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Python Forums

1. Visit this Python community, a place for the developers of various Python-in-WebAssembly projects to coordinate and collaborate. Talk about CPython core development workflow and related infrastructure, and discuss all aspects of Python's documentation.
559.7K 12 posts / day More

2. Python Forum

Python Forum Welcome to this dedicated Python forum. Find news and discussions about Python, get coding help from fellow programmers, share finished code with other forum users, discuss queries, and discover Python-related tutorials.
3 posts / day Sep 2016 More

3. Source.Python Forums

Source.Python Forums Take part in the latest discussions on everything related to Python. The Source Python Forum consists of chat rooms where you can have conversations related to plugins, packages, API design, code examples, and more.
11 posts / month More

4. PythonAnywhere Forum

PythonAnywhere Forum London, England, UK
PythonAnywhere Forum is a place for you to debate and share your python knowledge with other programmers. Ask here in-depth questions about Python programming, and carry out conversations that cover different topics related to the language.
24.5K 20 posts / day More

5. Stack Overflow » Python

Stack Overflow » Python New York, US
Learn here to write a python program, ask version-specific Python questions, or chat about anything involving python programming. Stack Overflow is empowering the world to develop technology through collective knowledge.
517.4K 233.3K 30 posts / day More

6. The Coding Forum » Python

The Coding Forum » Python Need help with your python project? or getting errors in your coding? Ask here, all discussions related to Python can be held in The Coding Forum, a place to seek help and ask questions relating to coding and programming languages.
1 post / day More

7. Reddit » Python

Reddit » Python San Francisco, California, US
Read and share news about the python programming language, or if you have questions or are a newbie user, then this Reddit community is your place to find discussions, resources, and tutorials related to python.
1.7M 1.2M 17 posts / day Jan 2008 More

8. FreeCodeCamp » Python

FreeCodeCamp » Python Ask questions and share tips related to Python or any tools in the Python ecosystem, and get the best python tutorials and solutions here. FreeCodeCamp is a developer community where you can learn to code for free.
159.8K 753.3K 4 posts / day More

9. Go4Expert » Python

Go4Expert » Python Kolkata, India
Join this Python programming help forum, learn to change hairstyles using AI, classify images using Tensorflow, Mobilenet, or Python, and get advice on your questions coupled with a vast variety of tutorials and articles.
3.2K 1.6K 1 post / week More

10. Reddit » Django

Reddit » Django San Francisco, California, US
This subreddit is for news and discussion about the Django web framework. Connect with fellow developers in this community and share & ask for Django tutorials, find guides & resources, learn to define a URL with multiple id requests, understand the design strategy, and so on.
Also in Django Forums
1.7M 1.2M 11 posts / day Jan 2008 More

11. Code Forum » Python

Code Forum » Python Find people of the same interests to have conversations on everything related to the Python programming language. Solve the errors, ask for help & advice, learn to clone your voice using python, and so on. Code Forum is a community where developers can learn, share and build their developer toolkit.
7 posts / week More

12. Codecademy Forums » Python

Codecademy Forums » Python Welcome to the friendliest place for anyone learning to code, Codecademy Forums. Get help with anything related to Python, understand Python programming language, discuss syntax, strings, loops, functions, input-output, and more.
2 posts / day More

13. SitePoint Forums » Python

SitePoint Forums » Python Take part in any conversation related to python, solve doubts, answer questions, get help with Python code requirements, and more. SitePoint Forums is for web designers and developers to discuss everything related to programming languages.
3 posts / month More

14. Raspberry Pi Forums » Python

Raspberry Pi Forums » Python The forum offers space for everyone to uphold python programming conversations, where they can clear python related doubts, & code errors, find Python usage guides, talk about new functions, get updates, and much more.
582.1K 3 posts / day More

15. Spiceworks » Python

Spiceworks » Python Spiceworks offers a global community where technology decision-makers connect and discuss Python programming language, ask and answer questions, talk about the latest tools, and share their ideas and knowledge.
33.9K 1 post / day More

16. Reddit » Python Forum

Reddit » Python Forum San Francisco, California, US
In the following subreddit, you can have discussions regarding topics related to Python and its standard library and 3rd party libraries, pygame, pyglet, Django, flask, and everything else.
1.7M 1.2M 1 post / year Mar 2014 More

17. Digi Forum » Python

Digi Forum » Python The Python community by Digi Forum is dedicated to Python programming, here learners and advanced programmers come together to solve code errors, and doubts and can talk about everything related to the language.
8.7K 5 posts / quarter More

Additional Forums

  1. Youth4work » Python Forum Youth4work is a simple and free of cost community youth and the experienced professionals discuss their Python queries and get answers from other talented individuals.
  2. Sololearn » Python Forum This section of the forum is a place for asking questions and discussing python. Share easy tips and techniques to write error-free code in Python, and get guides on interview questions.
  3. Discuss Python Talk about everything related to Python programming language, learn to convert any type of PDf to XML formatted, get the help needed to install Python on MAC OS or Windows, discuss Pydocx issues while reading image-based objects, and more.
  4. Dream.In.Code » Python This forum is for Python programmers and professionals to discuss topical and non-help related Python topics, start and participate in fun challenges, and share news about the languages and related technologies.
  5. PySlackers Community Join this inclusive community of Python programming enthusiasts. Find a collection of resources recommended by community members for learning various python programming topics including Django, Flask, AND FastAPI.
  6. Bytes Forum » Python A dedicated community for programmers who are interested to engage in python related conversation. Get here python string examples, learn to code in python, ask how to run a Python script using UltraEdit and more.

Python Subforums

Forum Name Subforum Name Subforum Description Also in
Python Community Python Help General help/discussion forum for the Python programming language. All welcome.
Committers The “argument clinic” for Python committers (people with the commit bit on and related projects). Open for all to view.
Ideas Would you like to change something in Python? This might be your feedback forum.
PEPs An area to discuss proposed Python enhancement proposals.
Core Development Discussions relating to the development of Python (usage of Python should be discussed in the #users category, new ideas for Python to #ideas).
C API This sub-category is for discussions specifically about the Python C API. Covers both the development of as well as the development with (usage of) the C API.
Steering Council Nominations Nominations for the Python Steering Council election.
Documentation This is the hub for discussion around all aspects of Python’s documentation.
Core Workflow A place to talk about CPython core development workflow and related infrastructure.
Packaging A place to talk about packaging Python software and the tooling to make that possible.
Async-SIG Discussion of asynchronous programming with async/await, mainly using the asyncio standard library.
WebAssembly A place for the developers of various Python-in-WebAssembly projects to coordinate and collaborate.
Editor/IDE Integration Discussion place for integrators of Python support into editors and IDEs (not meant for general users).
PSF This category is for the discussions relating to the Python Software Foundation.
Ask the staff! Want to know more about the Python Software Foundation from the staff? We’ll try to answer your questions or connect you with someone who can!
PyPI Q4 RFI Closed:
Welcome to Discourse! See here for a Quickstart guide. Say “Hi” if you’re new!
Python Forum General Coding Help This is the place for queries that don't fit in any of the other categories.
Data Science
Homework For students who are taking a programming course, may be restricted in what they can use on solving their task.
GUI Post here if you need help with creating a Graphical User Interface in Python.Such as WxPython, Tkinter, PyQt, etc.
Game Development Post here questions regarding Pygame, Pyglet, etc. or general game logic Game Development Forums
Networking For networking related questions about code. Such as sockets, Twisted, etc.
Web Scraping & Web Development Web scraping related questions using BeautifulSoup, lxml, Selenium, requests, Scrapy, etc. For web dev related questions about Web frameworks such as Django, Flask, WSGI, etc.
News and Discussions
Tutorials A place where you can post Python-related tutorials you made yourself,or links to tutorials made by others. Tutorials are staff approved.
Code sharing
Code Review
Jobs Post here if you are recruiting Python programmers,or are a Python programmer looking for work. Job Forums
Board Anything pertaining to website.Request plugins, inform us of issues, suggestions, forum placement, forum tips/tricks, etc.
Bar Off Topic discussions.
Source.Python Forum General Discussion
Plugin Releases
Custom Packages
Plugin Requests
Plugin Development Support
API Design
Code examples / Cookbook
Hackonology Forum Python
MPGH Forum Python Programming Discuss Python related development. Show off your projects, ask for Python programming help, contribute Python tutorials, and post Python snippets here.

Python Forum Topics