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Permaculture RSS Feeds

Here are 80 Best Permaculture RSS Feeds you should follow in 2023

1. The Permaculture Research Institute RSS Feed

The Permaculture Research Institute Australia
Permaculture News, Information, Forums, Courses and Worldwide Reports. The Mission of the Permaculture Research Institute is to work with individuals and communities worldwide, to expand the knowledge and practice of integrated, sustainable agriculture and culture using the whole-systems approach of permaculture design.
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2. Permaculture Apprentice Blog RSS Feed

Permaculture Apprentice Blog
Changing the World One Permaculture Farm at a Time. Hi, my name is William Horvath, the founder of Permaculture Apprentice. My blog focuses on the practical aspects of starting out, demystifying permaculture techniques and deconstructing proven models that made others successful.
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3. Permaculture Association Blog RSS Feed

Permaculture Association Blog London, England, UK
The Permaculture Association is dedicated to supporting an ever growing network of permaculture practitioners, increasing knowledge of permaculture within our society, developing permaculture theory and practice, and building an evidence base that supports this.
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4. Permaculture NZ Blog RSS Feed

Permaculture NZ Blog New Zealand
Permaculture is a system of conscious design that mimics the patterns and relationships of nature to provide for local human needs. It can be applied to anything from growing food on an apartment balcony to managing a broadscale farm to designing an industrial process to running a community economic development project.
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5. Deep Green Permaculture Blog RSS Feed

Deep Green Permaculture Blog Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Connecting People to Nature, Empowering People to Live Sustainably. We're an educational website, and on this site you'll find lots of practical information and easy to follow DIY (do-it-yourself) instructional guides on a wide range of topics.
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6. Pip Magazine RSS Feed

Pip Magazine Australia
An Australian permaculture magazine about sustainable living. Pip magazine is filled with ideas, and inspiration to grow yourself, in the garden and in life.
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7. Temperate Climate Permaculture Blog RSS Feed

Temperate Climate Permaculture Blog
A single source on gardening, farming, homesteading, and self-sufficiency using Permaculture principles designed for temperate climates.
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8. High Sierra Permaculture | Permaculture Blog for the DIY and Professional Permaculture Practitioner RSS Feed

High Sierra Permaculture | Permaculture Blog for the DIY and Professional Permaculture Practitioner California, US
DIY and Professional Permaculture blog to help homesteaders, farmers, permaculture practitioners and more integrate permaculture into their lives and land.
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9. Permaculture Australia RSS Feed

Permaculture Australia
Permaculture Australia is a member-based, not-for-profit organization that promotes and advocates for permaculture ideas, solutions and strategies across Australia and the world.
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10. Permaculture Project Blog RSS Feed

Permaculture Project Blog
The Permaculture Project LLC provides education, design, and consulting worldwide. Services for landowners, businesses, educators & more. Founded in 2001 by Wayne Weiseman, The Permaculture Project LLC seeks to harmonize and stabilize the relationship between human and ecological systems.
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11. Milkwood Blog RSS Feed

Milkwood Blog Tasmania, Australia
Permaculture skills, stories, how-to guides & inspiration. Milkwood is a social enterprise dedicated to teaching good stuff. They thrive on sharing practical skills and knowledge that can help individuals and communities move towards a mode of living that's ethical, abundant, and deeply hands-on.
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12. Our Permaculture Life RSS Feed

Our Permaculture Life Conondale, Queensland, Australia
Morag Gamble blogs about permaculture in the home, garden and community. Her mission is to share experiences of living a low-impact permaculture way of life and work in an ecovillage.
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13. Redemption Permaculture Blog RSS Feed

Redemption Permaculture Blog
Covers articles about permaculture principles and practice applied to homesteading, gardening, self-sufficiency, and sustainability.
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14. Tenth Acre Farm | Permaculture for the Suburbs RSS Feed

Tenth Acre Farm | Permaculture for the Suburbs Cincinnati, Ohio, US
The author of the Tenth Acre Farm, Amy, is a teacher turned suburban homesteader. She shares homesteading tips that saves time and money in the garden, kitchen, and home.
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15. Midwest Permaculture Blog RSS Feed

Midwest Permaculture Blog Illinois, US
Midwest Permaculture provides relevant, useful, and inspiring permaculture learning experiences. Our work is to assist in bringing permaculture thinking into mainstream culture. We know it is possible for all humans to live abundantly well while also leaving the planet in better condition because we were here.
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16. Good Life Permaculture Blog RSS Feed

Good Life Permaculture Blog Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Based in Hobart Tasmania, we offer permaculture design services for gardens, community land or smallholdings, as well as sustainability workshops & courses. We're super passionate about facilitating more people to be more active in applying permaculture in their homes and neighbourhoods to regenerate the land, build community and have a GOOD LIFE.
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17. Pīwakawaka Valley Homestead | Permaculture RSS Feed

Pīwakawaka Valley Homestead | Permaculture New Zealand
Permaculture is a system of design and gardening that is quite unique. We are trying to embrace the permaculture principles as best we can and apply them to our little homestead in New Zealand. Follow along with out journey.
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18. Spiralseed RSS Feed

Spiralseed UK
Spiralseed is an independent publishing and educational enterprise founded by Graham Burnett in 2001. We publish books about Permaculture, sell fairly traded teeshirts and run Permaculture courses.
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19. The Desert Echo Blog RSS Feed

The Desert Echo Blog Flemington, New Jersey, US
Melbourne based Permaculture Design. We are passionate about edible home gardens, community gardens, permaculture workshops, furniture design and sustainable architecture.
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20. Permaculture Research PH RSS Feed

Permaculture Research PH permacultureresearchph.blogs.. 
Permaculture Research PH is an independent research initiative composed of students, alumni, faculty, and staff from the University of the Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) and the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) together with support from the Philippine Permaculture Association (PPA) and the Nu Wave Farmers. Our goal is to study and document permaculture designs all over the Philippines.
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21. Gwenfar's Garden and other musings RSS Feed

Gwenfar's Garden and other musings Sheffield, England, UK
This blog is in part a diary of the development of my garden using permaculture principles, and a record of gardens I have visited.
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22. Midcoast Permaculture Articles RSS Feed

Midcoast Permaculture Articles Maine, US
We do landscape design and master planning for home & farm. The mission of Midcoast Permaculture is to help facilitate the rebirth of an ecological culture rooted here in Midcoast Maine.
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23. Fields Without Fences Blog RSS Feed

Fields Without Fences Blog New Jersey, US
Fields Without Fences aspires to restore connection between people and planet through our work as farmers, herbalists, and permaculture consultants. Field Without Fences follows a philosophy of deep ecology rooted in the functionality and balance of natural systems.
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24. Verge Permaculture | Permaculture for Professionals, Innovators and Entrepreneurs RSS Feed

Verge Permaculture | Permaculture for Professionals, Innovators and Entrepreneurs Calgary, Alberta, Canda
Practical and positive design & education creating sustainability through the sensible design of shelter, energy, water, and food systems.
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25. PermaResilience RSS Feed

Bret James help people design and create sustainable, ecologically mindful, and resilient lives, using permaculture, for happiness, health connections, and abundance REGARDLESS of their climate, space, time, or money. DIY and Professional Permaculture blog to help homesteaders, farmers, permaculture practitioners and more integrate permaculture into their lives and land.
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26. The Permaculture Student Blog RSS Feed

The Permaculture Student Blog Austin, Texas, US
Matt Powers is an author, educator, entrepreneur, and family guy focused on radically transforming education everywhere with regenerative science, natural principles, and clear ethics: earth care, people care, and future care. Through Matt's collection of online courses, teacher's guides, textbooks, and workbooks, students can understand collegiate and graduate school concepts, learn how to ethically redesign our world, and even restore and rewild large landscapes, reversing the devastating effects of climate change.
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27. Permaculture Visions RSS Feed

Permaculture Visions
Permaculture Visions is the brainchild, dedicated homesite and teaching project started by April Sampson-Kelly. April started by researching, designing, nurturing, planting, writing, photographing, painting and then teaching permaculture online and face-to-face worldwide in 1993.
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28. Beyondbuckthorns Blog RSS Feed

Beyondbuckthorns Blog
Learn about sustainable and eco-friendly gardening and farming techniques in our Permaculture blog. Join our journey towards a permaculture paradise & homestead in Finland.
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29. Permaculture Sydney Institute RSS Feed

Permaculture Sydney Institute permaculturesydneyinstitute... 
Permaculture Sydney Institute is Sydney's leading Permaculture and sustainable learning Centre. It provides cutting edge Permaculture courses, workshops, inspirational experiences and quality information and training. Stay up to date with the latest news and updates on our courses, farms and more!
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30. Holmgren Design RSS Feed

Holmgren Design
From its origins as a consultancy business, Holmgren Design has evolved over the years to include education, publishing and related activities to extend and deepen the understanding and application of permaculture ethics and design principles. Keep up to date with the latest news and updates on permaculture with us,
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31. Santa Cruz Permaculture RSS Feed

Santa Cruz Permaculture
Resources, news and articles in support of bioregional community resilience. Check back here regularly to see our latest blog posts. Santa Cruz Permaculture provides courses, consulting, and farming for a thriving, just and sustainable world.
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32. Paperpot Blog RSS Feed

Paperpot Blog
Farm tools that increase productivity. Paperpot Co is the source for paper pot transplanters, microgreen trays, Jang seeders, and other time and labor-saving tools. We created Paperpot Co. to help get Paperpot technology into the hands of farmers affordably. We wanted to help new and existing growers make the best use of this and other market gardening tools. Paperpot Co. is now one of the leading suppliers of small-farm productivity tools in the world.
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33. Northeast Permaculture RSS Feed

Northeast Permaculture
The Northeast Permaculture Network is a decentralized body of people - farmers, teachers, designers, organizers, authors, researchers, extension agents and other permaculture enthusiasts - who in a diversity of ways are working toward advancing permaculture design principles and ethics as a new cultural paradigm. We apply and integrate permaculture-aligned skills and principles at home, in our communities, towns and cities; in our businesses, livelihoods and relationships.
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34. Permaculture Education Blog RSS Feed

Permaculture Education Blog
Permaculture Education is an international Non-Profit Education Association. We are a leading provider of professional education and consulting in Permaculture Design. Our mission is to provide training and support for self-reliance, regenerative livelihoods, and pathways to re-orient our lives to be more in-tune with Nature and each other. Find all the information on permaculture farming in our blog.
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35. Shades of Green Blog RSS Feed

Shades of Green Blog
Come learn what we are currently up to and our insights into the latest industry trends and patterns in our landscape and permaculture blog! We are a regenerative landscape design, build and education firm located in Atlanta and serving the southeast. Our landscapes build natural soil fertility and create thriving pollinator habitats while fostering native and edible plants. We design around the specific needs and patterns of your land. We provide creative solutions to common problems like drainage, poor soil quality, and high-input plantings, but also to the more niche issues that can arise.
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36. Permaculture RSS Feed

Permaculture - earth care, people care, future care is a visionary magazine that will give you the tools needed to create productive and resilient homes, gardens, economies, relationships, schools, farms and communities. Our range of articles includes no-dig gardening, food forests, cutting edge community projects, renewable technologies, regenerative agriculture, DIY & upcycling projects, natural building, education and wellbeing. It is full of solutions, projects and pioneering ideas from the very best of the permaculture movement.
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37. Permaculture Gardens Blog RSS Feed

Permaculture Gardens Blog
This is the blog archive for Permaculture Gardens website. Here you will find all our blogs in reverse chronological order. Nicky and Dave Schauder are passionate about helping suburban families grow their own food. They run Permaculture Gardens at, a website filled with garden resources such as 'Grow-It-Yourself/GIY' - a monthly guided garden program to help you grow abundantly.
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38. Permaculture Haven Blog RSS Feed

Permaculture Haven Blog
Explore our articles on gardening, recipes, self-sufficiency, permaculture, sustainable living, preserving food, and more. We are a permaculture homestead and education site. We are offering Permaculture workshops, courses, online-courses, consulting, and design services.
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39. Andrew Faust Blog RSS Feed

Andrew Faust Blog
Online Permaculture design certification course imparts a positive and empowering vision for social and ecological transformation. Stay up to date with all the latest Andrew Faust Permaculture Education, Consultation Blog.
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40. Smarter Than Crows RSS Feed

Smarter Than Crows smarterthancrows.wpcomstagin.. 
My name is Meg McGowan. I'm a permaculture designer and trainer and gardener. My favourite things to grow are soil, beauty, habitat for wild things, carbon storage, people and community. This blog is a kind of parking lot of ideas and dreams and bits of things that my brain can't contain. Most of it is about permaculture but I also veer off into anything that captures my passion from time to time.
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41. Milkwood Permaculture Blog RSS Feed

Milkwood Permaculture Blog Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Milkwood is dedicated to teaching permaculture stuff. We share practical skills and knowledge that help you live ethically, abundantly and deeply hands-on.
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42. Permaculture Principles Blog RSS Feed

Permaculture Principles Blog Australia
Explore the ethics and design principles behind the diversity and creativity of permaculture with practical examples of permaculture in action. Keep updated with the Permaculture Principles website by following our blog, including a host of interesting articles and links that we've discovered.
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43. #freepermaculture RSS Feed

Learn to grow your own food and live more sustainably with these free online permaculture courses.
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44. Permaculture Women Magazine RSS Feed

 Permaculture Women Magazine
Get free permaculture courses, advanced permaculture resources, hands-on tips for how to grow food not lawns, and so much more. International community of ecofeminist women practicing permaculture, organic living, urban farming & solidarity.
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45. Living Permaculture RSS Feed

Living Permaculture
Hi! My name is Tracy. Welcome to my Permaculture journey. On this website I will be sharing my Permaculture knowledge and experiences as I learn and work toward my dream. As an avid gardener, I am drawn to this area, but also have deep interest in other aspects of Permaculture such as alternative energy, greywater systems, natural building, and sustainable living in general.
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46. Misfit Gardening | Permaculture Blog RSS Feed

Misfit Gardening | Permaculture Blog Utah, US
Organic and biodynamic growing, preserving, brewing and sewing in Utah for a sustainable homemade home and community. I show people how to homestead in the suburbs and grow more organic food for less work, even with a crazy work schedule during the week.
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47. No dig home | Permaculture RSS Feed

No dig home | Permaculture US
Stephanie Hafferty's website and blog no dig gardening - plant based recipes - crafts - natural potions for home, garden and body small-scale homesteading in Bruton, Somerset.
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48. Midwest Permaculture's nexus of networking RSS Feed

Midwest Permaculture's nexus of networking Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa
This networking site was created to facilitate connections between our students, graduates and the public on the subject of permaculture.
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49. Fair Harvest Permaculture Blog RSS Feed

Fair Harvest Permaculture Blog Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia
Fair Harvest is an established permaculture farm 5km out of Margaret River in Australia's beautiful South West corner. Our aim is to inspire and enable people to grow their own produce and be more sustainable.
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50. Nadja's Garden | Permaculture design RSS Feed

Nadja's Garden | Permaculture design Australia
Permaculture-based garden consultancy, helping people to grow their own food, develop beautiful gardens and live sustainably.
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51. TreeYo Permaculture Blog RSS Feed

TreeYo Permaculture Blog Kentucky, US
TreeYo Permaculture is a team of ecological educators and designers committed to the regeneration of ecosystem and social systems alike. Our work is guided by the patterns of nature and utilizes a unique approach to creative education and functional design.
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52. PermEco Inc. | Blog RSS Feed

 PermEco Inc. | Blog Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
We are Tom and Zaia Kendall, down to earth permaculturists who live permaculture on our permaculture demonstration site. We enjoy teaching others about Permaculture and its systems by getting people involved on our site. Our property has an ever expanding number of permaculture systems such as food forests, swales, humanure systems, biogas systems, natural & recycled buildings, animal systems, composting systems and more.
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53. Learn Permaculture Blog RSS Feed

Learn Permaculture Blog Devonport, England, UK
Learn Permaculture with Aranya. Solutions for Sustainable Living. Offering permaculture courses, tutoring, site design and publications. A blog about permaculture design by Aranya in the UK, including articles from Permaculture Magazine.
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54. Tales from the Birdello | Permaculture RSS Feed

Tales from the Birdello | Permaculture New Hampshire, US
A chicken friendly homesteading blog. We hope to host a tool library, a co-op garden, sustainable housing and so much more.
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55. Nim Robins Blog RSS Feed

Nim Robins Blog UK
Permaculture designer, teacher and tutor. Niamhue works in schools designing sustainable ecologically aware gardens and wildlife spaces, and teaches permaculture education to children and adults
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56. Thunder Bay Permaculture RSS Feed

Thunder Bay Permaculture thunderbaypermaculture.blogs.. 
Articles and thoughts on the application of permaculture in an extremely cold climate and in Thunder Bay in particular.
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57. Stone Beach Permaculture RSS Feed

Stone Beach Permaculture stonebeachpermaculture.blogs.. 
Permaculture and homesteading resource page. Home to Permaculture designers who are always ready to take questions and lead you through your individual paths to bettering your homesteading and achieving your permaculture goals.
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58. St. James Garden RSS Feed

St. James Garden
Welcome The St. James Garden will be the implementation of the design that I created to receive my Permaculture Design Certificate. Get in touch What's the Big Deal About a Garden? The St. James garden is my first permaculture design.
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59. Off Grid Permaculture RSS Feed

Off Grid Permaculture Washington, US
Conscious Living in the Homestead of Tomorrow
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60. Abundant Permaculture Blog RSS Feed

Abundant Permaculture Blog
I am a Permaculturalist, film producer, author and teacher. I help folks learn to work with nature to produce their own sustenance so they can live a more abundant life. I founded Abundant Permaculture out of a love of teaching and the sustainable movement. Here, you'll find exhaustive permaculture articles.
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61. Mastate Charitable Foundation | Permaculture Blog RSS Feed

Mastate Charitable Foundation | Permaculture Blog
Rancho Mastatal is an education center, working permaculture farm, ecolodge and community rooted in environmental sustainability, meaningful, place-based livelihoods, and caring relationships. Check out our Permaculture blog for more information, tips and advice, sustainable living and more!
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62. Kt Shepherd Permaculture Blog RSS Feed

Kt Shepherd Permaculture Blog
Kt Shepherd Permaculture Blog and Illustrations. Healing & Regenerative Solutions For Ourselves, Our Communities & Our Planet Here I aim to share everyday examples of how permaculture can provide healing and regeneration for ourselves, our communities and our planet.
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63. Parkrose Permaculture Blog RSS Feed

Parkrose Permaculture Blog
Parkrose Permaculture is a permaculture urban farm set on 1/4 acre in Portland, OR. Angela and Casey started this project 14 years ago with nothing but sod and weeds and have built an abundant permaculture food forest, rain garden, and vegetable gardens. The blog features articles on permaculture and sustainable living.
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64. Blog RSS Feed Blog
This is the blog of the Tropical Permaculture Growing Guide, the place to find out what's new, what's next, and what's happening. A permaculture garden growing guide not only for warm climates. Learn how to grow stunning edible gardens with little money or effort.
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65. Making Permaculture Stronger RSS Feed

Making Permaculture Stronger makingpermaculturestronger.n..
Making Permaculture Stronger is about regenerating the permaculture design process together. We seek to uncover core ideas about what the permaculture design process is and bring them into open with a spirit of collaborative inquiry to reveal and walk down deeper and more powerful pathways toward life.
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66. Social Landscapes Blog » Permaculture RSS Feed

Social Landscapes Blog » Permaculture
Social Landscapes is a permaculture enterprise engaging communities to create places that support personal, social and ecological well-being. Checkout our articles on permaculture, sustainability and more!
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67. Regeneration Nation Costa Rica Blog RSS Feed

Regeneration Nation Costa Rica Blog Costa Rica
Read blog to learn about regenerative, permaculture and homestead projects and communities in Costa Rica. Subscribe to get notice of bonus content & further exploration on some of these topics. We share stories, strategies, and insights from ecologically & socially beneficial projects, in Costa Rica. These stories provide businesses and landowners everywhere access to unique ideas for how they, too, might design their own business models for regenerative success and impact.
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68. Permaculture Productions RSS Feed

Permaculture Productions
Exploring our relationship to the world through permaculture. C. Milton Dixon is a permaculturist, forager, educator, and media wizard. He creates transformative experiences for people that allow them to see and think differently. He has taught PDCs with Midwest Permaculture, The Permaculture Project , and a two year Educators PDC co-designed with Jesse Tack. He is a farm consultant for Polliwog Farm, developing experimental soul permaculture at Glorious Debris, and co-manager at the emergent The Cooperative at Dawn Farm.
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69. Porvenir Design Blog » Permaculture RSS Feed

Porvenir Design Blog » Permaculture
Explore design case studies, tropical tips, and course announcements. Porvenir Design is a permaculture design firm specializing in long-term land planning and agroforestry system in the humid tropics. We offer Permaculture Design Certification workshops throughout the year.
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70. Exploring Permaculture RSS Feed

Exploring Permaculture exploringpermaculture.blogsp.. 
I am a software developer and permaculture evangelist. I feel that God has given us the gift of the earth to meet our needs. But we must be good stewards in order to receive the intended blessings. This means we need to not only work to be sure it is used with care, but also used in the most respectful and sustainable way. I believe that as we try to emulate the natural systems that have already been put in place we will achieve both of those ideals. This blog is an investigation of permaculture principles.
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71. Permaculture Rising RSS Feed

Permaculture Rising
We promote and progress the healing of our planet, through tending to the life systems of the earth for an ecologically rooted human civilization using the Permaculture design system. We encourage regenerative tending of the waters, the soils, and the cultures of our planet with appropriate techniques for the context. We develop sustainable futures. We are dedicated to the application of Permaculture Design for stability in our bioregions and offer education, design, and media services toward these ends. Here is a collection of articles to help you learn more about Permaculture.
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72. San Diego Sustainable Living Institute Blog RSS Feed

San Diego Sustainable Living Institute Blog
Permaculture and regenerative agriculture provide a powerful framework for addressing many of the world's ecological problems. The San Diego Sustainable Living Institute offers hands-on training to guide San Diego into an abundant 'green' future: one home, one neighborhood, one community at a time.
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73. Integral Permaculture RSS Feed

Integral Permaculture integralpermaculture.wordpre.. 
I am David MacLeod. I consider myself a social permaculturist. Integral Permaculture is where I will share my ideas regarding the integration of Integral Theory with the principles of Permaculture - specifically the Permaculture principles articulated by David Holmgren, as well as the application to culture and community as manifested through the Transition Initiative Movement.
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74. Permaculture as a Path to Peace Blog RSS Feed

Permaculture as a Path to Peace Blog
This page is also a platform where we are assembling existing creative commons knowledge about permaculture, in order to help you exploring it further. Permaculture as a Path to Peace is a project by GAIA Kosovo, aiming to explore Permaculture as a tool for peacebuilding, reconciliation and for the empowerment of youth through several connected activities in the Balkan region and Kosovo.
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75. Realize Homestead Blog RSS Feed

Realize Homestead Blog
On our permaculture homestead blog we share designs, methods, and tips that we found make our lives easier, more productive, and more resilient! Realize Homestead is a family of humans, pigs, chickens, a lot of plants, and fungi all living on a happy patch of earth in Northern Michigan.
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76. Permaculture Pastures Blog RSS Feed

Permaculture Pastures Blog
Follow along on our homesteading journey as we move from 3 acres in Argyle to 78 acres in Decatur, TX Tips, tricks, stories, recipes, and everything farming. We are a husband and wife team. My husband is a hairstylist and salon owner. My background is in social work and I have a nonprofit for teen moms. We both grew up in the suburbs and had no experience farming. We've learned everything we know from watching YouTube videos, asking lots of questions, and a whole bunch of trial and error.
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77. Children in Permaculture Blog RSS Feed

Children in Permaculture Blog
The Children in Permaculture vision is that Humans are living in harmony with each other and nature, and all children can access an education based upon the ethics of earth care, people care and fair sharing. Our mission is to create and give the tools to empower children, parents, educators and other people who work with children to integrate permaculture into education. Explore our blog to know more about permaculture, training and skill sharing and more!
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78. RSS Feed Missoula, Montana, US
Permies is the largest online community for permaculturists, and homesteaders. Permies is an online forum with members discussing all aspects of permaculture in friendly, constructive and positive-thinking forums. There is lots of free advice and resources on the site for both beginners and those much further along in their journey.
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