Top 60 Programming Influencers in 2023

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Looking for Programming influencers for your outreach campaign or for collaboration to promote your brand or product? Our Programming Influencers list is what you need. When ranking these Programming influencers, we’ve considered not just their following, but also engagement, as well as overall influence in the Programming space.Learn more

Programming Influencers

Here are Top 60 Programming Influencers

1. Laura Medalia

Bio engineering @ instagram NYCtech - career tips - fashion: hello@codergirl.coInstagram Handle @codergirl_Instagram Followers 69.3K

2. Estefannie

Bio i want to do cuz its fun. it's fun to do rad things.Instagram Handle @estefannieggInstagram Followers 68.2KWebsite

3. Brandy Morgan

Bio I’ll NEVER DM you about crypto ⚡️ Owner of Morgan, Digital Agency ⚡️ Featured in Glamour & Money ⚡️ 8+ yrs web dev & marketingInstagram Handle @msbrandymorganInstagram Followers 51.6KWebsite

4. Bojan Novakovic

Bio Learn how to design an app with meInstagram Handle @bojanovakovicInstagram Followers 64.5KWebsite

5. Tiffany

Bio Tech | Coding | Career‍Programmer && DevRel partnerships@tiffintech.com250k+ YouTube | 180k+ TikTokInstagram Handle @tiffintechInstagram Followers 212.5KWebsite

6. Nicholas Olsen

Bio #graphicdesigner | #youtuber | #christian | Game Dev | #Artist | | #fullstackdeveloperInstagram Handle @fullsnack_developerInstagram Followers 36.9K

7. Sasha Tran

Bio cozy desk setup • wfh • gamer ☾ ˚ ⋆✉️ collab •⁣☀️ las vegas • linksInstagram Handle @sasha.codesInstagram Followers 58.2KWebsite

8. Michael Zaletskyi

Bio → Explain web development in easy way→ Sharing my favourite resources#javascript #frontend #fullstack Toronto, CanadaInstagram Handle @zaletskyiInstagram Followers 42.5KWebsite

9. Aivars Meijers

Bio Indie/Freelance iOS Dev Building startups and sharing insightsI don't use Telegram or WhatsApp, etc. All the contacts are in the linkInstagram Handle @aivars_meijersInstagram Followers 96.8KWebsite

10. Ela

Bio 2nd accnt: @elareviewit ‍Latina | Women in tech!‍♀️Engineering lead Believe in yourself, dream big, never stop!✨ Building a Devs community!Instagram Handle @codepower.ioInstagram Followers 43.5KWebsite

11. Samantha Ming

Bio JS, HTML, CSS‍ Front End Developer Find More Code Tidbits (click link)Instagram Handle @samanthamingInstagram Followers 34.3KWebsite

12. John Martin

Bio Freelance developer @martinsoft‍ Host @meetupandcode Life of a developer London.All my linksInstagram Handle @martinsoftInstagram Followers 45.8KWebsite

13. Jens

Bio I hack sh*t togetherI’m a web developer & designer☝️‍ Creator of @youtubedld Let me help you outInstagram Handle @jens.codesInstagram Followers 33.3KWebsite

14. Jakob Wolitzki

Bio Co-Founder at @deltologic | I can build you software and automation for marketplaces - Amazon / Walmart / Shopify ✨ ✉️Instagram Handle @jakobowskyInstagram Followers 95.6KWebsite

15. Jelena

Bio UI/UX Designer & Frontend Developer #webdevelopment #javascript #webdesign #webflowInstagram Handle @plavookacInstagram Followers 32.7K

16. Hitesh Choudhary

Bio Restarted my learning journeyInstagram Handle @hiteshchoudharyofficialInstagram Followers 73KWebsite

17. Marie

Bio ‍ NLP Research Developer ~ sharing BTS of starting my career ‍ M.Sc.A Machine Learning‍ BEng. Software Engineering Hindi · FR · ENGInstagram Handle @girlknowstechInstagram Followers 63.7KWebsite

18. Milly Berst

Bio ‍Fullstack Web Developer • Freelancer based*ONLY account, I am NOT an Investor *Need a webdevelopment ⬇️✉ milly@millyberst.comInstagram Handle @millywebdeveloperInstagram Followers 40.7KWebsite

19. Morgan

Bio taking a breakInstagram Handle @morgan.codesInstagram Followers 47.7K

20. Martin

Bio • Father • Washington • Does your iOS App have thisInstagram Handle @martin_lasekInstagram Followers 24.6KWebsite

21. Dhanish Gajjar

Bio WIP HumanDeveloper @revievedev@buildupdevs w/ @_clarkioInstagram Handle @dhanishgajjarInstagram Followers 27.1KWebsite

22. Luna

Bio From to Email : coding.luna@gmail.comInstagram Handle @coding.woman.dzInstagram Followers 29K

23. Richard

Bio UI/UX Designer Front End Developer made in ItalyInstagram Handle @richardbusatoInstagram Followers 19.5KWebsite

24. Özge K

Bio Solutions Architect @amazonwebservices Tech & Travel & Coffee NL ozgewhocodes@gmail.comOpinions & posts are not representative of any employerInstagram Handle @ozgewhocodesInstagram Followers 43.7KWebsite

25. Laura Coughlan

Bio ‍Spreading the UX ❤️LondonOoh some special stuff in here ⬇️Instagram Handle @uxdiamondInstagram Followers 21KWebsite

26. Alina

Bio ‍♀️Programmer • GamerNerd Lifestyle • Videogames • PlayStationGermany⤵️Contact:Instagram Handle @alinas.viewInstagram Followers 22.7KWebsite

27. Edouard

Bio ‍♂️ Turning ideas into apps since 2015 Full Time Indie iOS Dev since 2018 Vision: live free⚒ Follow the journey ‍#indiedev #iosdev #codingInstagram Handle @edouard_iosdevInstagram Followers 26.2KWebsite

28. Yael

Bio 🎯 Daily UI/UX showcaseUI/UX designer passionate about creating beautiful, user-centered experiences. 🎨✨ #UIUXdesigner #designthinkingInstagram Handle @iamnotmypixelsInstagram Followers 292

29. Johna Rutz

Bio Software Architect at Credera, amateur gardener, and coffee enthusiast; raised in Alaska, working in Texas. Questions ⤵️Instagram Handle @jonesdoeslifeInstagram Followers 18.4KWebsite

30. Abi

Bio Daily writings and curated findings around programming & tech for the curious mind. Tools, hacks & more.Instagram Handle @forgoodcodeInstagram Followers 1.4M

31. Stacy

Bio Switched Careers > from 0 to SDE at Amazon ✨Help you get a job in tech ⬇️ Income Mastery Waiting ListPR: codemyjourney@gmail.comInstagram Handle @codemyjourneyInstagram Followers 224.9KWebsite

32. Adriennetacke

Bio • Free Agent Dev / DevRel • Author • Instructor • Technologist at ❤️ • #AdrienneWroteACodingBookForKids •Instagram Handle @adriennetackeInstagram Followers 17.2KWebsite

33. Holly Boothroyd

Bio @Microsoft Engineer II | ✈ Getting Womxn into TECH + landing PROMOS! Advice, resources, life, & opportunities Visit for more goodies!Instagram Handle @herhelloworldInstagram Followers 86KWebsite

34. Richard

Bio I'm Richard From Leeds U.KFollow my other account @richardlearnsInstagram Handle @richardcodesInstagram Followers 16.9K

35. Marcus Michaels

Bio Senior Product Engineer @zeroheighthq Founder @thisismodest Married @charlottemichaelsxInstagram Handle @marcusmichaelsInstagram Followers 14.4KWebsite

36. Al Biruni

Bio . I create contents about front-end dev . I can help you to learn code better . DM me for tutoring . Get your own .XYZ domain now!Instagram Handle @birunidevInstagram Followers 12.4KWebsite

37. Ed

Bio I do the computas Fox owner @mtrill soulmateInstagram Handle @developedbyedInstagram Followers 20.2KWebsite

38. Franz Esco

Bio Functional and Creative Designs UI UX • No Code Dev☕ Design • Tech • Life More hereInstagram Handle @franzescodesignsInstagram Followers 16.6KWebsite

39. Jamal Errakibi

Bio ‍ • I teach programming using illustrations, Analogies, Stories & ExamplesInstagram Handle @coder.journeyInstagram Followers 40.9KWebsite

40. Duanecreates

Bio I design & build software for businesses Bootstrapping SaaS startups Passionate about tech & digital business Let's connectInstagram Handle @duanecreatesInstagram Followers 15.5KWebsite

41. Shreya

Bio ‍ Product Manager @microsoft Bringing you along my adventures and learnings through tech & travel✉️ Collabcodewithshreya@gmail.comInstagram Handle @codewithshreyaInstagram Followers 34.7KWebsite

42. Haley Hamer

Bio COMING SOONdreams and dedication are a powerful combinationInstagram Handle @data.dreamerInstagram Followers 71

43. Sam

Bio Machine Learning Lead by day > Data Science teacher at ladycode za> YouTuberSubscribeInstagram Handle @samzee_codesInstagram Followers 11.2KWebsite

44. Alen

Bio • I Help You Ace Your Next Frontend Developer Interview✨ • Land your Dream job • Download FREE Interview Questions & Answers PDFInstagram Handle @alenvarazdinacInstagram Followers 29KWebsite

45. Ayush

Bio Developer ‍ | Traveller ✈Travel with me @ayushkastic Subscribe me at Youtube for Project based learningInstagram Handle @theindiandevInstagram Followers 33KWebsite

46. Sourena Dev

Bio -> the account has brrn moved to @selfmadecodersInstagram Handle @sourenadevInstagram Followers 87Website

47. Tringa

Bio ‍ @Microsoft Engineer PragueInstagram Handle @tringacodesInstagram Followers 33.7KWebsite

48. Geraldine

Bio I'm a Psychologist who codes | SELF-TAUGHT Digital Nomad ReactJS Developer @ameliavirtualcare Email for businessInstagram Handle @chicacodeInstagram Followers 186.2KWebsite

49. Shaun

Bio #netninja | Coding tutorials up for Net Ninja Pro for all Udemy & exclusive courses:Instagram Handle @thenetninjaInstagram Followers 12.7KWebsite

50. Debonairdiana

Bio Nonprofit things @codingincolor Software Engineer / Social Entrepreneur PHOENIX AZInstagram Handle @debonairdianaInstagram Followers 3.4KWebsite

51. Naz Delam

Bio Engineer - Leader - Career Coach - International Speaker.Thoughts & ObservationsInstagram Handle @naz.delamInstagram Followers 2.4KWebsite

52. Wissam

Bio Code, coffee, and a bunch of kids Engineering Leadership❤️ Husband | Dad DM for questions & collab Montreal BlogInstagram Handle @designingforscaleInstagram Followers 2.4KWebsite

53. Isabela

Bio ♀️ #STEMinist | MSc | Power to empower✨ The stylish side of ❤️ Java☕ Backend DevOpsCurrent challenge: Consistency Foodie @my.fitchoiceInstagram Handle @the.girlwhocodesInstagram Followers 909

54. Darlene

Bio PhD, Computer ScienceCEO @dbatticstudios Muse Ambassador Subscribe to my YouTube channel!Instagram Handle @darlenecodesInstagram Followers 12KWebsite