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Survival Forums

1. Reddit » Survival

Reddit » Survival San Francisco, California, US
This sub reddit defines Wilderness Survival as the philosophies, knowledge, techniques, and actions applied in a Wilderness environment, in a short-te...rm survival scenario, which serve to increase the likelihood of survival of the individual or group.more
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2. Survivalist Forum

Survivalist Forum Survivalist forum is a community dedicated to survivalists and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about Farming, Gardening & Homesteading, share yo...ur DIY projects, show off your collections, hobbies, and much more.more
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3. Prepper Forum

Prepper Forum Prepper Forums is a community dedicated to Prepping for Survivalists, Doomsday Preppers, and even Campers. Talk here about your survival journey, tell... about survival gear, and food storage, give & get prepper tips & lists, and more.more
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4. My Survival Forum

My Survival Forum Welcome to My Survival Forum, the Fastest Growing Survivalist Community where like-minded people learn from each other and prepare for surviving witho...ut modern conveniences, by exchanging information on a variety of survivalist skills, information, stories, and ideas.more
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5. Survival Magazine Forum

Survival Magazine Forum Read discussions on survival from one of the best survival forums. Find conversations on survival, preparedness, preppers, survival food, survival kit...s, SHTF, homesteading, and more. Discuss Survival TV Shows & movies, read related news & books, and talk about primitive skills related to surviving in the wild.more
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6. Survival Monkey Forums

Survival Monkey Forums Check-in and introduce yourself here in modern survival and preparedness forums. Talk here about survival medicines, discuss Survival and Primitive Te...chnology, share Survival Books, PDFs, & Literature, and exchange information on wilderness and urban preppers during uncertain times.more
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7. Survival UK Forums

Survival UK Forums UK
The forum is about providing people with the knowledge they need to live frugally and survive any civil unrest, natural disasters, or the breakdown of... society as a whole. Have discussions on threats and risks that could affect humans, and find suggestions on kits to do with all aspects of survival and prepping.more
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8. Survival & Self Reliance Forum

Survival & Self Reliance Forum Survival & Self Reliance Forum welcomes people of all beliefs, races, religions, nationalities, political orientations, and lifestyles to discuss surv...ival. Get news, updates, information, and discussion about Survival, ask questions on different ways of survival and get them answered by the experts.more
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9. Doomsday Prepper Forum

Doomsday Prepper Forum Join Prepper & survival forum, a community to chat about survivalists. Discuss all the man-made & natural disasters, talk about the financial collapse..., and exchange ideas on food storage, farming, & growing crops for survival & prepping.more
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10. Prepared Society Forum

Prepared Society Forum Prepared Society Forum is completely dedicated to preppers, survivalists, and enthusiasts. Introduce yourself to the community and share your new goal...s and previous experiences, and read the various discussions about collections, gear, DIY projects.more
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11. Northeast Shooters Forum » Survival

Northeast Shooters Forum » Survival This section of the forum is dedicated to discussing tips and tricks about when you have to take matters into your own hands. Tell everyone about your... survival journey, and survival skills, ask questions on different ways of survival, and more.more
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12. Living Survival Forum

Living Survival Forum This Living Survival forum is for the survival and prepper community. Ask questions, find answers, and spark discussions about Survival. Also, get to ...know about a variety of resources and events to help enhance your experience.more
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Additional Forums

  1. WhenSHTF Forum » Survival Wonder how others would handle a possible scenario? Have a survival story? This is the place for it, its an area for discussing survival information. Talk about equipment you may find useful in emergency situations, and show your latest DIY projects here.
  2. MrsSurvival Forums Welcome to MrsSurvival, this is a special place where you can share your survival memories, or read others, give educational information on herbal formulas, post your stories, and learn to survive more gracefully and effectively.
  3. Survival and Preparedness Forum Discuss here everything relating to homesteading, weapons & gear of all kinds, night vision & thermal technology, share survival short stories, your favorite DIY projects or recipes, and get lots of how-to information.

Survival Subforums

Forum Name Subforum Name Subforum Description Also in
Survivalist Boards Disaster Preparedness General Discussion Anything Disaster Preparedness or Survival Related
Manmade and Natural Disasters Drought, Diseases, Earthquakes, Riots, Wars
Food and water Discussion on food and water storage, water purification and related topics. Food Forums
Recipes Recipe Forums
Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum Hiking Forums, Camping Forums
Farming, Gardening & Homesteading Country lifestyle, homesteading, blacksmithing and living off the grid. Farming Forums, Gardening Forums, Homesteading Forums
Off-Grid Alternative & Emergency Power/Energy Discuss alternative power.
Vehicles, Transportation, & Overlanding Discuss Vehicles, Transportation, Overlanding & Boondocking Overlanding Forums
Boating and Fishing Fishing Forums
Financial Forum Economics and Precious Metals Personal Finance Forums
DIY - Do It Yourself DIY Forums
Ladies Section The Girlvivalists Hangout Area. Women Forums
Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Survival
Books, Movies & Stories
Book Reviews Book Forums
Health, Fitness and First Aid Fitness Forums
Firearms General Discussion Rifles, pistols, shotguns, scopes, grips and everything in between. Gun Forums
Black powder
Pistol and Revolver Forum
Rifle Forum
Shotgun Forum Mossberg, Winchester, Remington, Benelli....
Military Weapons Forum AR15, AK47, SKS, H&K, Galil, CETME, FN/FAL, Tanks, Ships, Jets, Helicopters....
Knives, Swords & Axes Survival knives, multi-tools, gerber, buck, cold steel, leather man..... Knife Forums, Sword Forums
Primitive Weapons, Bows and Crossbows Crossbow Forums
Non-Lethal Weapons & Self Defense
Hunting and Trapping General Discussion Hunting Forums
Prepper Forum General Prepper and Survival Talk Ask any question in regards to prepping or survival. Don't worry if its been asked before, we like new comers concerns.
First Aid and Medical Preparedness Discussion forum for First Aid and other Medical Preparedness issues. First Aid Forums
Food, Health and Fitness Survival Food Forums, Fitness Forums
Urban and Rural Survival
Prepper Tools A collection of survival and prepper tools for your usage
Featured Topics Featured prepper and survivalist articles and topics in the community.
Alternative Energy (Wind, Solar, Hydro etc) Wind, Hydro, Solar prepping and other alternative energy ressources threads
Recycling, Composting, Reducing, Reuse,... Utilizing topic methods to reuse and recycle others "Junk". "One mans junk is another mans treasure" Recycling Forums
Survival Food Procurement Hunting, Fishing, Gardening for Survivalist
HandGuns, Pistols and Revolvers, Long Rifles,... Survival Guns, Military Guns, Civilian Guns and anything related. Gun Forums
Knives, Swords, Blades, Axes, Spears, Daggers,... All Bladed weapons Knife Forums, Sword Forums
Hand to Hand Combat and Self Defense Self Defense Forums
Personal Protection, Gear, Mods, Accessories
Books, Videos, Media, Podcasts Books, Videos, Media, Podcasts for survivalists and preppers
Economic, Precious Metals, Investing, Finance Economic, Precious Metals, Investing, and Financial forum for survivalists and preppers. Economics Forums
DIY Do It Yourself All things you can do without outside help DIY Forums
Survival Gear Reviews and Questions Post your favorite survival gear photos, rate your survival gear for pros and cons here.
Survival Monkey Survival Topic of the Month Discussions on our TOTM here
General Survival and Preparedness
Back to Basics Homesteading - Simple Survivalism for Self Reliance
Survival of the Fittest Nutrition, Health and Fitness
The Green Patch The Growing area to show and share the greener side of food
Survival Reading Room Survival Books, PDFs and Literature
Off Grid Living Alternative energy, solar, wind power, batteries - general gultching advice
Survival Communications
Functional Gear & Equipment Reviews, advice and field testing
Survival Medicine First Aid, Field Medicine - Alternative and Natural Remedies
Financial Cents Economics and Investments - Silver, Gold and barter
Bushcraft Survival and Primitive Technology Bushcraft Forums
Firearms Gun Forums
Blades Knives, tools and edged weapons for survival, self defense and utility
Turf and Surf Hunting and Fishing Hunt, catch or trap Hunting Forums, Fishing Forums
Humor - Jokes - Games and Diversions Tasteful Please!
My Survival Forum Survival Stories Tell your story here.
The Hangout Members can come here and just hangout. Can talk about any topic and just get to know each other. Non Survivalist topics allowed.
Reference Material A place for experts to come and share their best reference material. Especially important to share good offline resources .
Financial Planning Discuss ways to save money, how much survivalist gear costs, and anything else pertaining to money.
News, Current Events, and Politics A place to discuss things currently in the news, world events, and politics.
Ladies Section A place for female specific topics. Women Forums
First Aid and Medicine Will help you survive and function with injuries. Knowing how to do first aid in the wilderness or other away from civilization scenarios can save your life. First Aid Forums
Natural, Temporary, and Permanent Shelter A shelter can be a made made object such as a house or tent or a natural place to find refuge such as a cave or fallen tree.
Finding, Identifying, and Preparing Food Finding edible food that we can digest is a must. Remember ever plant isn't edible. Some will kill you. Learn your basics. All food resources can go here. Food Forums
Animal Husbandry The management of animals for our use in either farming or for meat.
Herbalism - Medicinal, Practical, and other Uses Using plants and herbs for medicine and other uses.
Gardening, Plant Propegation, & Farming Creating new plants for a variety of sources such as seeds, cuttings, bulbs and other. Everything to do with gardening. Gardening Forums, Farming Forums, Gardening Forums
Food Storage - Canning/Freezing/Butchering/Prep In here we discuss different ways to prep and prepare our food, how to make it last as long as possible, and unique ideas on long term storage.
Mental Preparedness Being mentally prepared for the survivalist lifestyle is one that most often gets overlooked. What are some scenarios that could happen? How do you handle being alone? How do you keep your family...
Hunting / Fishing / Trapping Everything from primitive hunting to modern day strategies and uses for weapons. Fishing Forums, Hunting Forums
Cooking and Cooking Utensils Cooking outdoors, equipment preparation, making utensils and equipment. Modern and primitive. Cooking Forums
Guns, Knives, Tools, Etc. Essential weapons, high end guns and knives, home made tools, and anything else related. Gun Forums, Knife Forums
Essential Items What are the absolute most important things you need?
Earthquake Earthquake survival preparedness.
The Apocalypse If society happened to end, what would it take to survive?
Other Not Listed Situations Any other survival situation not listed, popular topics will move to the front page.
Urban Survival If disaster strikes in the city, how would you survive?
Survival Kits General information about what kinds of things people are putting in kits and reviews for premade kits.
Survival Forum Media & Current Events Survival TV Shows, Movies, News, Videos, Books, etc Bushcraft Forums
Bushcraft Bushcraft Forum Talk about primitive wilderness skills related to surviving in the wild
Camping & Hiking Recreational & Survival camping
Hunting - Trapping - Fishing
Wilderness Food Discussion of foraging & wild edibles
EDC - Every Day Carry NEW SECTION! Discuss your every day carry EDC Forums
Finances It's part of being Prepared - Learn how to Save money, Make Money, Manage Taxes and more
General Preparation Chat Everything else related to disaster and survival preparation
Moderators: Big_Saw
Contingency Planning
Communications Discuss Radio, Telephone, and other communications equipment and means
Firearms Gun Forums
Food & Water Food Storage, Deals, Gardening, Water Storage & Water Purification, etc Food Forums
GEAR One of the most important things next to knowledge
Knive & Blades Talk about Anything Bladed Knife Forums
Off Grid Off Grid & Full Self Sufficient Living
D.I.Y. - Resources & Guides Post your Resources, Manuals, Guides, How To's here DIY Forums
Scenarios Survival Scenarios - What would you do, offer, or have?
Vehicles & Transportation Vehicle & Transportation talk from Mods, Spare Parts, Technical Help etc
Alternative Energy
Misc Off Topic & Fun
TV, Movies, & Music
Survival UK Board News
Threats and Risks
Bushcraft Bushcraft Forums
Food Food Forums
Hunting Hunting Forums
Homestead Homesteading Forums
Rebuilding Society
The Organic Prepper DIYs DIY Forums
Food Food Forums
Movies, Books & Stories
News & Current Events
Dooms Day Prepper Camping Where to go, and what to bring! Camping Forums
Natural Disasters
Economic Collapse
Man Made Disasters
Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)
General Prepper Talk
Farming & Food Discussion of food storage, farming and growing crops for survival and prepping. Farming Forums
Energy (Solar, Wind, Hydro) How do you plan to power items in a grid down scenario?
First Aid, Medicine & Healthcare First Aid Forums
Amateur (Ham) Radio & Communication
Edged Weapons
Prepared Society General Preparedness Discussion General topics on the subject of being prepared.
General Survival Discussion General discussion for survival in wilderness and urban settings. Includes what to do in case of government requested evacuation.
Equipment & Survival Kits Forum to talk about tools and emergency survival kits.
Hunting & Fishing Hunting for your wild meat and fishing the streams, rivers and lakes. Hunting Forums
General Food and Foraging Discussion Topics related to food and foraging including and edible plant discussion. Wild plant identification, mushrooming, etc.
Recipe Share Share your favorite recipes or family heirloom recipes Recipe Forums
Health & Medicine Medicine storage and handling. First aid kit discussion.
Vehicle & Transportation Design and implement your fuel powered BugOutVehicle (BOV), ButOutMotorcycle (BOM), BugOutTrailer (BOT), BugOutBoat (Sailboat, yacht, ship) and the...
Farm Machinery and Construction Equipment
Communications CB radio, VHF, UHF, ShortWave, HAM radio communications as well as old-fashioned cryptic communications discussed.
Money, Investing & Precious Metals Be prepared for financial problems. Discuss how to keep your money safe. Investment Forums
Product Reviews Book, Products and Location reviews
Fiction & Non-Fiction Stories Your research papers and your stories can be posted here. Please read the rules for posting in this section
Wood Working Share your wood working projects, table making, cabinet making, shelf-building or ask questions to get help with some of your projects. Carpentry and Woodworking Forums
Knit and Crochet Caps, socks, sweaters, blankets, afghans, table cloths, doilies and anything else that you can make with thread and one or two needles. Knitting Forums
General Homesteading & Building Small home projects, built-in storage-systems, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, AirConditioning), construction and emergency shelter building. Homesteading Forums
Energy & Electricity Gas, diesel, propane, NG fuel storage solutions, solar and wind power generating, gas generators, other alternative energy sources, batteries and similar...
Gardening and Agriculture Forum for raising and cultivation of food at your home. Herbs, root vegitables, berries, legumes, fungus (mushrooms) and anything else that you can grow in...
Livestock Backyards to small farms to large ranches (fish, chicken, rabbits, pig, cow, bee-keeping, eggs, honey, etc).
Living Survival Knives, Axes & Other Tools Knife Forums
Survival Gear, EDC & Bugout Bags EDC Forums
Survival Training/Education
Gardening Gardening Forums
Survival And Preparedness Forum The Basics Food and water storage, the basics of "stocking up", gardening for self-sufficiency, canning, dehydrating, freeze-drying, noted food shortage information, maintaining stocked items
Economic Forum Macro, Micro and your house, Investing, saving, getting out of debt, planning, precious metals, stock market, inflation
Night Vision and technology A place to discuss Night vision and thermal technology, including the latest products
The Armory A place to discuss weapons and gear of all kinds
Homestead and Retreat Everything relating to Homesteading, retreat/BOL setup, organization, wells, firewood and fuels, generators, solar power, septic systems, old-time skills, etc. Homesteading Forums
The gear locker The place to discuss gear. From Alice gear to Kifaru... Gear, knives, night vision, armor, etc.
Training Forum If you're not training regularly, YOU'RE WRONG
Survival Medicine When going to the doctor, hospital, dentist, or veterinarian might not be an option....
Survival Shorts and book reviews Fiction short stories and book reviews relating to survival, TSHTF, etc.
Transportation Cars, trucks, cycles, horses, mules, Llamas - fuel storage and treatments, types of vehicles, Hybrid, Electric, or Diesel?
JRH Enterprises JRH Enterprises merchant subforum - your #1 source for NVG, thermal imagers, weapon sights
Prayer room Place to share prayer requests and praise!
The Campfire A place to introduce yourself, post gatherings and get togethers
Recipes and Projects Share your favorite DIY projects or recipes - lots of how-to information Recipe Forums
Conservative Political Forum Survival Tips A great resource for survival questions or discussions, such as living off the grid and how to store food.

Survival Forum Topics