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Recipe Forums

1. Reddit » Recipes

Reddit » Recipes San Francisco, California, US
This subreddit is a place for improving and sharing your cooking repertoire with recipes from reddit's community.
1.7M 1.2M 11 posts / week

2. Chef Talk » Recipes

Chef Talk » Recipes Chicago, Illinois, US
Chef Talk is a community for professional chefs and food lovers to share reviews, food galleries and more. This section is to get information on things like which is the best meat for hamburgers, detailed instructions on how to cook a specific dish, and sharing videos on various recipes.
922 1 post / month

3. Recipe Secrets Forum

Recipe Secrets Forum Recipe Secrets Forum is the number one restaurant recipe community on the internet which specializes in providing accurate copycat recipes for popular restaurant dishes. If you're looking for recipes of your favorite restaurant dishes, you can get them all here!
1 post / day

4. EGullet » RecipeGullet

EGullet » RecipeGullet The mission of the Society for Culinary Arts & Letters is to increase awareness and knowledge of the arts of cooking, eating and drinking, as well as the literature of food and drink. The following category is a centralized place to find and post recipes.
2.2K 1 post / week

5. My Nebraska Kitchen » Recipes

My Nebraska Kitchen » Recipes This category of the forum focuses on sharing different recipes like apple pie filling, angel biscuits, Plum dumplings, coconut cake, peanut butter cookies and much more. My Nebraska Kitchen, is a forum, which basically focuses on discussing cooking and baking.
7 posts / quarter

6. Eat Blog Talk » Recipe Roundups

Eat Blog Talk » Recipe Roundups In this category, one can find recipes with fresh raspberries, chocolate truffle recipes, ham leftover recipes, recipes using poached pears, and many more. Eat Blog Talk is a community for food bloggers.
3 posts / month

7. Baking Forum » Cookies

Baking Forum » Cookies This category offers to exchange information about the recipes for cookies and biscuits. Learn how to get the crispy bottom in a cookie, the ideal temperature of the oven for baking, refrigerating a cookie, and much more. Baking Forum is a friendly baking community with a variety of ability levels from amateur to professional.
Also in Cookie Forums
1 post / month

8. Reddit » Old Recipes

Reddit » Old Recipes San Francisco, California, US
This subreddit is a place to post your old recipes here - things from old books, family recipes, old pamphlets, and more.
1.7M 1.2M 4 posts / day

9. Ketogenic Forums » Recipes

Ketogenic Forums » Recipes Ketogenic Forums is a community that has chat rooms for discussions around ketogenic metabolism. This category is for discussions on topics in the 'recipes' category. Post up your keto recipes, or create something new, delicious & keto like air-fried salmon with easy sauce, almond flour biscuits, keto desserts and more.
2 posts / week

10. The Fresh Loaf » General Discussion and Recipe Exchange

The Fresh Loaf » General Discussion and Recipe Exchange The Fresh Loaf is a community of amateur bakers and artisan bread enthusiasts. The following category discusses different types of breads, baking to accommodate dietary restrictions be it medical, religious, or philosophical, different ingredients, toppings, and more.
1 post / month

11. Copykat Chat Forums » Recipes

Copykat Chat Forums » Recipes Copykat Chat Forums is a forum to discuss various recipes and also things like appetizers, beverages, desserts, salads, sauces, a lot more. In the recipe section, one can find instant pot recipes or electronic pressure cooker recipes, recipe requests, recipes for special diets like low calorie & diabetic, seasonal recipes for holidays, and more.
5 posts / week

12. Indus Ladies » Recipe Central

Indus Ladies » Recipe Central India
This section of the forum is where you can share your special recipes, cooking tips and ask any questions you have about food and cooking. Indus Ladies is the largest online community for Indian women to chat about tv-shows, anxiety issues, pregnancy, and much more.
785 2 posts / month

13. Reddit » Gif Recipes

Reddit » Gif Recipes San Francisco, California, US
This subreddit is for getting recipes in an easy-to-follow gif format. Here you can also share pictures, videos of the meal and get guides, how-to's, for different recipes.
1.7M 1.2M 7 posts / week

14. 360 Tuna » Food and Recipe

360 Tuna » Food and Recipe A forum community dedicated to tuna fishers and enthusiasts to have conversations on fishing guides, bait, tips, reviews, accessories, and more. The following category is for getting help for cleaning a fish, sharing videos on different recipes, different techniques of making a dish and more.
1 post / month

15. Cooking Bites

Cooking Bites From healthy & nutritious recipes to free time snacks, talk everything cooking here in Cooking Bite Forums. Explore cooking competitions, & challenges, chat, and review kitchen cookware & appliances, or discuss anything.
Also in Food Forums, Cooking Forums
47 32 4 posts / day

16. Hunting PA » Game Processing and Recipe Forum

Hunting PA » Game Processing and Recipe Forum A forum community dedicated to Pennsylvania's hunters and enthusiasts to exchange information on trails, licenses, fishing, and more. This section focuses on game processing and sharing recipes. Get guides on turkey carving, tips from Masterbuilt, small & big game recipes, and more.
3 posts / week

17. Kitchen Knife Forums » The Cookbook aka Recipe Forum

Kitchen Knife Forums » The Cookbook aka Recipe Forum Kitchen Knife Forums is for discussing knife sharpening or maintenance, Waterstones, strops, sharing failures, tips 'n tricks related to cooking, and much more. In this category, one can share recipes of various kinds of bread, different techniques of making a dish, make requests for recipes, and much more.
1.2K 21 4 posts / month

18. MrsSurvival Forums » Kitchen Recipes

MrsSurvival Forums » Kitchen Recipes Recipes that we get from friends and family that are 'tried and true' are sometimes the best recipes to make. Come and share your favorite recipes with us!
10 posts / quarter

19. Mumsnet Forum » Food & Recipes

Mumsnet Forum » Food & Recipes Looking for food inspiration? Share and discover great recipes and baking ideas for the family on our cooking forum and meet fellow cooking enthusiasts.
236.1K 152.9K 6 posts / week

20. Recipe Bluelayer Forum

Recipe Bluelayer Forum Recipe Bluelayer Forum offers space to get information about food recipes, drinks, and brewing.

21. Discuss Cooking Forum » Recipes & Ingredients

Discuss Cooking Forum » Recipes & Ingredients This is a cooking-related forum where lovers of cooking can share recipes, ideas and help each other.
16 posts / quarter

Additional Forums

  1. Great Food Forum » Recipes Share great food recipes and get new cooking recipes from fellow cooking enthusiasts in this category.
  2. What to Expect Community » Recipe Exchange Find easy to make and tasty recipes in this forum. Also, share recipe for a new item that you have tried, and engage with the community.
  3. Recipe Land Forum Get cooking FAQs, discussions on cookbooks & cooking tools, gourmet cooking, and request a recipe in this forum.
  4. Houzz Forum » Recipe Exchange is a place where you can share that old recipe you've always enjoyed, or maybe find that recipe for turnip surprise you've always been looking for!
  5. Pizza Making Forum Find new and unique pizza recipes, dough and toppings discussions, talk about the thickness of the pizza, and much more.
  6. Cake Central Forum » Baking Recipes is a place to talk and discuss about different baking recipes and ingredients.
  7. Talk Food Forum » Recipe Swap Have a recipe request or a favorite recipe to share? You've come at the right place. Discuss with fellow cooking enthusiasts here in this category.

Recipe Subforums

Forum Name Subforum Name Subforum Description Also in
Recipe Secrets RECIPE FORUM Recipe Secrets Forum - Copycat Restaurant Recipes :-:Reproduce your favorite Fast food and Restaurant dishes in your own kitchen.
Copycat Recipes Find secret recipes of restaurants & secret copycat restaurant recipes at one place. At, make your restaurant foods by copycat restaurant recipes. Visit to copycat restaurant recipes , restaurant menu recipes , secret recipes of restaurants , restaurant recipes, secret copycat restaurant recipes.
Restaurant Chain Recipes These are recipes that have been posted by members of our community in the past that you will enjoy.
Just Dessert Recipes This forum is dedicated to helping you satisfy that “sweet tooth” craving that we all get from time to time. Share your favorite dessert recipes and discover the secret ingredient combinations that others use to make their homemade desserts a big hit in the dining room.
Recipe Exchange Forum Rules - You must POST a recipe or answer a recipe request BEFORE requesting a recipe. This way there will be more great recipes for us all to try ;-).
Cooking Videos
Drink Recipes A free forum sharing alcoholic and non alcoholic drink recipes. Everything from Rum, Vodka, and Gin, to healthy smoothies, to copycat drink recipes can be found here.
Crock Pot Recipes Post your favorite Crock Pot and Slow Cooker recipes here.
Ingredient Forum Formerly the “Ingredient of the Day” forum.
Holiday Recipes Recipes for your favorite Holiday Dishes. Thanks Giving Recipes, Christmas Recipes, Easter Recipes and More.
HEALTH FORUM This Forum is dedicated to informing our users of the behaviors that can make us all healthier. In it you can find and post articles, tips and even recipes that can help improve our health. Health Forums
Diabetic Recipes Share your favorite Diabetic Recipes here. This open forum is an excellent resource for those seeking recipes and meal ideas catering to Diabetic needs. Diabetes Forums
Health Articles Forum dedicated to educating the masses with helpful Health Articles and facts. Learn about the latest health and wellness trends here. DISCLAIMER: The information in this forum should not be considered professional or medical advice. All posts are based on the opinions of the authors, and are not endorsed or validated by this website. Please consult a physician.
Low Calorie Recipes Open forum to share low calorie recipes. Excellent resource for all Calorie Counters and Weight Watchers.
Healthy Heart Recipes Low Fat, Low Sodium, and Low Cholesterol Recipes. Share your favorite Heart Healthy recipes. Learn which foods are good for your heart and which ones you should avoid.
Vegetarian Recipes Share your favorite vegetarian recipes here. General discussion on all things ‘Vegetarian’ - meal preparation tips, cooking advice, food substitutes, etc.
Cast Your Vote in Our Poll Make your opinion count in our online community poll. Compare your opinion with the consensus. Must be Registered in the forum to vote in the polls.
Newsletter Article Archive The best articles from our weekly newsletter are all posted here for free.
How to Cook Instructions on how to cook many of the most popular dishes that are searched for everyday on the Net.
Most Memorable Cooking Moments Here you can post pictures of your favorite dishes or cooking and eating moments (before and after pictures are welcome.) If you have the recipe(s) and title(s) for you recipe(s), please be sure to add them.
Cooking Conversations Find secret recipes of restaurants & secret copycat restaurant recipes at one place. At, make your restaurant foods by copycat restaurant recipes. Visit to copycat restaurant recipes , restaurant menu recipes , secret recipes of restaurants , restaurant recipes, secret copycat restaurant recipes. Cooking Forums
F.A.Q. Find secret recipes of restaurants & secret copycat restaurant recipes at one place. At, make your restaurant foods by copycat restaurant recipes. Visit to copycat restaurant recipes , restaurant menu recipes , secret recipes of restaurants , restaurant recipes, secret copycat restaurant recipes.
Recipe Land Request a Recipe
Cooking FAQ
Cookbooks & Cooking Tools
Dieting & Weight Loss Weight Loss Forums
Recipe Help Center
Special Needs Diet
Thanks - Personal Messages
Anything Goes
RV Network Forum Recipes Share your favorite recipes!
Heartland Owners Forum Recipes Use this forum to post some of your favorite recipes.
BCMTouring Forum Recipes
NZ Issues Community Recipes We all love to eat!
Do It Yourself Forum Recipes, Foods and Beverages
Grow Your Own Forum Season to Taste Recipes and Cooking advice for transforming your crop
Tomatoville Our Garden Cookbook™ Have a favorite recipe that's always a hit with family and friends? Share it with us!
Jesse's Hunting Forum Recipes, Meat Care & Cooking Tips
Texas Hunting Forum Recipes & Cooking - Cleaning & Preparation The original Texas Hunting Forum - discuss deer, quail, duck, goose, turkey, hog and everything else we hunt in Texas, buy and sell in the classifieds or just shoot the bull with like minded folks!
Knitting Paradise Paradise Recipes This is a recipe only site for anyone to post pictures and share recipes from around the world. Bon Appetite! Managed by CamillaDesertMouse.
Carb Manager Forums Recipe Swap
Low Carber Forums Kitchen: Low-Carb Recipes Support for Atkins diet, Protein Power, CAD, Zone, Dr. Bernstein, CKD and any other low-carb high-protein diet, all are welcome in our lowcarb discussion community message boards. Free, and open to share ideas, support, recipes and more.
Fitness Forum Recipes Not boring calorie tables, but tasty and easy-to-follow recipes, all previously tested. Do you know a tasty, healthy recipe? Please share it!
My Fitness Pal Recipes Share your favorite recipes and healthy cooking tips.
The HomeBrew Forum General Recipe Discussion Please share your recipes ideas, or post a recipe that you want some feedback on. Where possible try to include the Beer Name, OG, IBU and Style (if it has...
Hackers Paradise Forum Recipes Share the recipes that you love here.
Professional Muscle Forum Recipes Forum Share your favourite muscle building and fat loss recipes
Vegan Bodybuilding Forum Vegan Recipes Share your favorite recipes with us.
UK Muscle Forum Recipes
Hungry Onion Recipes Help to build a Hungry Onion recipe library, original recipes by members are to be posted here.
Christian Chat Heavenly Recipes Got a heavenly recipe - or just a healthy one - that you'd like to share? Post it here!
Christian Forum Site Recipes and Cooking Discussion area for all your kitchen secrets
Texas Kayak Fisherman Recipes
Tropical Fruit Forum Recipes Recipes
Kitchen Knife Forums The Cookbook aka Recipe Forum A place for Recipes, not general discussion. Please stay on the topic of recipe posted in original post.
Sport Fishing BC Recipes, Storage and Preparation of Seafood Use this forum to share and discuss ideas for cooking, canning, BBQ, or anything else to do with cooking, preparing or storing your catch.
Boatless Fishing Forum Recipes and Fish Fileting and Cleaning Tips Recipes for Fish and things that go with it, also Fileting and Cleaning tips.
IFish Forum Ifishers Recipes! Recipes from the ifishers! (Jennie's favorite forum!)
Fishing Victoria Forum Fish Recipes and Preparation
Kokanee Fishing Forum Recipes Forum Share your recipes not just for kokanee but anything you make. Preparation and cooking.
Tidal Fish Recipes and Cooking Sea Creature Cooking Recipes Seafood Recipes and Cooking Forum. Fish, Crab and other seafood recipes. Post your recipes here!
Australian Fishing Recipes and Food This section is for members to post some of their own food creations and recipes
Texas Fishing Forum Recipes & Cooking - Cleaning & Preparation The original Texas Fishing Forum covering all fishing in Texas - fresh and salt water discussion, news, events, guides, classifieds, tournaments and more.
A-Z Steroids Recipes
Survivalist Boards Recipes
Prepared Society Recipe Share Share your favorite recipes or family heirloom recipes
Survival And Preparedness Forum Recipes and Projects Share your favorite DIY projects or recipes - lots of how-to information
Camping Forums Food for Camping / General Recipes Post your favortie camping recipes. Note there is a new forum below for hardcore backpacking food.
Runners Forum Recipes Share your favourite recipes here
Diabetes Daily Forums Recipes
Cruise Addicts Food Recipes Our community is made up of many people from many nations who enjoy good food and fun.. both on land and sea. Please share you special recipe here within...
Cigar Asylum Cigar Forum Recipes This is for recipes only

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