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Physical Education Youtube Channels

1. Joey Feith

Joey Feith Canada About Youtuber is an online professional development resource for physical educators. Our mission is to help you become the best physical education teacher you can be.
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since May 2010
Youtube Followers- 14,500 . Views Count- 1,582,172 . Video Count - 90

2. Adapted Physical Activity

Adapted Physical Activity About Youtuber This channel is all about Adapted Physical Education Activities and Games for individuals with and without disabilities.
Frequency 8 videos / week
Since Nov 2006
Youtube Followers- 13,700 . Views Count- 1,949,889 . Video Count - 1,021

3. FlagHouse Activity Channel

FlagHouse Activity Channel Hasbrouck Heights NJ About Youtuber We talk to Physical Education and Recreation experts to find new and interesting games and activities using great FlagHouse products.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Sep 2016
Youtube Followers- 5,310 . Views Count- 452,141 . Video Count - 168

4. About Youtuber This YouTube Channel is dedicated to OPEN professional development for physical education professionals.
Frequency 3 videos / month
Since Apr 2015
Youtube Followers- 2,410 . Views Count- 88,817 . Video Count - 113

5. Coach Gelardi

Coach Gelardi US About Youtuber Welcome to the world of Physical Education! As an Elementary Physical Educator teacher for over 15 years, I have learned many tips, strategies, and resources that help students strengthen their physical health and fitness while working in a safe learning environment. I taught PE in classrooms, hallways, playgrounds, and gyms. I wanted to create videos that would help Physical Education teachers teach at a highly effective way no matter the setting they worked in.
Frequency 1 video / month
Since Mar 2014
Youtube Followers- 676 . Views Count- 61,695 . Video Count - 41

6. Adapted Physical Education Channel

Adapted Physical Education Channel California About Youtuber This Channel was created to help parents, educators and students with disabilities further advance and practice locomotor and gross motor skills. The 'Adapted P.E. Channel' goal is through video lessons, video's on progression of skills, and possible modification to general physical education classes, to better meet the needs of individual students with disabilities.
Frequency 1 video / month
Since Nov 2013
Youtube Followers- 2,380 . Views Count- 266,431 . Video Count - 64

7. Sparksandiego

Sparksandiego United States About Youtuber SPARK strives to improve the health of children, adolescents, and adults by disseminating evidence-based Physical Education, After School, Early Childhood, and Coordinated School Health programs to teachers and recreation leaders serving Pre-K through 12th grade students.
Since Nov 2008
Youtube Followers- 2,500 . Views Count- 1,127 . Video Count - 6

8. Carl Condliffe

Carl Condliffe Wellington, New Zealand About Youtuber This channel is where I share all of my Physical Education and Health flipped videos. The flipped classroom is a reversed teaching model that delivers instruction at home through interactive, teacher created videos and moves 'homework' tasks to the classroom. Moving the traditional lesson outside of the classroom allows teachers to spend more 1 to 1 time with each student.
Since Jun 2012
Youtube Followers- 876 . Views Count- 175,276 . Video Count - 108

9. Singapore About Youtuber Physical Education with Purpose An online professional learning resource designed to give physical educators all the tools they need to deliver purposeful quality physical education.
Frequency 1 video / year
Since Mar 2015
Youtube Followers- 335 . Views Count- 4,899 . Video Count - 31

10. Sequoia Fitness and Sports Technology

Sequoia Fitness and Sports Technology About Youtuber Sequoia Fitness and Sports Technology (SeqFAST) works in the areas of Sports and Physical Education, Sports Technology and Skill Development.
Frequency 22 videos / year
Since Mar 2017
Youtube Followers- 324 . Views Count- 222,702 . Video Count - 92

11. Spikeball Physical Education

Spikeball Physical Education About Youtuber This is a channel where P.E. teachers can view and share how they use Spikeball in their classes. We will post modifications, stories, and successes of Spikeball all over the physical education world.
Since May 2018
Youtube Followers- 87 . Views Count- 10,012 . Video Count - 34

12. Providence Day Physical Education

Providence Day Physical Education About Youtuber Providence Day Physical Education channel features all about Physical Education.
Since Aug 2016
Youtube Followers- 10 . Views Count- 8,609 . Video Count - 352