80 Best Spooky Podcasts

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Spooky Podcasts

Here are 80 Best Spooky Podcasts worth listening to in 2023

1. The NoSleep Podcast

The NoSleep Podcast Canada
The NoSleep Podcast is a multi-award winning anthology series of original horror stories, with rich atmospheric music to enhance the frightening tales.
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Play 35.3K 10.9K 1 episode / week Avg Length 81 min Get Email Contact

2. Lore

Lore New England, North Dakota, US
Lore is a bi-weekly podcast (as well as a TV show and book series) about dark historical tales. Each episode explores the mysterious creatures, tragic events, and unusual places that fill the pages of history. Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.
Also in Horror Blogs, Storytelling Podcasts, Horror Podcasts, Road Trip Podcasts
Play 78.5K 68.2K 75K 1 episode / week Avg Length 30 min Get Email Contact

3. And That's Why We Drink

And That's Why We Drink Los Angeles, California, US
Murder and the paranormal finally meet! Grab your wine and milkshakes and join us every Sunday for some chilling ghost stories and downright terrifying true crime stories. The world's a scary place. And that's why we drink!
Play 86.2K 65.8K 1 episode / week Avg Length 103 min Feb 2017 Get Email Contact

4. Ghosts In The Burbs

Ghosts In The Burbs Wellesley, Massachusetts, US
Ghosts In The Burbs is a podcast about the people of Wellesley, Massachusetts and the ghosts (and monsters) who haunt them.
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Play 4.9K 5.2K 2 episodes / month Avg Length 30 min Mar 2016 Get Email Contact

5. Unexplained

Unexplained Unexplained is a bi-weekly podcast about strange and mysterious real life events that continue to evade explanation. A show about the space between what we think of as real and what is not. Where the unknown and paranormal meets some of the most radical ideas in science today. When something is inexplicable, that mystery in itself can become the story. In many ways, it is often the lure of the mystery that keeps us coming back for more.. Maybe, ultimately, some things are just better left unexplained.
Play 5.2K 8.7K 1 episode / week May 2018 Get Email Contact

6. Let's Not Meet | A True Horror Podcast

Let's Not Meet | A True Horror Podcast UK
True horror stories were written by those that made it out alive. First-person accounts narrated and produced by Andrew Tate in an anthology of terror and suspense.
Also in Scary Story Podcasts, UK Storytelling Podcasts
Play 5.2K 1 episode / week Avg Length 50 min Get Email Contact

7. Jim Harold's Campfire

Jim Harold's Campfire Creepy TRUE stories of paranormal phenomena of all types. Ghost stories, UFO, cryptids, and more! This feed reflects the last 90 days of content, Jim Harold's Campfire has been in production since 2009 with over 390 episodes. True ghost stories, hauntings, life after death stories, and more. Hosted by Jim Harold.
Play 15.4K 1 episode / day Avg Length 89 min Apr 2009 Get Email Contact

8. Creepy

Creepy Minnesota, US
From creator Jon Grilz, a collection of the most famous and disturbing creepypastas and urban legends in the world.
Play 11.7K 8.6K 1 episode / day Avg Length 47 min Get Email Contact

9. Short and Spooky

Short and Spooky The Podcast about anthology shows from the 80s, 90s, and sometimes the early 00s. Hosts Jon, Tom, Kyrie, and Coop discuss episodes of shows like Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Tales From the Crypt, The Outer Limits, and more!
Play 1.1K 1 episode / week Avg Length 78 min Aug 2018 Get Email Contact

10. Ghoul Talk

Ghoul Talk This is Ghoul Talk, a ghost story podcast where we cover all things spooky from the things that go bump in the night to the alarming persistence of the pink tax. Join us as we dissect modern culture and share some eerie tales. Because who doesn't love a good ghost story?
Play 2 episodes / month Avg Length 50 min Oct 2016 Get Email Contact

11. Mission Spooky

Mission Spooky Pennsylvania, US
A bi-weekly podcast feeding you the creepy, peculiar and strange slices of Pennsylvania.
Play 203 2.9K 1 episode / week Avg Length 64 min Oct 2019 Get Email Contact

12. Let's Get Dark

Let's Get Dark A couple of strong babes discussing true crime, conspiracies, the paranormal, unsolved mysteries, and all the things that keeps us up at night. We take our research seriously, and don't hold back our feels about any of the details. We creep it real over here, come join us!
Also in Mystery Podcasts
Play 1 episode / year Avg Length 95 min Mar 2018 Get Email Contact

13. Macabre London Podcast

Macabre London Podcast London, England, UK
Do you like your history haunted? Then Macabre London is the podcast for you. Stepping into the historical gloomy and dangerous backstreets of London, we'll unravel a tale that's gruesome, horrifying, or downright macabre.
Also in Macabre Podcasts
Play 936 732 4 episodes / quarter Avg Length 24 min Jan 2017 Get Email Contact

14. Last Podcast On The Left

Last Podcast On The Left Long Island City, New York, US
The Last Podcast On The Left covers all the horror our world has to offer both imagined and real, from demons and slashers to cults and serial killers, The Last Podcast is guaranteed to satisfy your blood lust.
Also in Paranormal Podcasts, Horror Movie Podcasts
Play 152.7K 198.9K 2 episodes / week Avg Length 81 min Feb 2015 Get Email Contact

15. You Can See Me in the Dark

You Can See Me in the Dark A podcast about true ghost stories, told by the people who survived them. Co-hosted by Melissa Sweazy and Nathan Reisman.
Play 177 1 episode / month Avg Length 24 min Dec 2019 Get Email Contact

16. Spooky Psychology

Spooky Psychology Two licensed therapists discuss the spookier side of psychology. If you're into macabre topics, dark humor, and learning about behavior and psychology, this podcast is for you!
Play 368 1 episode / quarter Avg Length 74 min Oct 2019 Get Email Contact

17. Scary Time | Scary, Creepy & Paranormal stories

Scary Time | Scary, Creepy & Paranormal stories It's Scary Time. Lock your doors, check under the bed, and turn on a night light because it's time for the scariest stories, history, and conversations ever heard. Every week an independent creator tells us about the paranormal, ghosts, monsters, hauntings, creepy places, enchanted objects, aliens, and more. Best of all if you like the creator you can follow them for more great content if you dare.
Play 1 episode / month Avg Length 52 min Oct 2020 Get Email Contact

18. MrCreepyPasta's Storytime

MrCreepyPasta's Storytime Creepypasta Storytime is a collection of some of the most horrifying (and occasionally funny) stories, or Creepypastas, that the internet has to offer and narrated to you by the Blue Man himself. The podcast is taken directly from the YouTube Channel of the same name and is always open to suggestions for new stories and submissions from you.
Play 498.8K 62.8K 1 episode / day Avg Length 25 min Jun 2019 Get Email Contact

19. This Horrible Place

This Horrible Place Don't Get Too Comfortable... Horrible Things Are Happening Here...Your Everything-Horror Podcast with all the Screams you could hope for. Guiding you through the weekly episodes are your Horrible Hosts, Jen & Kaytlynn.
Play 2 episodes / quarter Avg Length 38 min Jan 2020 Get Email Contact

20. Darkness Radio

Darkness Radio Eagan, Minnesota, US
The Best in Paranormal Talk Radio. Dave & Tim take listeners on an entertaining journey into all aspects of the supernatural, from ghosts and aliens to monsters, mysteries, myths & legends with guest experts, experiencers, and eyewitnesses. With over 15 years of experience they continue to be your guides to the encounters that seem to lie just outside the limits of normal life and just past the boundaries of the darkness on the edge of every town.
Also in Supernatural Podcasts
Play 26.8K 9K 2 episodes / week Avg Length 108 min Jun 2007 Get Email Contact

21. Supernatural Girlz

Supernatural Girlz Where Paranormal is Normal. The Best guests worldwide interviewed by paranormal expert, Supernatural Girlz, Patricia Baker & her co-hosts. Guests from this world and others.
Play 3.2K 2K 1 episode / week Avg Length 75 min May 2013 Get Email Contact

22. Cult Liter with Spencer Henry

Cult Liter with Spencer Henry Host Spencer Henry brings the spooky every Monday. Each week we'll dive into a new story. Macabre history, true crime, and all things bizarre.
Play 4.9K 32K 2 episodes / week Avg Length 31 min Sep 2018 Get Email Contact

23. Mile Higher Podcast

Mile Higher Podcast Denver, Colorado, US
Crime. Conspiracy. Cognizance. Welcome to Mile Higher hosted by husband & wife duo Josh Thomas and Kendall Rae! Our show focuses on True Crime but we delve into many other topics including conspiracy theories, unexplained phenomena, metaphysics, futurism, ancient civilizations, and news stories the mainstream media doesn't cover.
Play 62.7K 1 episode / week Avg Length 91 min Jan 2018 Get Email Contact

24. Thirteen

Thirteen Lexington, Kentucky, US
Feature length, atmospheric, spooky stories told on the Thirteenth of each month. Explore an eerie universe of supernatural and occult tales
Play 964 3 episodes / month Avg Length 47 min Mar 2020 Get Email Contact

25. Creeps In The Crypt

Creeps In The Crypt Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, US
If you like the paranormal, true crime, or the strange and unusual, then you'll be dying to listen to Creeps in the Crypt every week!
Play 1.1K 995 2 episodes / week Avg Length 60 min Get Email Contact

26. Spirit Radio - the Paranormal Experience

Spirit Radio - the Paranormal Experience Join your hosts Willy Hassell & Lynne Nickerson for a weekly radio show covering all subjects of the paranormal world with weekly guests from around the world. Ghosts, spirits, UFOs, alien encounters, bigfoot. This is the show where the paranormal becomes the normal. So join us on a journey into the unknown the unseen the unthinkable.
Play 1 episode / month Avg Length 62 min Mar 2014 Get Email Contact

27. A Funny Feeling

A Funny Feeling Los Angeles, California, US
Comedians and paranormal enthusiasts Betsy Sodaro and Marcy Jarreau invite their comedian friends and celebrity guests to tell their true paranormal experiences and hear spooky stories submitted by listeners.
Play 1.1K 1 episode / week Avg Length 71 min Sep 2017 Get Email Contact

28. Astonishing Legends

Astonishing Legends The world is more mysterious than most people are comfortable imagining. We cross paths with the mystical from time to time and may not even notice it. If we do, we quickly return to our usually mundane daily existence. But what if we not only acknowledged the unknown, we investigated it and spoke with those in the know? That's what co-hosts Scott & Forrest, and their producer Tess Pfeifle do at Astonishing Legends.
Play 1 episode / week Avg Length 118 min Oct 2014 Get Email Contact

29. None of This is Real

None of This is Real North Carolina, US
Are you a skeptic, a believer, or both? Either way, you'll love None of This is Real, the podcast for all things mysterious and weird. Sarah & Damini ponder cults, cryptids, creepies, and conspiracies while asking each other the ultimate question: is any of this real?
Play 85 7 1 episode / week Avg Length 58 min Get Email Contact

30. Once Upon A Crime | True Crime

Once Upon A Crime | True Crime San Jose, California, US
Join me as I dive into some of the most fascinating and thought provoking true crime stories told one chapter at a time. Kidnappings, murders, mysterious disappearances, serial killers, celebrity crime and more will be covered.
Play 6.4K 10.5K 1 episode / week Avg Length 44 min Jun 2016 Get Email Contact

31. Spirits

Spirits New York, US
A boozy weekly podcast about mythology, legends and folklore. Hear fresh takes on classic myths and learn new stories from around the world, served up over ice by two tipsy history geeks.
Play 4.8K 10.7K 8K 1 episode / week Avg Length 56 min Feb 2016 Get Email Contact

32. Big Seance Podcast

Big Seance Podcast Missouri, US
Patrick Keller, of Big Seance, invites you to join an open discussion on all things paranormal, but specifically topics like ghosts & hauntings, paranormal research, spirit communication, psychics & mediums, and life after death. The candles are already lit, so come on in and join the séance!
Also in Psychic Podcasts
Play 1.9K 2.7K 1 episode / month Avg Length 62 min Jun 2014 Get Email Contact

33. Real Paranormal Activity

Real Paranormal Activity Chicago, Illinois, US
Real Paranormal Activity Podcast features the real paranormal experiences from people like yourself! RPA provides engaging interviews with mediums, psychics, authors, investigators and so much more! We explore into the realm of Demonic Activity, Shadow People, Possession, Cursed Objects, Haunted Houses and more!
Play 9.9K 9.5K 2 episodes / week Avg Length 23 min Jan 2015 Get Email Contact

34. That's Spooky

That's Spooky Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A weekly sashay through everything that makes you say, 'That's Spooky!' With your new gay best friends, Johnny and Tyler!
Play 2.8K 1 episode / day Avg Length 78 min Oct 2018 Get Email Contact

35. Guide to the Unknown

Guide to the Unknown Somerset, New Jersey, US
A podcast about the supernatural, paranormal, and mysterious, with an emphasis on pop culture. Kristen Anderson and Will Rogers are siblings who were raised on mysteries and now delight in bringing them to the masses. They're interested and interesting, goofy and thoughtful, and they've seen Scream like a million times.
Play 1.2K 985 2 episodes / month Avg Length 60 min Nov 2017 Get Email Contact

36. On A Dark, Cold Night

On A Dark, Cold Night Toronto, Ontario
On a Dark, Cold Night is the ideal podcast for horror-lovers with insomnia; a creepy friend to tell you bedtime/ghost stories. The podcast involves your narrator telling you a spine-chilling yet soothing ghost story every week.
Play 671 1 episode / week Avg Length 30 min Jan 2018 Get Email Contact

37. Spooky Times with Eric D

Spooky Times with Eric D US
Each week, host Eric Dwinnells and a different guest cohost chat about a spooky subject. From the paranormal to true crime, from ghosts to amusement park rides, from the occult to bizarre religious belief, from the serious to the silly, if it's spooky, we'll talk about it! Check out our website spookyas.com for more info and pics for each episode. Have a spooky story, question, or show idea?
Play 41 1 episode / month Avg Length 46 min Get Email Contact

38. This Podcast is Haunted

This Podcast is Haunted Grand Rapids, Michigan, US
This Podcast is Haunted is about sharing ghost stories and exploring the creepy side of history.
Play 1.7K 705 8 episodes / year Avg Length 76 min Oct 2016 Get Email Contact

39. Superduperstitious

Superduperstitious A podcast about the paranormal, the credibility of the creepy, and the science of the spooky, Superduperstitious is a podcast that looks at the mysterious world of the paranormal and says, 'Wait. What?' Hosts Wyatt Shell and Jake Withee use their science backgrounds to tease apart possible explanations for bizarre, supernatural, and otherwise strange phenomena.
Play 482 118 3 episodes / month Avg Length 53 min Oct 2017 Get Email Contact

40. Weekly Spooky | Scary Stories to Keep You Up at Night

Weekly Spooky | Scary Stories to Keep You Up at Night Join us every week for a little taste of Halloween all year round narrating scary stories, creepy pastas, true stories, and more with scary ambience meant to give you goosebumps!
Play 1.3K 34 1 episode / day Avg Length 50 min Oct 2019 Get Email Contact

41. The Strange and Unusual Podcast

The Strange and Unusual Podcast Boston, England, UK
The unknown. It lies at the root of all fear, and has inspired legends, superstition, folklore, customs, hysteria, and even murder throughout history. Still today we feel the shadowy presence of our ancestors' struggles to explain the mysterious in almost every facet of our lives. Whether it be in the form of religion, urban legends, pop culture, ghost stories, superstitious rituals, and so much more we are still just fighting to keep our monsters in the dark. Welcome to The Strange and Unusual Podcast.
Play 2.1K 1.7K 1 episode / week Avg Length 35 min Get Email Contact

42. It's Haunted...What Now?

It's Haunted...What Now? Dallas, Texas, US
It's Haunted...What now? Is a podcast that brings you true stories about haunted objects and the owners who unknowingly welcomed them into their lives. Join me, your host Lanie as I share these creepy, spooky, and downright terrifying stories.
Play 773 710 1 episode / week Avg Length 32 min May 2018 Get Email Contact

43. 3 Spooked Girls

3 Spooked Girls California, US
Join Tara & Jessica every Monday for a deep dive on significant true crime cases, & the history & haunts of creepy places, cryptids, & the unknown. Then come back for their Thursday episodes, Stabby Snippets, that cover true crime cases in the news.
Play 3.3K 3.8K 2 episodes / week Avg Length 26 min Jan 2019 Get Email Contact

44. Knock Once For Yes

Knock Once For Yes UK
Knock Once For Yes is a podcast containing stories of the weird, spooky, Supernatural and Paranormal. We take stories from listeners, share out own experiences and discuss famous haunted and paranormal locations as well as some lesser known myths, legends and spooky tales!
Also in UK Spooky Podcasts
Play 1.1K 3.2K 1 episode / quarter Avg Length 108 min Oct 2016 Get Email Contact

45. The Spooky Hour

The Spooky Hour Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Join hosts Holly and Danyelle as they explore everything that goes bump in the night, from the serial killer next door to the ghost in your attic & every spooky thing in between.
Play 988 1 episode / week Avg Length 50 min Jan 2020 Get Email Contact

46. Spirit Sisters

Spirit Sisters Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Conversations about spiritual & paranormal experiences. Hosted by Karina Machado, author of Spirit Sisters, it is a non-fiction collection of Australian women's true-life spooky experiences. It is moving, thought-provoking and chilling.
Also in Australian Spooky Podcasts
Play 921 478 4 episodes / year Avg Length 76 min Apr 2019 Get Email Contact

47. Spooky Bitch Gang

Spooky Bitch Gang Sydney, Australia
Creatures, killers and questionable gender politics as the Spooky Bitch Gang investigates the horror canon.
Also in Australian Horror Podcasts
Play 118 52 2 episodes / quarter Avg Length 65 min May 2019 Get Email Contact

48. Least Haunted

Least Haunted US
Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night?Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic?Have you or any of your family ever seen a 'spook', 'specter', or 'ghost'? If the answer is yes, then don't wait another minute! Listen to The Least Haunted Podcast! Join hosts Cody Franks and Garth von Ahnen (usually) as they traverse the world of the paranormal and strange, taking a humorously skeptical and scientifically minded look at all sorts of spooky phenomena, creatures, and events throughout world history.
Play 228 2 episodes / month Avg Length 79 min Apr 2020 Get Email Contact

49. True Creeps

True Creeps Arizona, US
Two spooky women discussing well-researched stories on true crime, paranormal, weird history, and everything in-between.
Play 320 67 1 episode / day Avg Length 43 min Sep 2020 Get Email Contact

50. Marley's Ghosts

Marley's Ghosts California, US
A storytelling podcast of vintage spooky tales.
Play 259 6 episodes / year Avg Length 35 min Oct 2020 Get Email Contact

51. What Goes Bump In the Night

What Goes Bump In the Night In this Podcast, we want to bring to you a community of people who have had wild and bizarre experiences with the supernatural, the unexplained, the other worldly , down right spooky and real events that actually happen with actual people. We are on the world together and not everything we see, hear or feel can be explained. Our names are Trevor and Riley. We have had our very own experiences that we can not explain. Join us around the fire for what really goes bump in the night.
Play 722 2 episodes / month Avg Length 54 min Get Email Contact

52. Everything is Spooky in the Dark

Everything is Spooky in the Dark Travel around the world and discover the dark history that makes a place spooky, haunted and a little bit scary. Stories, folklore and horrible histories and where you can travel to find them.
Play 3.4K 3 episodes / year Avg Length 19 min Aug 2019 Get Email Contact

53. Solved, Unsolved or Spooky | A True Crime Podcast

Solved, Unsolved or Spooky | A True Crime Podcast A true crime podcast, Stories of Solved, Unsolved and Spooky crimes and mysteries. Interactive content, listener stories Facebook private group.Murder, Hauntings, Ghosts, Paranormal, Serial Killers and so much more
Play 52 6 episodes / year Avg Length 46 min Nov 2020 Get Email Contact

54. High Spirits Chicago

High Spirits Chicago Chicago, Illinois, US
High Spirits Chicago is a podcast dedicated to talking about all things Ghost. Hosted by Chicago's very own Noelle Schmitt and Jay Steigmann.
Play 340 74 1 episode / day Sep 2016 Get Email Contact

55. Serial Killers

Serial Killers Los Angeles, California, US
Every Monday, Serial Killers takes a psychological and entertaining approach to provide a rare glimpse into the mind, methods and madness of the most notorious serial killers with the hopes of better understanding their psychological profile. With the help of in-depth research, we delve deep into their lives and stories. Serial Killers is part of the Parcast Network and is a Cutler Media Production.
Also in Crime Podcasts, True Crime Podcasts, Murder Podcasts, Serial Killer Podcasts
Play 13.8K 19.2K 23.2K 5 episodes / year Avg Length 41 min Feb 2017 Get Email Contact

56. Unexplained Mysteries

Unexplained Mysteries US
Unexplained Mysteries examines history's most compelling puzzles. From suspicious deaths to scientific paradoxes to paranormal reports, if there are lingering questions, Unexplained Mysteries tells the story. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we sort through the evidence and occasionally uncover the answers.
Play 34.4K 19.2K 5 episodes / year Avg Length 37 min Feb 2018 Get Email Contact

57. Spooky Gals

Spooky Gals Hello, and welcome to Spooky Gals! We're your hosts, Katrina and Jasmine. If you love tales of real-life paranormal and creepy occurrences from ghost sightings and hauntings to reported alien and cryptic encounters, myths, folklore, legends, and more then this is the podcast for you!
Play 567 148 1 episode / month Avg Length 39 min Sep 2020 Get Email Contact

58. Sunday Night Spookies

Sunday Night Spookies Welcome to Sunday Night Spookies, a podcast dedicated to exploring the mysterious and spooky unknown with Lex and Sara! Join us as we uncover a variety of topics related to the paranormal, cryptozoology, psychic abilities, spiritual legends, and much MUCH more. We also include 1 episode a month where we recap our experiences investigating a haunted location! Let's get spookie every Sunday evening!
Play 209 11 Jul 2020 Get Email Contact


TANIS Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Tanis is a bi-weekly podcast from the Public Radio Alliance, and is hosted by Nic Silver. Tanis is a serialized docudrama about a fascinating and surprising mystery: the myth of Tanis. Tanis is an exploration of the nature of truth, conspiracy, and information. Tanis is what happens when the lines of science and fiction start to blur...
Also in Sci-fi Podcasts, Fiction Podcasts, Docudrama Podcasts, Canadian Fiction Podcasts
Play 15.2K 14.6K 3.4K Oct 2015 Get Email Contact

60. Spooked

Spooked New York City, New York, US
Spooked features true-life supernatural stories, told firsthand by people who can barely believe it happened themselves. Be afraid. Created in the dark of night, by Snap Judgment and WNYC Studios. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts, including Radiolab.
Also in WNYC Podcasts
Play 22.2K 8.6K 2 episodes / month Avg Length 27 min Get Email Contact

61. Unobscured | History revealed.

Unobscured | History revealed. Salem, Massachusetts, US
History is full of stories we think we know. They are old and dark, but time has robbed us of perspective and clarity. They've become obscured and misunderstood. That's why this series exists: to dig deep and shed light on some of history's darkest moments. To make it Unobscured. Each season will pair narrative storytelling from Aaron Mahnke, the creator of Lore, with prominent historian interviews.
Also in History Podcasts
Play 4.7K 6.7K 1 episode / month Avg Length 56 min Get Email Contact

62. Nightgeist

Nightgeist Join two long time friends and lovers of the macabre on their quest to solve the unknown, hunt down monsters and commune with the dead while drinking.  No spooky topic (or beverage) is off limits. Prepare to be beamed up!
Also in Husband and Wife Podcasts
Play 185 1.5K 1 episode / month Avg Length 66 min Nov 2018 Get Email Contact

63. On The Odd

On The Odd Hewlett, New York, US
A paranormal interview show hosted by Mark Sage with new guests in each episode who share their haunting experiences with ghosts & the spirit world. Join Mark as he takes a serious & nonjudgemental approaching the most intriguing conversations with experts globally. Stories that encompass all areas of the paranormal, supernatural, demonic, spirit investigations, haunted houses, possessions, shadow people, the unexplained & more.
Play 337 2 episodes / quarter Avg Length 44 min Oct 2013 Get Email Contact

64. The French Chronicles

The French Chronicles The French Chronicles is a French true crime and all things spooky creepy podcast, hosted in English by 2 French girls. Wanna check out if there is more to France than the Eiffel Tower and the Festival de Cannes, sit back and let us walk you down into the French gutter, and we promise to teach you French curse words. New episodes every Wednesday
Play 5 episodes / year Avg Length 47 min Feb 2020 Get Email Contact

65. Spooky Saturday

Spooky Saturday Welcome to the podcast Spooky Saturday. We are here to question the suspicious, investigate the intriguing and do our best to distinguish fact from fiction. Each episode we dive headfirst into a topic of choice and find stories, evidence, history and more to discuss and debate. Join us in earning some merit badges, Spooky Scouts.
Play Mar 2020 Get Email Contact

66. Creepy Show

Creepy Show The exploration of unexplained encounters. Each week we bring you creepy stories, true unexplained events. All things spooky, including paranormal, UFOs, conspiracies, haunted items, and places.
Play Sep 2020 Get Email Contact

67. Ichabod's House

Ichabod's House Two sisters tell spooky tales of lore, ghastly ghouls, vivacious vampires, cursed things, and anything related to the paranormal or the unexplained. We are a little different than your regular podcast check us out and see for yourself!
Play 481 1 episode / month Avg Length 50 min Nov 2020 Get Email Contact

68. Nite Echo

Nite Echo Welcome to - the Nite Echo podcast. A compilation of haunting tales from all over the internet and our very own reality. From things that go bump in the night, to the inexplicable happenings in our mysterious world. Tune in every other Thursday with me, your host Louise Nite as I share a variety of myths, urban legends, ghost stories and true crime.
Play Dec 2020 Get Email Contact

69. That's the Spirit

That's the Spirit New York, US
A ghost enthusiast, Stephanie & Robin fond of scary movies shares and talks about spirits. Join them for a ghoulishly good time by hearing their podcast.
Play 64 1 episode / year Avg Length 81 min Jun 2017 Get Email Contact

70. Get The Salt: A Supernatural Podcast

Get The Salt: A Supernatural Podcast A podcast where a couple Wayward Wives take you down the road so far with witty and sometimes dirty humor. Featuring hosts Hayli and Tasha.
Play 494 65 Dec 2019 Get Email Contact

71. Corner of the Void

Corner of the Void Auckland, New Zealand
Join your hosts Nat and Stef as they bring you episodes on all things uncanny, unsettling, and unexplained. It's out the gate!
Play 64 133 Sep 2019 Get Email Contact

72. Queersteries

Queersteries 2 queers discussing their favourite spooky stories, true crime AND paranormal.
Play 6 episodes / year Avg Length 44 min Dec 2020 Get Email Contact

73. Castle of Spirits Audio Ghost Stories

Castle of Spirits Audio Ghost Stories Audio ghost & spirit stories from the renowned paranormal website. Tune in to hear and experience a ghoulishly good time for yourself.
Play 141 132 Dec 2015 Get Email Contact

74. Dark Ride

Dark Ride Take a ride with us into the spooky, unknown, haunted, and spectacular. No topic is off-limits- if it makes your skin crawl, we are here to walk you through it. This podcast has a 40-foot drop straight into creepy topics, with a hint of dark humor. Please note that this podcast will have drops, spins, twists, and sharp turns. For your safety please keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the ride at all times and enjoy the dark ride podcast.
Play 3 1 episode / year Avg Length 67 min Aug 2020 Get Email Contact

75. Spirit Guides Radio

Spirit Guides Radio US
Spirit Guides Magazine is your resource for inspired learning, development, connection, & self-love. Our mission is to make spirituality accessible for soul searchers who want to deepen their spiritual practice & chart new maps for old souls. Whether you're a pilgrim of the soul or a worldly wanderlust (or, likely, both!), we are your divinely-attuned compass.
Play 9K 49.9K Jan 2018 Get Email Contact

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MrCreepyPasta spreaker.com 204
Aaron Hunter realparanormalactivity.com 152
Bloody Disgusting Podcast Network creepypod.com 130
Trevor and Riley whatgoesbumpinthenight.podbean.com 128
iHeartPodcasts and Grim & Mild historyunobscured.com 118
Henrique Couto weeklyspooky.com 115
Headgum headgum.com 112
Darkness Radio omny.fm 86
3 Spooked Girls threespookedgirls.podbean.com 81
Spencer Henry | Morbid Network | Wondery audioboom.com 79
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