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Manchester United Youtube Channels

1. The United Stand

The United Stand About Youtuber Manchester United news and updates from the number one independent Manchester United fan channel on YouTube. The United Stand provides you with the latest Manchester United transfer news, highlights, goal reviews and much more. So if you love football, get involved and join the United Stand.
Frequency 13 videos / day
Since Aug 2014
Youtube Followers- 537,286 . Views Count- 189,750,679 . Video Count - 3,269

2. FullTimeDEVILS

FullTimeDEVILS About Youtuber The number one 100% Unofficial Manchester United Fans YouTube channel.
Frequency 10 videos / day
Since Jan 2013
Youtube Followers- 532,599 . Views Count- 202,163,019 . Video Count - 5,726

3. UnitedPeoplesTV

UnitedPeoplesTV About Youtuber A fan created Manchester United channel. The voice online for all United fans. Get involved and get heard! Stay in touch with UPTV for the latest Manchester United videos: football news, transfer talk, player features, match previews, fancam videos, fan debates and more.
Frequency 1 video / day
Since Apr 2015
Youtube Followers- 140,977 . Views Count- 25,038,521 . Video Count - 1,699

4. Manchester United Foundation

Manchester United Foundation About Youtuber Manchester United Foundation uses football to engage and inspire young people to build a better life for themselves and unite the communities in which they live.
Frequency 3 videos / week
Since Mar 2012
Youtube Followers- 81,811 . Views Count- 10,219,579 . Video Count - 258

5. Manchester is Red

Manchester is Red About Youtuber Manchester United Interviews, Post Match Analysis, Transfer NEWS, Managers Press Conference. We keep you updated with Basically Everything Related to MUFC.
Since Dec 2016
Youtube Followers- 65,948 . Views Count- 3,831,532 . Video Count - 18

6. Chevrolet FC

Chevrolet FC About Youtuber Chevrolet FC is putting football supporters first as we Find New Roads using our passion for the sport to bring the power of play to children around the world.
Frequency 1 video / year
Since Jun 2012
Youtube Followers- 324,770 . Views Count- 54,308,905 . Video Count - 253


MANUTD-TV About Youtuber Welcome to MANUTD-TV! I make videos about Manchester United: Comps, all the goals, top 10, history.
Frequency 1 video / month
Since Dec 2015
Youtube Followers- 172,869 . Views Count- 3,324,047 . Video Count - 11

8. Quality MUFC Videos

Quality MUFC Videos Mumbai, India About Youtuber The Official YouTube Channel for Aditya Rathod aka Adityareds. YouTuber | Producer | Video Editor | There is no such thing as a bad editor, there are only bad choices. Making Manchester United videos for a very long time now.
Frequency 5 videos / year
Since Oct 2006
Youtube Followers- 86,763 . Views Count- 13,973,713 . Video Count - 136

9. Man utd Chants

Man utd Chants About Youtuber Dedicated to Manchester United fans singing and chanting across england and europe. From the terraces to pubs and from trains to city centers Manchester united fans truly are unique in the following of their club.
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since Jan 2007
Youtube Followers- 10,253 . Views Count- 6,064,873 . Video Count - 450

10. Manchester United Nepal

Manchester United Nepal About Youtuber Manchester United official is the channel for all Red devils around the world. We are featuring all the news update and games highlights every time!!! #GLORY GLORY MANCHESTER UNITED
Since Mar 2017
Youtube Followers- 22,046 . Views Count- 2,674,503 . Video Count - 14

11. World of Lewis - Man Utd Vlogs

World of Lewis - Man Utd Vlogs About Youtuber My name is Lewis, and i live not far from Old Trafford.......which just so happens to be the home of the team I support - Manchester United. I am a season ticket holder and try go to as many games as I can.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Nov 2014
Youtube Followers- 12,800 . Views Count- 3,263,463 . Video Count - 207

12. Manchester United News

Manchester United News About Youtuber Manchester United News is a reputable news channel, we are constantly updating the news about Manchester United. Manchester United is my love and we always want to hear feedback from Manchester United fans.
Frequency 4 videos / day
Since Aug 2016
Youtube Followers- 25,500 . Views Count- 1,431,520 . Video Count - 451

13. MUFCVideosHD

MUFCVideosHD About Youtuber Get all the latest videos on Manchester United by Kamran.
Since Feb 2016
Youtube Followers- 5,448 . Views Count- 1,031,765 . Video Count - 19

14. United Views

United Views About Youtuber The Ultimate Source For Manchester United fans around the world!
Frequency 1 video / year
Since May 2017
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 4,647,634 . Video Count - 41

15. Manchester United AG

Manchester United AG About Youtuber Channel for fans of Manchester United!
Frequency 2 videos / year
Since Aug 2016
Youtube Followers- 36,529 . Views Count- 3,753,913 . Video Count - 13

16. Manchester United Updates

Manchester United Updates About Youtuber Welcome to the world of Manchester United! Get all the latest news and updates.
Since Jul 2016
Youtube Followers- 269 . Views Count- 92,098 . Video Count - 128

17. manunitedmax

manunitedmax About Youtuber It's nothing without the fans.
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since Dec 2014
Youtube Followers- 355 . Views Count- 23,028 . Video Count - 4

18. RedDevilWeekly

RedDevilWeekly About Youtuber Welcome to the RedDevilWeekly youtube channel. On this channel you will receive weekly content regarding the greatest club in the world. This channel will provide math previews, reviews, transfer updates, debates and live streams where you at home will be able to have your say on the important issues at the club.
Frequency 2 videos / week
Since Sep 2016
Youtube Followers- 760 . Views Count- 96,077 . Video Count - 425

19. PP6 - MUFC

PP6 - MUFC About Youtuber This is a Manchester United fan channel, uploads match highlights and more.
Since Apr 2016
Youtube Followers- 204 . Views Count- 28,001 . Video Count - 41

20. man united goals

man united goals About Youtuber All man united goals as they go in on match days.
Since Jan 2017
Youtube Followers- 33 . Views Count- 14,745 . Video Count - 77


MANUNITED-TV About Youtuber Welcome to MANUTD-TV, here you will find the videos about Manchester United's Compilations, all the goals, top 10, history, Highlights.
Since Jul 2015
Youtube Followers- 735 . Views Count- 8,685 . Video Count - 20

22. Manchester United Latest News

Manchester United Latest News About Youtuber Manchester United VIDEOS, HIGHLIGHTS NEWS & LATEST TRANSFERS We keep you updated with all the latest interviews, press conferences, debates and analysis.
Frequency 30 videos / quarter
Since Jun 2017
Youtube Followers- 801 . Views Count- 468,167 . Video Count - 295

23. Manchester United Fan club

Manchester United Fan club About Youtuber Manchester United Fan club brings to you all the latest videos related to Manchester united.
Since Sep 2017
Youtube Followers- 40 . Views Count- 3,055 . Video Count - 30

24. Manchester United News

Manchester United News About Youtuber All the latest news related to Manchester United.
Since Nov 2016
Youtube Followers- 7 . Views Count- 1,129 . Video Count - 247

25. Manchester Fanatics

Manchester Fanatics About Youtuber Sports discussion on Manchester United Football Club.
Frequency 1 video / year
Since Aug 2012
Youtube Followers- 40 . Views Count- 6,349 . Video Count - 55

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