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Screenwriting RSS Feeds

1. The Script Lab RSS Feed

The Script Lab Hollywood, California, US
Covers screenwriting news, interviews and discussions with writers, filmmakers, and film school educators.
41.4K 104.7K 2 posts / week Get Email Contact More

2. ScreenCraft RSS Feed

ScreenCraft Los Angeles, California, US
Provides insight into the craft of screenwriting and the business of Hollywood, and by connecting emerging talent with working industry professionals. ScreenCraft is dedicated to helping screenwriters and filmmakers succeed.
85.4K 89.6K 64.9K 4 posts / week Get Email Contact More

3. Go Into The Story Blog RSS Feed

Go Into The Story Blog
Scott Myers shares articles about screenwriting, movies, Hollywood, and the creative life.
1.4K 84K 4 posts / day Mar 2014 Get Email Contact More

4. The Black List RSS Feed

The Black List Los Angeles, California, US
Covers art and craft of screenwriting, film history, and beyond. The Black List is where moviemakers find great screenplays to make and screenplays find moviemakers to make them.
49.1K 169.2K 1 post / month Get Email Contact More

5. Script Magazine RSS Feed

Script Magazine New York City, New York, US
Your source of information on the craft and business of writing for film and television. Also covers inside information, articles written by working writers and filmmakers, and in-depth interviews.
121.9K 71K 2.1K 4 posts / week Get Email Contact More

6. John August RSS Feed

John August Los Angeles, California, US
John August shares a ton of useful information about screenwriting. John's screenwriting credits include Go, Big Fish, Corpse Bride, Charlie's Angels, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
2.1K 85.7K 8.3K 2 posts / week Jun 2003 Get Email Contact More

7. Save The Cat RSS Feed

Save The Cat Los Angeles, California, US
Covers beat sheets, tips and tactics, informative blogs and guidance for writers - along with sharing the successes of both our teachers and students. Save The Cat provides writers the resources they need to develop their screenplays and novels based on the best-selling books of screenwriter Blake Snyder.
9.1K 5K 1 post / week Get Email Contact More

8. Bang2Write RSS Feed

Bang2Write UK
Hattie shares writing craft and networking tips for screenwriters and novelists. She is a script editor, author & blogger.
5.4K 18.9K 4 posts / month Apr 2007 Get Email Contact More

9. SoCreate RSS Feed

SoCreate California, US
Covers screenwriting tips, in-depth interviews with scriptwriters, character development, and more. SoCreate's mission to unite the world through storytelling. We will achieve this mission by creating the simplest, yet most powerful screenwriting software the world has ever seen.
3.7K 2 posts / week Get Email Contact More

10. StudioBinder RSS Feed

StudioBinder Santa Monica, California, US
Covers articles about script breakdown and scriptwriting. StudioBinder is the leading film production management platform for video creatives, production companies, brands, and agencies.
95.6K 10K 2 posts / week Get Email Contact More

11. Final Draft Blog RSS Feed

Final Draft Blog Burbank, California, US
Covers all the tips, tricks, and information you need to inspire your screenwriting, interviews with Hollywood professionals, industry news, writing advice, and more.
47.9K 37.5K 2 posts / day Get Email Contact More

12. Character Driven RSS Feed

Character Driven Los Angeles, California, US
Covers articles about screenplay, screenwriting and script analysis and feedback. Industrial Scripts is a London-based story analysis company founded by some of the UK's leading experts, delivering feedback services and training to authors, writers and filmmakers.
17.4K 20.6K 1 post / week Get Email Contact More

13. WeScreenplay RSS Feed

WeScreenplay Los Angeles, California, US
Features screenwriting tips and guides, industry news and editorials, and WeScreenplay competition updates.
14K 15.5K 1 post / week Get Email Contact More

14. Screenwriting Staffing's Blog RSS Feed

Screenwriting Staffing's Blog Los Angeles, California, US
Screenwriting Staffing is an online community that connects screenwriters with film/tv industry professionals. Access screenplay requests and jobs. Follow to learn how to write a screenwriting resume, sell your screenplay, land a literary agent, submit to screenplay contests, and more!
7.2K 14.3K 1 post / month Get Email Contact More

15. Michael Hauge's Story Mastery RSS Feed

Michael Hauge's Story Mastery Los Angeles, California, US
Covers informative articles for screenwriters, novelists, public speakers, marketers & attorneys by story expert, lecturer and best-selling author Michael Hauge.
1.4K 2.2K 3 posts / month Oct 2013 Get Email Contact More

16. Bulletproof Screenwriting RSS Feed

Bulletproof Screenwriting Los Angeles, California, US
Covers articles about character development, screenwriting business, and television writing. By interviewing film industry leaders, successful screenwriters, and story editors, Alex breaks down the screenwriting and storytelling process. Alex Ferrari is a director, author, speaker, and screenwriter who has been taking shrapnel in the film industry for over 25 years.
16.6K 1.3K 1 post / day Get Email Contact More

17. Selling Your Screenplay RSS Feed

Selling Your Screenplay Los Angeles, California, US
Ashley shares practical tips and advice to help you sell your screenplay.
4.7K 2.7K 160 1 post / week Get Email Contact More

18. flying wrestler RSS Feed

flying wrestler Los Angeles, California, US
Thoughts on screenwriting from writer-producer Erik Bork. Erik is best known for his work on the HBO miniseries BAND OF BROTHERS.
2.1K 2.6K 258 1 post / month Get Email Contact More

19. Write + Co. RSS Feed

Write + Co. Los Angeles, California, US
Covers practical, approachable advice on screenwriting and the entertainment industry. Naomi shows screenwriters how to get unstuck so they can get to fade out and get an edge over the competition, with straightforward feedback and practical advice at key steps of the screenplay development process.
889 2 posts / month Get Email Contact More

20. The Story Department RSS Feed

The Story Department Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Screenwriting blog about the story, script, and sales for writers and screenwriters who are ever hungry to learn. Blog by Karel Segers.
1K 25.9K 1 post / quarter Apr 2006 Get Email Contact More

21. Screenwriting from Iowa RSS Feed

Screenwriting from Iowa Orlando, Florida, US
For a more off-beat look at writing, the Screenwriting from Iowa blog provides screenwriters with a slightly removed take from the Hollywood norm. Scott Smith blogs about how people outside of Los Angeles can have their stories told and sold for production in TinselTown. It's inspiring for those of us around the world who aspire to Hollywood magic without having to live in Hollywood itself.
524 1K 1 post / week Get Email Contact More

22. Script Gods Must Die RSS Feed

Script Gods Must Die
Script Gods Must Die is home to Chicago writer, teacher and screenwriting consultant, Paul Peditto. Mr. Peditto is currently teaching screenwriting at Columbia College and Chicago Filmmakers, and professionally consulting on thousands of screenplays since 2002.
182 708 1 post / quarter Get Email Contact More

23. Maximum Z RSS Feed

Maximum Z San Francisco, California, US
The ongoing saga of a screenwriter who also works in radio and really, really likes pie
6.1K 1 post / week Get Email Contact More

24. The Logline | The #1 Screenwriting Tool for Pitching your Story RSS Feed

The Logline | The #1 Screenwriting Tool for Pitching your Story Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Learn how to write loglines and improve your story or screenplay.
25.9K 9 posts / week Get Email Contact More

25. My Blank Page RSS Feed

My Blank Page US
A 'how to' guide to surviving as a working screenwriter in Hollywood./ Script Magazine's pick for 'Website of the Week' (May 2012)
279 11.6K 1.2K 1 post / quarter Get Email Contact More

26. Patrice Williams Marks RSS Feed

 Patrice Williams Marks Los Angeles, California, US
Blog of Patrice Williams Marks; Sensitivity Reader, Screenwriter, Novelist, How-to books.
1.9K 420 2 posts / year Apr 2013 Get Email Contact More

27. Story Into Screenplay RSS Feed

Story Into Screenplay
In this blog, you will learn how to turn ideas, concepts and stories into screenplays.
1K 10 1 post / quarter Jan 2014 Get Email Contact More

28. Doug Richardson's Blog RSS Feed

Doug Richardson's Blog Caiifornia, US
Official website of author/screenwriter, Doug Richardson. Featuring news, blog, biography, book excerpts, and more.
577 8.1K 501 Get Email Contact More

29. Marilyn Horowitz Blog RSS Feed

Marilyn Horowitz Blog New York, US
Screenwriting Classes, Coaching, and Resources by Marilyn Horowitz.Marilyn Horowitz is an award-winning New York University professor, TV show creator, producer, and Manhattan-based writing coach, who works with successful novelists, produced screenwriters, and award-winning filmmakers.
1.7K 1.4K 1 post / week Apr 2008 Get Email Contact More

30. Complications Ensue: The Crafty TV and Screenwriting Blog RSS Feed

Complications Ensue: The Crafty TV and Screenwriting Blog Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The craft of screenwriting for TV and movies, by a working screenwriter (with forays into life and political theatre) Alex Epstein.
1K 1 post / week Get Email Contact More

31. Howard Casner Rantings and Ravings RSS Feed

Howard Casner Rantings and Ravings Los Angeles, California, US
Rantings and Ravings on all things Screenwriting and Movies
3.6K 1 post / week Get Email Contact More

32. Your Screenplay Sucks! RSS Feed

Your Screenplay Sucks! Nashville, Tennessee, US
Every few days, thoughts on screenwriting
178 1 post / week Get Email Contact More

33. ProPath Screenwriting RSS Feed

ProPath Screenwriting Los Angeles, California, US
ProPath Screenwriting provides inspiration, guidance, and How-Tos to improve your writing. The path to screenwriting success can be daunting, but with Linda and Tim guiding you, the road to professional screenwriting success is clearer and closer than ever. Linda and Tim have over 50 years of experience teaching the world's best screenwriters at UCLA's MFA and Professional Programs.
970 700 1 post / month Get Email Contact More

34. Script Reader Pro RSS Feed

Script Reader Pro Hollywood, California, US
Covers the best screenwriting tips, tricks and hacks, script coverage services and more. Script Reader Pro helps you get a working Hollywood screenwriter's perspective on your screenplay.
12.8K 13.4K 1 post / quarter Get Email Contact More

35. ScriptShadow RSS Feed

ScriptShadow Los Angeles, California, US
Covers screenwriting and screenplay reviews for helping amateur writers to learn directly from those who'd already made it. Blog by Carson Reeves.
13.5K 4 posts / year Feb 2009 Get Email Contact More

36. Squibler RSS Feed

Squibler California, US
Covers screenplay writing to help people become better screenwriters, help authors find their inspiration, organize their thoughtsand write books faster. Squibler mission is to empower writers to create their best work and publish it anywhere.
100 6 posts / year Get Email Contact More

37. Script Angel RSS Feed

Script Angel London, England, UK
Posts feature insider advice, support, analysis, and tools to help you elevate your screenwriting craft, develop your voice, and navigate your screenwriting career. Script Angel offers professional, tailored script development support to emerging and developing writers.
2.8K 11.8K 1 post / week Get Email Contact More

38. Creative Screenwriting | Career RSS Feed

Creative Screenwriting | Career Los Angeles, California, US
Creative Screenwriting Magazine is an educational, online resource for screenwriters and filmmakers. We publish articles on the screenwriting craft and the business landscape as well as comprehensive interviews with working screenwriters and creative executives.
8.5K 22.1K 1 post / month Get Email Contact More

39. WriterDuet's Blog RSS Feed

WriterDuet's Blog Austin, Texas, USw
Covers the latest screenwriting news and industry updates. WriterDuet is a real-time collaborative screenwriting tool, that features real-time collaboration, seamless online/offline writing, and infinite revision tracking.
6.7K 5K 2.3K 7 posts / year Get Email Contact More

40. Screenplay Readers RSS Feed

Screenplay Readers Hollywood, California, US
Script coverage articles, tips, tricks, and tutorials for screenwriters and filmmakers.
2.6K 14K 182 Get Email Contact More

41. Screenwriters Network's Screenwriting Blog RSS Feed

Screenwriters Network's Screenwriting Blog London, England, UK
The number 1 resource for screenwriters to grow, learn and improve. Screenwriters Network's blogs provide resources, news, tips and much more! Screenwriters Network (SWN) is an organization founded in 2017 by a collaboration of award-winning and produced screenwriters in Hampshire, UK.
832 10.6K Get Email Contact More

42. The Script Department RSS Feed

The Script Department UK
The Script Department is an essay blog that looks at films from a screenwriting perspective. I also give screenwriting tips and advice.
141 539 2.6K 3 posts / month Get Email Contact More

43. Alexandra Sokoloff RSS Feed

Alexandra Sokoloff Los Angeles, California, US
Thriller Award-winning author of the Huntress/FBI series, the Haunted thrillers and screenwriting tricks for authors; recovering screenwriter.
8.7K Get Email Contact More

44. CJ Walley Blog RSS Feed

CJ Walley Blog England, UK
My thoughts on the craft of screenplay writing featuring articles on Stage 32 and what I've learned about writing women as a man.
5.2K 666 5 posts / year Jan 2014 Get Email Contact More

45. The Bitter Script Reader RSS Feed

The Bitter Script Reader Los Angeles, California, US 
The advice and rantings of a Hollywood script reader tired of seeing screenwriters make the same mistakes, saving the world from bad writing one screenplay at a time. Learn what it takes to get your script past one of these mythical Gatekeepers.
52.6K 1 post / year Get Email Contact More

46. SPSCloud RSS Feed

SPSCloud means screenwriting, production and shot list based in the cloud. The first app we have designed is for writers and filmmakers and is a screenwriting app for desktop, tablet, and mobile phones.
512 1 Get Email Contact More

47. The Scriptwriter RSS Feed

The Scriptwriter Dorset, Ontario, Canada
The Scribblings Of An Award Winning Screenwriter. Blog by Dominic.
5.4K 1 post / year Get Email Contact More

48. Eric Edson The Story Solution | Screenwriting Blog RSS Feed

Eric Edson The Story Solution | Screenwriting Blog Los Angeles, California, US
The Story solution offers a completely new approach to building powerful screen stories that keep producers, agents and audiences glued to their chairs.
5.3K 591 11 posts / year Get Email Contact More

49. Screenwriters Daily Dose RSS Feed

Screenwriters Daily Dose
We deliver great tips and news that all screenwriters should see. Our goal is to find the cool stuff out there that you just don't have time to find. After all, you should be writing! We'll try not to duplicate what you get from those great screenwriting websites you love, who deliver articles right to your email box. But what we post, DAILY, will be vetted by screenwriters.
407 Get Email Contact More

50. Script Counseling | Providing Professional Screenplay services to Studios and Production companies RSS Feed

Script Counseling | Providing Professional Screenplay services to Studios and Production companies Ridgewood, New Jersey, US
As a Story Analyst and Script Developer for American and European studios, I have contributed to the development of about 60 produced, theatrical features and tv projects. My clients include such diverse studios as Focus Features (Universal Pictures) Timeless Films (UK), New Line Cinema (Warner Bros), to name a few.
16 Get Email Contact More

51. S.B.I. Content Creation | Blog RSS Feed

S.B.I. Content Creation | Blog Lilburn, Georgia, US
'Think of it this way...' Those 5 words best encapsulate what we do - We tell your story in a manner your audience will not only understand but in a way that makes them feel the way you want them to feel.Simply put, we create content with compassion.
201 Get Email Contact More

52. Scriptwriting and Prose RSS Feed

Scriptwriting and Prose
Keep up with Not too serious and hopefully amusing.
Get Email Contact More

53. Four Star Feedback RSS Feed

Four Star Feedback US
Blog by Doug Davidson, Produced Screenwriter and Screenplay Consultant. Doug is a credited writer on two direct-to-video animated features for Lionsgate: Elephant Kingdom starring Cary Elwes, Patrick Warburton and Alexa PenaVega and The Giant King starring Bella Thorne and Russell Peters.
173 Get Email Contact More

54. buzz mclaughlin / on scriptwriting RSS Feed

buzz mclaughlin / on scriptwriting buzzmclaughlinscripts.blogsp.. 
where I share tips, news, and ideas about scriptwriting--both plays and screenplays--and muse about the place of the writer in the rapidly evolving entertainment industry...
181 Get Email Contact More

55. Screenwriting Journey | Screenwriter's Blog RSS Feed

Screenwriting Journey | Screenwriter's Blog New York, US
Kickstart your screenwriting career
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56. One perfect line-tribute to the screenwriter RSS Feed

One perfect line-tribute to the screenwriter Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
Journalist, writer and screenwriter trying to convert the country of the stars in the country of the stars. A tour of the best lines of screenwriters throughout the history of cinema. Blog by Iván Calderó.
171 8 posts / year Get Email Contact More

57. Script Butcher Screenplay Consultant RSS Feed

Script Butcher Screenplay Consultant
Improving scripts... one hack at a time
1.2K 5.5K Get Email Contact More

58. Writesofluid RSS Feed

Writesofluid England, UK
Writing advice, critique and editing services by Michelle Goode. Trained in scriptreading and proofreading/copy-editing, Michelle is a proofreader for Universal Film Magazine & charity anthologies, a reviewer for Raindance Film Festival & We Love Films (More Than You) and writes articles for the the Brit Writers blog, Literary UK & What The Dickens? magazine.
287 Get Email Contact More

59. Slugline. Simply Screenwriting. RSS Feed

Slugline. Simply Screenwriting. California, US
News, events and ideas about storytelling in plain text. Slugline is a simple, elegant Mac app for writing screenplays. It uses Fountain, a plain-text screenwriting format.
570 1.8K Get Email Contact More

60. Arc Studio Blog RSS Feed

Arc Studio Blog Beverly Hills, California, US
Covers articles about character development, story, technique, formatting, and interviews. Arc Studio is the industry's fastest-growing screenwriting software with cloud backup and real-time collaboration.
446 1.1K Get Email Contact More

61. Atlanta Screenplay Awards | Screenwrting Competition Blog RSS Feed

Atlanta Screenplay Awards | Screenwrting Competition Blog
Atlanta Screenplay Awards' goal is to award the hottest up-and-coming screenwriter. We are professionals with our fingers on the pulse of the industry. We are working with producers, directors, and writers who understand the evolving landscape of the film industry. In our blog, you will find key information and tips to prepare you for our screenwriting competition.
10 posts / month Get Email Contact More

62. LA Screenwriter RSS Feed

LA Screenwriter Los Angeles, California, US
Articles, news, and resources for working and aspiring screenwriters
1.2K 43K Get Email Contact More

63. Script Aid RSS Feed

Script Aid
Script Aid's a unique community membership site for everything Scriptwriting in one place! Enjoy selected, high-quality content for all of your Scriptwriting needs and connect with other Scripters in Script Aid's advanced forum! But mostly feel supported and have fun!
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64. Gideon's Screenwriting Tips: Now You're a Screenwriter RSS Feed

Gideon's Screenwriting Tips: Now You're a Screenwriter Los Angeles, California, US
GIdeon's screenwriting tips are designed to improve your scriptwriting craft for Film & TV and learn about the movie biz.
4.8K Get Email Contact More

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