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Puppet Youtube Channels

1. Sesame Street

Sesame Street United States About Youtuber Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization. Sesame Street reaches millions of children every day in more than 150 countries. The Workshop's mission is to use the educational power of media to help children everywhere reach their highest potential.
Frequency 1 video / day
Channel youtube.com/user/SesameStree..
Youtube Followers- 8,447,293 . Views Count- 8,040,745,473 . Video Count - 2,821

2. Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham Los Angeles About Youtuber Jeff Dunham is a global entertainment phenomenon with more than 45 years on stage and countless performances, making him one the world's most recognizable and inventive entertainers. Enjoy his videos on Youtube.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Dec 2006
Channel youtube.com/user/jeffdunham/..
Youtube Followers- 2,146,527 . Views Count- 568,161,397 . Video Count - 286

3. Glove and Boots | Youtube

Glove and Boots | Youtube United States About Youtuber A puppet web series with puppets On YouTube.
Frequency 1 video / day
Channel youtube.com/user/gloveandboo..
Youtube Followers- 361,879 . Views Count- 60,486,919 . Video Count - 317

4. Puppet Steve - Minecraft, FNAF & Toy Unboxings

Puppet Steve - Minecraft, FNAF & Toy Unboxings About Youtuber Welcome to the Puppet Steve channel! Meet Puppet Steve, Zombie Steve, Creeper and More! These hosts review pop culture toys, Minecraft toys, Skylanders, Amiibos, LEGO's, Movies, and more!
Frequency 5 videos / week
Since Jan 2016
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCKNV..
Youtube Followers- 583,373 . Views Count- 336,909,384 . Video Count - 890

5. Tommy's Puppet Lab

Tommy's Puppet Lab About Youtuber Put down your game controllers and make puppets with me for a while! This is a FAMILY channel. All ages welcome!
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Feb 2016
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCcIq..
Youtube Followers- 276,943 . Views Count- 78,770,445 . Video Count - 173

6. Cyber Times LLC

Cyber Times LLC US About Youtuber After my dad passed away, to help my depression, I started my Puppet Vlog, with my Little Jeff doll I currently have 210 video parodies. My puppets include Howard Stern, Donald Trump, Jimmy Kimmel, Geraldo Rivera, Conan O'Brien, Achmed, Charlie McCarthy, Hillary Clinton, Kellyanne Conway, Joe Scarborough, MSNBC's Chuck Todd with Meet Depressed & more. One I call Ghost Hounds is a parody on Ghost Hunters.
Frequency 2 videos / month
Since Dec 2011
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCeko..
Youtube Followers- 913 . Views Count- 153,171 . Video Count - 524

7. Puppet Parody Productions

Puppet Parody Productions About Youtuber Hey Guys! I'm Puppet Parody Productions And I Make Parodies Of Anything U Suggest In The Comments And I Always Read Comments!!
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since May 2017
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCL2E..
Youtube Followers- 4,227 . Views Count- 653,121 . Video Count - 70

8. Jazzy Puppet

Jazzy Puppet United States About Youtuber We are a fun, positive puppet show for kids channel that creates family friendly videos for children with fun toy reviews, toy unboxings, and songs. Jazzy Puppet is a kind, sweet girl.
Frequency 5 videos / year
Since Oct 2015
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCiND..
Youtube Followers- 4,724 . Views Count- 1,445,710 . Video Count - 77

9. Hello Doctor Puppet

 Hello Doctor Puppet Brooklyn and the Universe About Youtuber The Doctor Puppet is a handcrafted fan tribute to Doctor Who, lovingly made in New York City. Follow the Doctor Puppet on his animated adventures and learn about the process of stop motion animation.
Frequency 16 videos / year
Since Dec 2012
Channel youtube.com/user/HelloDoctor..
Youtube Followers- 74,488 . Views Count- 3,406,031 . Video Count - 85

10. Lexo TV | Youtube

Lexo TV | Youtube Trinidad and Tobago About Youtuber LEXO TV is a Trinidad and Tobago based film production company that primarily creates innovative puppet film shorts that reflect the diversity of the Caribbean Diaspora.
Frequency 1 video / month
Channel youtube.com/user/rogera43/vi..
Youtube Followers- 183,712 . Views Count- 52,740,897 . Video Count - 118

11. David Quesal

David Quesal About Youtuber Hello there, I am David Quesal and I'm a puppeteer. My primary ensemble of puppets I like to call The Quesal Puppet Troupe (or QPT for short).
Frequency 2 videos / month
Since Dec 2007
Channel youtube.com/user/Quesal/videos
Youtube Followers- 1,691 . Views Count- 1,481,331 . Video Count - 529

12. Nikolai Zykov | Youtube

Nikolai Zykov | Youtube Nikolai Zykov Theatre About Youtuber Welcome to the magic world of puppet art. I create, design and make my puppets by myself. Each of my puppet was created with the use of new materials and technologies and includes unique design solutions.
Frequency 1 video / month
Channel youtube.com/user/01SPORF/..
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 249,405 . Video Count - 440

13. Puppet - Minecraft Roleplay Series

Puppet - Minecraft Roleplay Series About Youtuber Welcome to the wacky and crazy adventures of Puppet and Bonbon! Minecraft Roleplay series! We are out to test out our science and magical experiments out on the world and find some creepy and strange things along the way there!
Frequency 5 videos / week
Since Jul 2017
Channel youtube.com/channel/UC1Ln..
Youtube Followers- 180,050 . Views Count- 19,221,526 . Video Count - 424

14. Snuff Puppets

Snuff Puppets Footscray, Melbourne About Youtuber Snuff Puppets from Melbourne, Australia is a big, brute and anarchic puppet troupe. Unashamedly hand-made and experimental in a world fixated on perfection and mass-production, Snuff Puppets make visceral performance that breaks down the distance between audience and performer.
Frequency 7 videos / year
Since May 2007
Channel youtube.com/user/snuffpuppet..
Youtube Followers- 137,901 . Views Count- 76,712,362 . Video Count - 32

15. Puppet Strings

Puppet Strings Missouri, USA About Youtuber Hello puppets~! It's your friendly neighborhood noodle here, I specialize in entertainment general, Whether it's a vlog, speedpaint, funny compilation or a terrible acapella; Expect it here!
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since Jun 2016
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCsQe..
Youtube Followers- 33,500 . Views Count- 2,550,455 . Video Count - 62

16. The Muppets | Youtube

The Muppets | Youtube US About Youtuber Welcome to Disney The Muppets' official YouTube channel. This channel is home to the world's most beloved group of puppets: Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, Animal, Beaker, The Swedish Chef, and all of your other favorite Muppet characters.
Frequency 1 video / month
Channel youtube.com/user/MuppetsStud..
Youtube Followers- 728,987 . Views Count- 362,022,276 . Video Count - 277

17. Puppet Bunch

Puppet Bunch About Youtuber The Puppet channel, a baby einstein style puppet show for babies and toddlers featuring baby einstein videos and the puppet bunch videos, please subscribe for regular puppet videos which teach your young child colours, numbers, letters and much much more. this puppet channel is an educational channel for babies and toddlers.
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since May 2014
Channel youtube.com/user/iamhewhohas..
Youtube Followers- 18,844 . Views Count- 1,019,158 . Video Count - 209

18. Fuzzy Puppet

Fuzzy Puppet About Youtuber Family Videos and toy reviews is what this channel is all about. Fuzzy Puppet reviews and shows you how to play with cool kid toys such as Lego, Disney, Frozen and Surprise Eggs. Play-doh and Hello Kitty videos are featured on this family-friendly channel. You and your whole family will love our kids toys videos and toy demonstrations.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Apr 2015
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCG3o..
Youtube Followers- 233,580 . Views Count- 174,818,200 . Video Count - 185

19. Sock Puppet Parody | Youtube

Sock Puppet Parody | Youtube Dallas, Texas About Youtuber Sock Puppet Parody creates music videos of iconic bands featuring their undergarments.
Frequency 3 videos / year
Channel youtube.com/user/SockPuppetP..
Youtube Followers- 143,565 . Views Count- 10,929,928 . Video Count - 38

20. Awkward Puppets

Awkward Puppets About Youtuber Created by Rudy Mancuso, these are the hilarious Awkward Puppets' best videos.
Since Oct 2015
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCQG4..
Youtube Followers- 929,498 . Views Count- 80,532,781 . Video Count - 54

21. Professor Puppet

Professor Puppet About Youtuber Videos by everyone's favorite Big Thinker, Professor Hans Von Puppet - Nerdy stuff, Sexy stuff, and MORE. Hans loves to meet people, vlog, teach, and entertain.
Since Jun 2010
Channel youtube.com/user/ProfessorPu..
Youtube Followers- 54,224 . Views Count- 4,777,629 . Video Count - 455

22. Pip The Puppet

Pip The Puppet About Youtuber Hello there! Welcome to my awesome YouTube Channel! I am Pip The Puppet, a very curious creature who loves to explore the world with my trusty sidekick - Helping Hands. Here you can find videos about science, crafts, cooking, fun facts and surprises!
Since Jun 2016
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCadA..
Youtube Followers- 2,750 . Views Count- 520,973 . Video Count - 42

23. The Tucson Puppet Lady | Youtube

The Tucson Puppet Lady | Youtube Tucson, AZ United States About Youtuber Puppets can do so much more than humans can. The best part of puppets is that they usually make people laugh, or at least smile. We like that. Keep up with what's happening with The Tucson Puppet Lady. Videos about making puppets, puppet events and entertainment and more.
Frequency 14 videos / year
Channel youtube.com/user/TheTucsonPu..
Youtube Followers- 1,310 . Views Count- 308,395 . Video Count - 135

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