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Ocarina Youtube Channels

1. David Erick Ramos | Ocarina

David Erick Ramos | Ocarina United States About Youtuber Hey everyone, I'm David, and I play the Ocarina! Since getting my first Ocarina back in 2000, I've travelled across the nation and overseas to share my passion for this instrument with as many people as I can.
Frequency 4 videos / week
Since Aug 2006
Youtube Followers- 236,000 . Views Count- 69,662,133 . Video Count - 464

2. Jordan Moore

Jordan Moore United States About Youtuber Hello everyone! My name is Jordan Moore. Here you will find videos about game music, anime music, and classical music. Follow us to keep up with the latest videos on ocarina from Jordan Moore channel.
Frequency 2 videos / month
Since Apr 2011
Youtube Followers- 13,000 . Views Count- 1,258,809 . Video Count - 104

3. Tristan Laurens

Tristan Laurens France About Youtuber Hi! My name is Tristan! Welcome to my YouTube Channel! On my channel, you'll find ocarina covers of my favourite songs and also your suggestions. I also make some ocarina reviews and unboxing. Finally, my channel is completed with ocarina informative videos.
Frequency 3 videos / year
Since Oct 2011
Youtube Followers- 7,250 . Views Count- 808,732 . Video Count - 113

4. Songbird Ocarina

Songbird Ocarina About Youtuber Welcome to the Songbird Ocarina channel! Here is a place where you can show off your amazing skills, and help the world be a happier place!
Frequency 1 video / month
Since Nov 2007
Youtube Followers- 18,500 . Views Count- 4,753,036 . Video Count - 193

5. kissing88

kissing88 About Youtuber Hello! I am Sam, and I play the ocarina and the ukulele. I'm no pro, but I love what I do and like to share it with the world.
Frequency 1 video / month
Since Jan 2007
Youtube Followers- 4,210 . Views Count- 1,497,124 . Video Count - 241

6. Ocarina Owl

Ocarina Owl United States About Youtuber Ocarina Owl is my main channel. I post music, tutorials, covers, & reviews of different ocarinas and ocarina music. For 6 hole ocarina and 12 hole ocarina.
Frequency 2 videos / quarter
Since Jun 2016
Youtube Followers- 4,500 . Views Count- 270,093 . Video Count - 134

7. Milos Petrovic

Milos Petrovic Serbia About Youtuber Follow us to keep up with videos on ocarina from Milos Petrovic.
Frequency 4 videos / month
Since Jun 2008
Youtube Followers- 176 . Views Count- 82,516 . Video Count - 225

8. bigc1421222

bigc1421222 About Youtuber Follow us to keep up with videos on ocarina from bigc1421222.
Frequency 10 videos / year
Since Mar 2006
Youtube Followers- 146 . Views Count- 11,211 . Video Count - 58

9. OcarinaJourney

OcarinaJourney About Youtuber Welcome to my channel showing various videos of me playing my ocarina. I am a new player and this channel will hopefully show me learning and progressing over time.
Frequency 1 video / year
Since Oct 2017
Youtube Followers- 19 . Views Count- 5,953 . Video Count - 26

10. STL Ocarina

STL Ocarina Saint Louis, MO About Youtuber On this channel, we would like to share our passion for ocarina with you.
Frequency 4 videos / quarter
Since Jan 2009
Channel STLOcarina
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- n/a . Video Count - n/a