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Surf Fishing Youtube Channels

1. ThresherFishing

ThresherFishing United States About Youtuber Just watch what I do carefully and you will learn exactly what not to do. i do Kayak fishing, wade fishing and surf fishing.
Frequency 2 videos / month
Since Feb 2016
Youtube Followers- 222,000 . Views Count- 34,919,048 . Video Count - 206

2. Senko Skipper

Senko Skipper United States About Youtuber We tell Fish Stories! Follow Senko Skipper to watch us go on fishing adventures, overcome obstacles, and fall on our butts!
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Mar 2016
Youtube Followers- 261,000 . Views Count- 47,725,526 . Video Count - 252

3. MorningTide Fishing

MorningTide Fishing Australia About Youtuber MorningTide Fishing follows a group of young anglers who focus on catching and releasing big pelagic off the rocks!
Since Apr 2014
Youtube Followers- 118,000 . Views Count- 10,717,127 . Video Count - 69

4. Surfcasters Journal

Surfcasters Journal About Youtuber An online magazine dedicated to surfcasters world wide.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Dec 2009
Youtube Followers- 35,500 . Views Count- 7,549,229 . Video Count - 389

5. More Than Fishing

More Than Fishing California, USA About Youtuber 'It's not just fishing, It's More Than Fishing'
Frequency 4 videos / quarter
Since Jul 2015
Youtube Followers- 28,100 . Views Count- 3,824,031 . Video Count - 137

6. PK Yi

PK Yi About Youtuber A channel about fishing & crabbing in Oregon surf fishing, bass fishing, trout fishing, clamming, and other multi-species in Oregon. My goal is to share my passion for fishing while showing tips and techniques to help people catch more fish & crabs.
Frequency 13 videos / quarter
Since Jun 2014
Youtube Followers- 55,900 . Views Count- 15,924,190 . Video Count - 369

7. Jeff Bonham

Jeff Bonham United States About Youtuber We catch fish so you don't have to. But you still can if you want.
Since Aug 2015
Youtube Followers- 22,200 . Views Count- 3,492,093 . Video Count - 87

8. Beach Bomber Fishing

Beach Bomber Fishing United States About Youtuber I fish the beach, jetties, piers, and the bay, I am multi-modal, either bait or lures. Your common angler in Galveston Tx chasing fish. I fish for Redfish, jacks, and everything in between mainly from the surf.
Frequency 2 videos / week
Since May 2016
Youtube Followers- 32,500 . Views Count- 2,655,708 . Video Count - 77

9. ASFN Fishing

ASFN Fishing South Africa About Youtuber ASFN is Africa's largest fishing content Network, ultimately bringing you the best in Sports Fishing over various facets of fishing. Over the last 15 years it has been our main objective & passion to produce and capture valuable fishing and informational content to bring you the angler info you can use to get better results faster.
Frequency 6 videos / week
Since Jul 2011
Youtube Followers- 20,800 . Views Count- 7,908,155 . Video Count - 1,607

10. Shore Fishing Games

Shore Fishing Games Montenegro About Youtuber It was here, on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, that I became interested in sea fishing. Today, with no less excitement, I continue to learn the subtleties of sea fishing and experiment a lot, because it is the sea that opens up unlimited opportunities for this! It should be noted that recently the topic of sea fishing has been developing very much all over the world. There are new various lures and techniques of catching.
Frequency 10 videos / year
Since Jan 2016
Youtube Followers- 18,400 . Views Count- 5,024,395 . Video Count - 106

11. FishJonesBeach

FishJonesBeach United States About Youtuber Fshing is all about karma and luck. Any old salt will confirm that. It's all about being out and about more then the fishing. Its about respecting the feller or fellerete next to you. We fish with lures, bait, nets and use all kinda of tackle rod and reel as well.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Dec 2014
Youtube Followers- 7,090 . Views Count- 1,512,472 . Video Count - 518

12. Nz Fishing - Mauritius

Nz Fishing - Mauritius Mauritius About Youtuber Shore Fishing to a new level. Nz Fishing always putting You in the middle of the action!!
Frequency 1 video / day
Since Apr 2015
Youtube Followers- 7,030 . Views Count- 1,509,723 . Video Count - 87