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Microbiology Youtube Channels

1. Vincent Racaniello

Vincent Racaniello United States
About Youtuber Hi, I am Vincent Racaniello. I want to be Earth's virology Professor, and this YouTube channel is one way I'm doing that. Here you will find videos from my virology lectures at Columbia University, from my science shows This Week in Virology and This Week in Microbiology, and interviews that I've done with microbiologists.
Frequency about 3 videos per month
Since Dec 2009
Channel youtube.com/user/profvrr/videos
Youtube Followers- 13,430 . Views Count- 1,223,588 . Video Count - 336

2. Dr. Mohamed Sherif Lectures

Dr. Mohamed Sherif Lectures About Youtuber I am Dr. Mohamed Sherif. I'm an Active Professor in the field of Microbiology and Immunology with more than 40 years of experience. I'm a passionate believer in advancing student achievement through technology. I will be explaining Microbiology & Immunology lectures on this channel. The videos you will find on my channel are full lessons that include multiple examples to help you understand the material easily.
Frequency about 1 video per month
Since Aug 2016
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCq1Y..
Youtube Followers- 10,482 . Views Count- 490,163 . Video Count - 69

3. American Society for Microbiology

American Society for Microbiology Washington, DC
About Youtuber The American Society for Microbiology’s mission is to gain a better understanding of basic life processes and to promote the application of this knowledge for improved health and economic and environmental well-being. This channel will feature content for those interested in the science of microbiology, including talks, presentations, interviews and trainings, as well as videos and clips that highlight the work the ASM does around the world.
Frequency about 4 videos per month
Since Dec 2015
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCBxW..
Youtube Followers- 4,805 . Views Count- 256,028 . Video Count - 308

4. Gilles Bolduc

Gilles Bolduc About Youtuber Gilles Bolduc is a professor at Massasoit Community College in Massachusetts where he teaches Microbiology, Biology, and Molecular Biology.
Frequency about 1 video per month
Since Mar 2011
Channel youtube.com/user/ProfGillesB..
Youtube Followers- 2,958 . Views Count- 449,005 . Video Count - 37

5. PGMEE Microbiology Prep

PGMEE Microbiology Prep About Youtuber PGMEE Microbiology Prep is a channel focused to assist you in your PG Entrance Exams -Microbiology segment preparation.
Frequency about 1 video per week
Since Nov 2017
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCv7l..
Youtube Followers- 905 . Views Count- 15,671 . Video Count - 9

6. PG Microbiology made easy panwar microbiology

PG Microbiology made easy panwar microbiology About Youtuber Find the latest videos on Medical mnemonics and microbiology from PG Microbiology made easy panwar microbiology.
Frequency about 4 videos per month
Since Apr 2017
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCwZO..
Youtube Followers- 802 . Views Count- 17,426 . Video Count - 57

7. Microbiology with Sumi

Microbiology with Sumi About Youtuber Hi everyone, welcome to my channel Microbiology with Sumi. My Channel is related to study of Microbiology. Here I have tried to upload informative videos on the important topic of microbiology. In my upcoming videos, I will cover the various topics related to several branches of microbiology like virology, industrial microbiology, Genetics, Clinical Microbiology, Water Microbiology, Biotechnology, Immunology, Bacteriology, Soil microbiology, Mycology etc.
Frequency about 2 videos per week
Since May 2017
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCuCJ..
Youtube Followers- 587 . Views Count- 25,715 . Video Count - 32

8. Dawn Simms

Dawn Simms About Youtuber Welcome to the Youtube channel for Microbiology. This channel contains student resources, each taught by Prof. Simms. The channel videos and playlists designed to supplement the texts and course curriculum, as well as to aid in students' self-directed learning processes.
Frequency about 1 video per month
Since May 2015
Channel youtube.com/channel/UC9HM..
Youtube Followers- 511 . Views Count- 41,672 . Video Count - 22

9. Immunology | Microbiology Maureen Richards

Immunology | Microbiology Maureen Richards About Youtuber Learn and find informative content on Immunology and Microbiology from Maureen Richards.
Frequency about 2 videos per week
Since Sep 2013
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCReV..
Youtube Followers- 461 . Views Count- 51,506 . Video Count - 62

10. Applied Environmental Microbiology - IITR

Applied Environmental Microbiology - IITR About Youtuber Follow this channel to learn about Applied Environmental Microbiology.
Frequency about 6 videos per week
Since Nov 2017
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCMTw..
Youtube Followers- 170 . Views Count- 14,761 . Video Count - 56

11. The ROC: A Strong Foundation

The ROC: A Strong Foundation About Youtuber Hi! My name is Rochelle. I make lesson videos for microbiology. I take microbiology students outside the box of studying and introduce them to an interactive, repetitive, and productive way of studying.
Frequency about 3 videos per month
Since Aug 2015
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCs0r..
Youtube Followers- 159 . Views Count- 14,906 . Video Count - 65

12. Microbiology Journal Club

Microbiology Journal Club About Youtuber Microbiology Hangout Journal Club, is an occasional meeting of microbiology minds to discuss fascinating recent publications. Hosted by Karen Lo and Laura Williams.
Frequency about 1 video per month
Since Oct 2014
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCnT0..
Youtube Followers- 149 . Views Count- 4,046 . Video Count - 32

13. GMITMicrobiology microbiology

GMITMicrobiology microbiology About Youtuber GMIT Microbiological Techniques and Principles is a channel dedicated to Microbiology.
Frequency about 2 videos per month
Since Feb 2016
Channel youtube.com/channel/UC6t4..
Youtube Followers- 57 . Views Count- 10,271 . Video Count - 37

14. Microbial World (Microbiology)

Microbial World (Microbiology) About Youtuber Hello Everyone, I am Rayhan Mahmud . I am student of Microbiology. I am always curious to learn new informations about Microbiology & want to exchange my little knowledges with everyone from every corner of the world.
Frequency about 1 video per month
Since May 2015
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCDUn..
Youtube Followers- 41 . Views Count- 6,368 . Video Count - 4

15. FEMS Microbiology

FEMS Microbiology About Youtuber FEMS is advancing and unifying microbiology knowledge. It acts as the umbrella organization of microbiological societies in Europe. FEMS facilitates exchange of scientific knowledge to all microbiologists in Europe and worldwide by publishing five microbiology journals and organizing a biennial congress for microbiologists around the world.
Frequency about 2 videos per month
Since Apr 2011
Channel youtube.com/user/FEMSTV/v..
Youtube Followers- 21 . Views Count- 3,432 . Video Count - 24

16. Emery Pharma

Emery Pharma About Youtuber Emeryville Pharmaceutical Services provides Microbiology and Analytical Chemistry services for academic, industry, and independent research institutions. Microbiology services include Spectrum of Antibacterial and Antifungal Activity, Biofilm Profiling, Resistance Profiling, Cytotoxicity Testing and issue Efficacy Modeling.
Frequency about 1 video per month
Since Jul 2012
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCCRY..
Youtube Followers- 19 . Views Count- 5,163 . Video Count - 7

17. Microbiology Videos

Microbiology Videos About Youtuber Microbiology Videos brings you the latest detailed videos on Microbiology.
Frequency about 3 videos per week
Since Dec 2017
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCD36..
Youtube Followers- 14 . Views Count- 871 . Video Count - 13

18. Dr. Ouellette's microbiology

Dr. Ouellette's microbiology About Youtuber Dr. Ouellette's microbiology features videos to explain a wide range of microbiology concepts.
Frequency about 3 videos per month
Since Nov 2013
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCoP1..
Youtube Followers- 2 . Views Count- 311 . Video Count - 25

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