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1. Knitting Board RSS Feed

Knitting Board

RSS Feed - blog.knittingboard.com/feed 

Site - blog.knittingboard.com

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States

About Site - Knitting Board is a leader in premium-quality Knitting Looms, Sock Looms, Knitting Kits & Knitting Accessories. Our mission at the Authentic Knitting Board is to provide the best quality products and to share and educate about the Knitting Board process. We work with other providers of, yarns, and patterns to offer our customers and friends the best knowledge available.
Frequency 1 post / week
Since - Jun 2006

2. GoodKnit Kisses RSS Feed

GoodKnit Kisses

RSS Feed - goodknitkisses.com/feed 

Site - goodknitkisses.com

United States

About Site - GoodKnit Kisses helps you stitch you love and love your stitches. Patterns, videos, and resources for loom knitting, needle knitting, crochet, and crafts.
Frequency 1 post / week
Since - Nov 2010

3. The Loom Muse RSS Feed

The Loom Muse

RSS Feed - theloommuse.blogspot.com/fee.. 

Site - theloommuse.blogspot.com

Boone NC

About Site - Now a stay at home Mom, working on many projects to help make a little income at home. Not specially trained in anything, but like teaching dance, crafts, knitting projects, and posting tutorials on youtube, and patterns on her blog.
Frequency 2 posts / month
Since - Jun 2011

4. Reddit » Loom Knitting RSS Feed

Reddit » Loom Knitting

RSS Feed - reddit.com/r/LoomKnitting/.r.. 

Site - reddit.com/r/LoomKnitting

San Francisco, CA

About Site - Reddit is a network of communities based on people's interests. Find communities you're interested in, and become part of an online community! Knit without Needles - Loom Knit!
Frequency 3 posts / day

5. Loom A Hat RSS Feed

Loom A Hat

RSS Feed - loomahat.com/feed 

Site - loomahat.com


About Site - Loom knitting is a fun and easy way to knit without needles. Your tools are a loom and a yarn hook. The goal of this Blog is to teach you to make many projects using a knitting loom in simple terms with detailed step by step instructions and easy techniques.
Frequency 1 post / week
Since - Nov 2012

6. This Moment is Good! RSS Feed

This Moment is Good!

RSS Feed - thismomentisgood.blogspot.co.. 

Site - thismomentisgood.blogspot.com

New Jersey, USA

About Site - A blog about free loom knitting patterns, loom knitting instruction, tutorials, recipes, and crafting.
Frequency 4 posts / quarter
Since - Oct 2013

7. Invisible Loom Innovative Patterns for Loom Knitters RSS Feed

Invisible Loom Innovative Patterns for Loom Knitters

RSS Feed - invisibleloomcraft.blogspot... 

Site - invisibleloomcraft.blogspot.com

About Site - Innovative patterns for Loom Knitting, with a focus on loom knitters who are visually impaired. Loom Patterns, Loom knitting, Loom-a-longs.
Frequency 3 posts / year
Since - May 2009

8. Loom Lore RSS Feed

Loom Lore

RSS Feed - loomlady.blogspot.com/feeds/.. 

Site - loomlady.blogspot.com

About Site - Creative alternatives in knitting designs are featured throughout the Loom Lore blog.
Frequency 1 post / year
Since - Nov 2006

9. You Knit Me Together RSS Feed

You Knit Me Together

RSS Feed - knitchat.com/feed 

Site - knitchat.com

Uniontown, OH

About Site - Denise Layman has been loom knitting for about 10 years now. Loom & needle knitter & instructor, Author of Learn to Knit on Circle Looms & How to Knit Fashionable Scarves on Circle Looms. Here she documents her efforts and discoveries in loom knitting.