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Lucid Dream Blogs

Here are 50 Best Lucid Dream Blogs you should follow in 2023

1. How To Lucid - Learn how to control your dreams!

How To Lucid - Learn how to control your dreams! UK
The worlds best lucid dreaming blog or website (probably). We cover every aspect of lucidity, dreams, and psychology. We can teach you how to control your dreams so you can do seemingly impossible things in your sleep. It feels AWESOME.
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2. Dream Views - Lucid Dreaming | Dream Journals

Dream Views - Lucid Dreaming | Dream Journals Dreamviews is the largest Lucid Dreaming Community and Resource on the web. Follow blog and get information about lucid dreaming, controlling dreams, sleep stages, dream signs, dream interpretation and more.
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3. Dream Research & Education

Dream Research & Education Portland, Oregon, US
This website is for anyone who is interested in dreams and wants to learn more about current research on dreams in relation to psychology, religion, evolutionary science, politics, art, and culture.
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4. Jane Teresa Anderson Blog

Jane Teresa Anderson Blog Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Hello! I'm Jane Teresa Anderson BSc Hons, dream analyst, dream therapist, writer, and mentor, living in Hobart, Australia, consulting, training, and mentoring worldwide. My approach to dream analysis, dream therapy, and dream alchemy is based on my independent research and on deep work with clients since 1992.
Also in Dream Interpretation Blogs
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5. The Robert Moss - Blog

The Robert Moss - Blog Robert Moss describes himself as a dream teacher, on a path for which there has been no career track in our culture. He is the creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism.
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6. The Lucid Guide

The Lucid Guide Hello everyone, I'm Daniel Love, The Lucid Guide. I'm an internationally recognised lucid dreaming author, researcher, consultant and educator. I've been an active researcher for over two decades, dedicating my life to the promotion and education of lucid dreaming and consciousness exploration. I strive to approach these topics in a thoughtful, human and realistic fashion.
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7. Learn Dream Interpretation

Learn Dream Interpretation Jacksonville, Florida, US
Pamela Cummins teaches dream interpretation, does dream analysis by email and sessions, educates with classes and workshops, dream books.
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8. David L. Rivinus - Do you dream?

David L. Rivinus - Do you dream? Portland, Oregon, US
Hello! Welcome to my blog about dream interpretation. My name is David Rivinus and I'm a dream analyst with over 40 years of experience. On this blog you can read dreams and their interpretations. You can also follow discussions and theories of the interpretation process--including some unusual ideas about what constitutes a dream.
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9. Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
I started this blog in 2007 to fill a need on the web for reliable and expert information about dream science, especially lucid dreaming, nightmares, and related altered states of consciousness.
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10. How To Lucid - Youtube

How To Lucid - Youtube UK
Let me teach you how to control your dreams with something called 'lucid dreaming'. It lets you wake up your mind while you're sleeping/dreaming so that you can dream about anything you want, do impossible things and it will all FEEL very real.
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11. Charlie Morley - Youtube

Charlie Morley - Youtube London, England, UK
Charlie Morley is a Hay House author and lucid dreaming teacher. He received the traditional 'authorisation to teach' within the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism from Lama Yeshe Rinpoche in 2008 and was described by mindfulness expert Rob Nairn as 'the most authentic practitioner of lucid dreaming teaching in Europe'.
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12. The Lucid Guide - Youtube

The Lucid Guide - Youtube UK
Hello Everyone, I'm Daniel Love: The Lucid Guide. I'm a bestselling author, dream researcher and educator, specialising in the art and science of lucid dreaming. Together we'll explore our amazing universe using the techniques, science and philosophy of lucidity.
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13. Tipharot - Lucid Dreaming | Youtube

Tipharot - Lucid Dreaming | Youtube Lucid dreaming has so much potential for fun or for self exploration and self improvement. Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated if you're struggling to do it. Here you will find your daily fix for self-improvement, lucid dreaming, astral projection, meditation, and all things spiritual.
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14. Lucid Layla - Youtube

Lucid Layla - Youtube California, US
This channel is about lucid dreaming, mindfulness, meditation and personal and spiritual development. I aim to approach the topic lucid dreaming and from an advanced point of view, since there are already so many awesome 'how to' videos about several beginner techniques. This channel will also be about the psychology of dreams, lucid dreams, hypnosis, NLP and all this interesting stuff about the
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This channel is about the interpretation of dreams and visions from God! How they apply to our lives and how they lead us and guide us home to heaven to be with our Heavenly Father!
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16. Aisling Dream Interpretation - Youtube

Aisling Dream Interpretation - Youtube Seattle, Washington
Devoted exclusively to unlocking the mystery in dreams. Content is based on workshops and courses I have been running for 25 years.
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17. Dream Meaning - Youtube

Dream Meaning - Youtube Dreams are very important messages for people, it can refer to missing something or all is OK. Knowing the meaning of dreams could be a big help to take important decisions, a warning to stop doing something, or an advice. Follow and get Dreams Meaning and Interpretation; find out your interpretation now.
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18. TheRaRaRabbit - Youtube

TheRaRaRabbit - Youtube Leeds, England, UK
UK based artist, oneironaut, perfectly spherical head, here to discuss lucid dreaming and related topics.
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19. Lucid Sage

Lucid Sage As a kid I used to have many lucid dreams before ever knowing what a Lucid Dream really is. I thought it was natural, and though it wasn't very common, it was one of my favorite experiences. I've created this website as an active journal for my journey and hopefully a guide for anyone who wishes to learn how to lucid dream and join me on this path of discovery.
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20. Scientific Dream Interpretation

Scientific Dream Interpretation Athens, Attiki, Greece
I have spent 19 years researching dream interpretation and I have used dream analysis to cure many people. I can therefore provide you the most accurate and specific translation of the hidden meaning in your dreams, showing you exactly how this knowledge will help you successfully solve all the problems in your life and develop your intelligence to its fullest.
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21. Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking US
Can't do it in real life? Do it on WT. Here, the authors shares all their dreams and fantasies Follow the blog to get new content delivered directly to your inbox.
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22. Lucid Dream School

Lucid Dream School The Lucid Dream School is a resource site dedicated to the act of 'Lucid Dreaming'. Often called 'conscious dreaming' it is defined as a dream in which the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming. On this site, you will find techniques, articles, books, music and recommended products and books to help you in your lucid dreaming endeavors.
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23. Lucid Advice

Lucid Advice US
Author of the acclaimed book, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self, and co-editor of the free quarterly magazine, Lucid Dreaming Experience.
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24. Lucid Dream Leaf

Lucid Dream Leaf Utah, US
We are seeking to increase human consciousness through the medium of dreams. We have personally experienced several real-life applications of lucid dreaming and wish to help other people familiarize themselves with its benefits. The purpose of Dream Leaf is to help people experience incredible lucid dreams through the use of synergistic herbs.
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25. Dream Labs

Dream Labs LA/NYC
DreamLabs.io is a revolutionary new website that dares to push the limits of dreaming.
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26. Lucid Dreaming Centre Lucid Dreaming Guide

Lucid Dreaming Centre Lucid Dreaming Guide Boston, Massachusetts, US
Learn how to lucid dream with our comprehensive lucid dreaming techniques and tips. Learn how to have lucid dreams and dream control as soon as possible!
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LUCID DREAM RESEARCH This is a network for lucid dreamers and scientists to share research information and lucid dream experiences, connect for future studies, and expand the knowledge of the lucid dream phenomenon.
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28. Diaries of a dreamworm

Diaries of a dreamworm Bangalore, Karnataka, India
What's stranger than fiction? Dreams! What's the biggest superpower? The ability to recall dreams. And, what's common to both? My blog, where I journal my dreams as I remember them. From an old fridge abandoned in the woods to a monster lurking in the toilet - my dreams can put the makers of sci-fi and surreal films out of business.
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29. AstralWonders

AstralWonders Find all your answers about Astral Projection and Astral Travel.
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30. The Dreams Maven

The Dreams Maven US
This website has been set up by me, Delphi Ellis, as a dedicated resource to the subject of sleep and dreams; to help us along the adventure of exploring and making sense of them.
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31. Vivid Dreams

Vivid Dreams Miami, Florida, US
We all have dreams; longings to be and to experience more. Yet, we often don't know how to make those dreams come true. This website provides guiding steps to materialize your desires into reality.
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32. How To Lucid Dream

How To Lucid Dream Lucid Dreaming - Mindfullness & Subliminal Messaging
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33. Giz Edwards - Lucid Dreaming | Youtube

Giz Edwards - Lucid Dreaming | Youtube Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
YouTuber, Pasty Maker and Lucid Dreamer. I teach lucid dreaming to those who want to learn. Creator of TeamLucidDream.
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34. Skyline Dream Theater

Skyline Dream Theater US
Hello! My name is Sky Dreams. I have been fascinated with dreams ever since I was a kid. I always wondered why we dream? Do dreams have any special meaning? Do we dream of the future? Or do dreams helps us create the future? Join me! Let's talk about dreams, what they mean, and more!
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35. Lucid Dream Catcher

Lucid Dream Catcher UK
Heyllo oneironaut, I am your host, Alexandra Starr, a 43 year old English transfemale lucid dreamer who is pretty new to lucid dreaming but who has studied and practised to become lucid for a couple of years, only recently gaining a foothold in the lucid dreaming game.
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36. TeamLucidDream - Youtube

TeamLucidDream - Youtube UK
Team Lucid Dream is a group of like-minded individuals who's main focus is to create free lucid dreaming guides. The Team works together to publish six videos a week on the YouTube Channel, and also Weekly Posts on the Website.
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37. Islamic Dream Book

Islamic Dream Book Covers Islamic Dream Explanations, Meanings & Interpretations.
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38. Lucid Dreaming - Youtube

Lucid Dreaming - Youtube Nepal
This is me Inoj Neupane, a lucid dreamer. I have been lucid dreaming since childhood, has researched a lot about lucid dreaming and also read dozens of book about lucid dreaming. In this channel I will be posting videos about lucid dreaming based on many years of research and my own experiences.
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39. BreathOfTheSpirit - Youtube

BreathOfTheSpirit - Youtube Dr. Barbie Breathitt - prophetic teaching and training on using Biblical symbology to interpret dreams, one of the languages God uses to communicate with us
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40. Dream Catcher Lexi - Lucid Dreaming | Youtube

Dream Catcher Lexi - Lucid Dreaming | Youtube UK
This channel will use a non bullshit approach to lucid dreaming, dispelling many myths about LD's and putting you on the right pathway to enable you to wake up in your dreams.
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41. My Lucid Life - Youtube

My Lucid Life - Youtube I have always been a natural lucid dreamer, I just never knew it until I was older. It wasn't until I got even older that I knew that there was a term for lucid dreamers. I always described my dreams as 'vivid and real', instead of lucid.
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42. Journey to Lucid Dreaming - Youtube

Journey to Lucid Dreaming - Youtube US
Here I will be posting weekly videos providing cool tips and tricks to allow all of you watching to be able to Lucid Dream! Lucid Dreaming is when one is able to realize they are dreaming, and can learn to do anything one wishes.
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43. Susannah Is This A Dream - Youtube

Susannah Is This A Dream - Youtube Australia
Meditations to help you discover and activate your innate powers of lucid dreaming and astral projection...
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44. Stewart Bell - Learn To Lucid Dream | Youtube

Stewart Bell - Learn To Lucid Dream | Youtube UK
This channel is dedicated to the teaching of lucid dreaming and is run by Stewart Bell, composer, keys player and oneironaut. Stewart is currently working on a project entitled 'The Antechamber Of Being', the main part being a trilogy of concept albums based on his long term experience as a lucid dreamer.
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45. SpaceTimeBadass - Youtube

SpaceTimeBadass - Youtube US
Reasonable Lucid Dreaming Education for Self-Exploration, Personal Growth, & Emotional Healing. I Provide unique lucid dreaming content on the lesser talked about topics and review lucid dreaming herbs, supplements, and products.
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46. Alwayz Lucid - Youtube

Alwayz Lucid - Youtube UK
The Alwayz Lucid Channel hosted by author Nick Barrett brings to you a spiritual take on Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection and Spirit Guided Lucid Dreaming. His mission is to help raise human global awareness within the area of conscious dreaming.
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ENDTIME DREAM & VISION youtube.com/channel/UCNfyqY4IC1BE5AhSd1Hg62g/videos 167
Robert Moss mossdreams.blogspot.com 107
Lucid Dream Portal youtube.com/channel/UCJaUAmw7TCFXBwAULWZwslA/videos 102
The Dream Interpretation Podcast youtube.com/user/mpdream/videos 100
Lucid Dreaming Experience youtube.com/channel/UCYTEnIQJ2tpYyK0AKBUal-A/videos 91
FryingMan dreamviews.com/blogs/all 83
Mayatara dreamviews.com/blogs/all 58
rshort1202 dreamviews.com/blogs/all 56
DarkestDarkness dreamviews.com/blogs/all 50
Tipharot youtube.com/channel/UCcwEgS97oUAcBR1rgKj4E0A/videos 43
Man of Shred dreamviews.com/blogs/all 38
Dream Meaning youtube.com/channel/UCP1okf8kM8QpnfKhu5-GFbg/videos 30
The Lucid Guide thelucidguide.com/lucid-dreaming-articles 28
Nerefa dreamviews.com/blogs/all 21
Pamela Cummins learndreaminterpretation.com/blog 20
KarlaB18 dreamviews.com/blogs/all 19
howtolucid howtolucid.com/lucid-dreaming-blog 17
Jane Teresa Anderson janeteresa.com/category/blog 17
Sivason dreamviews.com/blogs/all 16
Alwayz Lucid youtube.com/user/Alwayzlucid/videos 14
Kelly Bulkeley kellybulkeley.org 13
cedwards105 dreamviews.com/blogs/all 13
Lokoloi dreamviews.com/blogs/all 11
Summerlander dreamviews.com/blogs/all 11
Yumnش dreamviews.com/blogs/all 11
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How To Lucid
About - The worlds best lucid dreaming blog or website (probably). We cover every aspect of lucidity, dreams, and psychology. We can teach you how to control your dreams so you can do seemingly impossible things in your sleep. It feels AWESOME.