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Pagan RSS Feeds

1. Witches & Pagans RSS Feed

Witches & Pagans Forest Grove, Oregon, US
Witches & Pagans is a community blog space where Pagans can discuss topics relevant to the life and spiritual practice of all Pagans.
335.2K 8.9K 8 posts / week Get Email Contact More

2. The Wild Hunt | Modern Pagan News & Commentary RSS Feed

The Wild Hunt | Modern Pagan News & Commentary Georgia, US
The Wild Hunt was founded as a news blog in 2004 by Jason Pitzl. The Wild Hunt's mission is to provide daily news and commentary for the Pagan, Heathen, and polytheist communities around the world.
59.9K 29.2K 1.6K 1 post / day Mar 2004 Get Email Contact More

3. Humanistic Paganism RSS Feed

Humanistic Paganism
This site is dedicated to amplifying the voices of and providing an online home for Humanistic and Naturalistic Pagans who seek to integrate ritual and meditative practices with a mythic worldview based on the most current and compelling scientific evidence.
3.8K 532 2 posts / month May 2011 Get Email Contact More

4. Damh the Bard RSS Feed

Damh the Bard Brighton, England, UK
Damh the Bard is a modern-day Bard whose spirituality and love of folk tradition is expressed through his pagan music, storytelling and poetry. Drawing on the Bardic tradition, his performances are both entertaining and educational, speaking directly to the heart, and never without a good splash of humour.
35.4K 13.6K 4.9K 1 post / month Get Email Contact More

5. The Norse Mythology Blog RSS Feed

The Norse Mythology Blog Chicago, Illinois, US
Dr. Karl E. H. Seigfried is a writer on mythology and religion. A Norse mythologist and musician in Chicago, he is Adjunct Professor and Pagan Chaplain at the Illinois Institute of Technology.
249.3K 18.3K 1 post / quarter Get Email Contact More

6. Natural Pagans RSS Feed

Natural Pagans
We are a group of Pagan bloggers who come from a variety of backgrounds, but who all practice a naturalistic approach to our spirituality. We celebrate the natural world in our paths, both through scientific evidence and through our personal relationships to the land.
1 post / week Apr 2015 Get Email Contact More

7. Moody Moons RSS Feed

Moody Moons Virginia, US
A Celebration of the Seasons & the Spirit. Welcome to Moody Moon's blog! I post tips, recipes, ritual ideas, pagan crafts and more ideas to live naturally, stay in touch with the Wheel of the Year, indulge your inner goddess and connect with your sacred self.
170 1 post / week Mar 2013 Get Email Contact More

8. 3 Pagans and a Cat RSS Feed

3 Pagans and a Cat Michigan, US
Three family members embroiled in wildly divergent traditions gather in one room to discuss, debate, and flat-out argue about their magical, mythical, and mundane lives. Also, there's a microphone.
2.9K 1.9K 7 posts / year Get Email Contact More

9. The Pagan Grimoire RSS Feed

The Pagan Grimoire
Pagan Grimoire is an online encyclopedia and exploration of pagan and witchy things, featuring candle magic, tarot, manifestation, witchcraft, sabbats, and astrology traits.
1 post / month Get Email Contact More

10. Dowsing for Divinity RSS Feed

Dowsing for Divinity US
Pagan Theology, Poetry, and Praxis
3.5K 1 post / day Nov 2012 Get Email Contact More

11. A bad witch's blog RSS Feed

A bad witch's blog England, UK
I am Lucya, I'm a witch. A blog about paganism, witchcraft and the day-to-day experiences of a witch living in the UK.
699 1.9K 4 posts / week Nov 2007 Get Email Contact More

12. PaganPages Magazine RSS Feed

PaganPages Magazine Pennsylvania, US
PaganPages is a free, monthly, pagan community Emagazine. We feature Awesome Interviews, Great Reviews, and Amazing articles.
4.6K 10.9K 10 posts / quarter Apr 2006 Get Email Contact More

13. The Wiccan Life RSS Feed

The Wiccan Life Reading, Pennsylvania, US
My name is Lady Caer Morganna and I am from the Reading-Berks county area. I am a Solitary Eclectic Wiccan Priestess who leans toward the Celtic Wiccan tradition. I have performed legal handfasting ceremonies and I also teach Wicca to those who are interested in learning the 'craft of the wise.
1 post / day Sep 2010 Get Email Contact More

14. SpookyMrsGreen RSS Feed

SpookyMrsGreen Cheshire, Connecticut, US
I am Catherine Green, ghostbuster, author, mother and wife. My ghosts lurk within the human mind; my supernatural creatures are loud and proud. SpookyMrsGreen is about pagan housewife: Mindful parenting, ethical consumerism and modern pagan lifestyle.
1.7K 9.1K 10 posts / week Nov 2010 Get Email Contact More

15. Druid Life RSS Feed

Druid Life Stroud, England, UK
I'm Nimue Brown. Druid Life is all about Pagan reflections from a Druid author - life, community, inspiration, health, hope, and radical change. Aside from this blog, I write all manner of things, I have a lot of published books to my name, and will try pretty much anything if it looks interesting.
3.1K 6 posts / week Mar 2011 Get Email Contact More

16. WitchBeMe RSS Feed

A place where you can hopefully experience the nature of the Goddess; the nature of ourselves and the very nature of nature its self. As it is the intention to bring to you information of a spiritual nature.
14 2 posts / week Jan 2018 Get Email Contact More

17. Hearth Moon Rising RSS Feed

Hearth Moon Rising New York, US
Hearth Moon Rising is a priestess of the Goddess, ordained in the Dianic tradition and the Fellowship of Isis. She has been teaching magic for over 20 years.
816 1 post / month Get Email Contact More

18. Everglades Moon Local Council RSS Feed

Everglades Moon Local Council Florida, US
Everglades Moon Local Council is a collection of witches, wiccans, pagans, covens, and solitaries who live and work in Florida.
1.6K 140 1 post / quarter Mar 2009 Get Email Contact More

19. Living Liminally RSS Feed

Living Liminally US
Morgan Daimler is a witch who follows a path inspired by the Irish Fairy Faith. Living Liminally is based on Reflections on the Déithe and an-déithe, living Paganism in a modern world, and devotion to the Daoine Maithe.
7.5K 4.4K 1 post / week Jul 2011 Get Email Contact More

20. Letter from Hardscrabble Creek RSS Feed

Letter from Hardscrabble Creek
A Pagan writer's blog by Chas S. Clifton.
765 3 posts / month Mar 2003 Get Email Contact More

21. Go Deeper Blog RSS Feed

Go Deeper Blog Colorado, US
A Celtic spirituality site featuring unique oracle readings, guided meditations and a really good blog.
1.5K 1 post / month Get Email Contact More

22. The Magickal Cottage RSS Feed

The Magickal Cottage California, US
As you wind your way up the path through Angels Grove to the door of my Magickal Cottage, lift the handle of the dragonfly knocker and let me know you are there. I'll be happy to let you in. The kettle has just started to boil and tea will be brewing in just a moment. As we sit and chat I'll share ancient knowledge that will help you create your own magickal life!
72.2K 160 3 posts / quarter Get Email Contact More

23. Pagan Song RSS Feed

Pagan Song
The Crow Women are a women's choir who sing about the cycles of the seasons, rites of passage, and goddesses and gods of the neopagan traditions. We are a womyn's spirituality circle founded in 1992 and still going strong today. Many of the chants and songs on our albums were written for our own ceremonies and celebrations.
1 post / week Get Email Contact More

24. Life With Trickster Gods RSS Feed

Life With Trickster Gods Hillsboro, Texas
The idea of Life With Trickster Gods is to create a space where I discuss my Spirituality, as well as my current Path through three grades of the Order of Ovates, Bards, and Druids.
219 1 post / month Get Email Contact More

25. Rachel Patterson Author Witchcraft RSS Feed

Rachel Patterson Author Witchcraft UK
I am a witch...have been for a very long time, not the green skinned warty kind obviously...the real sort but I am also a working wife and mother who has also been lucky enough to write and have published a book or three. I regularly give talks to local pagan groups and co-run open rituals and workshops run by the Kitchen Witch Coven. Blog by Rachel Patterson.
5.2K 2.3K 2 posts / month Get Email Contact More

26. Pagan Hare's Witchcraft Blog RSS Feed

Pagan Hare's Witchcraft Blog South Yorkshire, England, UK
This blog is for all things that I care to share that is witchcraft and pagan orientated including my app oracle cards and my own related memes.
4.4K 3 posts / quarter Apr 2015 Get Email Contact More

27. Sanctuary of the Phoenix RSS Feed

Sanctuary of the Phoenix US
Welcome to Sanctuary of the Phoenix! We are an Eclectic Pagan Sanctuary & Coven. Join us for weekly live streams and monthly rituals.
397 18 2 posts / quarter Get Email Contact More

28. True Pagan Warrior RSS Feed

True Pagan Warrior truepaganwarrior.wordpress.c..
Fighting to be a better Pagan, one day at a time.
2 posts / quarter Nov 2006 Get Email Contact More

29. Panegyria | A Pagan Blog RSS Feed

Panegyria | A Pagan Blog Washington, US
For thirty years, Panegyria has aimed at connecting the Pagan communities and individuals. Started by The Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Wicca. We seek to keep people up to date with issues that concern the pagan community as a whole.
1.5K 944 1 post / week Jun 2011 Get Email Contact More

30. The Pixilated Path RSS Feed

The Pixilated Path New York, US
A Pagan Blog whose author, the Pixie, follows an Eclectic Path & writes about whatever strikes her fancy, witchy or not. This includes weekly Foresight Friday divination posts, as well as the occasional Pixie Book/Card/Product Review.
115 754 4 posts / month Feb 2020 Get Email Contact More

31. Naturalistic Paganism RSS Feed

Naturalistic Paganism
This site is dedicated to amplifying the voices of and providing an online home for Naturalistic and Humanistic Pagans who seek to integrate ritual and meditative practices with a mythic worldview based on the most current and compelling scientific evidence.
2 posts / month Get Email Contact More

32. Pagan Scientist Speaks Out RSS Feed

Pagan Scientist Speaks Out paganscientistspeaks.wordpre.. 
Pagan Scientist Speaks Out Blog covers musings of an aging Barbarian who happens to also do Science
13 posts / month Get Email Contact More

33. From a Common Well RSS Feed

From a Common Well
Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! Patheos has views of the prevalent religions and spiritualities of the world.
14.9K 4 posts / year Oct 2017 Get Email Contact More

34. Witch Way Magazine RSS Feed

Witch Way Magazine Tampa, Florida, US
Witch Way Magazine is a Digital Pagan E-Magazine that aims at helping our readers learn about topics from different perspectives growing their knowledge base and igniting new passions within their craft.
38.1K 2K 75.4K Get Email Contact More

35. Pagan Perspective RSS Feed

Pagan Perspective
The Pagan Perspective is a collaborative of Pagans & Neopagans that addresses your questions each week!
1.8K 433 1 post / year Aug 2009 Get Email Contact More

36. Keeping Her Keys RSS Feed

Keeping Her Keys is the premier online destination to engage in the global dialogue about religion and spirituality, and to explore and experience the world's beliefs. It is the website of choice for the millions of people looking for credible and balanced information about religion.
95K 14.9K Get Email Contact More

37. My Pagan Life RSS Feed

My Pagan Life
My name is Maja, and I'm a 16 year old girl from Norway. The 'My Pagan Life' Ideal: I seek to create and build a community where people can feel like they belong, as well as feel free to come with suggestions, thoughts, ideas and insights while being heard.
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38. Eadig RSS Feed

Eadig US
A pagan living in Brooklyn. Lets make some magic together!
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39. Starhawk RSS Feed

Starhawk California, US
Starhawk is one of the prominent leaders in the revival of earth-based spirituality and Goddess religion. She is a cofounder of Reclaiming, an activist branch of modern Pagan religion, and continues to work closely with the Reclaiming community.
129.9K 8.9K Get Email Contact More

40. Lora O'Brien | Irish Author & Guide RSS Feed

Lora O'Brien | Irish Author & Guide Waterford, Ireland
Lora O'Brien was born in Dublin, in the late 70s, to a mother who valued long excursions to historical houses, and trekking across fields to locate obscure archaeological monuments of a summer's afternoon. As a child, this was deemed tremendously boring; but of course the experience and knowledge that has been passed on through that early matriarchal madness has long since come into its own.
12.9K 3K 5 posts / year Get Email Contact More

41. Dale's Bits And Pieces Of The Rainbow RSS Feed

Dale's Bits And Pieces Of The Rainbow
Welcome! Dale is a noted pagan author who is also a Wiccan High Priest with a coven. He is the author of many pagan related articles as well as various other articles that span many topics.
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42. A Path through the Woods » Pagan Reflections and Lessons RSS Feed

A Path through the Woods » Pagan Reflections and Lessons Chicago, Illinois, US
I am Adrian Moran. This is a personal blog to reflect my spiritual journey. Respectful comments, questions and conversations are welcome.
265 Get Email Contact More

43. Penniless Pagan RSS Feed

Penniless Pagan US
Worshipping nature shouldn't cost you a dime. Sabbats. Rituals. Natural altars. Recipes. Herbal medicine. Living in simplicity.
7.1K 41 1 post / year Jan 2016 Get Email Contact More

44. Quaker Pagan Reflections RSS Feed

Quaker Pagan Reflections New England, North Dakota, US
Welcome to the online journal of a pair of Quaker Pagans.
49 Get Email Contact More

45. Yabyum's pagan life RSS Feed

Yabyum's pagan life France
Welcome to Yabyum's pagan life. The Way of the Goddess and Ancient Magic.
1 post / year May 2007 Get Email Contact More

46. E. Massey RSS Feed

E. Massey Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
E. Massey is an author, artist, teacher and practicing Witch. As an author, E. Massey has written articles for popular educational and Pagan and Witchcraft magazines, as well as contributed to many educational curriculum for children.rot Reader
1.3K Get Email Contact More

47. Paganarch RSS Feed

Writer, Anarchist, Theorist, Bard I mostly write here. I co-wrote A Pagan Anti-Capitalist Primer.
1.7K Get Email Contact More

48. Black Witch RSS Feed

Black Witch Baltimore, Maryland, US
Black Witch is a blog to discuss life from a Black Pagan's point of view. This blog will cover a variety of topics from music to race to religion to social politics and what it is like to be a minority within a minority.
3.9K 807 134 2 posts / year Jun 2010 Get Email Contact More

49. of the Other People RSS Feed

of the Other People Germany
The religion of the Other People the Otherfaith began in 2010 with a small group of Pagan teens.They wanted something different than the witchcraft & religious traditions they had read about.They wanted something new. The Otherfaith is polytheist & animist. Our theology includes our Four Gods & our myriad of spirits. These spirits sometimes inhabit our own world. Sometimes they remain exclusively in their own realm.They may be spirits of plants & mountains or they may be spirits unto themselves.
122 22 Get Email Contact More

50. Witchy Pagan RSS Feed

Witchy Pagan
I am Micaela, a 21-yo eclectic witch, diviner & Celtic Pagan from Argentina.
3 posts / year Get Email Contact More

51. Autumn Stoneflower RSS Feed

Autumn Stoneflower US
I am an eclectic Neo-Pagan. I am new to healthy living. I am trying to revitalize my faith and religious practices. I also have an awesome husband and a young son. This blog tries to give an expalnation to all pagan related questions.
10 50 Get Email Contact More

52. Homes4Her RSS Feed

Homes4Her Finland
I'm a writer, a craftswoman and a witch. I am Pagan and he's Jewish, and our marriage is a match made in heaven.
1 post / year Sep 2007 Get Email Contact More

53. A Witch's Sacred Journey RSS Feed

A Witch's Sacred Journey UK
Robin's writings have been featured on The Witches' Voice online community, Circle Magazine, the Pagan Blog Project, and internationally throughout the United Kingdom. She has multiple blogs covering a diverse selection of topics and a monthly column in PaganPages e-zine. She has authored several books incorporating her unique style of writing making use of poetry, prose and pathworking.
1 post / year Get Email Contact More

54. Pagan Way | A pagan path of discovery RSS Feed

Pagan Way | A pagan path of discovery Oregon, US
My name is Rob Tanner and this is my personal blog. The blog is entitled the Pagan Way. No Great insights. Just my discoveries along the way. I'm just starting out and so I'm assuming most folks who might want to read my words are still feeling there way and are in a similar place. I hope anyone reading these entries will find my words helpful as they also traverse the road.
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55. Euphoric Cauldron RSS Feed

Euphoric Cauldron euphoriccauldronandapothecar.. 
Your source for one-of-a-kind wildcrafted products that enhance the magical journey and enchant the pagan spirit!
195 473 1 post / year Mar 2014 Get Email Contact More

56. Broomstick Chronicles RSS Feed

Broomstick Chronicles San Rafael, California, US
My name is M. Macha NightMare. I am a Priestess & Witch, an author, teacher and a ritualist.
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57. My Wiccan Story RSS Feed

My Wiccan Story
This is not a site that will validate the modern stereotype of Witches. This site is to present and inform the reader of a religion and a practice. Wicca is a pagan religion that is thousands of years old. Its followers have suffered greatly in the past, which makes it more difficult and frightening for its current followers to get out there and announce they are still here.
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58. Twin Cities Pagan Pride RSS Feed

Twin Cities Pagan Pride Minnesota, US
Twin Cities Pagan Pride is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to encouraging religious and spiritual education, tolerance, and equality. We foster pride in Pagan identity through education, activism, charity and community.
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59. For the Frugal, the Thrifty, and the Rest! RSS Feed

For the Frugal, the Thrifty, and the Rest! thrifty-magic-and-paganism.t.. 
This is a blog is for people who want/need cheap alternatives/ideas for things when working in in witchcraft and paganism or for those that are in the infamous 'broom closet' and need some advice or ideas! Finding and sharing practical ways to work magic and/or as pagans!
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60. moonroot RSS Feed

moonroot Wales, UK
Paganism, Permaculture & Poultrykeeping on a Welsh Hillside.
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61. Following Mångata RSS Feed

Following Mångata
A Pagan, Heathen, & Witch Blog.
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62. A Pagan's Blog RSS Feed

A Pagan's Blog
Tips, Tricks and Helpful Hints from A Pagan's Blog.
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63. Through the Distant Woods RSS Feed

Through the Distant Woods New York City, New York, US
A Druid's Life in New York City.
181 Get Email Contact More

64. Cauldron and Brew: A Witch's Blog RSS Feed

Cauldron and Brew: A Witch's Blog Boston, Massachusetts, US
Hello! My name is Ariadne. I'm a twenty-something Witch and writer. While I prefer the simple term witch, to get a little more specific I follow an eclectic, solitary path with strong Wiccan influences. Practical Paganism and Sensible Spirituality from a Modern Witch. This blog hosts three different types of posts: personal experiences, Witch Tips, and reviews of Pagan and Wiccan books and blogs.
143 Get Email Contact More

65. CAYA - Pagan Congregation RSS Feed

CAYA - Pagan Congregation San Francisco, California, US
Our mission is to create safe, loving, magickal space for all those who wish to participate in our community rituals, public service initiatives, and social events. We gather our Coven community around the virtues of mutual respect, personal responsibility, integrity, and honor for all spiritual paths.
729 Get Email Contact More

66. Old Norse Paganism RSS Feed

Old Norse Paganism
We are a nonprofit religious community. We study the Norse culture, mythology, practices, history, traditions and more striving to share it with others.
1.1K 8 Get Email Contact More

67. The Political Pagan RSS Feed

The Political Pagan New York, US
This is a blog that comments on both Paganism and politics in the United States, from a leftist-liberal point of view. I am interested to see what can come from applying Pagan perspectives to political issues, and political perspectives to our Paganism.
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68. My Witchy Walk » Pagan RSS Feed

My Witchy Walk » Pagan
My Witchy Walk is a blog about paganism.
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69. Astra Anima » a pagan witchcraft blog RSS Feed

Astra Anima » a pagan witchcraft blog
I am an eclectic pagan Taoist witch of 20 years, a teacher, and the leader of a small coven. On here you will find magickal book reviews, articles, spells, tarot spreads, moon magick guides, witchcraft information, and more. It's an eclectic witchcraft/pagan blog, so hopefully you will find something helpful here no matter your path.
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70. Witch Path Forward » Journal RSS Feed

Witch Path Forward » Journal
Welcome to Witch Path Forward, a community providing information on the Craft and Witchcraft paths. The aim of the site is to provide information that can be used as a starting point for those seeking to explore alternative paths and faiths and particularly for those new to witchcraft.
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