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Here are 100 Best Singapore Investment Blogs you should follow in 2023

1. Investment Moats

Investment Moats Singapore
Investment Moats shows how you can build wealth through stock market investing, dividend income investing through a value based approach. Kyith Ng is the founder of Investment Moats, which mentors you on wealth management towards Financial Independence.
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2. My Stocks Investing Journey

My Stocks Investing Journey Singapore
Kenny Loh is a Senior Consultant and REITs Specialist of Singapore's top Independent Financial Advisor. He helps clients construct diversified portfolios consisting of different asset classes from REITs, Equities, Bonds, ETFs, Unit Trusts, Private Equity, Alternative Investments, and Fixed Maturity Funds to achieve an optimal risk-adjusted return. Kenny Loh started this website as a financial blog and an avenue to share his knowledge about stocks and trading.
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3. My Stocks Investing Journey

My Stocks Investing Journey Singapore
Sharing my stock investing experience at my blog. A Singapore Stock Analysis, Singapore REITs and Singapore Stock Blog.
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4. Ernest Lim's Investing Blog - Unique insights into SGX small caps

Ernest Lim's Investing Blog - Unique insights into SGX small caps I am an avid investor, trader cum remisier. I am a Chartered Financial Analyst® charterholder, as well as, a Chartered Accountant of Singapore. I have published articles on a wide range of topics on finance and investment, ranging from market / sector outlook, technical analysis and fundamental analysis etc.
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5. SGMoneyMatters.com

SGMoneyMatters.com Singapore
Hello, my name is Ivan. I am a financial consultant, blogger and author. I help individuals achieve financial freedom through a non-linear wealth accumulation process. Get Weekly financial tips for your financial freedom.
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6. MoneySmart.sg | Invest

MoneySmart.sg | Invest Singapore
MoneySmart was conceived with a very simple mission: To deliver important financial information to anyone and everyone, from absolutely every walk of life - and to make it just as comprehensible to a retrenched circus clown as it would be to a finance professional.
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7. Seedly Blog | Singapore Personal Finance Blog

Seedly Blog | Singapore Personal Finance Blog Singapore
At Seedly, we believe that anyone can achieve financial freedom with the right tools and the right mindset. We aim to become a modern and relevant way to manage your money by leveraging the latest technology.
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8. Dollars And Sense

Dollars And Sense Singapore
DollarsAndSense is Singapore's leading personal finance website, created to help you make better financial decisions. DollarsandSense is a regional digital publisher that aims to help people make better financial decisions, one interesting bite-sized article at a time.
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9. ValueChampion Singapore

ValueChampion Singapore ValueChampion is a free source for information and tools to help you make consumer spending decisions. Start here to find the best credit cards, loans, insurance policies and investment platforms for your circumstance.
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10. Investing Note | The Signal Blog

Investing Note | The Signal Blog Singapore
InvestingNote is a social platform specifically designed for stock investors to connect with one another. Follow experts now and get stock investing ideas now!
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11. TheFinance.sg

TheFinance.sg Singapore
All the Latest Personal Finance and Investing Blogs in Singapore. TheFinance.sg keeps all the good local blogs on Singapore Finance and Investing together in one place, making it easier for anyone who wants to learn about Investing (property, stocks, trading) and Personal Finance (insurance, saving, spending).
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12. Synapse Trading

Synapse Trading Singapore
This blog shares trading knowledge, market opportunities, and travel adventures.
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13. Collin Seow | Stock Trading Singapore

Collin Seow | Stock Trading Singapore Singapore
Collin Seow is a ex-remisier, public speaker and author on Singapore stocks and shares. His team will help you how to invest responsibly and be in a community that support you
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14. The Turtle Investor

The Turtle Investor Singapore
Personal Finance blog that covers much more than just the FIRE journey - Investment, Alternative Income and Travel Hacks for the complete FIRE talent stack!
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15. Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits Singapore
Global macro blog with a focus on identifying and positioning for asymmetric risk-reward investment opportunities.
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16. Financial Horse

Financial Horse Singapore
Financial Horse was started to demystify financial investments. Too much of finance is shrouded in complex financial jargon, and Financial Horse aims to help fellow investors gallop through the mysteries towards greener pastures.
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17. The Fifth Person

The Fifth Person Singapore
As investors ourselves, here are some of the winning stock investments we've made over the last three years. You can find some our analyses for these investments on this website. The Fifth Person believes in spreading a message. A message that sound investment knowledge, financial literacy and intelligent money habits can help millions of people around the world achieve financial security.
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18. SG Wealth Builder

SG Wealth Builder Singapore
To make money. To build wealth. To preserve wealth.
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19. Rolf Suey - Better Late Than Never

Rolf Suey - Better Late Than Never Singapore
A blog about investments in stocks, financial planning and personal developments. Stock focus mainly on Oil and Gas and REITS sectors.
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20. My Sweet Retirement

My Sweet Retirement Personal views on stock investment, money management, life philosophy. I am a working salaried professional in my mid 30s. Just like most Singaporeans, I worked long office working hours, often trying very hard to find some work life balance. The Sweet Retirement Blog was created to share my journey towards achieving a comfortable retirement life.
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21. Side Hustle Rich

Side Hustle Rich Singapore
I'm Richard, creator of SideHustleRich. I created this site to journal my experiments, experiences, and thoughts on working up to multiple streams of income, in an attempt to achieve financial independence. Follow me on my journey to opening up passive income streams from exploring side hustles in pursuit of financial independence.
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22. Invest Openly

Invest Openly My name is Richard Ng and I am a Malaysian turned Singaporean. This is a personal blog of mine detailing my venture in Share Investment Project. All the details in this blog are from my real venture (as it happens) and all amount quoted are in SGD (Singapore Dollars), unless otherwise stated.
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23. Spiking — Verified Social Trading

Spiking — Verified Social Trading Singapore
Spiking is the newest app to excite the financial technology community, brings transparency to the Singapore stock exchange through real-time verified information on trades made by the big-time sophisticated investors.We help you to invest smarter. Our real-time updates on the big stock players keep you one step ahead of the game.
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24. Create Wealth : Through Long-Term Investing and Short-Term Trading

Create Wealth : Through Long-Term Investing and Short-Term Trading A personal journey towards financial independence when staying employed becomes an option.
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25. SmallCapAsia - Start Small, Win Big!

SmallCapAsia - Start Small, Win Big! James Yeo is a finance professional in the Day & contributes articles to Yahoo Finance in the Night. He started his investing journey during his army days and had made countless mistakes along the way. We want you to invest your small pockets of money and eventually have them balloon into hoards of cash in the long run
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26. Bullbear Stock Investing Notes

Bullbear Stock Investing Notes Keep INVESTING Simple and Safe (KISS)Investment Philosophy, Strategy and various Valuation Methods. The same forces that bring risk into investing in the stock market also make possible the large gains many investors enjoy. It's true that the fluctuations in the market make for losses as well as gains but if you have a proven strategy and stick with it over the long term you will be a winner!
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27. A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor

A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor Have a more secure financial future in an uncertain world by creating a stream of reliable passive income with high yields
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28. Sonicericsg

Sonicericsg Journey to financial freedom! Hopefully...I am currently a 22 years old nsf who is about to ord soon and receiving a paltry ns allowance of $800 per month. To date, I have managed to save more than 10k and have already use the money for various purpose(emergency fund, peer to peer lending,posb invest saving and stocks, trading etc).
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29. Dividend Warrior

Dividend Warrior Singapore
More Wealth with Less Work. A dividend growth investor living in Singapore.
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30. Stockbank - Singapore Stock Exchange

Stockbank - Singapore Stock Exchange Singapore
Stockbank created this stock portal with the purpose to engage retail investors and build up a vibrant stock trading community in Singapore.
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31. SGX Yield Stocks

SGX Yield Stocks Some SGX Stocks with a Minimum of 4% Dividend Yield
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32. Growing your tree of prosperity

Growing your tree of prosperity Singapore
Growing your Tree of Prosperity is an introductory investment guide written specifically for Singaporeans who wish to take their first step towards financial independence.
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33. Eight percent per annum - Value investing in Singapore stocks

Eight percent per annum - Value investing in Singapore stocks This blog aims to correct the common perception of investment equals speculation in Singapore and strives to promote value investing, share accurate information, interesting ideas and useful knowledge on investments, in particular, equities or stocks in Singapore and strives to promote value investing
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34. Singapore Humble Stock

Singapore Humble Stock Singapore
A free sharing Trading Blog where we humbly post our analysis of Singapore Stock Market.
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35. T.U.B Investing - My Unique Approach of Investing For Passive Income

T.U.B Investing - My Unique Approach of Investing For Passive Income T.U.B Investing was started to share my learning journey as well as my findings on individual stock. As for the stretched goal, it is to influence the non-investor to invest or at least understand what is investing.
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36. Singapore Trading Insites : Stock Trading Course | Stock Broker Singapore

Singapore Trading Insites : Stock Trading Course | Stock Broker Singapore Singapore
This blog highlights some Stock Trading calls by Joey Choy, a Top Tier Stockbroker and Trader in Singapore. Joey has conducted numerous full house seminars to educate his clients and the public on how they can trade stocks profitably with the right trading strategies, risk management methods and technical analysis.
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37. The Singaporean Investor

The Singaporean Investor Singapore
My name's Jun Yuan, and I'm the creator of this site - 'The Singaporean Investor', to write about my journey in the stock market.
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38. Heartland Boy - Investment | Seriously Singaporean Financial Literacy

Heartland Boy - Investment | Seriously Singaporean Financial Literacy Heartlandboy.com is a personal finance blog in Singapore where you can follow the arduous journey of a true-blue heartlander who is on the elusive chase for financial independence. He has the ambition of attaining financial freedom before turning forty so that he has the option to retire before society retires him prematurely.
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39. SG Young Investment

SG Young Investment Singapore
Blog posts on Accounting, CPF, Economics, Financial Results, Housing and property, investing basics, Money Management, Passive Income and Stocks investing. A journey into the world of finance and investment. Learn how to manage money to achieve financial freedom.
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40. Learn To Invest

Learn To Invest Singapore
Explore more about investments, stock analysis, personal finance, cryptocurrency and more on the blog. Learn To Invest is a Singapore based investment guide which guides Singaporeans in learning more about personal finance, stocks and investing so they can seek fire by the age of 45.
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41. ... CoryLogics ...

... CoryLogics ... I am not an investment adviser. Nothing herein my blog constitutes investment advice. It is my personal belief that not everyone has to go through the hard way. This blog also serves a purpose to help me record my understanding and personal learning growth. It is not intended to educate or direct anyone as Solution but primarily purposes are of sharing and validating our knowledge so that we can better ourselves in this competitive world and with daily life.
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42. Singapore Financial Planners | Personal Financial Planning

Singapore Financial Planners | Personal Financial Planning Singapore
We are the top-rated independent financial advisory in Singapore. Personal finance articles on how to properly conduct financial planning in Singapore. Follow this blog to learn all about personal finance in Singapore.
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43. Finance Smiths

Finance Smiths Singapore
A smith is a person who works with something. Given the focus of this blog on personal finance and investment, Finance Smiths seems to be an apt description for what I am trying to achieve with it. A frank discussion on how my wife and I approach our personal finances and investments, which I hope will be useful to anyone reading this blog.
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44. Investment Cache

Investment Cache Singapore
Investment Cache is a blog sharing knowledge on investments, funds, general finance, and practical skills anyone can equip themselves to better navigate the complex investment landscape.
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45. GHCHUA - My Investment Portfolio

GHCHUA - My Investment Portfolio A self-directed investor, looking to invest for retirement needs and bypass all those expensive financial planners/insurance agents. Investing is fun, profitable or most important of all, knowledge gained is useful for the rest of your life!
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46. Sillyinvestor

Sillyinvestor Life goes in cycles, predictable yet uncontrollable; just like the markets, but markets give you a second chance
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47. Money Maverick | Singapore Financial Planner

Money Maverick | Singapore Financial Planner Singapore
Money Maverick was set up primarily to address financial misconceptions as well as to share what I know about money. A little greed can be good, but it can also lead to lies and fake news. When people believe the wrong ideas, they lose money. Learn how to invest in Singapore the right way!
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48. Investment Income for Life

Investment Income for Life Singapore
Who dares win; create your own passive income and achieve financial independence. Be in control of your own destiny.
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49. Investment Stab Blog

Investment Stab Blog Singapore
Singapore-based financial blog that aims to educate people on personal finance, investments, retirement and their Central Provident Fund (CPF) matters. They are a group of Singaporean students who are curious and interested in Finance.
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50. The Market Technician

The Market Technician I'm Brandon, a senior stockbroker at a local securities firm and also a professional trainer with Singapore Exchange (SGX) Academy. Holder of Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) with over 10 years experience in the financial industry. This blog aims to share how private traders can forecast price and trade in line with the market and smart money by applying Wyckoff principles and simple technical analysis techniques.
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The auther is a Singaporean male in his mid-30s, and this blog chronicles his investing ideas and activities. He hopes to search for and find contrarian and deep value investing ideas and will chronicle all these ideas here, both the successes and the failures.
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52. Investmoolah

Investmoolah A Diary on Personal Finance and Investing. Through the various posts on this blog, I aim to increase the level of financial awareness and literacy among individuals of our society.
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53. AlpacaInvestments

AlpacaInvestments Articles on Equity Research, Opinion, Personal Finance and Book Reviews. AlpacaInvestments is managed by twenty-something year old, university students who want to use this platform to share the investing opinions and analyses.
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54. The Moss Piglet

The Moss Piglet This blog is named after the world's most indestructible creature the moss piglet, or also known as tardigrades. These microscopic animals are even more hardier than cockroaches and will continue to thrive for billions of years. The reason why this microbeast is chosen to represent this blog is that we aim to create a resilient investment portfolio for all stages of the economic cycle.
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55. Singaporean Talks Money

Singaporean Talks Money Singapore
I am your normal salary woman getting a monthly paycheck. I hope to be able to grow my money and see the power of compound interest. Hence, I started investing in 2016/2017. I will be tracking my progress using this blog and also my own personal experiences on this journey towards financial freedom.
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56. Life Finance Blog

Life Finance Blog The Life Finance Blog is a blog that seeks to explore, educate and elucidate our understanding of financial issues in living the life we want. Put simply, our financial journey in life is about saving enough, investing wisely, and withdrawing sustainably. We are seeking to explore, educate and elucidate our understanding of financial issues.
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57. My Investment Machine

My Investment Machine Singaporean Investment Portfolio, Passive Income, Dividends, Financial Freedom, Personal Finance, Investment Machine, Investment Blog, Stock Investing, Stock Trading
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58. Paullow Investment Journey

Paullow Investment Journey INVESTMENT
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59. CompoundingDividendxDividend

CompoundingDividendxDividend Get Singapore investment blog from CompoundingDividendxDividend.
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60. Pang Zhe Liang

Pang Zhe Liang Singapore
Sharing my decade of knowledge and experience on financial planning and estate planning in Singapore. Occasionally, I also review the latest products and services that claim to improve your quality of life.
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61. Of Bulls And Bears

Of Bulls And Bears Just my Take on Investing. Currently in the late twenties, my current target is to reach $75k to $100k of wealth upon reaching the age of 30 years old. As a Singaporean, I like the slower pace of our markets as compared to US markets.
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62. The Kiam Siap Life

The Kiam Siap Life As millennials ourselves, we always dream of achieving financial freedom through the fastest possible way but DO NOT know the ways and means to. We hope you find this blog useful for you and do pick up tips and tricks for growing and managing your finances!
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63. Just A Singaporean Son

Just A Singaporean Son Singapore
Musings of my daily life and chronicles of my financial journey towards: Don't work for money, make money work for me.
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64. GlobalPassiveIncome

GlobalPassiveIncome Singapore
This blog is created to share some ideas on investing globally for dividend and interest incomes.
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I am simple guy living in Singapore. I like to eat nice cheap food, breathe in free clean air and enjoy the presence of being alive on this earth. The purpose of this blog is for me to share my reinventions of how life should be lived and journal my journey towards financial independence.
2 posts / month Dec 2019 Get Email Contact

66. DollarTriumph

DollarTriumph DollarTriumph is the brainchild of a mid 20s, average Singaporean male who decided that documenting his adulting experience would be a good idea as he embarks on the journey to become financially free before 45 and has the financial freedom to pursue experiences outside of the corporate world.
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67. Wealthdojo

Wealthdojo Singapore
Check out this blog for information regarding financial planning, investment and also insurance. Our mission is to empower individuals in their journey of Wealth Management so that you can live the life of your choice during retirement.
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68. SG Stock Market Investor

SG Stock Market Investor Hey there!! I'm Gavin, and my investing philosophy is simple, I focus on Dividend Growth Investing, but also with a mixture of Value Investing. My stock picks revolve around stocks that have been consistently paying as well as increasing their dividends year on year.
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69. Isaac fang

Isaac fang Singapore
Licensed Trader. FCN 200135730. Securities Wrap Advocate. I will focus on what is most relevant and meaningful to you. If income yield is your goal, asking which integrated media shield plan you are on, completely misses the objective entirely. The design-driven process does not seek to re-order your priorities for a sales target. Rather, it maintains the focus on your target.
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70. Financially Independent Pharmacist

Financially Independent Pharmacist A Pharm Undergrad's Personal Finance Journey.
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71. Koonig Capital

Koonig Capital A blog uncovering high conviction ideas in the stock market.
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72. Financially Independent Pharmacist

Financially Independent Pharmacist Singapore
I love to offer tips and tricks to my friends to help them in various ways. As such, I've been inspired to create this blog to compile all the advice that I'd like to share. I hope to touch on all possible areas and give my take on them from the perspective of an undergraduate transitioning to adulting life.
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73. KaChinging

KaChinging Singapore
KaChinging is about a young adult's journey and personal opinions on investing for financial independence.
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74. Flutters

Flutters Life is a great canvas; throw all the paint you can at it.
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75. Singapore Business Review - Markets & Investing

Singapore Business Review - Markets & Investing Singapore
The Singapore Business Review provides daily news about the Singaporean business landscape, supplies opinions on happenings in the business world and allows audiences to have an insight on the views of industry experts.
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