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Here are 60 Best Longevity Blogs you should follow in 2023

1. FoundMyFitness

FoundMyFitness Dr. Rhonda Patrick has a gift for translating complex scientific topics into actionable insights in her videos, podcasts, and articles. She's dedicated to the pursuit of longevity and optimal health - and shares the latest research on nutrition, aging, and disease prevention with her growing audience.
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2. Lifespan.io

Lifespan.io Seaford, New York, US
Lifespan.io brings you the latest aging research, financial, and advocacy news, which is great if you like to keep up to date with everything happening in this rapidly changing field on a daily basis. We are a non-profit org supporting the development of technologies to end age-related diseases for healthy human longevity.
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3. Peter Attia

Peter Attia Austin, Texas, US
Peter Attia explores strategies and tactics to increase lifespan, health span, and well-being, and optimize cognitive, physical, and emotional health. Peter is a physician focusing on the applied science of longevity. His practice deals extensively with nutritional interventions, exercise physiology, sleep physiology, emotional and mental health, and pharmacology to increase lifespan (how long you live), while simultaneously improving healthspan (the quality of your life).
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4. The Institute for Successful Longevity Blog

The Institute for Successful Longevity Blog Tallahassee, Florida, US
The Institute for Successful Longevity conducts research into how to live longer, stay active and be fully engaged in life. The institute takes a multidisciplinary approach to better explore the complexities of life as an older individual. Browse through our research and findings in our blog. The Institute for Successful Longevity is a part of Florida state university dedicated for the research in the field of longevity.
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5. Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Buck Institute for Research on Aging Novato, California, US
Some 20 years young, we are the world's first biomedical research institution devoted solely to research on aging. Everything we do revolves around our commitment to helping people live better and longer. Our mission is to end the threat of age-related disease for this and future generations.
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6. Neuroscience News » Longevity

Neuroscience News » Longevity Houston, Texas, US
Longevity news research articles. Neuroscience News provides research news for neuroscience, neurology, psychology, AI, brain science, mental health, robotics and cognitive sciences.
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7. Peter H. Diamandis Blog » Longevity

Peter H. Diamandis Blog » Longevity Santa Monica, California, US
Read the latest insights on exponential technologies and entrepreneurship from Peter H. Diamandis. Peter is a speaker, engineer, physician and entrepreneur best known for being the founder and chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation and the co-founder and chairman of Singularity University.
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8. The National Institute on Aging » Longevity

The National Institute on Aging » Longevity Bethesda, Maryland, US
Find articles on longevity, new research, experts advice and more! NIA, one of the 27 Institutes and Centers of NIH, leads a broad scientific effort to understand the nature of aging and to extend the healthy, active years of life.
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9. Stanford Center on Longevity

Stanford Center on Longevity Stanford, California, US
The Center on Longevity is working to transform the culture of human aging by studying the nature and development of the entire human life span, looking for innovative ways to use science and technology to solve the problems of people of all ages.
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10. Fight Aging!

Fight Aging! Syracuse, New York, US
Here at Fight Aging! you'll read about healthy life extension, engineered longevity, and the development of rejuvenation biotechnology. The Fight Aging! mission remains the same as it was at the outset: to encourage the development of medical technologies, lifestyles, and other means that will help people live comfortably, healthily, and capably for as long as they desire, well beyond the current limits of mortality.
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11. Blue Zones

Blue Zones Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Blue Zones talks to experts and thought leaders who share their sharp insights about longevity, well-being, and better health by design. Using study of the world's longest-lived people in Blue Zones areas, we help people and entire communities live longer, better lives.
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12. Longevity Live

Longevity Live Wichita, Kansas, US
Longevity Live is here to inspire you to live a healthier, happier and better life, sharing easy ideas and insights that you can live by. Longevity is a multi-media platform sharing the latest health, beauty and fitness insights on how to be happier and healthier at any age or stage of life.
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13. InsideTracker Blog » Longevity

InsideTracker Blog » Longevity East Boston, Massachusetts, US
The InsideGuide: a blog about biomarkers, blood analysis, athletic performance, nutrition software, and optimizing your fitness. We're a team of passionate, creative people who are using extreme personalization to make the world a healthier place. Our mission is to increase vitality, improve performance and extend the lives of our users. We aspire to apply our strong personalized health analytics capabilities and deep scientific expertise to an increasing number of measurable human indicators and biomarkers.
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14. Longevity.Technology

Longevity.Technology London, England, UK
Daily news and insights on the fast-growing longevity market - antiaging, biotech, research, investment, supplements and rejuvenation therapies. We bring together innovators and investors to commercialize the companies that will form the longevity economy.
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15. Study Finds » Longer Life

Study Finds » Longer Life Baltimore, Maryland, US
StudyFinds sets out to find new research that speaks to mass audiences - without all the scientific jargon. The stories we publish are digestible, summarized versions of research that are intended to stir debate: We do not agree nor disagree with any of the studies we post, rather, we encourage our readers to debate the veracity of the findings themselves. Read the latest Longer Life News research and studies in the news. Follow Study Finds for daily updates on Longer Life News.
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16. Anti-Aging Firewalls

Anti-Aging Firewalls A weblog on the sciences and practices of living healthily very long - perhaps hundreds of years. This blog is for people interested in living longer and better lives by taking advantage of developments on the frontiers of longevity science.
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17. Healthy Longevity

Healthy Longevity Washington, District of Columbia, US
Join our global movement to extend the human healthspan by accelerating research, innovation, and entrepreneurism in healthy longevity. The Healthy Longevity Global Competition will kickstart innovation to support healthy longevity through a series of monetary awards and prizes.
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18. Mary Furlong Blog

Mary Furlong Blog San Francisco, California, US
Mary Furlong & Associates (MFA) is a concierge consulting practice for entrepreneurs and investors in the longevity ecosystem. MFA provides market intelligence and promotes success and engagement by making the right connections and providing the knowledge you need to succeed in the longevity marketplace. Find valuable and useful resources and news related to the longevity market, aging, and innovation in Mary Furlong & Associates' blog.
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19. Josh Mitteldorf Blog

Josh Mitteldorf Blog Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
This is a blog on aging by Josh Mitteldorf. Read how to stay young.
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20. Heights Blog » Longevity

Heights Blog » Longevity We provide the daily nutrients, knowledge, and network you need to elevate your cognitive potential and brain health. Heights was founded to help people do more of what they want by investing in brain care: the simple act of looking after your brain - no buzzwords, no fluff.
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21. ILC Global Alliance Blog

ILC Global Alliance Blog The International Longevity Centre Global Alliance (ILC Global Alliance) is an international consortium of member organizations. The mission of the ILC Global Alliance is to help societies to address longevity and population aging in positive and productive ways, typically using a life course approach, highlighting older people's productivity and contributions to family and society as a whole.
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22. Princeton Longevity Center

Princeton Longevity Center Princeton, New Jersey, US
Princeton Longevity Center is a next-generation medical facility combining the most advanced technology with an integrated and individually-tailored Preventive Medicine program. Princeton Longevity Center's Preventive Medicine and Executive Health programs give you the ability to take control of your future health - before the onset of symptoms or other indications of a problem.
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23. Tustin Longevity Center Blog

Tustin Longevity Center Blog With their integrative and preventive forms of medicine, Tustin Longevity Center believes health and wellness should be tended to daily, which is why we also offer services that include counseling, nutritional supplementation, botanical medicine, and a full range of standard health services. It is one of our core principles at Tustin Longevity Center to treat all aspects of the patient and meet each patient's individual needs.
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24. Live Forever Club Blog

Live Forever Club Blog Oxford, England, UK
News and resources promoting equality in longevity - helping you to live a longer, healthier life - maybe forever. The Live Forever Club was established in 2014 to research practical ways of living long enough to live forever and to promote equal access to longevity treatments to all human beings.
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25. Long Healthy Life Blog

Long Healthy Life Blog Hi, I'm Kent. I hold a bachelor's degree in kinesiology and a master's degree in exercise science. As a personal trainer, kinesiotherapy and bodybuilder, I've dedicated my life to optimal nutrition, fitness, and natural remedies. The sole mission of the Long Healthy Life blog is to help you achieve optimal health more easily throughout your life.
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26. DeepLongevity Blog

DeepLongevity Blog At the forefront of longevity research, we are the pioneers of aging clocks and have been developing them since 2014. We provide enterprise customers with a SaaS platform to generate Biological Age Predictions and Reports using a variety of measures ranging from blood, DNA, microbiome, and psychological surveys.
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27. Your Longevity Blueprint Blog

Your Longevity Blueprint Blog Hiawatha, Iowa
Stephanie Gray, helps men and women build sustainable and optimal health and longevity so that they can focus on what matters most to them! Your Longevity Blueprint is a resource to help you find the answers to your personal health situation. Regardless of your symptoms: headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, tachycardia, and even fatigue, this book will help.
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28. The Longevity Forum

The Longevity Forum London, England, UK
The Longevity Forum is a not-for-profit initiative committed to achieving longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives for as many people as possible. The Forum provides a platform for public and private dialogue to facilitate collaboration among the stakeholders that play a critical role in the longevity economy.
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29. Longevity.Science

Longevity.Science Israel
Living long and healthy is not a matter of winning the genetic lottery anymore. Longevity.Science brings you the latest in research, technology and behavioral interventions that to hack your healthspan and help you maintain bodily and mental function for as close as possible to the end of life.
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30. Nutrition For Longevity Blog

Nutrition For Longevity Blog Hackettstown, New Jersey, US
Stay up to date with our latest tips, news, recipes, & menu release dates. Fresh meal kitting company that focuses on nutrient-rich meals from recipes inspired by The Longevity Diet.
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31. Longevity Wellness Worldwide Blog

Longevity Wellness Worldwide Blog Portimao, Faro, Portugal
Discover articles on health & wellness articles and tips. Your Source to detox, weight loss, fitness, anti-ageing therapies and programmes.
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32. Angel Longevity Medical Center Blog

Angel Longevity Medical Center Blog At Angel Longevity Medical Center, we offer alternative treatments for a wide range of health conditions, including the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, and diabetes, treatments as an adjunct to cancer therapy to strengthen the body, hepatitis B and C, and more. Our goal is to restore your health through a personalized treatment program we develop to address the underlying cause of your symptoms.
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33. Longevity Exercise Physiology and Personal Training Blog

Longevity Exercise Physiology and Personal Training Blog At Longevity Exercise Physiology and Personal Training, health comes first. It does not matter who we are working with. Your health is our number 1 priority. With our team of Exercise Physiologists, we also have the ability to put a support structure around your health. We believe that exercise is for everyone. It is our vision to change Australia's attitude to life, death, and disease through exercise.
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34. Asher Longevity Institute Blog

Asher Longevity Institute Blog Washington, District of Columbia, US
Explore our blog for health tips and advice for longevity and healthier life. Asher Longevity Institute's passion is seeing others live a long, productive, and healthy life. We are committed to bringing the science and easy-to-implement lifestyle changes needed to live a much, much longer life and be totally active well into your 90s and beyond.
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35. Genetic Lifehacks » Longevity

Genetic Lifehacks » Longevity Learn how your genes impact longevity and healthspan, and then apply the research-based Lifehacks to optimize your health and prevent the diseases of aging. My name is Debbie Moon, founder of Genetic Lifehacks. I am fascinated by the connections between genes, diet, and health, and I want to share that passion with you so that you can learn how to apply genetics to your diet and lifestyle decisions.
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36. Nutrition For Longevity Blog

Nutrition For Longevity Blog We focus on a low glycemic index diet and offer vegan, gluten-free, pescatarian, and flexitarian options. Our team of registered dietitians ensures that each daily menu meets the RDA nutrition guidelines and Longevity Diet ratios in order to provide you with the'right-sized' daily calorie levels. Experience ultra-fresh, organic meals delivered to your door within 48 of harvest that is based on the Longevity Diet of Dr. Valter Longo.
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37. HealthyLongevity.guide Blog

HealthyLongevity.guide Blog US
We believe that the exceptional progress in the science of understanding aging, the stride in prevention and rejuvenation technologies, together the global demographic trend of population aging, create a new global challenge for all of us. Therefore, we are on a mission to empower one million health and wellness professionals to provide healthy longevity guidance to billions of people worldwide. Learn more about the basics of longevity and what you can do to live a healthier and longer life.
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38. Longevity By Nature Blog

Longevity By Nature Blog For 3 decades, Longevity by Nature® has worked under the management of inventions, research development, and innovative raw material technology. We select high-end pharmaceutical food-grade ingredients with all co-factor constituents intact in each and every formula we encapsulate and distribute. Visit our blog at Longevity By Nature today. Read a wide variety of health & wellness articles and tips on living healthy & prosper!
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39. Longevity Care Clinic Blog

Longevity Care Clinic Blog Colorado Springs, Colorado, US
At Longevity Care Clinic, we want to do our best at educating our patients on exploring holistic, traditional and functional medicine to help treat and find solutions for their chronic illnesses. Our Founders, Dr. Pavlovic and Shawnee Starr are deeply invested in the concept of helping individuals improve their health in a sustainable way that addresses the root cause of disease and helps them heal and recover so that they can live a life of optimal health and wellness.
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40. Longevitytech.fund Blog

Longevitytech.fund Blog As the name indicates, we are investors focused on Longevity. Our aim is to support and capture the innovation wave through seed and pre-seed stage investments. Our scientific board spans an interdisciplinary mix of established leaders in the field. Our highly talented internal team of technical experts not only brings in the in-depth understanding of the science required but also a passion for the longevity industry.
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41. Nutriop Blog

Nutriop Blog Northampton, England, UK
At Nutrition, we combine our passion for innovation with rigorous research to provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions to the aging process.
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42. Whole Health Longevity Blog

Whole Health Longevity Blog Hi! I'm Carol Amendola-D'Anca. It's so nice meeting you! I help clients embrace and enjoy the natural state of health that lies within all of us but is easily lost in the sometimes-crazy environment of life. Read the healthful blog for a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. Insightful stories and supportive education from me.
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43. Restore Health & Longevity Center Blog

Restore Health & Longevity Center Blog Wayne, Pennsylvania, US
Restore Health & Longevity Center health blogs are packed full of information about our services, which ones are best for you, & your needs. Dr. Gray and her team are passionate about helping individuals become realigned with their healthier, more active selves. She brings a unique perspective to her practice, one that her patients can relate to the discomfort of living with chronic pain.
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44. Longevity FAQ

Longevity FAQ Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Welcome to Longevity FAQ a website dedicated to sharing the latest news, articles and knowledge about Longevity and Anti-Aging including practical tips on how to increase your health and lifespan.
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45. Longevitybuilder

Longevitybuilder This blog, which aspires to share an abiding interest in the biological landscape along an individual's journey with aging, offers practical, evidence-based insights directed at a broad collection of significant health issues that are relevant to the older adult.
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46. Span Blog

Span Blog The Span Blog is a trusted source of research and information on the strategies that promote healthspan, performance, wellness, and longevity. Span is Data-driven health coaching. Our team does the research and our technology does the heavy lifting of using it to translate your biometric data into personalized habit experiments.
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47. AgelessRx Blog

AgelessRx Blog Ann Arbor, Michigan, US
Read the latest AgelessRx blog posts about longevity science and longevity treatments including Metformin, NAD Patches, LDN & more. Our mission is to help you live a longer, healthier life. We offer select prescription therapies shown to safely prevent age related diseases.
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48. Sergey Young

Sergey Young London, England, UK
Read these articles to learn more about different aspects of healthcare and longevity industries, the latest breakthroughs in science and technology, and developments in wellness and healthy lifestyle fields. Sergey Young is a longevity investor and visionary with a mission to extend the healthy lifespans of 1 billion people
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49. Nick Engerer Longevity Blog

Nick Engerer Longevity Blog Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Explore testing biological age, optimising with blood tests, the latest in preventative medicine and looking younger while you do it. Our mission is to spread information about the growing repertoire of technologies available for detecting disease early and optimising wellness along the axis of human health span and lifespan.
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50. Longevity Advice

Longevity Advice We're J.P. and Rachel and we started this website as an informational resource for people who, like us, are not scientists but who still want to know what science can tell them about extending their healthy lives, today.
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51. NOVOS Labs Anti-Aging & Longevity Blog

NOVOS Labs Anti-Aging & Longevity Blog New York City, New York, US
How to slow down aging? How to live longer and healthier? Read the latest and most practical tips and insights into longevity and health on our blog. NOVOS is a global team of longevity scientists and MD's from Harvard Medical School, MIT & others, producing over-the-counter nutraceuticals to slow down aging.
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52. The Longevity Science Foundation

The Longevity Science Foundation The Longevity Science Foundation is working to bring a new approach to medicine out of the laboratory and into the real world. Learn more about the Longevity Science Foundation, our advisors, and the field of longevity medicine.
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53. Longevity.International Blog

Longevity.International Blog London, England, UK
Longevity.International is a platform and the premier group for staying tuned into the latest developments in the emerging Longevity Industry and for connecting with other stakeholders. The platform utilizes sophisticated data-driven analytics provided by Aging Analytics Agency and advanced IT solutions (including interactive industry databases with intelligent multi-parametric search and filter capabilities) sponsored by Deep Knowledge Group.
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54. Longevity by Elizabeth Renee Blog

Longevity by Elizabeth Renee Blog Wellesley, Massachusetts, US
Get expert skin care advice that effects how your longevity genes get boosted by simple daily habits. These include diet, exercise, stress, and sleep. Elizabeth is a master esthetician with over 40 years experience.
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55. Longève Brands Blog

Longève Brands Blog Irvine, California, US
Discover how making meals with Longève pea protein improves health and longevity of people & planet. Longève Plant-based Protein Crumbles go way beyond vegan burgers and nuggets. Created to be used in your favorite recipes, they deliver great flavor, satisfying texture, and exceptional convenience to people who love to cook (and eat!).
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56. Empire Longevity Blog

Empire Longevity Blog Learn more about longevity, life expectance, leading a healthy life and more with Empire Longevity. Dr. Otto Janke has been immersed in helping people to create a legacy of health.
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Reason fightaging.org 756
Eleanor Garth longevity.technology 388
Peter Attia peterattiamd.com/articles 161
Danny Sullivan longevity.technology 76
Laura Allison longevity.technology 48
Arkadi Mazin lifespan.io 42
Josh Conway lifespan.io 33
Debbie Moon geneticlifehacks.com/longevity 27
Elizabeth Renee elizabethrenee.com/blog-1 27
NOVOS novoslabs.com/live-longer-slow-aging-life-extension-blog 24
AgelessRx agelessrx.com/blog 21
Longevity International News Team longevity.international/blog/categories/blog 20
Max Goldstein nutritionforlongevity.com/blogs/recipes 20
Shawnee Starr longevitycareclinic.com/blogs 17
Leslie Martinez princetonlongevitycenter.com/news 12
Steve Hill lifespan.io 12
Larisa Sheloukhova lifespan.io 12
John Edwards asherlongevity.com/blog 12
Glenda Bilder longevitybuilder.com/aging-insights 12
Radhika Hira healthylongevitychallenge.org/news 11
Vince Giuliano anti-agingfirewalls.com 10
Maya Elhalal longevity.science 10
LongevityForumTest! thelongevityforum.com/news 10
Longevity Wellness Team longevitywellnessworldwide.com/longevity-blog 10
Josh Mitteldorf joshmitteldorf.scienceblog.com 9
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