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Qigong RSS Feeds

1. Flowing Zen Blog RSS Feed

Flowing Zen Blog Gainesville, Florida, US
I'm Anthony Korahais. Sometimes called the grandmother of tai chi, qigong is one of the four major branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I help people young and old to discover the healing powers of Qigong and Tai Chi.
12.3K 955 2.2K 6 posts / year Jul 2011 Get Email Contact

2. Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation » Qigong Practice RSS Feed

Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation » Qigong Practice New York, US
Traditional Chinese Medicine World is a unique community of individuals who are passionate about sharing the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and how it relates to body, mind, spirit healing.
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3. Ren Xue of the Americas Blog RSS Feed

Ren Xue of the Americas Blog US
Ren Xue teachers and practitioners from all over the world share their thoughts on topics ranging from The Joy of Qigong to Coping with Chronic Pain.
2K 1 post / week Get Email Contact

4. Jiaoshi Andrea's Blog RSS Feed

Jiaoshi Andrea's Blog
Nei Qi Gong is an extreme form of Qi Gong that allows a huge Qi cultivation, more than the one we need for our own health. The purpose of Nei Qi Gong is to use this energy in excess to heal other people by emitting the Qi (Fa Gong), growing spiritually, and taking martial arts to a high level. The blog is curated by the online instructor Jiaoshi Andrea, a direct student of Shifu Costantino Valente, founder of Nei Qi Gong.
1.5K 2 posts / month May 2020 Get Email Contact

5. You Hold the Keys to Healing RSS Feed

You Hold the Keys to Healing Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
This blog site was developed to enlighten those seekers interested in healing and spiritual awakening through my seven books Meditation and Qigong Mastery, Return to Oneness with the Tao, Return to Oneness with Spirit, Keys to Healing and Self-Mastery, Return to Oneness with Shiva, Oneness with Shiva.
15 2 posts / quarter Jan 2012 Get Email Contact

6. Holden QiGong Blog RSS Feed

Holden QiGong Blog Santa Cruz, California, US
Learn Qi Gong
1 post / week Get Email Contact

7. Qigong for Vitality Blog RSS Feed

Qigong for Vitality Blog
Helping you look and feel full of vitality!
7.4K 39 1 post / month Get Email Contact

8. Beachside-qi-gong & Tai Chi Blog RSS Feed

Beachside-qi-gong & Tai Chi Blog Indian Harbour Beach, Florida, US blog is dedicated to increasing awareness of self-health care through qigong, tai chi & meditation classes, workshops & online classes. Beachside Qigong & Tai Chi is passionately run by Lea Williamson, Shifu (expert) of qigong and board-certified tai chi instructor.
580 2 posts / quarter Get Email Contact

9. Shelton Qigong Blog RSS Feed

Shelton Qigong Blog San Jose, California, US
Shelton Qigong blog is dedicated to the practice and teachings of Qigong, a system of physical exercises and breathing techniques that is often used for health and meditation purposes. The blog features articles, videos, and other resources related to its practice, including tips for beginners, an introduction to different styles and techniques, and useful tips.
29.2K 4.6K 3 posts / month Get Email Contact

10. Qigong Awareness Blog RSS Feed

Qigong Awareness Blog Asheville, North Carolina, US
Medical Qigong Training, Workshops, and Certification
1.9K 55 4 posts / quarter Get Email Contact

11. Master Mantak Blog RSS Feed

Master Mantak Blog Thailand
Mantak Chia
44.3K 5.4K 2 posts / week Get Email Contact

12. VAHVA Fitness » Qigong RSS Feed

VAHVA Fitness » Qigong
A Body You Can Trust
206.4K 2 posts / quarter Get Email Contact

13. Spring Forest Qigong Blog RSS Feed

Spring Forest Qigong Blog Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
The Spring Forest Qigong Blog blog shares information about the practice and teachings of Qigong, a Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing techniques that is often used for health and meditation purposes. It features a variety of articles on Qigong, including discussions of different styles and techniques, as well as advice on how to incorporate it into daily life.
70.9K 117 10 posts / year Get Email Contact

14. Long White Cloud Qigong Blog RSS Feed

Long White Cloud Qigong Blog New Zealand
Long White Cloud Qigong
4.1K 10 posts / year Get Email Contact

15. White Tiger Qigong Blog RSS Feed

White Tiger Qigong Blog Thailand
Blog Tailor your interest. Discover all avenues of Qigong. Find what you're looking for by browsing through our articles. Explore the White Tiger blog to
16.6K 369 2 posts / week Get Email Contact

16. Tse Qigong Centre RSS Feed

Tse Qigong Centre Surrey Quays, England, UK
Health, vitality and meditation
395 1 post / week Get Email Contact

17. Tse Qigong Centre RSS Feed

Tse Qigong Centre
Official Website of Grandmaster Michael Tse
3 posts / week Get Email Contact

18. Yoga Lily RSS Feed

Yoga Lily Bletchley, England, UK
Lily teaches classical Yoga, which is both calming and energising and has been practised in Asia for thousands of years. It includes not only the physical parts of yoga (asanas, postures, mudras, and locks), but also the meridian energy routes.
744 2 243 1 post / quarter Get Email Contact

19. Qigong with Sandra Blog RSS Feed

Qigong with Sandra Blog
breathe in life
128 1 post / quarter Get Email Contact

20. Qigong Academy Blog RSS Feed

Qigong Academy Blog Ipswich, England, UK
For millennia, the mindful movement of qigong has been used to regain health, sustain well-being and cultivate spiritual awareness. Whether you want to start on your journey, continue to learn, or share this transformative practice with others, we can help. With a broad range of online and face to face training options available, we can help you to develop a great foundation from which to practice and support you throughout your journey with this transformational practice.
113 2 posts / month Get Email Contact

21. Find Yourself Qigong & Coaching Blog RSS Feed

Find Yourself Qigong & Coaching Blog
Tips, tools and inspiration to heal your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul and become your own best Energy Healer. I am Kerrie Womersley. I started Find Yourself Qigong & Coaching to help people discover and work with their 'life-force energy' or 'Qi', in order to live from a place of inner power and emotional mastery.
2.7K 2 posts / month Get Email Contact

22. Ageless Qigong Blog RSS Feed

Ageless Qigong Blog
I offer Qigong, Tai Chi, mindfulness training, stress management and personal training programs for individuals, groups, corporate and educational settings and customer service. I teach staff and teachers a variety of mindfulness strategies to cope with high-stress work environments. Explore free tips, techniques, helpful advice, the latest news and savings.
2 posts / quarter Get Email Contact

23. Forest Rock Qigong Blog RSS Feed

Forest Rock Qigong Blog
Peter is a gifted and deeply caring practitioner and teacher who, in generously sharing his insights, demonstrates a dedication to helping others experience a greater sense of health, energy, freedom and inner peace. Explore Qigong, tips and advice, insights and more!
2.8K 1 post / month Get Email Contact

24. Rebecca Grossbard Blog RSS Feed

Rebecca Grossbard Blog
I'm Rebecca Grossbard. Throughout my life I've been interested in health, fitness, movement and the mind-body connection. My studies have included Yoga, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais and Meditation. My ability to inspire, motivate and empower has fueled my passion to help others optimize their health and wellbeing and live with more balance and harmony.
106 3 posts / year Get Email Contact

25. Club Qigong Blog RSS Feed

Club Qigong Blog
Club Qigong was founded by Joe Moody and his wife Melissa to bring the ancient forms of Qigong to a new century, retaining the integrity of the forms while making them more accessible to the modern mind. Qigong remedied many common health issues for both Joe and Melissa and raised their energetic frequency to begin each living life to the fullest. After years of practice and study through many masters, they began sharing it with others, and it's caught on more than they could have imagined!
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26. KaiMen » Qigong RSS Feed

KaiMen » Qigong
Authentic Chinese Martial Arts are disappearing faster than the rainforest. Imperial Modernity is trying to claim another victim by misunderstanding, misrepresenting and generally ignoring one of the world's great somatic, psychological, artistic and spiritual inheritances. Read more about Qigong, health, lifestyle and more!
1.1K 1 post / quarter Get Email Contact

27. Dragonfly Qigong Blog RSS Feed

Dragonfly Qigong Blog
Dragonfly Qigong offers a deeply connecting, restorative and immersive experience of authentic medical Qigong. We offer a diversity of styles ranging from gentle and flowing movement meditations to deep dynamic stretching forms, giving you a rich foundation and a well-rounded understanding of the knowledge, theory and wisdom of the practice. Our blog is your source for all the latest information about Qigong, tips and advice and more!
698 1 post / month Get Email Contact

28. The Way of Qigong Blog RSS Feed

The Way of Qigong Blog
Essays on the philosophy and applications of qigong, including Qigong and Buddhism, the importance of moderation, definitions of health, Chinese Tea Ceremony poetry, Daoism (Taoism), and more. The instructor, Ken Cohen is a world-renowned health educator, China scholar, and Qigong Grand Master with more than fifty years of experience.
2 posts / quarter Get Email Contact

29. Tai Chi Basics » Qigong RSS Feed

Tai Chi Basics » Qigong Austin, Texas, US
We are teachers, practitioners, and students of internal martial arts. We work to present foundational concepts on tai chi that dramatically influence progress and are digestible by Western readers. Read more about Qigong in this section including what is Qigong, its benefits, techniques, history and more!
6 posts / day Get Email Contact

30. Space To Relax Blog RSS Feed

Space To Relax Blog
On this site you will find information about Qigong including Qigong Youtube videos, articles, online courses and programs. I am Janice Tucker, a half-English, half-Welsh woman, practising Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and teaching Qigong (how's that for a mixture)! I help people who want to take positive steps to augment their health.
11.9K 1 post / month Get Email Contact

31. Bliss Calm Qigong Blog RSS Feed

Bliss Calm Qigong Blog
Deep dive into Qigong and Taoist theory with the blog from Bliss Calm Qigong, Christchurch, New Zealand. I'm Emily Drysdale, one of a select group of Certified Advanced Holden Qigong teachers in the world, personally trained by Lee Holden. I am also a Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor (Mantak Chia) and have studied different styles of Qigong under masters Robert Peng, Daisy Lee, Dr Roger Jahnke and John Platt.
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32. PetarSmiljana Blog RSS Feed

PetarSmiljana Blog Slovenia
The purpose of this blog is to share ideas, knowledge and experiences with enthusiastic explorers of life. The practice of Qigong is one of the ways to feel and improve our life energy stream and become aware of the unified universe.
1.4K 5 Get Email Contact

33. Qialance » Qi Gong RSS Feed

Qialance » Qi Gong Germany
This blog is all about Taijiquan and Qi Gong. Angelika Fritz loves empowering people to feel and see the benefits of Taijiquan and Qi Gong and want to help YOU to succeed in these body movement arts.
286 92 Get Email Contact

34. Taoist Light Qigong RSS Feed

Taoist Light Qigong Santa Barbara, California, US
The blog offers private sessions for physical and emotional healing by appointment, and conducts classes in Taoist Light Qigong (Level 1), Wen Wang Qigong (Level 2), Taoist Sitting Qigong (Stage II), Taoist Sitting Qigong (Stage III), Taoist Light Qigong Instructor/Healer Training, Medical Qigong, Eye-healing Qigong as well as spiritual counseling, Fengshui consultant and Tea Ceremony classes.
1 post / quarter Get Email Contact

35. Chi Kung - QiGong Blog RSS Feed

Chi Kung - QiGong Blog Spain
100% Dedicated to Chi Kung Therapeutics, exercises, variants, benefits, theoretical concepts and everything related to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Learn Chi Kung (the Qi Gong) Therapeutic. Free videos, Chi Kung exercises, audios on Traditional Chinese Medicine and promote the use and practice of Chi Kung or Qi Gong to recover health and prevent diseases.
2.6K Get Email Contact

36. National Qigong Association (NQA) RSS Feed

National Qigong Association (NQA) Saint Paul, Minnesota, US
The National Qigong Association (NQA) is the premier membership organization for qigong and is an umbrella for ALL groups, schools, enthusiasts.
6.3K 403 9 posts / year Get Email Contact

37. Embrace the Moon RSS Feed

Embrace the Moon Seattle, Washington, US
Embrace The Moon features several specific forms of Qigong on an ongoing basis. A Seattle Tai Chi (Taijiquan) and Qigong (Chi Kung) school. Led by long time master instructor Kim Ivy, we offer classes in tai chi forms, qigong training, and workshops with visiting masters from across the globe.
1.9K 66 3 posts / year Get Email Contact

38. Qigong ChineseHealth Blog RSS Feed

Qigong ChineseHealth Blog Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
For over 20 years Qigong Chinese Health has been providing quality natural therapy services, teaching Chinese health, fitness and martial arts as well as educating people on how to use Taoism, Buddhism, Feng Shui and other disciplines to greatly improve their life.
12 Get Email Contact

39. Conscious Living Events RSS Feed

Conscious Living Events England, UK
Official Website for Clara Apollo. Find information on Chi Kung events, training and retreats, Chi Time Radio and more. Clara Apollo is a fully qualified Qigong and Reiki practitioner, and has been working in the field of energy cultivation for over 20 years.
512 420 Get Email Contact

40. Qigong by Quist Blog RSS Feed

Qigong by Quist Blog California, US
Qigong is the energy branch of Chinese Medicine and includes exercises, meditation, visualization, Qi, Qi treatment, Qi training, Thoughts and medical treatments.
1.3K Get Email Contact

41. Master Kelly RSS Feed

Master Kelly US
You can experience the same amazing benefits that has blessed Master Kelly's. Chi Kung is simple, easy, yet powerful way for you to achieve better health, vitality and longevity.
128 12 Get Email Contact

42. Inside Zhan Zhuang RSS Feed

Inside Zhan Zhuang US
Filled with tips and tricks, number of concepts and techniques, this blog includes special masterpoints to relax and release large sections of the body, methods which rapidly create whole-body linkage for any posture; techniques for working with light in the higher energy centers, mechanisms to correct many crucial health problems and special training to develop truly effective martial power.
3.4K 65 Get Email Contact

43. Movement From Within Blog RSS Feed

Movement From Within Blog Seattle, Washington, US
Carrie Lafferty, the author works through one-to-one sessions based on principles of The Feldenkrais Method, Healing Qi Gong, and Insight Meditation. This allows more comfort, ease, and grace in coordinating moving, thinking, feeling and sensing.
319 Get Email Contact

44. Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong Blog RSS Feed

Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong Blog Skagit Valley, Washington, US
Information about Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong in Bellingham, including location, schedules, and contact. Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong is a traditional Chinese energy cultivation system created to develop higher human potential and significantly increase health and longevity.
125 Get Email Contact

45. Chikung Trece Tesoros Blog RSS Feed

Chikung Trece Tesoros Blog Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
A space where to enjoy a time of peace with ourselves, discovering what is the Chikung or the Taichi and its virtues for health.
1K Get Email Contact

46. Soulfusion Breathe Blog RSS Feed

Soulfusion Breathe Blog
Covers articles related to Chi Gong breathing, healing spirituality, wisdom, self-help, master, consciousness.
9 posts / year Get Email Contact

47. Pureland Qi Gong RSS Feed

Pureland Qi Gong Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Change with Qi Gong and Keep the Change
608 864 2 posts / year Get Email Contact

48. Qigong for Life RSS Feed

Qigong for Life San Diego, California, US
with Martha Blane
472 2 posts / year Get Email Contact

49. Heart Qigong Blog RSS Feed

Heart Qigong Blog San Mateo, California, US
Find balance, wellness and inner peace.
Get Email Contact

50. Energetic Wellness Center Blog RSS Feed

Energetic Wellness Center Blog
Qigong instruction for the Sound Shore area of Westchester County, New York, including Larchmont, Mamaroneck & Rye, NY
6 posts / year Get Email Contact

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