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Organizing Youtube Channels

1. AtHomeWithNikki

AtHomeWithNikki Summerville, SC About Youtuber I am passionate about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my family and my home. I love all things dealing with home organization, interior decorating, crafts and cooking. On my channel you will find tons of tips to help you around your home. I hope you will take time to enjoy my channel and all that I love to share.
Frequency 3 videos / month
Since Jul 2012
Youtube Followers- 488,000 . Views Count- 56,579,342 . Video Count - 646

2. Clutter Bug

Clutter Bug Windsor, Canada About Youtuber Find Organizing Tips, Tricks and Advice. Transform your home from cluttered to clean in just 15 minutes a day. I show you videos how to get rid of clutter, learn how to organize your home and simplify your life and also help other busy families have a clean and clutter-free home on a budget!
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Jan 2013
Youtube Followers- 416,000 . Views Count- 47,272,334 . Video Count - 599

3. Love Meg

Love Meg North Carolina, USA About Youtuber Hi and Welcome to my channel! I am Megan, a 26 year old SAHM and YouTuber. I love to make videos about motherhood/babies, cleaning, organizing, decluttering, fashion, beauty, DIY's, lifestyle, hauls and much much more.
Frequency 2 videos / week
Since Nov 2014
Youtube Followers- 499,000 . Views Count- 61,997,210 . Video Count - 570

4. Pretty Neat Living

Pretty Neat Living About Youtuber Sharing is caring! Subscribe to see snippets from my life, take a look at my favorite things, and follow me as I organize my home.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Jul 2010
Youtube Followers- 178,000 . Views Count- 31,445,797 . Video Count - 697

5. How Jen Does It

How Jen Does It About Youtuber Hi everyone! Welcome to my channel! Here you will find cleaning and organizing tips and routines, a variety of recipes, health and fitness tips, home décor, style and an occasional vlog or chat style video. I want to show you how to make day to day life run more smoothly and beautifully.
Frequency 4 videos / month
Since Aug 2013
Youtube Followers- 182,000 . Views Count- 30,505,628 . Video Count - 1,092

6. More Melody

More Melody Franklin, Tennessee, United States About Youtuber New videos every Sunday. I focus on organization, minimalism, beauty, and meaning. Join me!
Frequency 4 videos / quarter
Since Jul 2015
Youtube Followers- 65,700 . Views Count- 7,790,990 . Video Count - 233

7. Lorie Marrero

Lorie Marrero Austin, TX About Youtuber After 17 yrs of being a home organizing expert, I am moving on to a new chapter in life... mentions in my videos of 'Clutter Diet' refer to my Wall Street Journal bestselling book and to my membership program that closed in September 2017.
Frequency 3 videos / month
Since Dec 2007
Youtube Followers- 31,200 . Views Count- 4,977,827 . Video Count - 309

8. The Organized Soprano

The Organized Soprano Boston, MA About Youtuber Welcome to The Organized Soprano! Here, you'll find organizing tips as well as tips for maintaining a clean, efficiently functioning home and lifestyle! I'm Kay and I've been a professional organizer for 5 years helping people deal with clutter and bringing neatness and joy to people in Boston and beyond. I'm ready to share my passion with the world here on YouTube and I hope you find my videos helpful and fun!
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Jul 2013
Youtube Followers- 41,100 . Views Count- 4,324,868 . Video Count - 404

9. Kacy Paide

Kacy Paide About Youtuber Kacy Paide of The Inspired Office is a professional organizer who transforms messy offices into creative, beautiful, organized work spaces. She turns ugly, ignored file systems into magically supportive and intuitive paper flow systems. Kacy is based in the Washington, DC Metro area, but speaks and consults nationwide on office organization.
Frequency 2 videos / quarter
Since Oct 2009
Youtube Followers- 7,960 . Views Count- 642,125 . Video Count - 113

10. Dana K White

Dana K White DFW About Youtuber Decluttering Webisodes - Reality Based Cleaning and Organization Recipes and cleaning tips, too!
Since Jan 2011
Youtube Followers- 12,400 . Views Count- 832,185 . Video Count - 90

11. Knight Designs

Knight Designs Melbourne, Australia About Youtuber This is the place to be if you've ever said 'I'd love:.. decluttering my home but... downsize my home ... maintain my home or redesign my life (and home) . Knight Designs: the place where I share the practical skills I learned in 10 years of home renos so you'll know how to manage your own renovation project.
Frequency 1 video / day
Since Sep 2016
Youtube Followers- 5,110 . Views Count- 565,281 . Video Count - 263

12. The Organizing Companion

The Organizing Companion About Youtuber Helping you organize all the wonderful little things in life.
Since Oct 2015
Youtube Followers- 4,040 . Views Count- 54,549 . Video Count - 27

13. Mission 2 Organize

Mission 2 Organize Chicago, IL About Youtuber Mission 2 Organize delivers personalized organization for your Home, Office, Party, Move, and Life. From event planning to closet organizing, filing systems to errand running, our Urban Organizers have your back!
Frequency 2 videos / quarter
Since Feb 2010
Youtube Followers- 3,940 . Views Count- 1,004,547 . Video Count - 112

14. Suzanna Kaye Professional Organizer

Suzanna Kaye Professional Organizer About Youtuber Ready to cut through the clutter, and learn home organizing strategies that work for people just like you? We both know living overwhelmed and out of sync with your surroundings is just miserable. Join Suzanna Kaye as she shares productivity tips and organzing hacks! Founder of Spark Organizing, LLC in Orlando Florida, she's been helping oher's get organized for over 10 years.
Frequency 9 videos / month
Since Mar 2010
Youtube Followers- 2,030 . Views Count- 123,855 . Video Count - 114

15. Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach About Youtuber I'm Sandy, a Christian SAHM, & YouTuber. I love to make videos about motherhood/parenting, cleaning, organizing, decluttering, fashion, beauty, DIY's, lifestyle, hauls, vlogs & much much more. Anything I am interested in could show up on this channel. I am from the Midwest with 2 children, Eury & Gideon. People who know me would say I am easy going & down to earth & see the fun and positive side of everything. I would love to have you SUBSCRIBE & be a part of my channel! I love talking to my viewers & getting to know y'all as much as I can!
Frequency 2 videos / week
Since Oct 2015
Youtube Followers- 1,630 . Views Count- 136,652 . Video Count - 233

16. HeartWork Organizing

HeartWork Organizing Wayne, PA About Youtuber HeartWork Organizing offers helpful tips, tricks and tidbits to help you organize and beautify your life at home and work. Organize to enjoy whatever you really want to be doing.
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since Jul 2011
Youtube Followers- 1,290 . Views Count- 546,301 . Video Count - 90

17. Organized Mamas

Organized Mamas About Youtuber Professional organizer and organizing coach, The Organized Mama, is sharing her tips for organizing a handmade home!
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Jan 2016
Youtube Followers- 1,110 . Views Count- 56,127 . Video Count - 77

18. Organized By Darci Organizing Made Easy

Organized By Darci Organizing Made Easy About Youtuber All videos on Organization is to make our homes more organized and comfortable for our friends and family.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Nov 2016
Youtube Followers- 879 . Views Count- 84,307 . Video Count - 226

19. Organizing Envy

Organizing Envy About Youtuber Hi! I'm Caren and I am a Senior Director with Thirty One Gifts Canada. I am in the top 3% of the Company, a National Recruiter for one of the fastest growing Organizational companies in the world, top in sales, growing team sales and a two time Incentive Trip Earner. I have been featured in our Spring 2015 catalogue as a top consultant. I absolutely LOVE my job. I know this business model works and I am here to share and teach you how to make it work for you, no matter what company you work for!
Frequency 6 videos / quarter
Since Mar 2014
Youtube Followers- 502 . Views Count- 137,584 . Video Count - 194

20. Simple Solutions Organizing

Simple Solutions Organizing Columbus, Ohio About Youtuber My goal is to give you easy to implement organizing ideas to help you save time, make space and live a more organized life. My videos are short, simple and to the point because I truly believe that small, sustainable, incremental changes are the more effective when organizing your home and family.
Frequency 12 videos / year
Since May 2017
Youtube Followers- 767 . Views Count- 61,306 . Video Count - 101

21. Mise en Place - Professional Organising & Property Styling

Mise en Place - Professional Organising & Property Styling About Youtuber Mise en Place is an decluttering, organising and styling business dedicated in creating a simpler, more organised, less cluttered space and a home you will find tranquillity in. Helping individuals create a lifestyle of organisation, function and style in their everyday living and home.
Frequency 2 videos / month
Since Mar 2017
Youtube Followers- 312 . Views Count- 41,223 . Video Count - 137

22. Let's Organize

Let's Organize Cape Town, South Africa About Youtuber Learn how to declutter your home & get organized with organizing expert, Adele Bath. On my YouTube channel, I share home organizing tips, advice on decluttering your house, organization product reviews, and organization ideas for controlling the clutter. I look forward to sharing my advice, wisdom, and experiences with you!
Since Jun 2017
Youtube Followers- 71 . Views Count- 6,068 . Video Count - 53

23. Faigy Liebermann

Faigy Liebermann About Youtuber Hi My name is Faigy Liebermann. Do you want more life success? Watch these videos and learn how to declutter and organise your home. You will learn how to regain control over your time. Decluttering and getting back your control over your time are the two gateways to life success.
Frequency 2 videos / month
Since Nov 2015
Youtube Followers- 49 . Views Count- 7,527 . Video Count - 54

24. Declutter Life

Declutter Life About Youtuber Declutter Life provide professional and personlised home organisation services in Sydney to help you create and maintain spaces that are clutter-free and liberating.
Since Aug 2016
Youtube Followers- 31 . Views Count- 2,325 . Video Count - 38

25. Peter Walsh

Peter Walsh Los Angeles Or Melbourne About Youtuber Videos featuring organizing expert Peter Walsh. Peter's aim is to help people live richer happier lives with a little more organization
Frequency 30 videos / quarter
Since Oct 2011
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 2,646,614 . Video Count - 282

26. For the Love of Organizing

For the Love of Organizing About Youtuber Sharing tips to create an inspired home (and life) you'll love with budget-friendly finds. I'm Laura, and I hope you enjoy my take on organizing in a way that feels simple and chic. I love to create organizing videos with a DIY and vintage twist here on YouTube.
Since Feb 2015
Youtube Followers- 6,250 . Views Count- 336,364 . Video Count - 101

27. Restore Order Professional Organizing LLC

Restore Order Professional Organizing LLC Atlanta, GA About Youtuber Naeemah Ford Goldson, CPO® is a Certified Professional Organizer® in Atlanta, GA. This channel is dedicated to sharing organizing tips & tricks with viewers.
Frequency 2 videos / year
Since Apr 2013
Youtube Followers- 1,470 . Views Count- 187,335 . Video Count - 34

28. ab Organizing

ab Organizing About Youtuber I'm just trying to organize my life and express myself through planners and crafting.
Frequency 12 videos / year
Since Apr 2017
Youtube Followers- 1,030 . Views Count- 108,978 . Video Count - 237

29. The Organizing Experts

The Organizing Experts Seattle, WA About Youtuber The Organizing Experts™ provide a full-service 'get it done quick' approach to eliminating clutter and organizing your environment for your business, home & busy lifestyle.
Frequency 1 video / year
Since Oct 2012
Youtube Followers- 93 . Views Count- 6,080 . Video Count - 35

30. By George Organizing Solutions

By George Organizing Solutions Houston, TX About Youtuber By George Organizing Solutions provides a wide variety of organizing services and solutions to the Missouri City, Sugarland, and Houston, Texas areas. Whatever your organizing needs, By George, she's got it!
Since Aug 2014
Youtube Followers- 63 . Views Count- 6,593 . Video Count - 36

31. 'Declutter Queen' Simply Organised

'Declutter Queen' Simply Organised About Youtuber Learn the tips and tricks to a declutter and organised home and life from Declutter Queen Amy Revell.
Since Mar 2017
Youtube Followers- 87 . Views Count- 4,207 . Video Count - 59