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Here are 10 Best Paranormal Forums you should follow in 2023

1. Paranormal Forum

Paranormal Forum Paranormal Forum is where science, and spirit meet. It is your official source for everything that goes bump in the night. Read about ghosts, possessi...ons, mysteries, UFOs, and aliens as well as MetaPhysics. Share your paranormal experiences, and have a live chat portal to discuss everything paranormal.more
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2. Paranormal Soup Forum

Paranormal Soup Forum The adventure starts with Paranormal Soup Forum, let's talk about ghosts. Share absolutely anything you want regarding ghosts, have you encountere...d a shadow? write your story & experiences, post your paranormal photos & videos, and also seek help with a haunting.more
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3. Paranormalis Forum

Paranormalis Forum Paranormalis is the place to go to if you like paranormal activities. Inside, you will find a lively online forum full of people discussing topics lik...e ghosts, hauntings, spirituality, time-traveling, future predictions, unexplainable paranormal events, and also science and technology.more
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4. US Message Board » Paranormal

US Message Board » Paranormal US
Join the largest and most active forum, a place to share your daily paranormal stories, experiences, evidence, thoughts, and theories. Also talk about... UFOs, time travel, SpaceTime, Aliens, and more related topics.more
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5. Unexplained-Mysteries Forum » The Paranormal

Unexplained-Mysteries Forum » The Paranormal This community is meant for all things and everything ghosts, hauntings, and the paranormal. Read terrifying true ghost stories, find unexplained myst...eries, strange encounters, thrilling videos, and much more.more
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6. Neoseeker » Paranormal

Neoseeker » Paranormal Demon? Spirit? What is it? Does Bigfoot exist? Want to know the answers? Visit the Neoseeker community and discuss all things paranormal. Write your s...tory & experiences, find ghost videos & photos, share problems and get advice from the experts.more
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Additional Forums

  1. Spiritual Forums This community is created for people from all backgrounds to discuss Spiritual, paranormal, metaphysical, philosophical, supernatural, and esoteric subjects. From Astral Projection to Zen, all topics are welcome.
  2. India Forums » Paranormal Do you believe in paranormal events, aliens, or life after death? Come, let's discuss. Share your scariest ghost experiences, talk about haunting thoughts, post about your paranormal journey, and other related stories.

Paranormal Subforums

Forum Name Subforum Name Subforum Description Also in
Paranormal Forum LIVE CHAT PORTAL The place to share daily experiences realtime with PNF members
Owl's Nest Member information | Daily Fun Stuff
Your Paranormal Experiences Share your personal experiences for comment and feedback
Spirituality / MetaPhysics / OBE / NDE Spiritual Forums
Prayer Requests Prayer Requests or Intentions Prayer Forums
Musings - Share Your Thoughts Ever wake up in the middle of the night with a random thought; or the lightbulb in your head goes off after you solved a problem ?.The purpose of this...
Science/Time Travel/AI Science Forums
Ancient History and Archaeology
Cryptids and Creatures
Ghosts / Possessions / Mysteries
UFO and Aliens
News / Open Lines / Obits
Paranormal Media
Movies Movie Forums
Music Music Forums
TV TV Forums
Books Favorite reading material Book Forums
Caption This Funny photos just asking for a caption
Radio|Podcasts Other Paranormal Radio and Podcasts
Sports You're next on Sport's Talk Sports Forums
Food Recipes, best meals, favorite foods, have you ever tried this Food Forums
Random Not sure where to post ?
Art Artistic Creations
EDC | Preppers EDC - Every day items that you carry
Daily Live Chat Archives The collection of past live chat thread
Paranormal Soup Forum Need Help With A Haunting? Need Help With A Haunting?: Do you have a haunting? ls it happening in your home or office? Are you scared, frightened? Please seek help here.
Let's Talk About Ghosts Let's Talk About Ghosts: Share absolutely anything you want in regards to ghosts under this topic of discussion.
Share Your Paranormal Photos & Videos Share Your Paranormal Photos & Videos: Post your Photos & Videos here! Remember, our members will take EVERYTHING into account when critiquing your photos. So, please be prepared to accept, BOTH positive and negative responses. Rude, belittling or derogatory remarks will be removed.
FREAKY SIDE SHOW - Ghost Photos-Not for analysis. FREAKY SIDE SHOW - Ghost Photos-Not for analysis.: Most ghost photos posted here probably havent been seen elsewhere. Believed to be real but let’s just label them “Entertainment Only”. If you like them, give them a like or let us know! See them here before being posted to No photo analysis on this forum topic... but enjoy!
Shadow Ghosts ( Brand New! ) Shadow Ghosts ( Brand New! ): Have you encountered a Shadow Ghost and youd like to share your experience? Post it here. Remember, other ghost experiences have their own forum, this forum is for personal experiences with SHADOW GHOSTS ONLY!
EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena ( Brand New ): Post your EVPs here! Please remember, our members will take EVERYTHING into account when critiquing your recordings. So, please be prepared to accept, BOTH positive and negative comments. Rude, belittling or derogatory remarks will be removed.
Research Lab - Tools and Techniques Research Lab - Tools and Techniques: For serious Ghost Hunters/Investigators to discuss scientific facts, theories and experimental procedures. You dont have to be a nerd or rocket scientist to participate. All viewpoints will be taken seriously and without judgment.
Share Your Paranormal Ghost Stories & Experiences Share Your Paranormal Ghost Stories & Experiences: Have you had a paranormal encounter youd like to share or a location in your area that is haunted? Post it here. Remember, famous hauntings have their own forum so this forum is for personal experiences and locations only!
Famous Haunts Famous Haunts: Welcome to Famous Haunts! Want to talk about the ghosts of Waverly Hills? Take a stroll thru Leap Castle? How about going on ride in a Haunted Theme Park? You can find them here! Please, feel free to add your favorite famous haunting here!
The Truth Is Out There (UFOs) The Truth Is Out There (UFOs): Welcome to our UFO forum! Got a personal UFO experience and youd like to share? Post it here! Wed love to hear it!! Sorry, ghosts do not have clearance in this forum!!
The Spiritual Realm The Spiritual Realm: A place for discussing topics such as psychic phenomena; astral projection/travel; dream analysis; divination; near death and out-of-body experiences; angels; etc
Mysterious Places Mysterious Places: Welcome to our Mysterious Places forum! Got a personal experience youd like to share? Such as: Magnetic Hill, Stonehenge, The Bridgewater Triangle, etc. Post it here! Wed love to hear about it! Please remember, ghosts and UFOs do not have clearance in this forum!
Things That Go Things That Go Bump In The Night: Please, discuss topics such as Bigfoot, Nessie, monsters, demons and other such odd & fearful creatures; basically ghoulies, long-leggity beasties. Also, feel free to bring up such things as: fairies, Leprechauns, tiny little goblin men, etc. If it crawls, slithers, creeps, flies, swims or walks, it can be discussed here.
Strange and Paranormal News Strange and Paranormal News: Have you read any weird or wacky paranormal news lately? If not, we are on the hunt for some. The scarier the better I say!
Off–Topic Chitchat Off–Topic Chitchat: Here you may talk about: world events, personal aspirations, hobbies, etc. Please remember, this is a NON-PARANORMAL related forum. Political and religious debates are not allowed and will be deleted. Also, please understand, that although were nice folks, were NOT counselors, we can’t solve Lifes problems...were too busy trying to figure out Deaths mysteries.
The Funhouse The Funhouse: Come in to laugh until your sides hurt! Share Online games or start one of your own! Post all Pop-up ghost photo-games here. Also please remember, that this is a +13 rated forum.
Let's Go Blogging Lets Go Blogging: This is the place to express yourself. You can share your thoughts, your passions, travels, and/or your adventures. Really, your blog is anything you like it to be. Just remember, this is a +13 board. Anything thats a no-no, will be deleted and you know what Im talking about. :).
Paranormalis Forum Time Travel Discussion General discussions, theories, ideas and everything that has to do with time travel: What is time? How to change the past? Paradoxes and more!
Time Travelers Visitors from the future, the past, alternate timelines. They're all in here! Are you one?
John Titor's Legacy John Titor, time traveler from 2036: His mission, his time machine, the secret song, his possible predictions and more. Do you believe?
Alexander's Chat Logs A friend of John Titor.
Time Machines and Experiments Looking for time machines and schematics? This is your spot! Time machines, Flux Capacitors, how to activate a vortex, experiences and time travel devices...
Alternate Histories and Timelines Timeline shifts and parallel universes. Looking at the past, present, future and asking 'What if?'
Future Predictions Can you see or predict the future? Post your future predictions here, so that we keep track of them.
Aliens and UFOs Sightings, abductions and little green men from outer space.
Apocalypse, End Times, Disasters & Survivalism Are you ready? End of the world, tribulation, rapture and other disastrous, world changing events.
Artifacts and History Civilizations both lost and ancient. History Forums
Conspiracies and Cover-ups What are they hiding? The truth is out there; talk about it here.
COVID-19 Forum section dedicated to the discussion of Coronavirus, the pandemic, vaccines, etc.
Cryptozoology and Mythical Beings Incredible creatures and monsters. Godzilla doesn't count.
Ghosts, Haunting & Beings from other Realms Spirits, orbs and other entities from beyond.
Health, Well-Being & Alternative Medicine A healthy mind in a healthy body: All healing practices, recognized or not by science.
Magick & Occult Rituals Ouija boards, magic crystals, sacred rituals... It's all here.
Philosophy, Metaphysics & the Afterlife What is the Universe? What are we? What really happens after you die? Explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world. Philosophy Forums
Psychic Ability and Powers of the Mind Unleash your mental powers! Astral projection, lucid dreaming, remote viewing, telekinesis, consciousness, etc.
Science and Technology All that stuff you never learned in school. Science Forums
Space Exploration and the Cosmos From the solar system to deep space and beyond... Space Forums
Spirituality & Mysticism Belief, faith, spirituality and transcendence. Spiritual Forums
Radionics, Free Energy & Esoteric Engineering A place to discuss unusual devices, share engineering projects and ask for advice.
General Discussion / Off Topic Wait, you mean you want to talk about something that's not weird?!
The News Wire Breaking news, articles, featured content and feeds from all around the Internet.
Politics Politics, politics, and more politics! Political Forums
Paper Back Swap Forum Paranormal Join in the conversation on Paranormal. Perhaps you are interested in another topic? Check it out... we have a very active community that loves to discuss books.
Film Boards Paranormal

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