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JonesGotGame Bakersfield, California, US
Welcome to Jones got game! Roblox Roleplays, Roblox obbys, Roblox tycoons and some of the best Roblox commentary on youtube is what you will find her...e!more
1.2M subscribers 10.5K 83.1K 10 videos / quarter May 2015
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Titi Games

Titi Games US
Hi, Im Titi! Welcome to my gaming channel! Where I will be doing Roblox Adventures, Role plays and much more.
1.1M subscribers 24.8K 2 videos / week Aug 2017
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itmeJP Hello! This channel serves as the hub for RollPlay, an on-going, multi-show franchise based around tabletop gaming with popular content creators.
132K subscribers 3.4K 132K 1 video / week Jan 2011
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RPG Division

RPG Division Croatia
Welcome to a channel that is all about Role Playing Games. Here you will find in depth guides for new game releases, occasional review and rambling vi...deos.more
76.9K subscribers 2 videos / day
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Tabletop Time

Tabletop Time Welcome to TABLETOP TIME! We paint minis, play games, tell stories, and we LOVE our tabletop hobbies! Subscribe to join the best hobby community in th...e world!more
242K subscribers 2.4K 1 video / week
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Erick Landon RPG

Erick Landon RPG Mexico
I cover mostly JRPGs, I do top 10s, top 5s, different types of lists, reviews and the occasional informative video.
93.6K subscribers 651 4 videos / week
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Action RPG

Action RPG US
Welcome to Action RPG! I'm your host Aaron, and today you have arrived because you too are an avid Action RPG player. Sit back, relax and we will ...be your go to spot for all Action RPG news! We also are into MMO, Strategy, and traditional RPGs as well!more
33.7K subscribers 261 1 video / day
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RPG Limit Break

RPG Limit Break US
Follow us to keep up with videos on RPG from RPG Limit Break.
54.3K subscribers 9.7K 1 video / day Feb 2015
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Rycon Roleplays

Rycon Roleplays New Zealand
Names Rycon a.k.a Scott & I'm a gamer/roleplaying enthusiast based in Auckland, New Zealand.
117K subscribers 1.1K 2K 2 videos / month Aug 2013
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Colonel RPG

Colonel RPG Portugal
I'm an avid gamer, particularly fond of role-playing games for PC. My channel is all about playing RPGs and sharing the experience with everyone.
30.7K subscribers 397 1 video / day Apr 2015
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SuperDerek RPGs

SuperDerek RPGs Manhattan, Kansas, US
I am SuperDerek RPGs, and I create thoughtful and thought-provoking videos for gamers who love Role Playing Games!
63.7K subscribers 3.6K 1 video / day
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Turn Based Lovers

Turn Based Lovers Seattle, Washington, US
Hi everyone, my name is Marcello and I am a fan of RPGs, JRPGs, and strategy games in particular of #turnbased games. In 2018 I started my blog: turnb...asedlovers.com, where together with friends we publish news, previews, reviews of indie, and triple AAA games. Recently (October 2019) I have also started the youtube channel where we publish Gameplays and lists of games to follow.more
24.2K subscribers 580 7.2K 1 video / day
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Ricky Summer

Ricky Summer Australia
I'm Riccardo, The Roleplay Gamer. I combine let's play and roleplay into what I like to call a 'let's roleplay'; witty banter, voice actin...g and on the spot emergent storytelling. more
25.6K subscribers 10 videos / quarter Mar 2012
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Dungeon Musings

Dungeon Musings Canada
A channel full of tabletop RPG actual play sessions, reviews, and general commentary regarding same.
7.3K subscribers 5 videos / week
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RPG Site

RPG Site This is the official YouTube channel of RPG Site (rpgsite.net), your destination online for specialist RPG genre coverage.
10.9K subscribers 18.2K 115.5K 1 video / week
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Tabletop Time Roleplay

Tabletop Time Roleplay We make high quality content playing Tabletop RPG's, painting and playing with minis for your entertainment!
32.3K subscribers 2.4K 1 video / week
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Hell Fire RPGs

Hell Fire RPGs US
I've always loved RPGs and my aim is to spread the love to others 🙂 Particularly newer or younger gamers who may not know about the absolute mast...erpieces of the past. I'll be reviewing single player RPGs from the past 2 decades.more
15.6K subscribers 192 399 2 videos / month
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APGamingReal New Jersey, US
A Tabletop RPG Host and Gamemaster. Over 70 RPG Systems mastered. Moving forward with innovation and depth of experience, creating new systems and sho...ws.more
3K subscribers 540 3 videos / week
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Sir Thecos

Sir Thecos Germany
Hey everyone - welcome to my channel! I'm a Roleplaying and Games Fan, Music Enthusiast, Gamer and Nerd. I talk about board/card games and RPGs -... I also post a lot of playthroughs. I'm always happy to connect and support the Gaming Community!more
5.3K subscribers 945 1 video / week Mar 2021
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Game Geeks RPG

Game Geeks RPG Game Master Kurt Wiegel reviews and educates viewers on role playing games.
14.7K subscribers 1.1K 1 video / month Sep 2006
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RPG Elite

RPG Elite RPG Elite is a tabletop RPG channel focusing on three primary areas: Classic Tabletop RPGs, Alternative Tabletop RPG Genres, and RPG Elite Ideology.
13.6K subscribers 2 videos / week
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Sovereign RPG

Sovereign RPG London, England, UK
Hi guys! I am Sovereign and this channel Is all about RPGs. Reviews, First Impressions, Account Updates, and Guides for Survival RPGs!
14.7K subscribers 95 30 videos / year
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News, guides, builds, and more for the Best RPGs In The Universe!
7.4K subscribers 1 video / day
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Jho-RPG Australia
Jho-RPG is all about Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPGs) of different systems - including but not limited to; acquisitions, previews, reviews, hunts a...nd playthroughs.more
1.7K subscribers 1 2 videos / month
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Master the Game RPG

Master the Game RPG Juce is a Tabletop Gaming Hobby Enthusiast/Hobbyist. Juce's goal is to foster and motivate growth in both the tabletop gaming community by promoti...ng various games, products, blogs, and YouTube channels that create and emphasize the sheer joy and shared love for the hobby he holds dear.more
4.3K subscribers 3 videos / quarter
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Zweihander RPG

Zweihander RPG Kansas City, Missouri, US
This channel is by the fans and for the fans of tabletop role-playing games.
2.2K subscribers 3.1K 11.3K 2 videos / day
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Stoneaxe Tabletop Gaming

Stoneaxe Tabletop Gaming UK
I make videos about roleplaying games and board games, often from a solo perspective.
2.1K subscribers 2 videos / week
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RPG Haven

RPG Haven US
Talking anything and everything about RPGs, mostly of the Japanese variety. New videos as often as I can make them! I play and review at least one JRP...G every month.more
1.2K subscribers 1 video / day
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The Rpg Academy

The Rpg Academy This is the YouTube edition of our audio podcast about Table Top RPG's. Mostly D&D but others as well. We feature a variety of show types: Table T...opics (The old ones were called Dungeon Talks) where we discuss rules and DM Theory and try give advice.more
631 subscribers 4 videos / month
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The RPG Blender

The RPG Blender US
Rolling our way through the RPG Library! RPG Actual Plays and Tutorials to help you learn all about new systems and settings!
1.4K subscribers 96 144 2 videos / month
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Hyper RPG

Hyper RPG Los Angeles, California, US
Hyper RPG is a hyperactive, interactive community-driven broadcasting channel featuring kickass RPGs, innovative tabletop & video games.
131K subscribers 7.4K 22.6K 9.4K 2 videos / year Feb 2016
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Jay RPG Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
I'm Jay RPG and I upload a healthy dose of JRPG & Gaming goodness to youtube at least 3 times a week. I strive to bring you funny, yet informative..., reviews for all the latest JRPGs as well as highlighting long forgotten, or unfairly overlooked, games from the past in my Games You Missed series.more
45.3K subscribers 2.9K
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Board Goblins

Board Goblins US
Welcome to Board Goblins! We casually review tabletop games we played during the weekend.
37.6K subscribers 3.1K 8.7K Jan 2016
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Tabletop Terrors

Tabletop Terrors Sanford, Florida, US
We're fun-loving RPG inspiration for players of all experience levels. We love tabletop RPGs of all kinds, but mostly play D&D 5E. We offer positi...ve inspiration and advice that you can used at your gaming table immediately.more
23.5K subscribers 1.6K 1.5K 5 videos / quarter
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The RPG Chick

The RPG Chick Long Island City, New York, US
Your Daily Dose of RPG Let's Plays! I just love RPG games. Retro, new, computer, console, and both action and turn-based RPGs. Join me as I play s...ome of the best of them.more
7.6K subscribers 193 87 30 videos / month
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RPG Tales

RPG Tales I read RPG tales. Hear what other stories players have to share like RPG horror stories, DND green text stories, and more. It's basically a podcas...t to get your D&D fix.more
8.6K subscribers
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The RPG Daily

The RPG Daily Los Angeles, California, US
I'm Richard Quiner, and I'm one of the many new blood that's been flowing into Tabletop role playing games. TTRPGs (for the Acronym lover ...out there) have brought so much fun and creative fulfillment into my life that I decided to help others who may be missing out on this great past time. The Videos here will cover a broad range of topics, from running your first game session to weaving an epic adventure for your friends!more
5.4K subscribers 319 13 videos / year
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RPG Nook

RPG Nook England, UK
Hello there my name is Graeme Patrick and I run RPG Nook, here we discuss Tabletop role-play, scenario reviews, and prop making. I've written se...veral scenarios for Call of Cthulhu and Dead of Night.more
2.3K subscribers 120 529 1 video / week
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