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Spirituality & Practice

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Claremont, California

About Site - Spirituality & Practice is a multifaith website providing resources for spiritual journeys for people of all religions and spiritual paths. Our mission is building a worldwide community of people vitally engaged with the wisdom of the spiritual traditions and serving the world through spiritual practice.
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Ask-Angels.com Spiritual Guidance Blog

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About Site - Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed author, spiritual teacher, leader in ascension, and clear channel of the light. Connect with your angels to remember the truth of your light and soul power to bring increased love, joy, light and healing to your life.
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Ignatian Spirituality

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Chicago, IL

About Site - Ignatian spirituality is a spirituality for everyday life. It insists that God is present in our world and active in our lives. It is a pathway to deeper prayer, good decisions guided by keen discernment, and an active life of service to others.
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4. The Mindful Word RSS Feed

The Mindful Word

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About Site - A daily blog and quarterly journal of engaged living, The Mindful Word features articles on topics such as mindfulness, spirituality, wholistic health, sustainability, conscious creativity and voluntary simplicity.
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5. Energy Muse Blog: Healing Crystals, Spirituality, Secrets & More RSS Feed

Energy Muse Blog: Healing Crystals, Spirituality, Secrets & More

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Torrance, California

About Site - The Energy Muse Blog brings you ancient wisdom for modern times. This is your go to guide for healing, crystals, spirituality and more. Our mission is to educate & reconnect the world to the ancient wisdom & healing properties of crystals. By connecting the world with the power of crystals & their intention, we are empowering people to tap into their own personal magnificence.
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6. Amanda Linette Meder writing on spirituality RSS Feed

 Amanda Linette Meder writing on spirituality

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Pennsylvania, USA

About Site - I'm a writer, teacher, naturalist, psychic medium, and a lover of all things natural and supernatural. A spirituality and metaphysical new age blog that combines spiritual living, with psychic lifestyle, mediumship and all things esoteric earth.
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7. Emotionally Healthy Spirituality RSS Feed

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

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New York City

About Site - Emotionally Healthy Spirituality was birthed out of the realization that key areas were missing in the church's spiritual formation/discipleship initiatives. Here you will have the opportunity to explore the integration of emotional health, our ability to be self-aware and love well.
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8. Elizabeth Peru - Experience Your Soul RSS Feed

Elizabeth Peru - Experience Your Soul

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Adelaide, Australia

About Site - Face everything with a reflective outlook. You are a soul on an earthly trip. Every step of the way is an experience. You are not trapped. Through your actions, you will know your worth. Elizabeth Peru has been writing accurate weekly energy predictions for the globe since 2003. Accessing your full potential and creating empowered lives.
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Teal Swan

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About Site - Blog by Teal Swan. The Spiritual Catalyst is a well known figure who writes and teaches publicly about spirituality, the meaning of life, and finding health & happiness. She is an internationally recognized spiritual leader and powerful voice in the field of Metaphysics. As a renowned author, speaker and social media star, she travels the world teaching self development and spiritual growth.
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10. Sivana East Spirituality RSS Feed

Sivana East Spirituality

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Encinitas, CA

About Site - With eastern philosophy & spirituality rooted in the core of Sivana, our mission is to bring you comfort in your journey discovering the ancient practice of spirituality and your movement towards a more conscious life!
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11. Absolute Christianity Total Spirituality ACTS RSS Feed

Absolute Christianity Total Spirituality ACTS

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About Site - This website is created to help those who need guidance in the spiritual vegan religious community or those who just want to experience and learn more about living a spiritual plant-based lifestyle with a christian leaning.
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12. Spiritual Direction 101 RSS Feed

Spiritual Direction 101

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About Site - Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! Patheos has the views of the prevalent religions and spiritualities of the world.
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13. Individualogist.com RSS Feed


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About Site - Curious about individuation, archetypes, numerology, or astrology? Gain relevant insights into alternative belief systems and the individuation process!
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14. Prophet666 RSS Feed


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Site - prophet666.com

About Site - Find Mantras, Aartis, Chalisas and Stotras. Prophecies of Nostradamus, Bible, India, World and Kalki Avatar. Health, Paranormal and Wealth Remedies.
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15. Dada Bhagwan Foundation RSS Feed

Dada Bhagwan Foundation

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About Site - Dada Bhagwan Foundation (DBF) and its associated charitable trusts are socio-spiritual non-profit organizations formed with the goal of spreading peace, harmony and ultimate bliss to the world through the science of Akram Vignan - the science of Self Realization as expounded by the Gnani Purush Shree Ambalal Muljibhai Patel, fondly known as Param Pujya Dadashri or Dada Bhagwan.
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Since - May 2010