100 Best True Crime Podcasts

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True Crime Podcasts

Here are 100 Best True Crime Podcasts worth listening to in 2023

1. Serial

Serial Serial is a podcast from the creators of This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig. Serial made podcasts popular again and is poised to update the landscape by inspiring more legal voices to take to the medium of radio to connect, inform, and educate.
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2. Criminal

Criminal Criminal is the first of its kind. A show about people who've done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle. Hosted by Phoebe Judge. Part of the Vox Media Podcast Network.
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3. Up and Vanished | True Crime Podcast

Up and Vanished | True Crime Podcast Up and Vanished is an investigative true crime podcast hosted by Atlanta filmmaker Payne Lindsey. Up and Vanished aims to tell compelling, true stories and give these cases the exposure they deserve.
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4. Crime Junkie Podcast

Crime Junkie Podcast Tampa, Florida, US
Crime Junkie is a weekly podcast dedicated to giving you a true crime fix. Every Monday, Ashley Flowers will tell you about whatever crime she's been obsessing over that week in a way that sounds like you're sitting around talking crime with your best friends.
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5. Dr. Death | S1: Dr. Duntsch

Dr. Death | S1: Dr. Duntsch Listen to Dr Death Season 3 exclusively by subscribing to Wondery . Start your free trial at wonderyplus.com . If you had back pain, and had tried everything else, Dr. Duntsch could give you the spine surgery that would take your pain away.But soon his patients started to experience complications, and the system failed to protect them. Which begs the question: who - or what - is that system meant to protect?From Wondery, the network behind the hit podcast Dirty John, DR. DEATH is a story about a charming surgeon, 33 patients and a spineless system. Reported and hosted by Laura Beil.
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6. Casefile True Crime

Casefile True Crime Australia
Casefile True Crime Podcast, or simply Casefile, is a weekly true crime-themed podcast that first aired in Australia in January 2016 and hosted by an Australian man who remains anonymous. The series deals with solved or cold criminal cases, often related to well-known murders and serial crimes.
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7. Last Podcast On The Left

Last Podcast On The Left The Last Podcast On The Left covers all the horrors our world has to offer both imagined and real, from demons and slashers to cults and serial killers, The Last Podcast is guaranteed to satisfy your blood lust.
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8. Run, Bambi, Run

Run, Bambi, Run Laurie Bembenek was a Milwaukee police officer and Playboy Club bunny before being arrested for the murder of her husband's ex-wife, a crime she insisted she did not commit. Nicknamed 'Bambi Bembenek,' she became a tabloid fixation, a feminist cause célèbre, and, after she escaped from prison, an American folk hero, though she was never exonerated. Journalist and Campside Media co-founder Vanessa Grigoriadis takes a fresh look at the case Diane Sawyer called the 'most glamorous murder case of the 1980s.'
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9. Kinda Murdery

Kinda Murdery Ukiah, California, US
Bizarre murders, brash takes, and compelling commentary.  Zevon Odelberg tells riveting stories, and hosts fascinating guests, for an unfiltered conversation about true crime, history, and society with a dash of the paranormal. The stories you find here may not always be about murder, but they will ALWAYS be, 'Kinda Murdery'.
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10. Something Was Wrong

Something Was Wrong Something Was Wrong is an Iris Award-winning true-crime docuseries about the discovery, trauma, and recovery from shocking life events and abusive relationships.
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11. MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories

MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories The Strange, Dark and Mysterious delivered in podcast format.
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A TRUE CRIME SERIES we publish an episode every day. Follow us for new episodes.
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13. The Generation Why Podcast

The Generation Why Podcast Kansas City, Missouri, US
The Generation Why Podcast released its first episode in 2012 and pioneered the true crime genre in the podcasting world. Two friends, Aaron & Justin, break down theories and give their opinions on unsolved murders, controversies, mysteries and conspiracies.
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14. Hollywood & Crime

Hollywood & Crime West Hollywood, California, US
Hollywood and Crime is a ground-breaking true-crime series about the most infamous murders in Tinseltown history. Listen to this podcast for more information.
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15. The Vanished Podcast

The Vanished Podcast North Carolina, US
The Vanished is a true-crime podcast that explores the stories of those who have gone missing. Join host, Marissa Jones, as she explores each case often interviewing the loved ones who are still searching for answers.
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16. They Walk Among Us

They Walk Among Us UK
They Walk Among Us is an award-winning weekly UK true-crime podcast covering a broad range of cases from the sinister to the surreal.
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17. True Crime Fan Club Podcast

True Crime Fan Club Podcast Allen, Texas, US
True Crime Fan Club Podcast is for the ultimate true crime aficionado, giving you a glimpse into the life & crimes of some of the evilest minds.
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18. Morning Cup Of Murder

Morning Cup Of Murder Clarksville, Tennessee, US
Ever wonder what murder took place on today in true crime history? If so, sit back and grab a cup of coffee as you enjoy your daily dose of True Crime goodness. Your host, Korina Biemesderfer, guides you through history with tales of murder, abduction, serial killers, crimes of passion, cults, and more in this short form daily true crime podcast.
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19. True Crime All The Time

True Crime All The Time Ohio, US
Hosts Mike Ferguson and Mike Gibson guide you through the most interesting true crime stories. This is a true crime podcast that spares none of the details and delves into what makes these killers tick.
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20. Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast Boston, Massachusetts, US
It's a lighthearted nightmare in here, weirdos! Morbid is a true crime, creepy history, and all things spooky podcast hosted by an autopsy technician and a hairstylist. Join in for a heavy dose of research with a dash of comedy thrown in for flavor.
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21. Evidence Locker True Crime

Evidence Locker True Crime Evidence Locker True Crime is a weekly podcast made by hard-core True Crime fans. Somewhat grungy and grimy, they bring you stories from all the dark corners of the globe.
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22. True Crime Daily The Podcast

True Crime Daily The Podcast US
True Crime Daily delivers in-depth true crime sagas showcasing the very best of crime journalism. From unsolved murders to compelling mysteries, undercover investigations and shocking crimes caught on camera. The Podcast covers murders, scams, investigations and unsolved crimes across the country every week with hosts Billy Jensen and Owen Michael.
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23. Reverie True Crime

Reverie True Crime Mississippi, US
Paige wants to tell you stories about all things spine-chilling and hair-raising. The main topic is true crime and sprinkled in will be stories of mysteries, paranormal events, cryptids, cults, and much more. Reverie means to daydream, but even daydreams can turn into nightmares.
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MURDERISH Los Angeles, California, US
MURDERISH is a true-crime podcast that delves into true stories of murder, disappearances and other creepy events. Also featured on the podcast are in-depth interviews with high-profile people in the true crime community. This podcast will take you on a deep-dive journey through interesting cases, beginning the date of the crime and ending with the courtroom verdict. If you are fascinated by true crime, and all that embodies the genre, this podcast will appeal to you.
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25. Dead Rabbit Radio

Dead Rabbit Radio Paranormal, Conspiracy, and True Crime news as it happens! Jason Carpenter breaks the stories they'll be talking about tomorrow, assuming the world doesn't end today.
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26. Trace Evidence

Trace Evidence North Carolina, US
Trace Evidence is a weekly true-crime podcast that focuses on unsolved cases, from chilling murders to missing persons. Join host Steven Pacheco as he examines each case, diving deep into the evidence and exploring the theories which revolve around them. For each unsolved case, there are the victims and their families, who want answers and the abductors and murders who hide the truth.
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CRIME MACHINE CRIME MACHINE is a new breed of true-crime podcast designed to transport the listener to very specific moments in crime. Join us every week as Mr. Luna opens a new door to an old case with the help of the operator.
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28. Killer Queens

Killer Queens A light True Crime podcast with killer 90's references. Hosted by sisters Tori and Tyrella who get together bi-weekly to discuss a different case straight from the headlines or news feed. If you like to hear 90's lingo, friends quotes, and the occasional curse word in your true crime stories, then this is the show for you.
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29. Blood Ties Podcast

Blood Ties Podcast London, England, UK
A Wansell family brunch is never deathly dull. Blood Ties is a weekly true-crime podcast hosted by true crime expert Geoffrey Wansell with his daughter, Molly. Tune in to listen to this podcast.
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30. Seeing Red | A True Crime Podcast

Seeing Red | A True Crime Podcast UK
Seeing Red is a true-crime podcast, hosted by Mark and Bethan.Join us every Wednesday as we take it in turns to tell each other about true crimes we find interesting! Listen to us as we explore murders, heists, scams and much, much more, along with our theories about the unsolved cases.
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31. True Crime Garage

True Crime Garage Columbus, Ohio, US
Each week Nic and the Captain fire up the true crime garage flying ship fueled with beer, great discussion and listener participation. The garage covers a new case each week from headline news to local real-life horror stories. Discussions about Serial killers like Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and BTK, cold cases like Jonbenet Ramsy, OJ Simpson, and the Zodiac, disappearances, missing persons and unsolved mysteries are all on tap along with with craft beers from all over the world.
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32. Tapes from the Darkside: a true crime podcast

Tapes from the Darkside: a true crime podcast Tapes from the Darkside is a serialized true-crime podcast. Each season, we take one case and investigate in-depth using primary audio from 911 calls, police interrogations and interviews, court proceedings, and any other relevant source we can find. Join us as we break down exactly what occurred, the potential motive behind each crime, and the moral/ethical implications for those involved.
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33. Wine & Crime

Wine & Crime Minnesota, US
Wine & Crime is a true crime / comedy podcast. Join three friends as they chug wine, chat true crime, and unleash their worst Minnesotan accents!
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34. The Minds of Madness

The Minds of Madness The Minds of Madness is a true-crime podcast that examines the most disturbing criminal minds and the impact violent crimes have on survivors of homicide.
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35. Man In The Window | The Golden State Killer

Man In The Window | The Golden State Killer West Hollywood, California, US
In Man in the Window, Paige St. John, a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter has uncovered never before revealed details about the man who would eventually become one of California's most deadly serial killers. From Wondery and the L.A. Times comes a new series that traces his path of devastation through his victims' eyes.
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36. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories Los Angeles, California, US
Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories is a podcast drama with a modern twist on old time radio that delves into the mystery of true cold cases and unsolved murders. With the help of an ensemble cast, follow our hosts as they take you on an entertaining journey through the crime scene, the investigation and attempt to solve the case. New episodes are released every Tuesday.
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37. Judgy Crime Girls

Judgy Crime Girls Podcast duo Judgy Crime Girls brings you hard core and hilarious truths about murder and heinous crimes. You won't know whether to laugh or cry when we cover the insanity around us! Using witty comebacks & thick sarcasm, we share red flags to make the world a safer place.
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38. Follow the Truth

Follow the Truth Raleigh, North Carolina, US
Who really killed Michael Jordan's father? Follow the Truth is a true-crime podcast re-investigating the murder of Michael Jordan's dad, James R. Jordan Sr. The two men convicted, Larry Demery and Daniel Andre Green tell conflicting stories of what happened the night of the James Jordan murder. Daniel Green has served nearly three decades in a North Carolina prison maintaining his innocence in the killing. Veteran crime reporter Amanda Lamb questions the evidence and explores whether this is a case of wrongful conviction.
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39. Murder In The Rain

Murder In The Rain Portland, Oregon, US
With a mutual fascination for true crime, Emily and Alisha have taken it upon themselves to explore the depravity that holds a special place in the Pacific Northwest. Murder in the Rain examines the brutality, history, and humanity of these notorious murders. With the help of authors, psychologists, detectives, victim's families, and their producer Josh, Murder in the Rain brings an understanding as to who the victims were while investigating the killer's origins and motives.
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40. DIE-ALOGUE: a true crime conversation

DIE-ALOGUE: a true crime conversation New York City, New York, US
What are we even talking about when we talk about true crime?That is the big question DIE-ALOGUE host, Rebekah Sebastian, is getting to the heart of when she interviews her guests - a diverse cross section of true crime and criminal justice players. From lawyers and advocates to authors and survivors, DIE-ALOGUE examines the most compelling aspects of true crime and challenges some of the genre's tropes and is committed to exploring the ethics of engaging true crime content as both creators and consumers.
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41. True Crime Brewery

True Crime Brewery US
True Crime Brewery is a true crime podcast unlike any other! Husband and wife, Jill and Dick, use their medical knowledge and life experiences to take a deep dive into some of the most fascinating crimes from all over the world. Just for fun, Dick uses his expertise as a craft beer lover to review and/or recommend beers from the regions where each crime occurred. Meet them at the quiet end of the bar for a craft brew and a no-holds-barred true crime discussion.
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42. Australian True Crime

Australian True Crime Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Australia's suburbs are home to some of the most mysterious and disturbing true crime cases in the world. Meshel Laurie is a true crime obsessive. Emily Webb is a true-crime author. And together with expert interviews with writers, victims, investigators, and perpetrators, they probe the underbelly of our towns and suburbs and uncover the darkness at the heart of Australian life.
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43. True Crime All The Time Unsolved

True Crime All The Time Unsolved Each week Mike Ferguson and Mike Gibson guide you through the most interesting unsolved true crime stories. This is a true crime podcast that spares none of the details. We tell the stories of the victims, the facts surrounding the cases, and look at all possible suspects. We don't take ourselves too seriously but we take true crime very seriously.
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44. Mens Rea: A true crime podcast

Mens Rea: A true crime podcast Carlow, Ireland
Mens Rea is the legal principle of intent that must be proved in a number of crimes, such as murder. It means literally, 'guilty mind'. Mens Rea Podcast explores the most notorious crimes from Ireland and the UK and the court cases that followed. Join your host, Sinead, every fortnight when a new case is discussed.
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45. Once Upon A Crime | True Crime

Once Upon A Crime | True Crime San Jose, California, US
Once Upon a Crime presents true crime stories chapter by chapter. Each episode stands alone and cases are grouped by topic. Esther has covered the kidnapping cases of Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard, celebrity stalkers Mark David Chapman and John Hinckley, and historical cases including Kitty Genovese, Mary Bell and Charles Starkweather.
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46. Disgraceland

Disgraceland Murder, infidelity , suicide, arson, overdose, religious cults, drug trafficking; this podcast explores the alleged true crime antics and criminal connections of musicians we love like Jerry Lee Lewis, Beck. If you love true crime and you love music then get ready to love this podcast.
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47. Military Murder Podcast

Military Murder Podcast A true crime podcast with a twist - crimes committed by military members, veterans, or their family members! Camouflage can't conceal these twisted murders!
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48. Moms and Murder

Moms and Murder Moms and Murder is a true-crime podcast hosted by Mandy and Melissa, two friends who deep dive into a new case each week. Conversational in tone and heavy on the levity, you'll enjoy their original takes on both the well-known and those lesser heard of true crime stories.
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49. The Trail Went Cold

The Trail Went Cold The Trail Went Cold is a true-crime podcast where writer Robin Warder examines unsolved mysteries and offers his own theories as to what really happened.
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50. Murder, She Told

Murder, She Told US
True crime cases from the state of Maine and New England, and unsolved murders from small town, USA. These are the crime stories your hometown doesn't want to talk about; the homicides buried deep in the newspaper archives of local American history. These are the cold cases you've probably never heard of before. With detailed storytelling, Murder, She Told connects with the family, friends, and investigators who know these cases best, and explores the dark underbelly of the safest places in America, where everybody knows everyone, and bad things never happen...
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51. Making Amends

Making Amends How do we atone for the worst thing we've ever done? Many prisoners at the Oregon State Penitentiary wrestle with this question every day. In this 8-part series, they share their stories with Steve Herbert.
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52. Canadian True Crime

Canadian True Crime Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Stories of some of the most heinous, controversial, heartbreaking, and thought-provoking true crime cases, told by an Australian living in Canada. New episodes on the 1st and 15th of each month.
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53. Dark Poutine True Crime & Dark History

Dark Poutine True Crime & Dark History Vancouver, British Columbia
A podcast about notorious Canadian crimes, dark history and other creepy topics as told by real-live Canadians.
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54. Beyond Contempt True Crime

Beyond Contempt True Crime Wisconsin, US
A narrative-based true-crime podcast. The host will tell you stories that you've never heard before.
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55. UK True Crime Podcast

UK True Crime Podcast Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
The weekly UK True Crime Podcast is the home of UK true crime. We examine lesser known UK cases in depth, talk to true crime authors, review products/shows, and interview other experts in the field of UK True Crime to offer you the very best insight and analysis.
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56. TNT | Crimes & Consequences

TNT | Crimes & Consequences A true-crime podcast that examines true crime cases with stunning twists and turns that will leave you wanting more. Listen to this podcast for more information.
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57. Fact and Suspicion

Fact and Suspicion Join Ben and Dan as they discuss unsolved murders and other true crime mysteries.
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58. Murderous Roots with Denise & Zelda

Murderous Roots with Denise & Zelda Murderous Roots is not just another true-crime podcast. While Denise and Zelda do go through the crimes committed, they explore the family history of the criminals, and sometimes the victims, too. What made these men and women commit horrendous crimes? Was it how they were raised or were they born this way? We get to the heart of their murderous pasts and roots.
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59. Scams & Cons

Scams & Cons Why would anyone give thousands of dollars to a Nigerian prince? Or play a well-known scam like Three Card Monte? Scammers and con artists convince people to do it every day. We will tell you why people become suckers and how it is done.
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60. Broken Limelight

Broken Limelight Broken Limelight features true stories about the dark histories behind famous people like celebrities, rock stars, athletes, politicians, etc. From murders to mysterious overdoses and suicides to drug addiction to sex abuse; everyone has a story.
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61. Cold

Cold Salt Lake City, Utah, US
Cold is a narrative podcast series focused on missing-person cases. Investigative journalist and host Dave Cawley takes on a single story with each season. Season 1 tells of the unsolved disappearance of Susan Powell on Dec. 7, 2009. Season 2 digs into the vanishing of Joyce Yost on Aug. 10, 1985.
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62. Tom Brown's Body

Tom Brown's Body Austin, Texas, US
In 2016, a popular high school senior mysteriously disappeared on the night before Thanksgiving. His remains were found two years later. What happened to Tom Brown in the small town of Canadian, Texas that night? It seems everyone in town's become a suspect, including Tom's family, friends, the local sheriff, and a high-flying private investigator.
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63. Anatomy of Murder

Anatomy of Murder New York, US
A murder case has many layers: the victim, the crime, and the investigation. To truly understand it, you need to dissect each piece of a tragic puzzle. Join Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi and Scott Weinberger every Wednesday for an insider's perspective, as they reveal to you the Anatomy of Murder.
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64. Who Killed Daphne?

Who Killed Daphne? When a car bomb kills Daphne Caruana Galizia on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta, the hunt for her killers exposes secrets with consequences that go far beyond its shores. In the aftermath of her death, an international team of journalists comes together to continue her work. Along the way, they start to uncover clues that might lead to her killers. Hosted by investigative reporter Stephen Grey.
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65. Dark House

Dark House Dark House explores beautiful homes that can't seem to escape their dark histories. Hosts and House Beautiful editors Hadley Mendelsohn and Alyssa Fiorentino dig into the twisted backstories of four infamous homes and uncover the strange stories suggesting some inhabitants never left and that perhaps history isn't the only thing haunting them. Featuring guest interviews with authors, set designers, psychic mediums, and paranormal investigators, Dark House uncovers why these residences, and the stories they tell us, are so important.
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66. Dark Poutine - True Crime and Dark History

Dark Poutine - True Crime and Dark History True crime, legends, folklore, dark history and other creepy topics from the perspective of real live Canadians.
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67. Paper Ghosts

Paper Ghosts Deep in America's heartland, on a scorching July 4th weekend in 1981, an alarm went out the massive farmhouse of an Ohio family was engulfed in flames. All four residents were found dead. But was it the fire that killed them? In season 2 of PAPER GHOSTS, investigative journalist and bestselling true crime author M. William Phelps' search for answers takes a turn after the discovery of declassified documents and a cache of never-before-heard audio tapes help expose the dark truth behind what happened 40 years ago.
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68. To Live and Die in LA

To Live and Die in LA In Feb 2018, an aspiring actress vanished from her Hollywood apartment. Rolling Stone journalist Neil Strauss was asked to help the family get answers. Together, they found them...sometimes at great personal risk. Now the award-winning true crime podcast returns, unraveling the baffling and tragic case that started Neil Strauss down the rabbit hole of true crime investigation, along with his wife and his neighbors, Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger, and concert violinist Ann Marie Simpson. To Live and Die in LA Season 2 is available now.www.livediela.com
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69. CounterClock

CounterClock In order to tell the story of a crime, you have to turn back time. Every season, Investigative journalist Delia D'Ambra digs deep into a mind-bending mystery with the hopes of reigniting interest in a decades old homicide case.
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70. American Scandal

American Scandal Dallas, Texas, US
Every scandal begins with a lie. But the truth will come out. And then comes the fallout and the outrage. Scandals have shaped America since its founding. From business and politics to sports and society, we look on aghast as corruption, deceit and ambition bring down heroes and celebrities, politicians, and moguls. From the creators of American History Tellers, Business Wars and Tides of History comes American Scandal, where we take you deep into the heart of Americas dark side to look at what drives someone to break the rules and what happens when they are caught. Hosted by Lindsay Graham.
Also in American History Podcasts, Scandal Podcasts
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71. Real Crime Profile

Real Crime Profile Join Jim Clemente (former FBI profiler), Laura Richards (criminal behavioral analyst, former New Scotland Yard) and Lisa Zambetti (Casting director for CBS' Criminal Minds) as they profile behavior from real criminal cases.
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72. Death of a Starlet

Death of a Starlet Nineteen eighty was going to be Dorothy Stratten's year. Playboy's Hugh Hefner thought it might even be her decade. She was just 20 years old, the girl next door with the shy smile and whispery voice who didn't know her own beauty. But to the men in her life -- magazine mogul Hugh Hefner, director Peter Bogdanovich, and small-time hustler Paul Snider -- Dorothy represented the promise of better things -- a centerfold on her way to movie stardom, a muse who could help revive a dying career, and a ticket to the Hollywood dream.  
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73. Swindled

Swindled Austin, Texas, US
Utilizes narrative storytelling, archival audio, and immersive soundscapes to explore true stories of white-collar criminals, con artists, and corporate evil. From corruption and fraud to Ponzi schemes and environmental disasters, these financially motivated crimes have shaped our world in unimaginable ways. All in the name of greed.
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74. Hunting Warhead

Hunting Warhead Canada
How do you take down a criminal network that's hidden in the shadows? How do you rescue child abuse victims who could be anywhere in the world? Hunting Warhead follows the journalists and police on a global mission to expose the darkest corners of the internet. What they discover shocks them. Host Daemon Fairless tracks down the investigators, survivors, and criminals themselves.
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75. Accused

Accused Season 2: A soft-hearted prison minister was found killed in her Kentucky apartment, and Newport police zeroed in on an ex-convict she'd counseled. Thirty years later, the conviction is overturned and the case is once again unsolved. The Cincinnati Enquirer investigates: Was William Virgil wrongly convicted for murder?Season 1: When Elizabeth Andes was found murdered in her Ohio apartment in 1978, police and prosecutors decided within hours it was an open-and-shut case. Two juries disagreed. The Cincinnati Enquirer investigates: Was the right guy charged, or did a killer walk free?
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Not Your Mom Media momsandmurder.com 366
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Jason Carpenter deadrabbitradio.libsyn.com 202
Exactly Right myfavoritemurder.com 200
audiochuck iheart.com 193
CBS News Radio radio.com 170
Debra Chen podcasts.apple.com 151
NBC News dateline-nbc.simplecast.com 142
Zevon Odelberg spreaker.com 124
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