with @paleoridge Owner of @muddywalksglasgowInstagram Handle @cockersquadInstagram Followers 15.8KWebsite

44. Vet Stuff And Spaniels

Bio Kelly - Vet & spaniel addict.Owned by 6 spaniels: Lola, Alfie, Sophie, Harry, Penny & Minnie & Maggot the moggy catInstagram Handle @vetstuffandspanielsInstagram Followers 32.8KWebsite

45. Nala

Bio ▫️Pure Long Haired Cream, Mini Dachshund▫️Professional face puller, heart stealer & smile maker▫️London Doggo▫️06.03.2019Instagram Handle @nala.the.dachsInstagram Followers 14.9K

46. Dobby

Bio The Dobby Diaries Minature Dachshund 8 January 2020 Missy (6 July 2020) dobby.theminidach@hotmail.comInstagram Handle @dobby.theminidachInstagram Followers 37.2K

47. Albus & Elsie

Bio Two long haired miniature dachshunds forever on the hunt for treats and attention! HertfordshireInstagram Handle @albus_and_elsieInstagram Followers 12.8KWebsite

48. Dennis

Bio Miniature Dictator (Dachshund) Professional Ladies Man Renfrewshire 09-Jan-2019 @clairedonnell @daannywallsInstagram Handle @dennisthedapperdachshundInstagram Followers 12.3K

49. Tim Dachshund

Bio Tiny Tim a wheelchair warrior inspiration to @tinytimonwheelsfoundation . Visit our shop . Ella baby sisterInstagram Handle @tinytimonwheelsInstagram Followers 14KWebsite

50. Parsnip

Bio 3 Cockers & a yorkipooInstagram Handle @hi_im_parsnipInstagram Followers 13.3K

51. Reggie & Rio

Bio & .. / .. @popandtedthreads ‘REGRIO10’ for 10% Off! @lucycblacker & @maxblackerInstagram Handle @meet.reggie.rioInstagram Followers 11.6K

52. Eevee

Bio Long-haired miniature dachshund 27.11.2019Suffolk, UKInstagram Handle @eeveethedachshundInstagram Followers 26.9K

53. Heidi

Bio I’m a gorgeous green eyed tabby girl who has feline asthma!Follow me to see my daily posts. ⬇️ Check out my highlights for discounts and infoInstagram Handle @heidi.katInstagram Followers 22.2KWebsite

54. Ralph

Bio • Miniature Dachshund • Brand Ambassador for @topdogharnesses • RALPH10 for 10% discount • Essex, UK • 31/03/19Instagram Handle @ralph.theminidachshundInstagram Followers 11.9K

55. Winnie

Bio Longhaired Miniature Dachshund CEO @whereswinnieuk 01.07.2019 London winnietheslinker@gmail.comInstagram Handle @winnie_the_slinkerInstagram Followers 52.3KWebsite

56. Leon

Bio Leon is a blind rescue cat living in the UK. Birthday - 01/11/18Instagram Handle @leontheblindcatInstagram Followers 11.6K

57. Dior

Bio London BoyA multidimensional soul, on a mission to spread happiness #cocker_dior ❤️ mum @niluhsekarInstagram Handle @cocker_diorInstagram Followers 10.8K

58. Silver_Bengal_Brothers

Bio LOKI & KAWAII☆ BENGAL BROFURS ☆ 3-11-2018☆ Sis "Sophie" @sophies__place☆ Baby Brofur "Marvel" mini pantherMelanistic Bengal Jan 2021Instagram Handle @silver_bengal_brothers_Instagram Followers 8.9K

59. Crunchie

Bio ✨Crunchie Bear✨Miniature Long haired Dachshund✨London✨14.01.2019Instagram Handle @crunchielittlelegsInstagram Followers 10.7K

60. Hattie & Meggie

Bio Top UK Pet IG Influencer 2020 Essex, UK 11.3.17 & 4.1.18 HATSNMEGS10 @furtheloveoftoysHATSNMEGS30 @poochandmuttInstagram Handle @hats_n_megs.dachshundsInstagram Followers 19.8K

61. Charlie

Bio Golden retriever in London #notsosecretlifeofcharlie Part time runner, food enthusiast , king of and ⚽️Instagram Handle @sir_charlie_of_londonInstagram Followers 14.4K

62. Barney, Henry & Sidney

Bio Barney, Henry & Sidney Yorkshire for collaborationsInstagram Handle @wharfedale_spanielsInstagram Followers 14.1K

63. Kai And Nova

Bio Kai (F8 Bengal)Nova (F10 Bengal)May 4th 2015 (Kai) April 30th 2020 (Nova)Londonthe chronicles of a blind Bengal boy and his baby sisterInstagram Handle @kaiandnovaInstagram Followers 8.7K

64. Ernest Le Chat

Bio Salut! I’m Ernest French cat living inLondon Cheeky chap 3 years old Ginger 4 lifeInstagram Handle @ernest.le.chatInstagram Followers 10.1K

65. Reggie

Bio Black & tan miniature dachshund 11th February, 2019 Uk @harryandginnydesigns REGGIE10Instagram Handle @reggie_bruin_dachshundInstagram Followers 8.5K

66. Basil & Olive

Bio The adventures of two mini dachshunds ‍‍ Brother & sister 17/07/19 Shoreditch, LondonInstagram Handle @a.pinch.of.basilInstagram Followers 10.3K

67. Miso & Parmigiano

Bio A Sosig & a Potat 10/05/2019 21/03/2020 LondonInstagram Handle @misoweenieInstagram Followers 12K

68. Pluto & Poppy

Bio , | | | & .. @_indielindieInstagram Handle @plutoandpopsInstagram Followers 13.8KWebsite

69. Eric

Bio Hello, I’m Eric the Catto. I’m a Lilac British short hair kitten.I live in Liverpool, Merseyside ⁣Born May2019⁣I follow pet profiles back ♥️Instagram Handle @eric_the_cattoInstagram Followers 4K

70. Willow and Olive

Bio Willow & Olive the Sprockers South Coast, UK Fuelled by @essentialfoodsofficialInstagram Handle @southcoastspanielsInstagram Followers 5.3KWebsite

71. Poppy

Bio Poppy, the one eyed Cairn Terrier & her human.We ❤️ snacks, naps & paddleboarding.15% OFF @redandgingerco POPPY15Instagram Handle @hazelandpoppy90Instagram Followers 7.8KWebsite

72. Dobby_the_naked

Bio Liverpool ⚠️warning!⚠️ nudes!NUDESHHP for 15% off @happyhippiepawsInstagram Handle @dobby_the_nakedInstagram Followers 2.3KWebsite

73. Fluffy

Bio @feelfluff for beautiful custom pet potraits London, UK 26th August 2019 I'm a princess who owns two hoomansInstagram Handle @princessfluffykittyInstagram Followers 2.3KWebsite

74. Winston/Winnie

Bio 25/01/2020Bournemouth, England Cavalier King Charles cross with toy poodle are my favourite thing to chew so far are pretty chewable tooInstagram Handle @winstons_cavapoo_worldInstagram Followers 1.3K

75. Mylo

Bio Mylo Age: 6Worcester 75% of legs, 100% handsomeInstagram Handle @mylohopsInstagram Followers 1.3K

76. Chester

Bio ’, !Dog friendly adventures in Scotlandᴛʀᴀᴠᴇʟ - ᴀᴄᴄᴏᴍᴍᴏᴅᴀᴛɪᴏɴ - ᴅɪɴɪɴɢExplorers for @dogfuriendly & @visitangusInstagram Handle @chester_the_sausage_Instagram Followers 20.5KWebsite

77. the.frenchie.diaries

Bio Trendiest quad of Frenchies, living their best spoilt life in N.Ireland FRENCHIEPPB @pawsomepawsboutiqueFRENCHIES10 @nelsons_treatsInstagram Handle @the.frenchie.diariesInstagram Followers 19.1KWebsite

78. minimollysausage

Bio & Molly - 15/08/18Margot - 2/12/22Midlands, UK See website for discount codesInstagram Handle @minimollysausageInstagram Followers 9.5KWebsite

79. rocky_gsdxhusky

Bio Follow my adventuresEssex, UKInstagram Handle @rocky_gsdxhuskyInstagram Followers 3K

80. pop_sausage

Bio Rescue Sausage. Model. Feminist. Icon. IVDD warriorInstagram Handle @pop_sausageInstagram Followers 65.5KWebsite

81. pepper_and_pebbles_adventures

Bio Miniature sausages UK Adventurers @petpoochboutique PEBBLES30@posh_paws_u.k PEBBLES10@dapperdachshunddesigns PEPPER10Instagram Handle @pepper_and_pebbles_adventuresInstagram Followers 42.7K

82. my_life_as_a_dog_milo

Bio | | .. | ,Instagram Handle @my_life_as_a_dog_miloInstagram Followers 10.9K

83. daphnethewondersossige

Bio Canine philanthropist Part-time model, full-time divaUtilising comedy & cuteness to make the world a better and more dog friendly placeInstagram Handle @daphnethewondersossigeInstagram Followers 17.1K

84. mabel_alfie_stanley_dachshunds

Bio Mabel 15.09.11 Alfie 01.08.06 27.01.19 Stanley26.08.17 George 20.04.22@beco_pets 15% -DOXIETRIO@dorwest 10% DOXIETRIO10Instagram Handle @mabel_alfie_stanley_dachshundsInstagram Followers 16.3K

85. littlemisspiglett

Bio • Perfect little pig princess getting my own way since 04.08.18. •Squeaky toy savager • EnglandInstagram Handle @littlemisspiglettInstagram Followers 3.1KWebsite

86. buddy_the_lab_19

Bio ♕ The most boy. ෆ Making memories in ➥ W.Yorkshire ✩ Promoted to big brother •↓ DM for collaborationsInstagram Handle @buddy_the_lab_19Instagram Followers 12.6K

87. the.wild.cockapoo

Bio ▫️Lola - Cockapoo ▫️Featuring Jessie ▫1/2/2016 ▫UK ▫Full time sock thiefInstagram Handle @the.wild.cockapooInstagram Followers 6.4KWebsite

88. wilbur_the_saus

Bio King & Queen of napping, chewing, eating chimken & getting our own way.16.2.1623.4.21CEO’s of The Sausage Dog Cafe⭐️DM to collabInstagram Handle @wilbur_the_sausInstagram Followers 20.5KWebsite


Bio A Londoner lady sausage full of sass and love ❤️ Isabella & Tan | 7/09/19Discounts ⬇️Instagram Handle @missharley.gbInstagram Followers 2.3KWebsite

90. seves_adventures

Bio Standard Dachshund. Swansea, South Wales. Beaches, Balls & Bitches are my thing! Follow my adventures here! ❤️Instagram Handle @seves_adventuresInstagram Followers 2.6K

91. theedinburghspaniels

Bio A girl and her dogs ✌Hiking, camping and munro bagging ⛰️ 222/282Instagram Handle @theedinburghspanielsInstagram Followers 158.2KWebsite

92. dudleythe.dachshund

Bio |Mini Dachshund Brothers |Adventuring through life in Devon|Stealing socks since 01/04/20|Walter born 23/10/20Instagram Handle @dudleythe.dachshundInstagram Followers 78.1K

93. roccolovesfrenchiekisses

Bio Frenchie & his #dogmumThe adventures of two short legged explorers - 7 years young - Raw fed#frenchie #dog #dogmodelROCCO10 @pawfectpuppyboutiqueInstagram Handle @roccolovesfrenchiekissesInstagram Followers 41.6KWebsite

94. dylans_diary20

Bio Miniature Dachshund Uk CEO of @dylansdiaryandco DYLANDAISY20 @yappy_comInstagram Handle @dylans_diary20Instagram Followers 26.1KWebsite

95. _daphne_dachshund_

Bio Miniature Shaded Red Long Haired Dachshund Alloa, Scotland 30th Oct 2019CEO @_daphnes_designs_Instagram Handle @_daphne_dachshund_Instagram Followers 10K

96. charlie.sausagedog

Bio ​• Short & Sassy, Cute & Classy • #MiniatureDachshund // #SausageDog #DogsOfLondon Find us on Tik Tok CEO of @paw.portraitInstagram Handle @charlie.sausagedogInstagram Followers 29.7KWebsite