40 Best Multiple Sclerosis Podcasts

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Multiple Sclerosis Podcasts

Here are 40 Best Multiple Sclerosis Podcasts worth listening to in 2023

1. Over Coming Multiple Sclerosis | Living well with MS podcast

Over Coming Multiple Sclerosis | Living well with MS podcast Barnstaple, England, UK
The Host, Geoff Allix, explores a different aspect of the OMS 7-Step Recovery Program in greater depth. New episodes will be published approximately once per month and will feature interviews with scientists, fitness specialists, diet experts, stress reduction professionals and OMSers themselves. The podcast will also feature inspirational, real-life stories from people with multiple sclerosis about the daily challenges and small victories of successful lifestyle modification.
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2. FUMS | Giving Multiple Sclerosis The Finger

FUMS | Giving Multiple Sclerosis The Finger Chesapeake, Virginia, US
A podcast providing information, inspiration and motivation for living your best life with Multiple Sclerosis. Join us for interviews with doctors, research scientists, patients, legislators, insurers, neuropsychologists, authors, caregivers, and a long list of others in our pursuit of answers.
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3. RealTalk MS

RealTalk MS Long Beach, California, US
Jon Strum cuts through all the jargon and breaks down the latest multiple sclerosis news. You'll meet the scientists who are creating tomorrow's MS treatments today. You'll hear from the experts discussing how the latest tweaks and changes to our healthcare laws will impact your MS treatment. Catch the weekly Real Talk MS podcast for the latest news, interviews, and breakthroughs for living a better life with MS.
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4. What's The Matter With Me?

What's The Matter With Me? San Jose, California, US
John, the host, has multiple sclerosis and that affects his life and work in many ways. He shares his experiences, challenges, and triumphs as a patient with MS. The podcast develops John's disability consciousness and bridges him with his caregivers, doctors, the disabled community, and community-at-large. John made the What's The Matter With Me? Podcast to share what he is going through.
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5. The MS Gym Podcast

The MS Gym Podcast New Enterprise, Pennsylvania, US
Multiple Sclerosis Podcast for living a life by design not diagnosis. Stay tuned to listen to the latest news.
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6. Can Do MS Podcast

Can Do MS Podcast Avon, Colorado, US
A national nonprofit organization Can Do Multiple Sclerosis (formerly The Heuga Center for Multiple Sclerosis) transforms lives by delivering health and wellness education programs on exercise, nutrition, symptom management, and motivation to help families living with MS thrive.
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7. MSAA Podcast

MSAA Podcast US
The MSAA Podcast shares information, insight, and valuable resources from top medical professionals, MSAA staff members, and more to educate and spread awareness about Multiple Sclerosis.
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8. A Couple Takes on MS

A Couple Takes on MS Yes, we both are living with completely different forms of Multiple Sclerosis (Dan's has RRMS, Jennifer has SPMS), but we have been happily married for nearly 16 years. Married AND happy while we both live with the same chronic illness? Take it from us: It all IS possible. OK, so it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Check in with us every other week as we have conversations about our experiences, insights and perspectives on pushing through the constant challenges and storms of daily life with (and without) MS.
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9. The MSing Link

The MSing Link Do you have Multiple Sclerosis and have goals of improving your mobility, energy, and motivation? On this show, you'll learn MS-specific exercises and symptom management strategies to help you gain control over your life with MS. I also bring in other MS Experts in the healthcare industry to share their insights and advice so you'll be armed with research-driven education. You'll leave each episode feeling empowered and ready to take action!
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10. Multiple Sclerosis and Veterans (MS & Vets)

Multiple Sclerosis and Veterans (MS & Vets) The VA's Multiple Sclerosis Centers of Excellence are dedicated to furthering the understanding of MS, its impact on Veterans, and effective treatments to help manage the disease and its symptoms. MS & Vets is a new podcast series from MSCoE and the VA's Employee Education System that discusses important issues related to the health and quality of life of Veterans with MS. During every episode, you'll hear subject matter experts weigh in on MS issues and also talk about services the VA provides because every Veteran's health does matter.
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11. Breaking it down - A multiple sclerosis podcast

Breaking it down - A multiple sclerosis podcast Breaking it down - A multiple sclerosis podcast by the MS Trust brings together a range of voices from the MS community to cover all aspects of life with multiple sclerosis. Featuring a combination of expert advice and real life experiences from people with MS, episodes provide an in-depth insight into the impact MS symptoms can have and how they can be most successfully managed.
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12. eMultipleSclerosis Review

eMultipleSclerosis Review New York City, New York, US
eMultipleSclerosis Review is developed like a 'journal club' and provides up-to-date information directly relevant to practice. In each topic-focused newsletter, experts from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and other institutions summarize and provide an expert perspective on the most relevant peer-reviewed articles, keeping you up to date on the latest clinical data.
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13. MS Conversations With Candi

MS Conversations With Candi Welcome to MS Conversations with Candi; a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Candice Lewis. This podcast provides listeners, a place to hear conversations with those currently living with or affected by Multiple Sclerosis. These conversations provide real-life stories, insights, and encouragement.
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14. A 30 Minute Life, learning to live life with Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Pain

A 30 Minute Life, learning to live life with Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Pain Each episode will have me reading a post and then my comments about what has happened since I wrote it. I will also interview guests who have some connection with chronic illness, patients, carers, or medical professionals. My goal is to share my experience, and what I have learned, with you, so you don't have to make the mistakes I have made. I have Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, and I was diagnosed 28 years ago. My Chronic Pain started 6 years ago, and I have tried many ways to manage it. In these programs, you will learn how I achieve this.
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15. The Living Strong Podcast with Kym Sellers

The Living Strong Podcast with Kym Sellers Cleveland, Ohio, US
Kym Sellers, formerly of Cleveland's Radio One, WZAK, 93.1 was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1992. The goal of this podcast is to share her personal experiences about this mysterious disease, highlight the experiences of families and friends who are affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS), & provide outreach, awareness and education to individuals with Multiple Sclerosis and their families.
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16. 3 blondes 1 battle

3 blondes 1 battle This is NOT a place to come if you are a 'misery loves company' type person. We are WINNING in our battle and we will tell you what we are doing and/or have done. You can then do your own research and choose for yourself. We are NOT medical professionals. We are Navy and Army veterans, single moms, married moms and really just want to spread JOY and HOPE to you!! Whether newly diagnosed or years into it..we got you!
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17. MS Podcasts

MS Podcasts Multiple sclerosis symptom management and wellness topics for people living with MS, their family, carers and friends.
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18. MS Minute with DCND

MS Minute with DCND Centerville, Ohio, US
Welcome to MS Minute with DCND. Your podcast for understanding Multiple Sclerosis. Every month, our MS experts tackle a different topic to help you manage your disease and live a better life.
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19. MS Diagnosis Journey

MS Diagnosis Journey We invite you to join us for the Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis Journey podcast and listen to these unique stories. There's much to learn from each other by listening to these stories of diagnosis. By sharing their experiences with others, the MS Diagnosis journey podcast will serve as a vehicle for healing and empowerment for the storyteller.
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20. MS News & Perspectives

MS News & Perspectives Pensacola, Florida, US
Multiple Sclerosis News Today seeks to fill an unmet need in healthcare news journalism by providing patients and their families with a reliable news journal on MS that they can engage with on a daily basis for the latest news and MS resources.
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21. MS is messy

MS is messy A closer look at the good, the bad and the ugly of living with Multiple Sclerosis. Although I will share with listeners the different challenges and solutions I've stumbled upon for coping successfully with this disease, I am in no way an expert so please consult your own doctor for specific treatment options. My hope is that other people living with MS and those who care for them will find comfort in the fact that they are not alone. We are all in this together until there is a CURE.
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22. MS Living Well

MS Living Well Missouri, US
Barry Singer, MD, Director of The MS Center for Innovations in Care at Missouri Baptist Medical Center interviews expert guests about the latest treatments, innovations, and tips for patients living with multiple sclerosis.
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23. Thriving Over Surviving

Thriving Over Surviving The Thriving Over Surviving Podcast features stories of triumph as guest share their journey battling autoimmune diseases, specifically Multiple Sclerosis.
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MS CONNECT LIFE Uniondale, New York, US
Welcome to the podcast MS CONNECT LIFE. In each episode, I am your host Jamaine Johnson. I'll be providing my fellow Multiple Sclerosis warriors and others out there with informative info dealing with this disease and helpful tips which helped my life along the way.
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25. Myelin & Melanin: Raising The Temp

Myelin & Melanin: Raising The Temp Podcast hosted by two Black women sharing their musings on life, multiple sclerosis, and everything in between! They are often joined by noted MS specialists, medical professionals as well as influencers and members of the MS community.
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26. MS Momentum

MS Momentum Dunedin, New Zealand
The Otago Multiple Sclerosis Society is a not-for-profit organization, devoted to supporting people with MS, along with their families and carers. Join MS Otago Field Officer, Valerie Wilson for a discussion on the challenges that people with MS face and the support available in our community.
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27. Holistic Platter's Food is Medicine

Holistic Platter's Food is Medicine Holistic Platter helps women who have Multiple Sclerosis or other autoimmune conditions manage their condition naturally based on the 4 principles of F.R.E.E. which consist of Faith, Rest, Exercise, and Eating Healthy. Charnise Cooley is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Health Coach who manages MS and lives her life F.R.E.E. every day.
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28. MS Understood

MS Understood We all know that MS is a misunderstood disease that shows up differently for each of us. Each week an episode will be released that'll share the highs and lows of this unpredictable disease. My hope is that these episodes will shed some light for those who are newly diagnosed and those of us who have been living with it for years. Each week we will chat with someone who has been effected by Multiple Sclerosis, whether that be someone who lives with it, a family member, spouse, nurse or friend.
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29. MS and SEX

MS and SEX We affirm that people with multiple sclerosis are radically sexy simply by rejecting the negative messages that we get from our culture. On the podcast and in our classes, we learn how to improve the quality of our lives and inspire non-disabled folk too. We talk to people with MS, researchers, and healthcare practitioners as we learn to navigate the complexities of sexual well-being.
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30. The MS Podcast

The MS Podcast In Sanofi Genzyme's podcast 'The MS Podcast', the focus is on Multiple Sclerosis and brain health. Through the different episodes we talk to various specialists within neuroscience, psychology and physical activity to help shed light on the many aspects of treating MS. Tune in and learn more!
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31. MS Talks - Keep Moving Forward, A Gulf News Podcast.

MS Talks - Keep Moving Forward, A Gulf News Podcast. Muna has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which can be debilitating and give many a reason to lose hope. She has a young family and a husband, all of whom have been part of her journey. In this series, we will hear about Muna's story and the importance of always keep moving forward. Muna speaks to several doctors and nurses, who specialise in MS and will seek to inform others on the background of the disease, what to expect when you meet with the medical practitioners and how you and your family can best live with Multiple Sclerosis. 
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32. Little MS Sunshine

Little MS Sunshine A podcast to show that life doesn't have to stop with a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.
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33. Sick and Sickening

Sick and Sickening Sick and Sickening is a bi-weekly podcast. Where I will be discussing all things Multiple Sclerosis-related, sharing my journey towards health, the challenges I've encountered, and any tips or tricks I've picked up along the way. Featuring special guests from around the world and other chronic illness warriors.
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34. 10 Minutes For MS

10 Minutes For MS Each 10 minutes episode covers a specific topic from discussing specific symptoms to groundbreaking new research, the podcast covers it all! Hosted by MS Advocate, Ritu also known as, Surjeet Kaur, and joined by Multiple Sclerosis Experts and MS Warriors, the podcast aims to create awareness, share knowledge, and unknown and unheard stories from those battling Multiple Sclerosis, all across the globe.
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35. My Life With Multiple Sclerosis

My Life With Multiple Sclerosis Just being your average 42-year-old African American male suffering from this dreaded disease called multiple sclerosis.
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36. YEG MS

YEG MS Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
YEG MS podcast focusses on Multiple Sclerosis and is created by a man living with MS. Each episode features interviews with others who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or are somehow involved in the MS community in Edmonton. The website gives suggestions on diet (similar to the paleo diet) and exercise and the goal is to share information and create a dialogue for those affected by Multiple Sclerosis.
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37. MS Will Lose | News & Views

MS Will Lose | News & Views Atlanta, Georgia, US
The host, Justice, has multiple sclerosis (MS) and created this podcast to uplift, inspire and motivate people with MS to keep moving and keep fighting no matter what obstacles they're facing.
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38. Multiple Sclerosis | The Warrior's Way

Multiple Sclerosis | The Warrior's Way This is a podcast intended to provide insights and encouragement for anyone affected by multiple sclerosis. Stay tuned to listen to the latest news.
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MS News Today audioboom.com 60
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John Hoppin whatsthematterwithme.org 43
MS Trust buzzsprout.com 41
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Multiple Sclerosis Limited ms-podcasts.simplecast.com 38
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