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Philippines Youtube Channels


Welcome to Kaycee & Rachel's Family Channel! We will be uploading lots of videos here like vacation vlogs, DIY, challenges, birthdays, etc!
6.2Msubscribers 92.1K 2 videos / quarter ⋅ Mar 2018 Get Email Contact

CNN Philippines

CNN Philippines CNN Philippines provides first-class news and information drawing on the strength and worldwide newsgathering power of CNN, and the local perspective and expertise of Nine Media Corporation. It offers Filipino viewers a global perspective on key issues and trending stories from around the world, together with in-depth local coverage.
1.2Msubscribers 2.8M 1.8M 225.9K 30 videos / week ⋅ Mar 2015 Get Email Contact

Panlasang Pinoy

Panlasang Pinoy US
Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy! My name is Vanjo Merano. I am Filipino Information Technology professional working in the United States. As a huge fan of the Filipino way of cooking, it is my goal to share with you and rest of the world what Filipino dishes are and how they are prepared. I want Filipino Food to be noticed, known, tasted, and enjoyed by the rest of the world.
2.5Msubscribers 330K 3 videos / month ⋅ Mar 2009 Get Email Contact


DZMM Philippines
Follow us to keep up with videos from DZMM.
518Ksubscribers 963.5K 1.5M 1.5M 30 videos / day ⋅ Jan 2016 Get Email Contact

A Foreigner in the Philippines

A Foreigner in the Philippines Philippines
A Foreigner in the Philippines channel is about leading an adventurous life in the simplest way.
245Ksubscribers 454 16 videos / week ⋅ Oct 2011 Get Email Contact

Village People Philippines

Village People Philippines Philippines
Village People Philippines is a channel created by a group of Filipinos to present to the World, what is real everyday life for many Filipino people.
168Ksubscribers 6 videos / week ⋅ Apr 2018 Get Email Contact


PhillyinthePhilippines Philippines
Welcome to 'PhillyinthePhilippines'. My name is Brian and my wife's name is Luisa, the channel is about our adventure when we move to the Philippines.
102Ksubscribers 3 videos / week ⋅ Jun 2015 Get Email Contact

Hour Philippines TV

Hour Philippines TV Hour Philippines TV is your essential guide to unforgettable food, travel and nightlife adventures in the Philippines and beyond.
52.9Ksubscribers 24.4K 39 1.1K 3 videos / week ⋅ Oct 2010 Get Email Contact

A Foreigner Farming in the Philippines

A Foreigner Farming in the Philippines Philippines
At A Foreigner Farming in the Philippines you will get information about farming.
38.4Ksubscribers 2 videos / day ⋅ Sep 2015 Get Email Contact

Air Rifle Hobbies Philippines

Air Rifle Hobbies Philippines Philippines
At Air Rifle Hobbies Philippines you will get information about hunting, camping, hiking, and sports activities.
92Ksubscribers 2 videos / week ⋅ Jan 2012 Get Email Contact

My Philippine Journey

My Philippine Journey At My Philippine Journey, I share my experiences here in the Philippines. In my latest adventures, I take a motorcycle journey to major cities and key points in the Visayas. The islands I toured are Guimaras, Panay, Negros, Cebu, Mactan, Bohol, and Panglao.
31.7Ksubscribers 1 video / day ⋅ Apr 2014 Get Email Contact

Amazing Philippines

Amazing Philippines Philippines
On the Amazing Philippines, you will get useful information and some videos about life in the Philippines. It is all about Renting, buying, shopping, scams and having fun.
40Ksubscribers 5 videos / week ⋅ Jan 2016 Get Email Contact

My PI Dream

My PI Dream Philippines
Ever thought about moving to the Philippines, learning the culture, building a house, and just about anything else you might want to know about living there? Share our experiences doing just that! Great DIY, How To and Tips!
56Ksubscribers 3 videos / month ⋅ Feb 2016 Get Email Contact

My Life In Metro Manila

 My Life In Metro Manila Philippines
I am Joseph and in My Life In Metro Manila, you will find videos of my lifestyle.
68.7Ksubscribers 3.7K 1 video / month ⋅ Jun 2013 Get Email Contact

A Brit in the Philippines

A Brit in the Philippines Philippines
I am Chris Wren and at A Brit in the Philippines, I will be posting videos that hopefully describe my Journey from Nottingham England to the Philippines and all the good and bad thing I encounter.
24.6Ksubscribers 837 4 videos / week ⋅ Nov 2013 Get Email Contact


Spot.ph Manila, Philippines
Spot.ph is your One-Stop Urban Lifestyle Guide to the Best of Manila.
14.6Ksubscribers 1.1M 154.3K 120.5K 2 videos / week ⋅ Apr 2014 Get Email Contact

Retiring in Paradise

Retiring in Paradise Dipolog, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines
Sharing our adventures and how to retire in South East Asia. Also covers ideas/info and some kind of inspiration to those who wish to retire in a country that could give a more comfortable lifestyle with its lower cost of living and a more attractive environment.
13.1Ksubscribers 560 2 1 video / week ⋅ Nov 2019 Get Email Contact

Philo in the Philippines

Philo in the Philippines Philippines
Philo in the Philippines channel is about expat family life here in Metro Manila.
7.9Ksubscribers 1 video / day ⋅ Sep 2007 Get Email Contact

The Philippine Experience

The Philippine Experience Philippine
The Philippine Experience will bring you the sights and sounds of the Philippines into your home. On this channel, we will try and keep you updated on the most current news and happenings in the Philippines as Sha and I travel the Archipelago.
22.7Ksubscribers 288 1 video / week ⋅ Nov 2011 Get Email Contact

Reynalyn Jainga

Reynalyn Jainga Philippines
Reynalyn Jainga is about the daily life of Davao in the Philippines. Join me on my journey as I share my experiences of life in the Philippines with the rest of the world
10.3Ksubscribers 4 videos / week ⋅ Jun 2017 Get Email Contact

Jack Northrup

Jack Northrup Philippines.
Jack Northrup channel is dedicated to life and fun in the Philippines. Videos range from immigration information to and view on different cultural aspects of life here to our home craft projects and playing in the street. I love making the videos and do it in an entertaining manner when appropriate.
19.9Ksubscribers 1.7K 1 video / quarter ⋅ Apr 2010 Get Email Contact

UCnian Freedom Board

UCnian Freedom Board Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
This is UCnian Freedom Board where you can share your life stories, problems, love story or whatever experiences you have that you wanted to talk to.
38.9Ksubscribers 409.1K 211 3 videos / week ⋅ Mar 2017 Get Email Contact


rcestudios My name is RG Enriquez. I'm a cook and a purveyor of both traditionally vegan and veganized Filipino recipes.
33.6Ksubscribers 20.2K 5 videos / month ⋅ Jul 2013 Get Email Contact

Riding Nomads in the Philippines

Riding Nomads in the Philippines Philippines
Riding Nomads in the Philippines channel offers different playlist, from Islands, Cities, to Vlogs and Road trips. And we show you the Philippines from different angles and through different eyes.
2.6Ksubscribers 753 3 videos / week ⋅ Nov 2014 Get Email Contact

Pinoy Fitness

Pinoy Fitness Philippines
PINOYFITNESS is a web-based community of athletes and fitness enthusiasts of different levels of experience and from all walks of life.
3.2Ksubscribers 262K 11.6K 29.9K 2 videos / week ⋅ Jun 2014 Get Email Contact


8List Philippines
8List.ph is a groundbreaking and award-winning digital publication that appeals to a new generation of Filipinos. It is your daily dose of entertaining lists.
8.3Ksubscribers 580.9K 2.2K 4 videos / month ⋅ Jul 2012 Get Email Contact

Toma Sessions

Toma Sessions Philippines
This channel has bartending content, from tutorials to inspirational sessions.
8.4Ksubscribers 3 videos / week ⋅ Mar 2010 Get Email Contact

Living in the Pacific

Living in the Pacific Philippines
An American expat and his Filipina wife, living in the Philippines since 2013. We are 'Discovering Samar - Before Others Do!' bringing you a straight forward and sometimes humorous perspective of everyday life.Living in the Pacific is about documenting and capturing the unspoiled natural beauty of the islands while enjoying life's most simple pleasures.
3.4Ksubscribers 49 1 video / week ⋅ Aug 2011 Get Email Contact


Parutangel Philippines
Parutangel is about Food at Restaurants, Cafes, and Street Food in the Philippines mainly.
3.1Ksubscribers 1 video / day ⋅ Sep 2017 Get Email Contact

Philippine Tatler

Philippine Tatler Makati, Philippines
PhilippineTatler takes you behind the scenes and reveals the fascinating lives and stories of influential people in business, culture, society, and sporting life of the Philippines.
6.6Ksubscribers 2 33.7K 2 videos / month ⋅ Aug 2013 Get Email Contact

Filipina Tiger Eyes

Filipina Tiger Eyes Philippines
I am a Dental Nurse who loves all things that are gold.
1.8Ksubscribers 4 videos / week ⋅ Mar 2015 Get Email Contact

DFA Philippines

DFA Philippines Philippines
Welcome to the official YouTube channel of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Republic of the Philippines.It promotes and protects Philippine Interests in the Global Community.
2.6Ksubscribers 803.4K 138K 1 video / week ⋅ Oct 2011 Get Email Contact


megabites.com.ph Philippines
www.megabites.com.ph is your one-stop-shop for everything techy and gastronomic. It caters to this generation's innate desire to know the latest in technology and the most raved-about in the food scene.
1.2Ksubscribers 3 videos / week ⋅ Nov 2014 Get Email Contact

Myke Soon

Myke Soon Philippines
This is the channel where you get updates on tech and lifestyle. Join me as I grow this channel. Hope you guys enjoy the contents I put up.
2.5Ksubscribers 2 videos / month ⋅ May 2017 Get Email Contact

Jam Aurellano

Jam Aurellano Philippines
On this channel, you will find videos on LIFE, HEALTH, SKIN CARE, TRAVEL, TUTORIAL, MUSIC, and more.
5.4Ksubscribers 107 1 video / quarter ⋅ Sep 2018 Get Email Contact

Philippine Islands Adventure Pinay Expat

Philippine Islands Adventure Pinay Expat This channel is to explore the tropical and natural vibrant beauty of the Philippine Islands along with their cheerful, smiling, outgoing inhabitants and it's warm, friendly culture and lifestyles.
177 2 videos / day ⋅ Mar 2013 Get Email Contact

Anj Love01

Anj Love01 Philippines.
Hi, I am a Filipina living in the Philippines. On my channel I will feature and be able to immortalize Easy, Simple to-do Home Cooking ( that is either my personal recipes and/or Moms' and the rest of my family as we also share our love for food), Food and Restaurants (review, mukbang or eat-out), Travels and some interesting places, Journey and activities with family and friends.
1.4Ksubscribers 1 video / week ⋅ Aug 2016 Get Email Contact

Island Hopping in the Philippines

Island Hopping in the Philippines Philippines
Follow us to know more on the Philippines from Island Hopping in the Philippines.
521subscribers 1 video / week ⋅ Mar 2015 Get Email Contact

Travel with Dheiy

Travel with Dheiy Philippines
Travel with Dheiy is about traveling around the Philippine and my first step travel is in Mindanao, and I aim to bring you to a place where paradise still exists here in the Philippines.
845subscribers 2 videos / quarter ⋅ Oct 2017 Get Email Contact

Farm In Philippines

Farm In Philippines Philippines
Farm In the Philippines in all about farming and building a house in Negros island in the Philippines.
602subscribers 1 video / year ⋅ Jul 2017 Get Email Contact

Philippines Daily Life

Philippines Daily Life Philippines
Philippines Daily Life is about beauty style and fashion activities.
700 30 videos / year ⋅ Feb 2018 Get Email Contact

Snow TV

Snow TV Philippines
Subscribe to this channel to get more videos.
2 videos / quarter ⋅ Mar 2016 Get Email Contact

Coke Studio Philippines

Coke Studio Philippines Philippines
Coke Studio Philippines you will get to enjoy exclusive videos featuring our artists from their rehearsals and performances, to behind-the-scenes and Q&As, as well as song how-tos. It is a brand new music program that brings artists of different backgrounds and genres together to fuse their music into unique, new Pinoy sounds.
711Ksubscribers 12 videos / quarter ⋅ Mar 2017 Get Email Contact

Smart Pinoy Investor

 Smart Pinoy Investor Philippines
Smart Pinoy Investor gives Tip, tricks and free tutorials for beginners investing in Philippine Stock Market.
97.8Ksubscribers 37.7K 1.5K 4 videos / month ⋅ Oct 2011 Get Email Contact

Real Living Philippines

Real Living Philippines Follow us to keep up with videos on the Philippines from Real Living Philippines.
38.5Ksubscribers 1 video / year ⋅ May 2014 Get Email Contact

A Foreigner's Wife in the Philippines

A Foreigner's Wife in the Philippines A Foreigner's Wife in the Philippines will showcase ordinary life in the Philippines with views of Filipina -Foreigner relationship topics.
24.8Ksubscribers 2 videos / year ⋅ Apr 2018 Get Email Contact

Bride and Breakfast

Bride and Breakfast Philippines
Bride and Breakfast is a wedding resource committed to style, taste and beauty. We feature the most stylish, gorgeous and magazine-worthy weddings in the Metro, tapping the crème-de-la-crème of wedding suppliers (both seasoned and upcoming), and showcasing inspiring ideas that can help make your wedding fashionably chic and character-filled.
10.3Ksubscribers 333.7K 196.5K 1 video / year ⋅ Jul 2015 Get Email Contact

Martha Sta. Barbara

Martha Sta. Barbara Philippines
Martha Sta. Barbara gives you aily beauty dose.
10Ksubscribers 36K 4.7K 32.5K 6 videos / year ⋅ Aug 2011 Get Email Contact

Sparkle Thea

Sparkle Thea My channel is all about DIY,SLIME,VLOG,CHALLENGES, Lifestyle ,Mukbang anyway just please subscribe to my channel & lets all learn & have fun together i will give you also some fun and useful tips #sparklethea
3.8Ksubscribers 3 videos / year ⋅ Nov 2018 Get Email Contact

This is Our Philippines!

This is Our Philippines! Philippines
We are a simple family living in the northern provinces of the Philippines. We would like to take you along on our adventures as we go about our daily routine. We will share our times at home and those times when we get to travel around. Some exciting, some not so exciting. Just
2.3Ksubscribers 470 10 Get Email Contact

DashCam Diaries Philippines

DashCam Diaries Philippines Philippines
Follow us to keep up with videos from DashCam Diaries Philippines.
1.1Ksubscribers Get Email Contact

Our Philippine Life

Our Philippine Life Philippines
Our Philippine Life is a video diary of my retirement to the Philippine Islands, showing videos of our travels while exploring the Philippines from our home in Batangas, through Luzon Island, and eventually traveling to other islands, like Mindoro, Cebu, Bohol, Boracay, Negros, Palawan, and Mindanao.
2.8Ksubscribers 159 Get Email Contact

Accounting at Iba Pa

Accounting at Iba Pa Philippines
Follow to get updates from this channel in your inbox.
2.9Ksubscribers 1 video / month ⋅ Nov 2019 Get Email Contact

Philippines Darrell Cheeks

Philippines Darrell Cheeks Philippines
Philippines Darrell Cheeks is about the experience in the Philippines.
1.2Ksubscribers 23 videos / year ⋅ Jul 2011 Get Email Contact


MindanaoBob Davao City, Philippines
Live in the Philippines is a community of many thousands of people who share their experiences and enjoy reading about the experiences of others.
782subscribers Get Email Contact

Gretchen Gatan

Gretchen Gatan Quezon City
My name is Gretchen Gatan and this channel serves as my platform for all things of Beauty and Lifestyle, and occasionally you'll see videos of my travels
2.1Ksubscribers 15.8K 2.8K 21.5K Get Email Contact

Philippine Primer

Philippine Primer Philippines
Philippine Primer will give you an overview on what's new in the Philippines. We're here to be your guide to the newly opened restaurants, in and out of the country travel destinations, and the most happening events.
691subscribers 176.1K 695 2 videos / year ⋅ Jan 2017 Get Email Contact

Anne faz Monroid

Anne faz Monroid We're doing videos of our daily lifestyle and travels. We are Filipino kurdish British couple living in England.
1.6Ksubscribers Get Email Contact

Go Jackie Go

Go Jackie Go Manila, National Capital Region, Philippines
Jackie Go is behind the blog Go Jackie Go. She is a lifestyle blogger from Manila, Philippines. A young mom & homemaker who finds pleasure sharing good things, good news and good vibe
639subscribers 11.8K 3.7K Get Email Contact

MaryK Rebato

MaryK Rebato Chinito Vlogger of the Philippines. Follow to get the latest videos from this channel.
1.3Ksubscribers Get Email Contact

Nomadic Philippines Vlogs

Nomadic Philippines Vlogs Nomadic Philippines Vlogs, we mainly focus on the Philippines but plan to travel to many other countries soon. Stay tuned in for more details.
824subscribers Get Email Contact

Diamond M.

Diamond M. Philippines
Nothing is impossible under the sun. Think dynamic! Cheers!
354subscribers Get Email Contact

Life In The Philippines As I See It

Life In The Philippines As I See It Philippines
My name is Wayne I am in the Philippines. The place I wanted to be and live to make a wonderful life here hopefully. I will post something useful to help others, as others have done for me, so come along follow me as I show you my life in the Philippines and future adventures as I encounter, as I explore the Philippines with this wonderful beautiful woman to me Vilma Nieva.
503 44 Get Email Contact

Experience Philippines

Experience Philippines Experience Philippines Studios is a video library of all the different activities, road trips, hangouts, experiences organized by the first EXPERIENCE company in the country. We are proud to be the first EXPERIENCE platform and marketplace for unique and exciting things to do, to try in the Philippines.
211subscribers 54.5K 284 4.2K Get Email Contact

M. Louise

M. Louise M. Louise shares happy family moments and beautiful places in the Philippines with the world.
3.2Ksubscribers 6.9K Get Email Contact

Yassi & Mommy Krizzel Vlog

Yassi & Mommy Krizzel Vlog Philippines Mom and Daughter Vlog.
435subscribers Get Email Contact

Marjorie Uy

Marjorie Uy Manila, Philippines
Marjorie Uy is a lifestyle blogger from Manila. Vblogs are about wellness, beauty, and technology
2.2K 1.4K 1 video / year ⋅ Jul 2011 Get Email Contact

Bialyn Aquino

Bialyn Aquino Hi guys! Welcome to my YouTube channel. maganda ka diba ? MAG SUBSCRIBE KA! gwapo ka diba? MAG SUBSCRIBE KA! And don't forget to like if nagustuhan mo. Comment if may tanong ka. And share if gusto mong ipaalam sa iba.
240subscribers Get Email Contact

Hannah from the Philippines

Hannah from the Philippines Philippines
Hello I'm Hannah from the Philippines and Hannah from the Philippines explores the beauty of the Philippines!
22subscribers Get Email Contact


Philmeiszter I've always had a curiosity about videos, film making, people who can express their thoughts and sharer of ideas. I created this channel to see if I can improve in the areas of my life that I'm lacking and to see where this takes me. Hopefully, you'll come along with me on my journey. Let's go
15subscribers 1 video / year ⋅ Apr 2020 Get Email Contact

Yua & Jee Yoo

Yua & Jee Yoo Follow to enjoy the videos from Yua & Jee Yoo.
19subscribers 2 Get Email Contact

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Philippines Youtubers

Top Youtubers covering Philippines. Get Spreadsheet.
Youtuber Name Email Subscriber Count Video Views Video Count Youtube Channel Link
CNN Philippines 1.2M 329.2M 3809 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj6spMO3ybZPobE0T5perHA/videos
TeleRadyo 518K 128.6M 3316 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs_VNu-FQ0WcJnD4QkmIL5w/videos
A Foreigner in the Philippines 245K 125.7M 2648 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt9BTGSxATM6axwfTY4KnEg/videos
A Foreigner Farming in the Philippines 38.4K 23.4M 1076 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClCaGenCW0l5kPVUrR3wWmQ/videos
Philippine Islands Adventure Milo USA 77.9K 264 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXNueSVoI9glIMkxqkbLVUw/videos
Reynalyn Jainga 10.3K 3M 263 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnXHi9vPFTfryMHKMmkcUmQ/videos
Village People Philippines 168K 39.3M 260 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCAh-tDKBja88N59E-KwL3g/videos
Filipina Tiger Eyes 1.8K 234.7K 257 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCorx0NL_7DjzzSC1Ywp0c_Q/videos
PhillyinthePhilippines 102K 42.5M 240 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQzpQN0PTfIx1ARe7lL1jXQ/videos
DFA Philippines 2.6K 337.2K 181 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR1TNyQRJPiaSNu9cezMsCQ/videos
Spot.ph 14.6K 7M 169 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQLdrnmf9LjedL9NimeGWpQ/videos
Retiring in Paradise 13.1K 3.4M 169 https://www.youtube.com/c/RetiringinParadise/videos
Tom and Ruth Philippine Adventures 151 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDQ2M--Pc_L6kdZCDw7kjYw/videos
UCnian Freedom Board 38.9K 1.1M 151 https://www.youtube.com/c/UCnianFreedomBoard/videos
Air Rifle Hobbies Philippines 92K 9.1M 146 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa9UggjpsiriqY-AF9Is9gQ/videos
Amazing Philippines 40K 9.5M 141 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-jq_OD2e2xIcm5RdTrBcNg/videos
Panlasang Pinoy 2.5M 468.2M 137 https://www.youtube.com/user/panlasangpinoy/videos
my philippine journey travel info 31.7K 12.6M 129 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmuD282ivUlcGBzrgEzZLOw/videos
TOM And RUTH ?? Adventures 119 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDQ2M--Pc_L6kdZCDw7kjYw/videos
Philo in the Philippines 7.9K 1.9M 116 https://www.youtube.com/user/philo196542/videos
Hour Philippines TV 52.9K 27.8M 115 https://www.youtube.com/user/lordancheta/videos
Merryjuj-Filipina Indian Couple 113.8K 115 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_nGEYgqzTuyFbHCZELMC2w/videos
Parutangel & Games 3.1K 1.1M 114 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz7Vjudnwh9ao4I8R1hDpLg/videos
A Brit in the Philippines 24.6K 6.8M 103 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCegwghWDySliAEORgjaZqYA/videos
My PI Dream 56K 12.7M 69 https://www.youtube.com/c/MyPIDream/videos
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