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Scoliosis Youtube Channels

Scoliosis Systems LLP

Scoliosis Systems LLP About Youtuber Scoliosis Systems LLP offers Scoliosis Exercise Introduction and Patient interviews. Based on the Original Schroth Method for Scoliosis.
Frequency 9 videos / quarter
Since Aug 2008
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Karena Thek

Karena Thek About Youtuber Karena Thek offers Scolio-Pilates: A three-Dimensional exercise program for scoliosis. Karena is the author of OsteoPilates (2003), ScolioPilates (2011) and The Pilates Golf Athlete (2014). Her mission is to make three-dimensional exercise a recognized management tool for scoliosis in addition to observation, bracing and surgery.
Frequency 2 videos / quarter
Since Mar 2009
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Sarah C.

Sarah C. About Youtuber Hello, I am Sarah. Welcome to my channel. I used to make super cringy videos about my life with scoliosis, but now my channel has turned into more of a mess of lifestyle videos, and other random creative content.
Frequency 5 videos / month
Since Feb 2012
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Scoliosis Care Centers

Scoliosis Care Centers Campbell, California, USA. About Youtuber At Scoliosis Care Centers our work entails giving patients the tools to manage their scoliosis for the rest of their life pain-free, improving their range of motion, flexibility and strength in their spine. We use a wide range of treatments to be able to treat scoliosis with effective non-surgical care.
Frequency 4 videos / year
Since Apr 2007
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Dr. Baron Lonner

Dr. Baron Lonner New York, NY About Youtuber The philosophy of Scoliosis Associates involves a patient-centered approach to medicine. Videos from a leading spine surgeon specializing in spinal deformity treatment.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Jun 2011
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Scoliosis SOS Clinic

Scoliosis SOS Clinic London About Youtuber Scoliosis SOS is a non-surgical treatment clinic for scoliosis, hyperkyphosis and other spinal conditions.
Frequency 9 videos / year
Since Apr 2015
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Yogaberry London / New Malden, Surrey About Youtuber Hi I am Christine and I love yoga. You will find short yoga sequences, yoga practice tips for yoga for scoliosis and review of yoga equipment. I can't say that I absolutely loved it straight away but I felt the benefits pretty much immediately!
Frequency 2 videos / week
Since Jan 2015
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Utah Physical Therapy - Lehi

Utah Physical Therapy - Lehi About Youtuber Fixing your aches and pains since 2015, Utah Physical Therapy was founded on the goal of providing quality treatment with experienced and knowledgeable clinicians. We specialize in Scoliosis Specific Exercise, as well as General Orthopedics. Special focus on Endurance Athletes as well, with Runner Specific treatment and Rehab. If you, or a loved one, are suffering from any joint pain, or need specific help with scoliosis or running, we are here for you.
Frequency 3 videos / month
Since Jul 2015
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ScoliosisResearchSRS Milwaukee, WI About Youtuber The Scoliosis Research Society is a non-profit, professional organization, made up of physicians and allied health personnel. Our primary focus is on providing continuing medical education for health care professionals and on funding/supporting research in spinal deformities.
Frequency 1 video / year
Since Feb 2012
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sammys scoliosis diary

sammys scoliosis diary About Youtuber Hi my name is Sammy and I have very bad case of scoliosis. I created this channel to help and inspire girls and boys out there who are out there who have to live there life trapped in an brace. So I want to help other people out there with there brace and thee life with scoliosis and I have become an expert at life in a brace. I am 112 almost 13 and I have had my brace since I was only 8 so I know a lot about it and want to help a lot of other people out there.
Since Feb 2017
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myjourneywithscoliosis Scoliosis/Lifestyle

myjourneywithscoliosis Scoliosis/Lifestyle About Youtuber Enjoy videos on Scoliosis journey by Miguel.
Since Aug 2016
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Curvy Girls Scoliosis Foundation

Curvy Girls Scoliosis Foundation About Youtuber Curvy Girls Scoliosis Foundation is a channel dedicated to all things Scoliosis.
Frequency 1 video / year
Since Jan 2018
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Southwest Scoliosis Institute

Southwest Scoliosis Institute About Youtuber At the Southwest Scoliosis Institute, we are committed to providing the highest quality care in the diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis and spinal diseases including pediatric and adult spinal.
Frequency 4 videos / quarter
Since Dec 2017
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