45 Best Tibetan Buddhism Podcasts

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Tibetan Buddhism Podcasts

Here are 45 Best Tibetan Buddhism Podcasts worth listening to in 2023

1. Bob Thurman Podcast | Buddhas Have More Fun!

Bob Thurman Podcast | Buddhas Have More Fun! Woodstock, New York, US
Professor Robert A.F. 'Bob' Thurman's official podcast covers diverse topics including Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhist Studies, spirituality, Tibetan Culture, Asian history, philosophy, Eastern Ideas, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
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2. A Skeptic's Path to Enlightenment

A Skeptic's Path to Enlightenment California, US
A Skeptic's Path to Enlightenment brings the inner science of Buddhist meditation to twenty-first-century people hungry for happy, meaningful lives. It is a secular approach to meditation that requires no belief beyond our current understanding of science and psychology. Skeptic's Path meditations are based on powerful analytical meditation techniques that use imagination, emotions, and critical inquiry to probe our inner and outer realities and expand our compassion.
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3. Tibetan Buddhism | The Elegant Mind

Tibetan Buddhism | The Elegant Mind Redmond, Washington, US
This podcast site contains timely discussions and interviews from the Pacific Northwest concerning practical notions and methodologies for all regardless of the level of experience or knowledge who are curious, interested or an ongoing student/practitioner of Himalayan (aka Tibetan) Buddhism.
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4. Rime Buddhist Center | Achieving Peace Through Compassion

Rime Buddhist Center | Achieving Peace Through Compassion Kansas City, Missouri, US
The Rime Buddhist Center is a non-sectarian center dedicated to the cultivation of wisdom and compassion. The Center's primary objective is to provide a qualified program of Buddhist studies and Tibetan culture taught by monks, lamas and other Tibetan teachers, and to promote a harmonious relationship of understanding between both Tibetans and Westerners.
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5. Buddhist Geeks

Buddhist Geeks The purpose of Buddhist Geeks is understood as an active exploration of Dharma in the Age of the Network. The Buddhist Geeks also portrays virtual practice & community forms, including the Buddhist Geeks Life Retreat and Buddhist Geeks Dojo.
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6. Innergy Healing

Innergy Healing Palm Beach, Florida, US
Meditation for the modern active person, that can be incorporated into your daily routine. A few minutes a day may change the way you perceive your life and how you interact with the world. It is always about having fun and practice. Host Sonia has been trained and initiated by Master Goswamy Sunyata Saraswati of the Trishu Shambala Tibetan Raku Lingka empowered by Tsampa Yeshe Norbu Rimpoche, Nepal.
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7. Natural Meditation podcast

Natural Meditation podcast Denmark
Stephan Wormland, MA in clinical psychology and trained in Gestalt therapy. He has studied and practiced meditation in multiple Buddhist traditions for over 30 years and spent altogether 5 years in meditation retreats. Stephan was a monk in the Tibetan tradition for 11 years and teaches meditation in Buddhist centers in Europe.
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8. Chitta Chat with Lama John Podcast

Chitta Chat with Lama John Podcast Join acclaimed yoga and Tibetan Buddhist teacher John Buchanan in this lighthearted conversational podcast series.
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9. Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive

Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive Listen to teachings from great Tibetan Buddhist masters Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche.
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PRAJNA SPARKS A podcast about the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni from the perspective of the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, where we listen to a Dharma teaching, contemplate it through conversation and song, and engage in guided meditation. Discussion with Karma Yeshe Chodron and Tania Israel. Guided meditation by Karma Zopa Jigme. Songs performed by Heather Stevenson. Tibetan singing bowls by Shivnee Ratna. New episodes on full moon days (USA Mountain Time).
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11. Study Buddhist Treatises with Thubten Chodron | Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron

Study Buddhist Treatises with Thubten Chodron | Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron Newport, Wales, UK
Weekly teachings on Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practice. Venerable Thubten Chodron explains great Buddhist philosophical treatises in plain English, bringing ancient wisdom to life in a modern context.
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12. Ignorance Is the Cause of Suffering | RimeShedra.NYC

Ignorance Is the Cause of Suffering | RimeShedra.NYC The goal of the Rime Shedra is to make accessible the vast treasures of Buddhist wisdom to those who wish to progress further in their understanding of the profound principles presented in these advanced Buddhist texts. The understanding of the ultimate nature of reality is the key to liberation. For practitioners this program provides an opportunity to develop a more sophisticated understanding of the nature of reality. The program is based upon the traditional Shedra, or monastic college, curriculum which is the cornerstone of Buddhist education in all of the schools of Tibetan Buddhism.
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13. Stages of the Path to Awakening with Thubten Chodron

Stages of the Path to Awakening with Thubten Chodron Newport, Washington, US
Weekly teachings on Tibetan Buddhist lamrim texts. Venerable Thubten Chodron teaches texts on the stages of the path to awakening or lamrim, showing clearly how to meditate on them and apply these teachings in our daily lives.
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14. Buddhist Temple of Toledo Podcast

Buddhist Temple of Toledo Podcast Holland, Ohio, US
This podcast presents weekly updates from the Great Heartland Buddhist Temple of Toledo including talks from Sunday service, sesshin, and other events.
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15. Tibetan Graduate Studies Seminar

Tibetan Graduate Studies Seminar Oxford, England, UK
The Tibetan Graduates Studies Seminar (TGSS) is a weekly series of colloquia and guest lectures at the Oriental Institute. The intended purpose of the TGSS is to give MPhil and DPhil candidates a platform to present their work in progress and receive feedback from staff and affiliated scholars of the field. Additionally, the weekly time slot will also allow visiting scholars to present their current research. They are provided with the opportunity to engage in similar ways with both students and fellows of the Tibetan Studies department.
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16. Buddhism for Beginners

Buddhism for Beginners Poolesville, Maryland, US
The Kunzang Palyul Choling Dharma Podcast features teachings from the Palyul lineage in the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Featuring weekly dharma teachings and discussions.Kunzang Odsal Palyul Changchub Choling (KPC) was founded by Jetsunma Ahkon Norbu Lhamo to uphold the Palyul lineage within the Nyingma tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism. The KPC mission is to inspire people to improve the world and end suffering for the benefit of all beings.
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17. Letting Grow

Letting Grow In each weekly episode we explore Tibetan teachings on the death and rebirth process and the bardo (in-between) states. These states -- this life, death, the clear light of our true nature, and time before rebirth -- offer our best chance at full awakening because all that's not our true nature is left behind. Through teachings, meditations, and interviews with experts and ordinary folks with their own stories of rebirths in this lifetime, we'll demystify some of the most profound teachings in Tibetan Buddhism. See how your life can transform when you embrace the cycle of rebirth.
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18. Diamond Light Tibetan Buddhist Group

Diamond Light Tibetan Buddhist Group Sacramento, California, US
Tibetan Buddhist teachings. Since 2010 Diamond Light is dedicated to providing all beings a complete, authentic spiritual path of Wisdom and Compassion through teachings and practices of the Tibetan Buddhist Gelugpa tradition, in the lineage of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
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19. Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism

Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism Houston, Texas, US
Anne C. Klein, PhD, and Harvey B. Aronson, PhD, are the co-founders of Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism in Houston, Texas. Drawing from more than 80 years of combined experience studying with great lamas, translating written and spoken Tibetan, and practicing and teaching around the world, they offer guided meditations and teachings rooted in Tibetan Buddhist traditions that are accessible to modern Western students of the dharma. Now you can enjoy meditating with them and with the Dawn Mountain community!
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20. Buddhism Guide Meditations

Buddhism Guide Meditations Punjab, India
Karma Yeshe Rabgye is a Western Monk in the Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Originally from England, he now teaches Buddhism, mindfulness and meditation to people all over the world.
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21. Rigser Podcast

Rigser Podcast The Rigser Podcast is purposely established for Tibetan youngsters who are keen to participate in bringing new ideologies, new standpoints and new strategies for the development of a modern Tibet. It's our (youngsters) turn to use the most appropriate strategies for bringing a real freedom and a true sovereign power for our country Tibet. The Rigser Podcast is that which could build us a strong sense of belonging and encouragement during the long journey of struggling for a modern Tibet.
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22. Gyaltsen ( Tibetan Podcast)

Gyaltsen ( Tibetan Podcast) My name is Tenzin Gyaltsen and I'm an independent Tibetan Youtuber. I will be bringing in lots of exciting content for this podcast with many influential people in our community to share their experiences. I would be sharing travel tips and many more. Most importantly I will directly be talking to my favorite people (subscribers)
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23. Aro Buddhism Podcasts

Aro Buddhism Podcasts The Aro gTer is a lineage within the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, which emphasizes the perspective of Atiyoga, or Dzogchen.
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24. Tibetan Bowls

Tibetan Bowls Emotional instruments. Tibetan Bowls is a space of calm where you can choose high quality Tibetan musical and therapeutic bowls, personally selected to satisfy the special sensitivity of each user.
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25. Dharma Talks at Columbus KTC

Dharma Talks at Columbus KTC Columbus, Ohio, US
One-hour Dharma Talks (many with Question and Answer sessions) by Lama Kathy Wesley and the Dharma Instructors of Karma Thegsum Choling Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Center in Columbus, Ohio. Talks emphasize daily life applications of traditional Tibetan teachings including the Six Perfect virtues, Karma, Rebirth, Compassion and Wisdom.
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26. Venerable Namgyel's Online Sangha

Venerable Namgyel's Online Sangha Australia
Tibetan Buddhist Teachings. We offer free online courses, as our offering to the world in this difficult time.
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27. Listen Contemplate Meditate

Listen Contemplate Meditate California, US
Listen Contemplate Meditate is a podcast featuring a range of teachings from the Buddhist tradition, presented by Lamas of Chagdud Gonpa Foundation. H.E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche (1930-2002), a highly revered meditation master, artist and Tibetan physician who taught extensively in the East and West. Through its many activities, which include offering public teachings and retreats, translating, and publishing texts, Chagdud Gonpa Foundation upholds and preserves the arts, philosophy, and meditation practices of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism.
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28. BodhiHeart Podcast with Khenpo Sherab Sangpo

BodhiHeart Podcast with Khenpo Sherab Sangpo Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
This is BodhiHeart, a podcast with in depth teachings on meditation and Tibetan Buddhism with Khenpo Sherab Sangpo.Our teacher, Khenpo Sherab Sangpo, is a monk and professor in the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. He trained with some of the greatest meditation masters of Tibet, starting when he was seven years old. In addition to mastering many profound teachings of the Buddhist path, he spent several years meditating in solitary retreat. He travels the world teaching at monasteries in Tibet and Nepal, as well as at meditation centers in Asia and Europe.
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29. Compassion and Cakes | On Meditation and Buddhism

Compassion and Cakes | On Meditation and Buddhism Exploring the topics of loving kindness, compassion, joy, equanimity and their connection to ordinary life and contemplative transformation - in secular mindulness and classic Tibetan Buddhism; hosted and guided by Venerable Lobsang Tenpa.
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30. The Dagass Show

The Dagass Show Tibetan podcast about stories, experiences, inspirations and friends in the diaspora. A fool's attempt at preserving the remains of a fragmented culture.
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31. InnerNet | Disconnect to Connect

InnerNet | Disconnect to Connect InnerNet, Disconnect to Connect, is a Channel that will help you with your internal journey from the inter-net to the inner-net. This isn't just a channel, this is a mechanism of spiritual insight and connectedness. We believe in the philosophy of Tibetan spiritual leader, the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa who said 'the internet has brought people closer to each other but also needed is an 'innernet' to make us feel our inter-connectedness inwardly too'. We hence welcome you and request you to subscribe to this channel so you can better connect with yourself.
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32. The Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art monthly podcast

The Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art monthly podcast Staten Island, New York, US
Nestled into the side of Lighthouse Hill, the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art is a uniquely peaceful retreat. The museum presents the art and culture of Tibet and the Himalayas to a world audience in order to educate about and to inspire others in the value of this significant cultural heritage. Designed by Marchais, the rustic complex of fieldstone buildings resembles a Tibetan mountain monastery. These historic buildings represent the first Himalayan style architecture be built in the United States, and it was the first Museum world devoted solely to Tibetan art.
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33. Awakening Now with Lama Surya Das | Podcast by Buddhist Teacher

Awakening Now with Lama Surya Das | Podcast by Buddhist Teacher Lexington, Massachusetts, US
Awakening Now with Lama Surya Das is a podcast that illuminates many aspects of the spiritual path via dharma talks and interviews with Surya Das' fellow spiritual teachers and peers.
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34. MomoTalk

MomoTalk 3 friends talk about random stuff about the Tibetan Community and anything else they care about.
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35. Mindfulness Spiritual Music & Meditation

Mindfulness Spiritual Music & Meditation Mindfulness Spiritual Music & Meditation, podcast hosted by M.P. is all about Tibetan Singing Bowl.
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36. AROK!

AROK! Tibetan Americans, Gonsar, Lekshey and Wangjor discuss a variety of topics ranging from Tibetan social dynamics, current events, philosophy, and trends in fitness or health.
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37. Spirit Grooves

Spirit Grooves Spirit Grooves is a popular cable program that reaches over two-million people, some of which is also available on YouTube. The show targets alternative approaches to spirituality, in particular 'awareness' methods and traditions. Although many of the shows are oriented toward Tibetan Buddhist methods of training the mind, many other areas are also covererd including solar flares, astrology, esoteric studies, and the mystery traditions.
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38. Tibetan - ish

Tibetan - ish Listen to 4 Tibetan American teens as we question, explain, and discuss being Tibetan - ish together.
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39. Tibetan Enternment Plant

Tibetan Enternment Plant Tibetan languages are spoken by some 6 million people. With the worldwide spread of Tibetan Buddhism, the Tibetan language has spread into the western world and can be found in many Buddhist publications and prayer materials; with some western students learning the language for translation of Tibetan texts. Outside Lhasa itself, Lhasa Tibetan is spoken by approximately 200,000 exile speakers who have moved from modern-day Tibet to India and other countries. Tibetan is also spoken by groups of ethnic minorities in Tibet who have lived in close proximity to Tibetans for centuries.
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40. Tibetan Empire

Tibetan Empire Expansion, decline and legacy. Tibetan Empire podcast is hosted by Taylor Motton.
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41. Vajra Wisdom

Vajra Wisdom A journey into Indo-Tibetan Tantric traditions by Indian journalist and independent researcher Ankit Sinha, who has, since 2013, actively engaged in the study and exploration of these sacred teachings, their history, philosophy and other aspects. Ankit has lived among Himalayan Tantric communities in both Himachal Pradesh, India and Kathmandu, Nepal where he gained deep insight into Tantric Buddhist traditions which have been carefully preserved in both theory and practice since over a millennia.
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42. Uncoverage

Uncoverage A podcast about growing up in a Tibetan Buddhist cult in America.
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43. Antidote: Surviving Samsara

Antidote: Surviving Samsara Antidote: Surviving Samsara is a conversation between friends weaving topics from contemporary life with the lineaged teachings and practices of Tibetan Buddhism. Juxtaposing art, politics, philosophy, psychoanalysis, personal experiences, and struggles alongside the Vajrayana traditions and practices. We hope each episode provides space for continued conversation and debate around topics and experiences many of us grapple with alone.
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Sonia innergyhealingarts.com 98
Prajna Fire prajnafire.com 80
Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche lamayeshewisdomarchive.blubrry.com 57
Venerable Thubten Chodron thubtenchodron.org 50
Venerable Thubten Chodron thubtenchodron.org 47
Columbus KTC columbusktc.org 46
Rime Buddhist Center rimecenter.org 46
Yeshe Rabgye soundcloud.com 42
Stephan Pende Wormland soundcloud.com 36
Robert A.F. Thurman bobthurman.com 31
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