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New Zealand Youtube Channels

1. New Zealand 100% Pure

New Zealand 100% Pure About Youtuber Welcome to New Zealand. A country known for its beautiful lakes, rugged mountains, and endless experiences on offer.
Since Sep 2009
Youtube Followers- 30,724 . Views Count- 44,038,765 . Video Count - 337

2. TV New Zealand

TV New Zealand About Youtuber Welcome to TVNZ's official YouTube channel.The moments that matter most to New Zealanders are at our core and we're dedicated to sharing these with you through TVNZ 1, 2, DUKE and OnDemand.
Since Apr 2007
Youtube Followers- 20,161 . Views Count- 1,208,184 . Video Count - 233

3. NZTransportAgency

NZTransportAgency About Youtuber Videos about travel and transport in New Zealand. Many of these videos are used on our education
Since Mar 2010
Youtube Followers- 10,441 . Views Count- 4,439,853 . Video Count - 760

4. Immigration New Zealand

Immigration New Zealand New Zealand About Youtuber Immigration New Zealand contributes to New Zealand's economy, society and reputation through the well-managed entry and settlement of people. Subscribe us to get helpful information if you are interested in living and working in New Zealand.
Since Oct 2010
Youtube Followers- 17,677 . Views Count- 2,579,799 . Video Count - 144

5. One News New Zealand » Youtube

One News New Zealand » Youtube About Youtuber Find all the latest news of new zealand on this channel
Since Mar 2017
Youtube Followers- 7,210 . Views Count- 1,894,971 . Video Count - 375

6. Big Game Hunting New Zealand

Big Game Hunting New Zealand About Youtuber Big Game Hunting New Zealand is a hunting website, blog and youtube channel that features reviews, how to's, and real 100% free range hunting in New Zealand magnificent high country.. Please subscribe for more video's and check out the bgh website at
Since Nov 2012
Youtube Followers- 26,906 . Views Count- 9,275,261 . Video Count - 77

7. PlayStation New Zealand

PlayStation New Zealand New Zealand About Youtuber Welcome to the Official PlayStation® New Zealand Youtube Channel. Here you'll hear about the latest announcements and news from PlayStation.
Since Jan 2010
Youtube Followers- 3,048 . Views Count- 1,974,194 . Video Count - 2,579

8. Fitz

Fitz About Youtuber I'm a YouTuber from NZ. I love making videos, I wish I could make them all the time.
Since Jan 2014
Youtube Followers- 1,097,132 . Views Count- 84,750,415 . Video Count - 110

9. How to DAD | Youtube

How to DAD | Youtube New Zealand About Youtuber Some funny stuff about Dad stuff. I make funny parenting videos.And other random stuff from down here in New Zealand
Since Jan 2007
Youtube Followers- 163,710 . Views Count- 22,091,301 . Video Count - 148

10. Thepalacedancestudio

Thepalacedancestudio About Youtuber The Palace is a dance studio that only teaches Hip Hop Dance. The Palace Dance Studio is where dancers can learn from some of the leading choreographers in New Zealand. We cater for all ages and all levels of Hip Hop dance. The Palace Dance Studio is where you can learn, rehearse, create, collaborate and grow.  
Since Sep 2009
Youtube Followers- 395,183 . Views Count- 93,353,944 . Video Count - 100

11. All Blacks

All Blacks About Youtuber All Blacks is the official YouTube channel for the New Zealand Rugby and the All Blacks. We use this channel in addition to our video service on
Since Oct 2006
Youtube Followers- 135,163 . Views Count- 44,756,742 . Video Count - 2,242

12. Red Robot

Red Robot About Youtuber Hello! I'm Red Robot, a friendly gamer from New Zealand. I love TF2!
Since Sep 2014
Youtube Followers- 104,654 . Views Count- 19,865,907 . Video Count - 169

13. Cartoon Network New Zealand

Cartoon Network New Zealand About Youtuber Welcome to the official Cartoon Network New Zealand channel on YouTube! Here you can watch clips from your favourite Cartoon Network shows as well as see trailers and teasers for new shows, films, games and more!
Since Jun 2012
Youtube Followers- 68,387 . Views Count- 70,784,749 . Video Count - 1,590

14. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand About Youtuber Welcome to the official Air New Zealand YouTube channel!As the national airline of New Zealand, we operate non-stop services to more than 20 domestic destinations as well as to international ports in Australia, the Pacific Islands, Asia, North America, South America and the United Kingdom.
Since May 2006
Youtube Followers- 66,282 . Views Count- 79,187,454 . Video Count - 469

15. Auckland Symphony

Auckland Symphony About Youtuber The official YouTube channel of the Auckland Symphony Orchestra.
Since May 2012
Youtube Followers- 35,030 . Views Count- 16,977,295 . Video Count - 50

16. Tech Showdown

Tech Showdown About Youtuber Find latest New Zealand Tech Reviews!
Since Dec 2011
Youtube Followers- 33,311 . Views Count- 8,670,938 . Video Count - 418

17. IllegalMusik

IllegalMusik About Youtuber Illegal Musik is an independent record label from New Zealand. While music is our primary focus we have also spread our talents to other facets including Food | Production House | Consulting | Entertainment | Culture
Since Aug 2008
Youtube Followers- 36,956 . Views Count- 22,167,347 . Video Count - 221

18. PlaytechNZ

PlaytechNZ About Youtuber New Zealand's own technology YouTube channel filled with lots of interesting topics technology-related.
Since Jan 2009
Youtube Followers- 34,735 . Views Count- 3,974,050 . Video Count - 231

19. EA Games Australia & New Zealand

EA Games Australia & New Zealand About Youtuber Electronic Arts Inc. is the world's leading interactive entertainment software company. EA develops, publishes, and distributes interactive software worldwide for console, pc, mobile and social platorms. Get all the latest trailers, interviews, event wrap-ups & more here on our Official Aus/NZ YouTube Channel!
Since Mar 2011
Youtube Followers- 20,146 . Views Count- 15,414,771 . Video Count - 948

20. BackpackingSimon

BackpackingSimon Germany About Youtuber I'm Simon. I'm 25 from Stuttgart. My journey started at the end of May 2015 and will last about 1-2 years. My first goal is New Zealand here I have a Work and Travel visa and will stay for about 6 months, the rest of my route then looks inetwa.
Since Feb 2015
Youtube Followers- 106,426 . Views Count- 13,388,641 . Video Count - 510

21. Indigo Traveller

Indigo Traveller New Zealand About Youtuber I'm Nick from New Zealand, 43 countries in 4 continents so far. I believe vloggers are the new media, and that we have a responsibility to show the world what the world is really like. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter what age, gender or religion a person is or has, we are all the same once you strip down our ideologies and this is want I want to bring into the light.
Since Apr 2016
Youtube Followers- 387,354 . Views Count- 38,935,699 . Video Count - 295

22. Fletcher Films

Fletcher Films About Youtuber Hey my Name is Zakiya, I am a 12 year old New Zealand youtuber who posts Funny videos Such as, Vlogs, Scary videos, Challenges and MUCH MORE!! So please subscribe
Since Jan 2017
Youtube Followers- 11,765 . Views Count- 699,059 . Video Count - 9

23. Toyota New Zealand

Toyota New Zealand About Youtuber Welcome to Toyota New Zealand's official YouTube channel.
Since Jun 2011
Youtube Followers- 8,732 . Views Count- 5,172,711 . Video Count - 369

24. Icon Films Australia & New Zealand

Icon Films Australia & New Zealand About Youtuber Icon Film Distribution is the face of independent film in Australia and Newzealand, with a great range of movies that you can enjoy in cinemas or at home.
Since Oct 2010
Youtube Followers- 8,645 . Views Count- 16,891,362 . Video Count - 614

25. Auckland Museum

Auckland Museum Auckland, New Zealand About Youtuber Auckland Museum, in New Zealand, is amongst the preeminent museums in the Southern Hemisphere and is renowned for its unique collection of Maori and Pacific treasures. The Museum is also a war memorial for the Auckland province.
Since Apr 2009
Youtube Followers- 10,662 . Views Count- 3,354,918 . Video Count - 530

26. Transmission Films

Transmission Films About Youtuber Transmission Films is one of the leading independent motion picture distributors in Australia and New Zealand, bringing you the best indie, Oz, Kiwi and international films.
Since Oct 2008
Youtube Followers- 6,906 . Views Count- 13,952,316 . Video Count - 315

27. Ford New Zealand

Ford New Zealand About Youtuber Ford New Zealand is the New Zealand subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. Ford New Zealand's distribution and assembly operations began in 1936 when it took them from the local franchisee. For more information about our range of vehicles, locating a dealer or booking a test drive see
Since Dec 2012
Youtube Followers- 6,191 . Views Count- 12,737,037 . Video Count - 118

28. Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand About Youtuber New Zealand is one of the world's best places to live and study. Discover more about studying in New Zealand & incredible lifestyle. The Study in New Zealand Youtube channel is the official Government site for advice on studying abroad in New Zealand. Search courses, universities, institutes, schools, student stories and living costs.
Since Aug 2011
Youtube Followers- 5,673 . Views Count- 11,224,547 . Video Count - 206

29. PB Tech

PB Tech About Youtuber PB Tech is New Zealand's biggest IT and computing retailer with 11 stores nationwide - bringing you all things tech.Subscribe for the latest news, reviews, and first looks at the hottest tech and gadgets
Since Oct 2014
Youtube Followers- 3,349 . Views Count- 973,113 . Video Count - 172

30. Daneger and Stacey

Daneger and Stacey About Youtuber We're Dane & Stacey, full time travellers from New Zealand. Unlike most travel vloggers we move to a country for a few months and rent a villa or apartment. Our channel shows what it's like to immerse into cultures by exploring, eating traditional cuisine and living a life similar to locals while still hunting out our western wants and needs!
Since Sep 2016
Youtube Followers- 90,874 . Views Count- 9,438,362 . Video Count - 296

31. PATHFilmsNZ

PATHFilmsNZ About Youtuber PATHFilms are created by Pete Thomas, a New Zealand shooting, hunting, outdoors, wildfoods and lifestyle enthusiast.
Since Dec 2012
Youtube Followers- 2,760 . Views Count- 814,571 . Video Count - 40

32. ANZ New Zealand

ANZ New Zealand New Zealand | Aotearoa About Youtuber Welcome to ANZ New Zealand's YouTube channel! We welcome your feedback and comments .
Since Apr 2010
Youtube Followers- 2,676 . Views Count- 1,977,801 . Video Count - 266

33. New Zealand Badminton Open

New Zealand Badminton Open Auckland, New Zealand About Youtuber Watch latest videos of new zealand badminton open
Since Apr 2014
Youtube Followers- 6,815 . Views Count- 1,759,670 . Video Count - 38

34. Royal Caribbean Australia and New Zealand

Royal Caribbean Australia and New Zealand About Youtuber The official YouTube channel of Royal Caribbean Australia & New Zealand.
Since Oct 2011
Youtube Followers- 2,455 . Views Count- 1,803,539 . Video Count - 148

35. Wellington NZ

Wellington NZ About Youtuber New Zealand's Capital City, Wellington is home to world-class events, stylish cocktail bars, funky designer shopping, contemporary art galleries, award-winning cafes and restaurants and so much more. Set on the edge of a stunning harbour and surrounded by rolling hills, it's a city waiting to be explored.
Since May 2007
Youtube Followers- 2,304 . Views Count- 1,602,578 . Video Count - 172

36. New Zealand Labour Party

New Zealand Labour Party About Youtuber Videos from the New Zealand Labour Party.
Since May 2011
Youtube Followers- 2,606 . Views Count- 2,550,417 . Video Count - 420


AMFILMS About Youtuber Welcome to my channel. My names Alexnadra Madsen, I am from Napier, New Zealand and I ride for MADD Gear NZ!! Subscribe to my channel, I make edits, scooter builds, scooter unboxing videos, vlogs and more!
Since Aug 2011
Youtube Followers- 2,097 . Views Count- 156,528 . Video Count - 209

38. New Zealand Police

New Zealand Police About Youtuber Welcome to the official YouTube channel of New Zealand Police where you can watch videos about our work, news, campaigns and appeals.
Since Aug 2010
Youtube Followers- 3,803 . Views Count- 1,740,400 . Video Count - 191

39. The Path Less Traveled

The Path Less Traveled Christchurch City, New Zealand About Youtuber My name is Ryan and im an adventurer, creator and New zealand YouTuber. My goal is to create content that challenges you to create yourself. Whether its overseas or in your own back yard, go on an adventure! This life is for living, and this world is for exploring.
Since Oct 2012
Youtube Followers- 4,938 . Views Count- 618,973 . Video Count - 152

40. NewZealand guns and hunting

NewZealand guns and hunting About Youtuber NZ Guns & Hunting is New Zealand's national firearms magazine. Since the first issue in Oct/Nov 1990, NZG&H has established a solid reputation for reliable technical data and informed comment on guns of all types and categories - both modern and vintage, including hunting rifles and shotguns, blackpowder and military weapons, airguns, target rifles and pistols.
Since Jan 2012
Youtube Followers- 1,254 . Views Count- 418,287 . Video Count - 43

41. FUSION Entertainment

FUSION Entertainment About Youtuber FUSION Entertainment is a New Zealand based audio entertainment technology company, investing in the marine and lifestyle RV entertainment markets.
Since Mar 2011
Youtube Followers- 1,247 . Views Count- 408,488 . Video Count - 64

42. Lotto New Zealand

Lotto New Zealand About Youtuber Lotto is the million dollar game that's easy to play. Combine that with Powerball and you've got the freedom to win and live your wildest dreams. Lotto has been making New Zealanders dreams come true for over 28 years
Since Sep 2010
Youtube Followers- 1,529 . Views Count- 3,317,527 . Video Count - 525

43. 2 Cheap Cars

2 Cheap Cars About Youtuber New Zealand's Largest Importer of Used Cars!
Since Apr 2014
Youtube Followers- 1,014 . Views Count- 4,407,328 . Video Count - 78

44. Swimming New Zealand

Swimming New Zealand About Youtuber This is the video hub for all things Swimming New Zealand. Watch on demand video clips from past swimming events, awards dinners and athlete blogs that have been streamed or broadcast and stay tuned for future live streaming that will play through this channel.
Since Mar 2014
Youtube Followers- 736 . Views Count- 122,712 . Video Count - 269

45. Basketball New Zealand

Basketball New Zealand About Youtuber The official YouTube channel of Basketball New Zealand where you can find the latest interviews, features and highlights packages.
Since Apr 2013
Youtube Followers- 506 . Views Count- 101,989 . Video Count - 160

46. New Zealand Opera

New Zealand Opera About Youtuber Welcome to New Zealand's national opera company. Our mission: to bring human stories, glorious music and the passion of live opera to all.
Since Sep 2009
Youtube Followers- 497 . Views Count- 120,137 . Video Count - 139

47. Healthy Food Guide - New Zealand

Healthy Food Guide - New Zealand About Youtuber Healthy Food Guide - Practical ideas from the experts
Since Jan 2010
Youtube Followers- 444 . Views Count- 148,229 . Video Count - 179

48. Wendys New Zealand

Wendys New Zealand About Youtuber The latest and greatest from Wendy's New Zealand
Since Feb 2014
Youtube Followers- 215 . Views Count- 642,258 . Video Count - 44

49. New Zealand Virtual RPC

New Zealand Virtual RPC New Zealand About Youtuber The latest game reviews, trailers, and walkthroughs from the #1 New Zealand Gaming Community .This is only a small taste of the videos and content available from NZvirtual
Since Sep 2012
Youtube Followers- 203 . Views Count- 63,547 . Video Count - 37

50. Marcel's BackGammon

Marcel's BackGammon New Zealand About Youtuber Marcel's BackGammon channel is about backgammon videos, follow us to know more.
Since Jan 2019
Youtube Followers- 171 . Views Count- 2,226 . Video Count - 44

51. Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ New Zealand About Youtuber Welcome! Our videos are there to support, educate and challenge you to go get your breast checked. Learn how to reduce your risk of breast cancer, a disease which affects around 3000 women each year.
Since Sep 2011
Youtube Followers- 147 . Views Count- 265,769 . Video Count - 105

52. Love Food Hate Waste New Zealand

Love Food Hate Waste New Zealand About Youtuber Find recepies of different food items
Since May 2016
Youtube Followers- 112 . Views Count- 55,340 . Video Count - 18

53. Complete Unauthorised History of New Zealand

Complete Unauthorised History of New Zealand About Youtuber New Zealand is a country with a rich and colourful history, one that is too easy forgotten. Screened from 2005 to 2009, the impassive Jeremy Wells investigates a topic each episode, and grounds modern New Zealand in exactly where it has come from. This channel is a collection of these episodes that are too good to be lost in antiquity.
Since Dec 2016
Youtube Followers- 112 . Views Count- 13,801 . Video Count - 34

54. Consumer New Zealand

Consumer New Zealand About Youtuber Consumer NZ is an independent, non-profit organisation established in 1959 dedicated to getting New Zealanders a fairer deal.We Recommend businesses you can trust
Since Oct 2008
Youtube Followers- 158 . Views Count- 299,897 . Video Count - 31

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