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Traveling Artist RSS Feeds

Here are 30 Best Traveling Artist RSS Feeds you should follow in 2023

1. Artsy Traveler RSS Feed

Artsy Traveler Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada
I'm Carol Cram, your Artsy Traveler guide. As a novelist and a passionate advocate for the arts, I want to help travelers like you enjoy awesome artsy travel experiences. If you're an independent traveler who loves the arts and enjoys galleries & museums, concerts & events, you can find fun & practical travel tips on the Artsy Traveler.
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2. Peter's Woolley Blog RSS Feed

Peter's Woolley Blog
Perter's Travel Blog is all about adventures, travel, campervanning, cruising, and walking adventures. It was started by Peter Wolley, a professional watercolor artist, author, and demonstrator, he also appears on TV (Sky Painting).
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3. Travel On Art RSS Feed

Travel On Art Via Lelio Orsi, Reggio Emilia RE, Italy
Hi! We are Anna & Anastasia. In 2016 we created our editorial project, Travel On Art, which blends contemporary art and travel. We love to approach new travel experiences with a method of creating a tailored itinerary, without giving up the on-the-road style that distinguishes us. We try to teach to imagine a world in which contemporary art is shareable and democratic.
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4. VAWAA Blog RSS Feed

VAWAA Blog Sunnyvale, California, US
Geetika is a designer, avid traveler, and founder of VAWAA. It is a mini-apprenticeship with a curated master artist or craftsman, tailored to your skill level. Meet some of the talented artists behind our apprenticeship experiences, plus read travel stories and tips on some of the best solo vacations only on the VAWAA blog. It is an opportunity to explore, learn, and create.
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5. A Picturesque Life Blog RSS Feed

A Picturesque Life Blog Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Sara Lou is the author and artist of A Picturesque Life, it is an art and travel blog sharing real experiences about traveling for the purpose of creating art. She wanted both to live a creative life and travel, so she decided to create this space as a resource for any other artists who are passionate about travel and shared her love of both travel and art.
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6. Culture Tourist RSS Feed

Culture Tourist Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Culture Tourist talks about art, travel, and culture. It was started by Tea, an Amsterdam-based blogger, art lover, travel enthusiast, coffee, and fashion magazine addict. Her goal is to show you some hidden gems around Europe. But, also tell you stories about some very famous buildings, art pieces, and popular destinations you didn't know about.
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7. Have Watercolors Will Travel RSS Feed

Have Watercolors Will Travel Houston, Texas, US
For a daily watercolor blog, keep checking the Have Watercolor Will Travel page and find thoughts on writing novels, painting daily, owning an art gallery, Boston Terriers, traveling, and occasionally feeling lost. The daily watercolor blog is started by artist and writer Elena Sandovici. It depicts the daily practice of painting and writing, that'll help you figure out how to live a more authentic life.
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8. Art We Wonderful » Travelling RSS Feed

Art We Wonderful » Travelling
Hi! I'm Marion Younan, Art We Wonderful is a travel art blog by me, as I love capturing the places I love with a tiny brush. On this website, I'm sharing the stories of my art pieces in blog posts and sharing my collections in my online Gallery. Check out the shop and upcoming events pages to see how or where you could collect some of my artwork.
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9. Loves Art Will Travel Blog RSS Feed

Loves Art Will Travel Blog New York City, New York, US
If you're a contemporary art enthusiast, looking for a design-savvy travel blog then Loves Art Will Travel is the place for you. It is a travel, art, and design blog for the contemporary minimalist. It was founded and started by Jana, a contemporary art lover, minimalist architecture and design admirer, and perennial portrait photography student. She hopes to inspire you to explore modern art and design in your travels, and to live a more creative life.
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10. ArtTrav RSS Feed

ArtTrav Florence, Toscana, Italy
Know more about art, travel, and life in Italy & Europe through Arttrav's blog. Also about life in Florence Italy, and things to do in Florence by an art historian. Arttrav is by art historian Alexandra Korey, her goal is to make art accessible. She writes about her travel experiences in Florence, Italy, Rome, Tuscany, and things that you can do there.
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11. Bright Nomad RSS Feed

Bright Nomad
Bright Nomad is a travel blog by Tal Bright, a keen traveler, and photographer. In his blog, you'll find guides to beautiful destinations, his best travel planning tips, advice for digital nomads, vegan travel tips, cultural travel guides, and some inspiration to travel yourself, also experience the wealth of experiences that travel can give you and the impact it can make on your life.
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12. RSS Feed US
The traveling artist is the page where you can find travel-related articles and posts. It was started by Pamme Turner and consists of his travel photos, art techniques, workshops, art concepts, and ideas. Head to the blog to see more of Panne Turner's creative ideas and posts.
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13. Artsy Travels RSS Feed

Artsy Travels
Artsy Travel is a travel blog started by Carlotta and here she shares her stories about her art trips around the world. She shares destinations, attractions, and events to travel responsibly while enjoying contemporary art. She decided to create this blog to share her stories, remember her trips, and possibly help people and inspire them in their artsy travel.
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14. Ruth Armitage Blog RSS Feed

Ruth Armitage Blog Portland, Oregon, US
Ruth Armitage is an artist, teacher, and juror. Her paintings express her connection to her family farm. You can notice similar shapes, colors, and line work in all of her paintings. In her blog, she has abstracted landscapes that are inspired by memories, imagination, and observation of aerial views, visit to see some of her best works.
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15. Art Weekenders RSS Feed

Art Weekenders Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Art Weekenders was started by Pal and Lydian, a wanderlust couple with a passion for travel, art, and culture. Their blog likes to inspire you for your next holidays or weekend away by giving you tips and advice on what to do and where to go. They aim to not only share the well-known tourist spots with you but also introduce you to those which are lesser-known.
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16. Travel Artists Hub RSS Feed

Travel Artists Hub Los Angeles, California, US
Kristin and Bos started Travel Artists Hub Blog, a couple of slow-traveling digital nomads making their way around the world sharing photography, food, music, poems, stories, videos, and featuring some of the amazingly creative folks they've connected with along the way. They collaborate on art projects, finish writing their books, and continue creating artwork.
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17. Art + Travel of YC RSS Feed

Art + Travel of YC
Art Travel of YC was started by YC, he makes art that tells stories, based on his childhood memories and travel adventures. A common trait of all his artworks is that they are intricately detailed and tell stories.
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18. Golden Dragonfly Academy Blog RSS Feed

Golden Dragonfly Academy Blog
Welcome to The Golden Dragonfly Academy blog, read further to know about art and travel. GDA is an academy without walls, where adventure, travel, and discovery are infused with art and learning. It is for life-long learners and explorers as it encourages experimentation, daydreams, and fun, helping the artists connect with those who want to learn about making art while enjoying adventure, travel, and self-discovery.
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19. Trip and Travel Blog » Travel & Art RSS Feed

Trip and Travel Blog » Travel & Art
Art Traveling at Tripandtravelblog teaches the origins of art by traveling so everybody lives the history through worldwide paintings and exhibitions. We are a team of passionate travelers and do our best to bring you the highest quality of travel content. On our website, you'll also find the best possible images for every location. Our blog features both luxury options and cheap solutions for those on a budget as well as information about travel statistics, travel technology, and more!
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20. Kessler Ramirez Blog RSS Feed

Kessler Ramirez Blog California, US
In her blog, she shares all her travel tips, guides, and art tutorials. Kessler Ramirez Art makes sustainable hand-painted denim in California. It was started by Kessler as she loves to travel and thus likes to give people insight about it by writing her experiences.
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21. Mandala Meadow RSS Feed

Mandala Meadow Sussex, England, UK
Mandala Meadow is a blog that works to teach people about mandala art. It was started by Kathryn, a mandala art teacher, writer, and photographer. Art styles that she covers include Arabic geometry, Celtic knots, and of course mandalas.
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22. On the Road with Flo RSS Feed

On the Road with Flo Durango, Colorado, US
Read On the Road with Flo's blog describes the art and travel experiences of Heather and Ray. This travel and art blog was started by Heather and Ray as they love to travel and explore new things and places around them. They believe that by traveling across the country, they will have an opportunity to experience the people and places and during their artist residencies and they will take the time to reflect and share it back.
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23. An Adventurous World » Art RSS Feed

An Adventurous World » Art
To have a look at all of our art travel blogs visit An Adventurous World. Hopefully, some of these posts will inspire you to see some different art galleries and museums on your travels! No matter where we travel next we won't wait to bring you some of the world's finest art! It is an art travel blog started by Macca Sherifi who believes in capturing the world one destination at a time.
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24. Ashley Laren Blog RSS Feed

Ashley Laren Blog Springfield, Missouri, US
Ashley Laren is an artist and freelance art teacher. His art offers a unique experience for the adventurous and wanderlust art lovers by providing them with brilliantly crafted art that transports you to beautiful American landscapes which are reminiscent of once traveled destinations. Check their blog and dive into the collections of art she has created and how her style has changed and developed over time.
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25. Travel.Art.Stories Blog RSS Feed

Travel.Art.Stories Blog
Travel.Art.Stories is where a love to travel is intertwined with a passion for creativity and art. and lots, lots of events. It is a travel blog and art blog in one place, combined with the stories of travelers and art lovers. In the blog, you can find stories on Ukrainian things, NFT art, visual exhibitions, digital art, and more.
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26. Allan's Art & Architecture Worlds » Travel Blog RSS Feed

 Allan's Art & Architecture Worlds » Travel Blog Santa Ynez, California, US
Allan's Art & Architecture Worlds travel blog informs you in Allan's Art & Architecture Worlds. Art and Architecture Worlds website is dedicated to architecture, art, archaeological sites, and the adventures of travel. On the site, you can keep up with her travels with Smithsonian Journeys and also with her independent travels on her travel blog.
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