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Korean Youtube Channels

1. jwcfree

jwcfree South Korea
About Youtuber "Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist" from Rep. of Korea.
Frequency about 2 videos per week
Since Sep 2006
Channel youtube.com/user/jwcfree/videos
Youtube Followers- 4,884,535 . Views Count- 1,459,868,676 . Video Count - 1,021

2. YD(YANGDDING) Gaming Channel

YD(YANGDDING) Gaming Channel South Korea
About Youtuber Yangkyo YouTube has various Minecraft videos, online games, mobile games, and flash games, including Mincraft's Minecraft mini-games, mode reviews, escape maps, viewer participation, creative content, etc. Please subscribe to get new videos every day 🙂
Frequency about 14 videos per week
Since Jan 2013
Channel youtube.com/user/d7297ut/videos
Youtube Followers- 1,779,077 . Views Count- 1,404,064,703 . Video Count - 5,305

3. waveya2011

waveya2011 Seoul Korea
About Youtuber YouTube's #1 Korean dance team. Winner of #1 UGC Channel from YouTube Korea 2012, 2013 and 2014.
Frequency about 2 videos per week
Since Jan 2011
Channel youtube.com/user/waveya2011/..
Youtube Followers- 2,703,104 . Views Count- 938,944,320 . Video Count - 401

4. Talk To Me In Korean

Talk To Me In Korean Seoul, South Korea
About Youtuber We connect people through Korean lessons and cultural videos. We will help you learn Korean by providing Free Korean Lessons.
Frequency about 4 videos per week
Since Dec 2009
Channel youtube.com/user/talktomeink..
Youtube Followers- 447,669 . Views Count- 24,708,581 . Video Count - 1,251

5. PONY Makeup

PONY Makeup Gangnam-gu, South Korea
About Youtuber Pony is one of South Korea's most famous beauty gurus. She's been blogging about Korean beauty for years. Follow her channel if you're looking for K-beauty inspiration.
Frequency about 2 videos per month
Since Apr 2015
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCT-_..
Youtube Followers- 3,687,086 . Views Count- 176,446,801 . Video Count - 76

6. 영국남자 Korean Englishman

영국남자 Korean Englishman South Korea
About Youtuber Hello! This is Josh and Ollie, and we make videos in Korean and English, linking the two cultures and having fun along the way! We upload every Wednesday.
Frequency about 2 videos per week
Since Aug 2013
Channel youtube.com/user/koreanengli..
Youtube Followers- 2,321,391 . Views Count- 521,116,903 . Video Count - 228

7. ssin

ssin South Korea
About Youtuber Hi guys this is SSIN. You can see new makeup videos and watch more funny makeup tutorials!
Frequency about 2 videos per week
Since Oct 2013
Channel youtube.com/user/Hines382/vi..
Youtube Followers- 1,429,481 . Views Count- 329,619,979 . Video Count - 482

8. 데이브 The World of Dave

데이브 The World of Dave Korea
About Youtuber Hey, It's Dave. I try to touch all areas from comedy and satire to cultural videos. My videos are based in Korea, where I reside!
Frequency about 1 video per week
Since Sep 2013
Channel youtube.com/user/davetehdave..
Youtube Followers- 1,326,830 . Views Count- 236,439,794 . Video Count - 362

9. sweetandtastyTV

sweetandtastyTV United States
About Youtuber Subscribe for Korean language lessons, travel vlogs, cultural insight, and everything about Korea! New video every Wednesday 12 noon PST.
Frequency about 1 video per week
Since Jul 2008
Channel youtube.com/user/sweetandtas..
Youtube Followers- 737,650 . Views Count- 84,287,368 . Video Count - 431

10. Apink (에이핑크)

Apink (에이핑크) Korea
About Youtuber Apink official channel.
Frequency about 3 videos per month
Since Jun 2011
Channel youtube.com/user/acubeent/vi..
Youtube Followers- 679,444 . Views Count- 145,957,058 . Video Count - 261

11. KoreanClass101

KoreanClass101 About Youtuber Learn Korean with KoreanClass101.com - The Fastest, Easiest and Most Fun Way to Learn Korean. 🙂 Start speaking Korean in minutes with Audio and Video lessons. KoreanClass101.com is an online Korean language learning website. You'll learn to speak, read, write and hear Korean. You'll have fun learning with listeners around the world. Get ready to start speaking Korean from the very first lesson!
Frequency about 3 videos per week
Since Oct 2007
Channel youtube.com/user/koreanclass..
Youtube Followers- 344,921 . Views Count- 19,737,060 . Video Count - 506

12. Today on the Korean Server

Today on the Korean Server South Korea
About Youtuber Everyday the best (or the worse) of the Korean Server, League of Legends Pro Players.
Frequency about 5 videos per week
Since Feb 2016
Channel youtube.com/channel/UC65Z..
Youtube Followers- 290,600 . Views Count- 72,787,386 . Video Count - 420

13. Korean Unnie 한국언니

Korean Unnie 한국언니 South Korea
About Youtuber Hello! this is Korean Unnie that makes videos to make Korean learners learn Korean in a more fun and easy way. 'Unnie' means older sister in Korean.
Frequency about 4 videos per week
Since Apr 2015
Channel youtube.com/channel/UCcA8..
Youtube Followers- 146,104 . Views Count- 4,952,830 . Video Count - 187

14. Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean

Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean Los Angeles, California
About Youtuber Let's learn Korean! I'm an American, and I've been studying Korean since 2005. I've lived in Korea, have a B.A. in Korean, take trips to Korea, and can speak Korean fluently. I also want to help you learn Korean!
Frequency about 1 video per week
Since Nov 2012
Channel youtube.com/user/GoBillyKore..
Youtube Followers- 87,546 . Views Count- 2,945,320 . Video Count - 275

15. MotivateKorean

MotivateKorean Torrance, California
About Youtuber I help seriously curious Korean learners learn Korean with clear explanations of complex cultural differences, nuanced expressions, and notoriously difficult Korean pronunciation.
Frequency about 1 video per week
Since Sep 2014
Channel youtube.com/user/MotivateKor..
Youtube Followers- 12,396 . Views Count- 478,614 . Video Count - 228

16. Officialpsy

Officialpsy KOREA
About Youtuber PSY may be best known for his international smash and electrifying phenomenon, "Gangnam Style" [Republic/ School Boy Records/YG Entertainment], but long before the Internet turned PSY into an international sensation, he spent the last 10 years building his career as one of South Korea’s most beloved icons.
Frequency about 2 videos per month
Since Oct 2010
Channel youtube.com/user/officialpsy..
Youtube Followers- 11,056,566 . Views Count- 6,553,890,151 . Video Count - 93