50 Best Transgender Podcasts

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Transgender Podcasts

Here are 50 Best Transgender Podcasts worth listening to in 2023

1. TransPanTastic | Transgender Parenting, Work, Marriage, Transition & Life

TransPanTastic | Transgender Parenting, Work, Marriage, Transition & Life A podcast about gender, identity, orientation and all the life that happens around them! George is an FtM transgender man, Jess is his pansexual genderqueer wife.
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2. Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal Welcome to Gender Reveal, a podcast about nonbinary and transgender folks. Join us as we interview notable trans guests, analyze current events, answer advice questions and get a little bit closer to understanding what the heck gender is.
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3. Queersplaining

Queersplaining True Stories of The Lives of Queer and Trans People. Join in now and listen to the podcast hosted by Callie Wright.
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4. Men Like Us Podcast with Chris

Men Like Us Podcast with Chris Chris, a publicly open trans amorous man, speaks with other trans amorous men about their experiences. The purpose of this show is to educate and encourage men to stop living DL so they can engage in healthy relationships with transwomen.
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5. Trans in the South Podcast

Trans in the South Podcast US
Stories about being transgender in the southern USA. Hosted by a gay trans woman and a queer non-binary person, both raised and living in the American South, the T.I.T.S. podcast aims to tell personal, fascinating stories that you won't find elsewhere.
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6. Those Trans Guys

Those Trans Guys Welcome to my first podcast! I am doing a small introduction of my new podcast series and I hope you will stick around for many more!
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7. The Transgender Show

The Transgender Show US
All trans stories are valid. Every week on The Transgender Show, Emily interviews members of the greater trans community as well as friends, family, and allies. Listeners will find comfort, encouragement, and growth throughout the program as Emily probes guests' lives and transition experiences while sharing in both their successes and challenges.
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8. Purple Royale

Purple Royale A podcast that addresses issues and stories affecting transgender lives in Zimbabwe.
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9. The So Free Art Podcast

The So Free Art Podcast England, UK
Art is Powerful, it can change your life, like it has for Transgender Artist Sophie Lawson, who shares not only drawing and painting tips, but how art can help heal your life and allow you to start facing your fears.
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10. What The Trans!?

What The Trans!? England, UK
What The Trans!? is a UK-based weekly podcast with news and interviews, made by and for transgender and non-binary people. We fact-check, raise voices from our community, and top it all off with a generous helping of snark. Our show began as a response to the never-ending anti-trans nonsense erupting all over the United Kingdom. We started this with the goals of debunking media lies, reporting on the trans and non-binary community, and making as many silly jokes as we possibly can.
Also in UK LGBT Podcasts
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11. Let's Talk Gender

Let's Talk Gender Show notes for Lets Talk Gender Podcast and a blog about being gender queer/non-binary, having a partner who transitions, and musings about the gendered aspects of society
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12. the Transgenda

the Transgenda The funny, touching, and informative chronicle of Ana, a transgender woman and Cam, her cisgender dad, as they share their experiences of growing together and hating bigots.
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13. Transformation Thursday

Transformation Thursday On Transformation Thursday Amy Stephens and Penny Sterling talk a lot about transgender issues because they are two women who happen to be trans, but they also talk about other issues.Listen on
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14. Love talk with Maki

Love talk with Maki Co-founder of leading dating site for trans women mytranssexualdate.com, Maki Gingoyon tackles the topics of love, relationships, and dating (online and offline) for trans women and the men who like them.
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15. Box No. 512 Podcast: Grown Black Trans Women Talk with Aeon and The Lioness

Box No. 512 Podcast: Grown Black Trans Women Talk with Aeon and The Lioness Washington, District of Columbia, US
Join Aeon and The Lioness as they navigate life, love, and work as thriving as thirty-something black trans women in America. Aeon is a single woman currently living in Washington D.C. and the Lioness is a married woman who resides in Atlanta. Both proud black trans women, each bring their unique perspective to a range of topics that impacts the lives of black trans women who are striving for excellence and trying to leave their mark in this world. This podcast is a demonstration of what it means to lives past a life expectancy and is a radical act of self-love and self-reflection. Enjoy!
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16. Miss Mouthy

Miss Mouthy Miss Mouthy is going to highlight the voices and experiences of Trans Women of Color in the city of Detroit. While sharing space with allies who support and love us.
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17. Beau my God

Beau my God Beau my God is a unique insight into Queer culture, history, and current events, centering around the perspective of a Non-Binary Trans Man. Join Beau (he/they) in their journey to finding themself.
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18. Kÿng Lyon: Trans Man KronicleZ

Kÿng Lyon: Trans Man KronicleZ US
Talks about relationships, transitioning, LGBTQ community, dating, advice, music, and how to love the right way! Stay tuned and come join my podcast!
Play 1 episode / year Avg Length 6 min Dec 2019 Get Email Contact

19. King Nasir Podcast Situation

King Nasir Podcast Situation This transman dishes his opinion on world events day to day sometimes accompanied by his wife.
Play 10 episodes / year Avg Length 7 min Aug 2020 Get Email Contact


PEAK TRANS Hackney, England, UK
This is a podcast for anyone who doesn't know a transgendered person. Let me be that cool friend. Is JK Rowling The Devil? Can a man love a trans woman and still be straight? And can she get away with taking maternity leave at work? As the public discourse on trans people becomes more toxic in the UK, comedian & trans-woman Jen Ives is here to sort it all out, hun.
Play 11.6K 2 episodes / year Avg Length 54 min Nov 2020 Get Email Contact

21. Beyond Gender Podcast

Beyond Gender Podcast San Francisco, California, US
Interviews that explore the experiences of many different transgender people. Every other Thursday we drop new episodes. Through a series of interviews, this podcast will shine a light on the experiences of trans people from all walks of life.
579 136 1 episode / month Nov 2015 Get Email Contact

22. The Reconstructed Man

The Reconstructed Man Michigan, US
A filmed podcast exploring Trans issues and more from a Trans Masculine perspective, hosted by Layne Ingram & Daniel Thurman. Through real, emotional, and hilarious conversations, Layne & Daniel share their personal stories, interview guests, and go deep into the often missed, often purposefully ignored stories of the Transgender and Trans adjacent community.
Play 77 49 4 episodes / year Avg Length 45 min Nov 2020 Get Email Contact

23. Trans A.M. Podcast

Trans A.M. Podcast A podcast about a transgender man and his wife including transitioning, marriage, work, family, and coming out. Listen to the stories of 2 people just trying to be normal in this abnormal world.
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24. TBD for the PSA

TBD for the PSA We are 2 trans men with some shit that needs to be said. Join us to discuss coming out, HRT, surgeries, family, etc.
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25. Camp Wild Heart

Camp Wild Heart No one plans for having a transgender kid. Camp Wild Heart is your guide for raising a transgender or non-binary child and nurturing an affirming family. We help you ease your fear and navigate your confusion. Mackenzie Dunham, clinical social worker and co-founder of Wild Heart Society, talks with parents, experts, and transgender adults about the ins and outs of coping with internalized transphobia, fostering shame resilience, exploring medical transition for youth, understanding identity development, knowing what language to use when, and more. Welcome.
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26. Trans Questioning Podcast

Trans Questioning Podcast Sarah Zedig discusses her transition and interviews other trans people to figure out what it means to be transgender.
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27. Wait, You're Trans?

Wait, You're Trans? Sharing my transgender story and educating people on the LGBTQ Community!!!
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28. Trans Talk Raw

Trans Talk Raw Niki Marie Dawn and Terri Ellen host this informative show 3 to 4 times a week with no hold barred. We discuss all the issues currently facing Transgender people worldwide, lived experiences through our personal and professional lives as transgender women, and bring to the forefront tips, tricks and know-how to help our community. We have a wide array of guests that contribute their professional insights and talents helping you stay informed and current on everything from starting to live as your authentic self to surgeries and beyond. We thank you for listening,
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29. People like me

People like me This is the podcast, people like me, where I share my own experiences, views, and goals. I am transgender man, I'm also pagan and have type one diabetes, and really my goal for this podcast is to reach out to people who share same or similar experiences as me and let them know they aren't alone while also informing people about the transgender community, my religion and type one diabetes. If this kind of content seems interesting join me every Sunday and hear about people like me.
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30. The Lioness Still Lives Podcast: The Black Trans Goddess Point of View

The Lioness Still Lives Podcast: The Black Trans Goddess Point of View Atlanta, Georgia, US
The Lioness Lives Podcast produces online content that follows the life of The Lioness, a beautiful, busty, black, trans woman, as she navigates being a wife, a sister, and a trans-community advocate in Atlanta, GA. She is as elegant as she is refined, but she also has a big mouth, big opinions on everything, and a big ole cry-baby heart! The show airs weekly, every Saturday at Noon! Followed by a live aftershow on Saturdays at 6pm! She cant wait for you to engage!
Also in Trans Woman Podcasts
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31. How to Be a Girl

How to Be a Girl Seattle, Washington, US
How to Be a Girl is an audio podcast I produce about life with my six-year-old transgender daughter. It stars the two of us - a single mom and a six-year-old 'girl with a penis' - as we attempt together to sort out just what it means to be a girl.
Play 1.7K Jun 2014 Get Email Contact

32. Trans Panic the Podcast

Trans Panic the Podcast Manhattan, New York, US
Trans Panic is a True Crime podcast chronicling the lives and deaths of transgender murder victims in America.
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33. Aleana's Journney Being Trans

Aleana's Journney Being Trans Australia
Aleana's Journey has been around since 2015. Serving the Transgender community with a commonsense approach to understanding what it is to be Transgender and everything associated with it.
Play 37 Jan 2021 Get Email Contact

34. Diary of a Trans Man

Diary of a Trans Man Weiden, Thuringen, Germany
This show tells the journey of a young transgender man as he shares his story with the world. Insightful and thoughtful, this show speaks from the heart.
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35. The GenderGP Podcast

The GenderGP Podcast London, England, UK
The GenderGP Podcast is a series of interviews and discussions hosted by GenderGP Founder, Dr. Helen Webberley and GenderGP Lead Therapist, Marianne Oakes, covering all aspects of life as a member of the trans community. Chatting with experts, healthcare professionals, influencers, and most importantly, transgender people themselves, aims to provide information, insight, & inspiration to those on their own gender journey. aims to be a valuable source of information for family, friends, and anyone looking to understand more about this wonderfully diverse community.
Play 3.6K 16.4K 1 episode / year Avg Length 38 min Nov 2019 Get Email Contact

36. Trans and Caffeinated

Trans and Caffeinated Chicago, Illinois, US
This podcast is rooted in a singular dream - to aid our culture's growth by fostering collective education, encouraging open discussion, and most importantly nurturing and inspiring new generations of my transgender siblings. Here's to a transer future.
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37. We Happen To Be Trans ...A Pop Culture Podcast

We Happen To Be Trans ...A Pop Culture Podcast There's more to us than being trans.
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38. Allow Me to Trans-Late

Allow Me to Trans-Late Hosted by Jason Soules: Teacher, musician, brother, son, and transgender man, this show answers listeners' questions about what it means to Jason to be transgender in the present day.
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39. Double Delirium: An Improv Podcast

Double Delirium: An Improv Podcast Improv comedy performed by 2 trans women who don't know anything about improv comedy.
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40. The Fenwick forum

The Fenwick forum Explore the life of a 33 year old single trans dad as he unravels his mind about the how's and why's of some of the most complicated results of childhood trauma and follows along as he learns how to rebuild himself and become the best parent he can for his son
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41. Coffee Chats with Trans Chaps

Coffee Chats with Trans Chaps Coffee Chats with Trans Chaps is a Naarm (Melbourne) based podcast that's about celebrating the lives and experiences of trans masculine people, letting people tell their story, telling their own stories, and having a laugh.
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42. Trans Mafia

Trans Mafia Topics for and about the transgender and gender non conforming communities.
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43. My Transgender Cupid's Podcast

My Transgender Cupid's Podcast My Transgender Cupid is a dating service created for trans women and trans-oriented men who are looking for long-term and committed relationships. It is a decent dating service focused on the serious and sincere relationships between trans women and men who are attracted to them.
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44. Talking Transgender

Talking Transgender Talking Transgender is for parents of transgender children who want to learn to accept their children just the way they are. Podcast narrator is a licensed clinical social worker with her own transgender child.
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45. Transgender: why should I care?

Transgender: why should I care? A research podcast about the basics of the transgender community.
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46. Becoming Adam

Becoming Adam I grew up very religious in MI, joined the Army, married, had a son, moved to TN, divorced, had another son, and came out as transgender. I am now in the process of transitioning into a male at age 32. This is all about my life... The up, the downs, and the craziness. This is also about my faith and family.
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47. Transpired: A Trans Mission

Transpired: A Trans Mission US
Transpired explores recounts of personal experiences from transgender people all over the world.We promise to deliver game-changing advice and answers to all of your unanswered questions.Unrefined.This podcast is hosted by Seth Carlson, a freelance writer/musician/speaker, from Raleigh, NC.He is notably known as 'The Trans Life Coach' in and around the community, where he offers one-on-one mentoring sessions for transgender youth and adults alike.
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48. Journeys

Journeys A podcast where people are invited who are in and surround the transgender community to talk about their experiences in order to bridge the gap and show who Transgender people really are
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Sophie Lawson, Transgender Artist sophielawson.com 48
Ana and Cam transgendapod.com 39
Callie Wright thegaytheistmanifesto.libsyn.com 29
Tuck Woodstock gender.libsyn.com 28
Christopher Patterson anchor.fm 24
George & Jess transpantastic.blogspot.com 24
The Transverse Media podcasts.apple.com 19
Natalie Walker & Amy Stephens anchor.fm 11
Racquelle Trammell anchor.fm 10
Mackenzie Dunham wildheartsociety.org 10
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