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Billion Surprise Toys Songs | Kids Nursery Rhymes

Billion Surprise Toys Songs | Kids Nursery Rhymes United Arab Emirates
Learn Colors & Nursery Rhymes with 3D Baby Doll & Kids Kids Animation Toys. Fun Learning Youtube Channel Dedicated to Children, Toddlers and Babies.
28.4Msubscribers 9.2K 1.8K 30 videos / day ⋅ Jan 2016 Get Email Contact

ABCkidTV | Nursery Rhymes

ABCkidTV | Nursery Rhymes ABCkidTV is a nursery rhyme channel designed especially for kids under 6 that helps them to learn all about letters, numbers, shapes, colors, animals, and so much more! Your kids will love our friendly characters and colorful 2D and 3D animation while learning both classic nursery rhymes and original songs.
69.4Msubscribers 508 23 2 videos / week ⋅ Sep 2006 Get Email Contact

ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs India
ChuChuTV is designed to engage children through a series of upbeat nursery rhymes and educational songs with colorful animations. Our ChuChu TV characters will teach kids their favorite nursery rhymes, colors, shapes, numbers etc and more importantly good human values which we feel is very important for the next generation champions.
61.1Msubscribers 2.6M 23.6K 1 video / week ⋅ Feb 2013 Get Email Contact

Super Simple Songs | Songs for Kids

Super Simple Songs | Songs for Kids Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Kids songs, nursery rhymes, and more! Learn and explore through song and movement with Super Simple Songs! Our team of educators has created some of the most popular children's songs on YouTube to get up, move, and sing along with! Get ready for a musical adventure in rhyme!
37.3Msubscribers 471.9K 7.5K 1 video / day ⋅ Sep 2006 Get Email Contact

Ryan Toys Review | Videos for Kids

Ryan Toys Review | Videos for Kids US
Toys Review for kids by a kid! Join Ryan to see him play with toys and review toys for kids! He loves Cars, Trains, Thomas and friends, Lego, Superheroes, Disney toys, open surprise eggs, play doh , Pixar Disney cars , Disney Planes, monster trucks, minions, playtime at the fun, family fun adventure and so much more!
23.3Msubscribers 1 video / day ⋅ Mar 2015 Get Email Contact

Pinkfong - Kids' Songs & Stories

Pinkfong - Kids' Songs & Stories Los Angeles, California, USA, Shanghai, Seoul, Sou
Meet Pinkfong's fun, educational videos that captured the hearts of millions of children around the world. Find kids' favorite songs and stories, including nursery rhymes, phonics songs, number songs, bedtime lullabies, children's classics, fairy tales and more! Enjoy educational songs and stories for preschool kids created by the experts in children's education.
28Msubscribers 255.2K 54 2 videos / day ⋅ Dec 2011 Get Email Contact

Kids TV - Nursery Rhymes And Baby Songs

Kids TV - Nursery Rhymes And Baby Songs US
Dear parents, we at Kids tv know that the first years of a child's education are of utmost importance, as they are very restless and energetic preschoolers. Kids TV is the perfect way to ensure a rounded education for your child outside kindergarten. We provide an array of 3d children rhymes and songs for kids & we introduce your toddlers to a variety of English rhymes.
21.2Msubscribers 1.6M 4.8K 13 videos / week ⋅ Sep 2013 Get Email Contact

LooLoo Kids | Nursery Rhymes and Children's Songs

LooLoo Kids | Nursery Rhymes and Children's Songs US
LooLoo Kids is the place where children find all their favorite nursery rhymes and songs with lyrics. Our fun 3D animated videos are perfectly adapted for their development, and kids enjoy learning new things while watching the videos and our carefully selected playlists. Enjoy the best quality edutainment for babies, toddlers and kids.
22.5Msubscribers 13.1K 491 3 videos / week ⋅ Jan 2015 Get Email Contact

BabyBus | Kids TV | Songs & Stories

BabyBus | Kids TV | Songs & Stories US
BabyBus provides intelligent early childhood educational content online for children up to 6 years of age. BabyBus have developed early educational games, songs, and cartoons focusing on language, health, science, society, and art, all based on Montessori education theory.
12Msubscribers 9K 1.7K 2 videos / day ⋅ Jul 2016 Get Email Contact

Sesame Street

Sesame Street US
Welcome to Sesame Street. If, by some chance, you were looking for Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Grover, Oscar, Bert & Ernie, Telly, Zoe, Rosita, Baby Bear and Snuffleupagus, you are in luck because they are all here! Subscribe for new videos every week. Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization.
12.1Msubscribers 1.2M 1.9M 4 videos / week ⋅ Jul 2008 Get Email Contact

Power Kids TV

Power Kids TV Ireland
Power Kids by DQE World is the destination for cartoons, animation, shows, games, contests, merchandise and a whole lot of fun stuff for kids! Watch some of the most exciting cartoons like Charlie Chaplin, Jungle Book, Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Casper, Lassie, Little Prince, Le Petit Prince, Twisted Whiskers, Maryoku Yummy, Pet Pals, Little Nick, Le Petit Nicola, And Yet It Moves, Sandra & many more.
6.2Msubscribers 2K 137 7 videos / day ⋅ Aug 2014 Get Email Contact

Videogyan Kids Shows - Cartoon Animation For Kids

Videogyan Kids Shows - Cartoon Animation For Kids Bangalore, India
Videogyan now brings you all new episodes for kids. Starting from cartoon videos for children and fun kids shows, we have different animated series for you! Our mission is to entertain. And educate. But as we have always done, it is through simplicity that we prefer to achieve that. After all, it is not everywhere that you find 'Gyan' and 'Fun' walking hand in hand!
8.2Msubscribers 130.6K 12 25 videos / week ⋅ Oct 2016 Get Email Contact

Little Treehouse Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

Little Treehouse Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs London, England, UK
Where you're taken on a journey across time and imagination, in the form of visually appealing educational rhymes. We endeavour to make traditional rhymes more relevant where the moral of each story is taught in a fun, educational manner with a nice little surprise at the end of each video.
10.1Msubscribers 18.4K 4 videos / week ⋅ Jul 2015 Get Email Contact

Sandaroo Kids [DisneyCarToys] | Children's YouTube Channel

Sandaroo Kids [DisneyCarToys] | Children's YouTube Channel San Diego, California, US
Family Friendly parodies and skits for kids. See DisneyCarToys Sandra play with toys and dress up with her cute kids Alex, Ava and Baby Adam. We love dressing in Disney Princess Costumes, playing pranks and teaching kids how to learn colors.
6.3Msubscribers 8.4K 3.4K 5 videos / month ⋅ Apr 2013 Get Email Contact

Jugnu Kids - Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

Jugnu Kids - Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs New Delhi, India
Jugnu Kids is about kids and their all around growth. Jugnu Kids YouTube channels for small Kids and preschoolers, we share kids rhymes which are 3D animated and designed to give your kids best and enjoyable learning with Coolest characters Boo, Lily, Adi and More Animal Characters. Here kids can enjoy, Learn, sing and dance with popular nursery rhymes.
6Msubscribers 477.6K 840 5 videos / day ⋅ Jul 2015 Get Email Contact

Shemaroo Kids | Learning & Educational Videos for Toddlers

Shemaroo Kids | Learning & Educational Videos for Toddlers Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Learning is most effective when done in a fun way. Our nursery rhymes, educational videos, children's films and songs have specially been created for developing psycho-motor skills, cognitive skills, social and emotional intelligence in our young learners. Colourful animations along with positive lyrics and a range of musical styles help kids LEARN WITH FUN.
8.1Msubscribers 33.6K 2.7K 2.2K 4 videos / week ⋅ Jul 2009 Get Email Contact

Wow Kidz Comedy

Wow Kidz Comedy Hi friends, welcome to Wow Kidz Comedy!This is a space for all comedy lovers of Chacha Bhatija, Motu Patlu, Bablu Dablu & so on!
8.8Msubscribers 806.1K 2.2K 3 videos / week Get Email Contact

Kids Channel - Cartoon Videos for Kids

Kids Channel - Cartoon Videos for Kids India
Kids Channel is an online educational platform, specializing in graphic videos, nursery rhymes and songs for children. With the help of colors and graceful movement children develop their cognitive capacities, imagination, creativity and logical reasoning.
6.4Msubscribers 24.3K 5 videos / week ⋅ Jul 2013 Get Email Contact

ChuChuTV Surprise Eggs Toys

ChuChuTV Surprise Eggs Toys India
Lots of fun and discovery for your little ones with the colorful ChuChuTV Surprise eggs. Our videos will make your kids learn, sing, dance and enjoy with ChuChuTV Surprise eggs.
7.7Msubscribers 2.6M 23.6K 1 video / week ⋅ Sep 2015 Get Email Contact

HobbyKidsTV | Learning Videos for Kids

HobbyKidsTV | Learning Videos for Kids US
We share learning, fun, and popular toy reviews by kids for kids! We take pride in keeping a clean unique channel for families of all ages. We are parents and know the importance of having a safe place for viewing. Importantly, we speak native English which helps guide children's communication skills.
3.8Msubscribers 9.8K 2.9K 1 video / day ⋅ Aug 2013 Get Email Contact

Onyx Family

Onyx Family US
Hey and welcome to Onyx Family! We do vlogs, funny skits, challenges, and giveaways for the whole family. Join the Onyx Family Mirthell, Rita, Shalom, Sinead, Shasha, and Shiloh, for entertaining fun!
3.6Msubscribers 35.5K 1.1K 31.6K 10 videos / week ⋅ Nov 2016 Get Email Contact

Kyoot Kids

Kyoot Kids US
Kyoot delivers your daily fix of LOL kids clips and premium original content for kids of all ages. Come visit us and try not to laugh at all of your favorite cute babies, funny kids, and parenting fails!
5.7Msubscribers 1 video / day ⋅ Jan 2013 Get Email Contact

HooplaKidz TV | Funny Cartoons For Children

HooplaKidz TV | Funny Cartoons For Children India
Watch the complete collection of hilarious cartoon shows where children will laugh out loud as they watch the funny Gazoon, the educational I am a Dinosaur & many more cartoons along with colorful nursery rhymes with Cup & Cake!!!
3.8Msubscribers 283.2K 14.2K 2 videos / week ⋅ Mar 2012 Get Email Contact

Smart Learning for All | Learning YouTube Channel

Smart Learning for All | Learning YouTube Channel India
We try our level best to create highly creative and refreshing videos of Physics, Chemistry & Biology. This channel can prove to be useful for students studying in schools, colleges as well as for people of all ages who have a curious scientific mind.
3.3Msubscribers 4.2K 838 1 video / week ⋅ Dec 2014 Get Email Contact

WildBrain Kids Videos

WildBrain Kids Videos London, England, UK
Hello and WELCOME to WildBrain! We bring you the best preschool television shows, to keep little people entertained for hours. Watch clips and full-length episodes of their favourite TV shows, and get exploring new ones! Every day we upload a new episode from shows
2.4Msubscribers 5 43 3 videos / day ⋅ Apr 2013 Get Email Contact

Dream English Kids

Dream English Kids Fun, catchy songs for children's education and learning English! Find Songs that are great for young learners, Pre-K, Kindergarten, Preschool, special needs children, ESL , EFL and children Learning English, and children with autism.
2.3Msubscribers 86.9K 412 1 video / week ⋅ Jan 2008 Get Email Contact

T-Series Kids Hut | Kids Learning Rhymes

T-Series Kids Hut | Kids Learning Rhymes Kids Hut Channel is filled with all the popular nursery rhymes, bedtime stories & things you(kids) want to know. Popular Nursery Rhyme Characters comes alive to make you kids sing and dance, there is a new adventure to find with Tia and Tofu every time you visit Kids Hut.
2.8Msubscribers 237.7K 248 2 videos / week ⋅ Sep 2014 Get Email Contact

KidsBabybus HD

KidsBabybus HD US
We offer a wide range of learning categories to become your children's best companion to knowledge and fun!
1.7Msubscribers 582 55 5 videos / week ⋅ Dec 2015 Get Email Contact

Tic Tac Toy

Tic Tac Toy US
Hi !! We are Addy, Maya, Lucy, Jason and Baby O! We love having fun and making silly videos for our fans. Check back every day so you don't miss anything new! We love toy hauls, crazy skits, playing games, doing challenges and going on wild adventures. Be sure to subscribe to Tic Tac Toy as well as our family vlog channel, Tic Tac Toy Family, where you'll get a behind the scenes look at what it's like being a family of YouTubers!
3Msubscribers 9K 583 1 video / week ⋅ Feb 2016 Get Email Contact

Cupcake Kids Club

Cupcake Kids Club US
Welcome to the Cupcake Kids Club! Here you will find lots of fun videos for kids, toddlers, and babies. Learn colors, shapes, and numbers as we make delicious treats. We also make play doh egg surprises, creative fun do it yourself crafts, and lots family-friendly videos your kids will love! Enjoy watching!
1.9Msubscribers 357 2 videos / week ⋅ Apr 2016 Get Email Contact

Geethanjali Kids - Rhymes and Stories

Geethanjali Kids - Rhymes and Stories Chennai, India
Geethanjali Kids - Rhymes and Stories is filled with all the popular Fairy Tales, Bedtime Stories, Nursery Rhymes, Lullabies and lots more educational content. Enjoy the best quality entertainment for babies, toddlers and kids.
1.3Msubscribers 3.8K 319 1 video / day ⋅ May 2008 Get Email Contact

Yo Gabba Gabba! & Friends! - WildBrain

Yo Gabba Gabba! & Friends! - WildBrain UK
Let's say the magic words, 'Yo Gabba Gabba!' and get ready for lots of fun, music and dancing! All of our friends are here… Brobee, Foofa, Muno, Plex and Toodee and the one and only, DJ Lance Rock! Don't forget the legendary Biz Markie and Mark Mothersbaugh as well as lots of surprise guests!
747Ksubscribers 509.1K 28.6K 1 video / day ⋅ Apr 2009 Get Email Contact

Cartooning 4 Kids

Cartooning 4 Kids Canada
Access our HUGE selection of step by step drawing tutorials for young artists and beginners. Draw your favourite characters from movies, Pokemon, Disney, Marvel, Video Games, Cartoon Network and much more. New art lessons posted daily 7 days a week. Follow this channel to get step by step drawing tutorials.
1.8Msubscribers 6.7K 2.7K 14.2K 1 video / day ⋅ Jun 2014 Get Email Contact

FitDance Kids

FitDance Kids Brazil
The FitDance Kids is a project designed for children up to 10 years old, with the intention of making the child have fun and learn while dancing in a playful way. FitDance XKids is designed for kids and pre-teens who like to dance, and enjoy the choreographies created by FitDance on FitDance TV. Find the most fun and cute choreography for the kids!
1.8Msubscribers 1 video / day ⋅ Feb 2016 Get Email Contact

Debbie Doo Kids TV

Debbie Doo Kids TV Australia
Welcome to the fun world of Debbie Doo TV where you will move, learn, dance, sing and most importantly have FUN! Find original music written by Debbie Doo such as world wide favorites 'Let's Star Jump' and 'Roll Your Hands' plus all your favorite nursery rhymes and childhood classics all performed in the unique Debbie Doo way.
1.3Msubscribers 30.7K 419 2 videos / quarter ⋅ Aug 2011 Get Email Contact


TheGiggleBellies Austin, Texas
We produce and animate nursery rhyme videos, educational monster truck videos, fun learning videos, and other songs for children. Our 3D animated series will keep your kids' toes tapping, their brain engaged, and the whole family can join the fun. The GiggleBellies Video series will bring your family as much joy as we have creating them.
510.7Ksubscribers 32.4K 1.4K 1 video / day ⋅ Nov 2009 Get Email Contact

ChuChuTV Storytime - Bedtime Stories Cartoon Shows

ChuChuTV Storytime - Bedtime Stories Cartoon Shows India
ChuChu TV Storytime narrates beautiful bedtime stories for kids in English. These bedtime stories will promote morals/good values of life to your little ones. These stories will not only be entertaining but will also be educative with a lot of fun.
1.1Msubscribers 2.6M 23.6K 1 video / day ⋅ Nov 2016 Get Email Contact

Kids Learning Tube

Kids Learning Tube Centla, Tabasco
Kids Learning Tube educates both kids and adults through music and animation in a fun and unique approach to learning. Kids Learning Tube is a channel of animated characters and fun songs to teach anyone all sorts of fun and educational material.
616Ksubscribers 4.4K 1K 2 videos / week ⋅ Jan 2015 Get Email Contact

Kids Play Time - Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

Kids Play Time - Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs India, US
Playtime offers a range of activities for children like art and craft, drawing, painting, all your favorite animated nursery rhymes and rhymes in a special karaoke version too and bedtime stories. I
568Ksubscribers 3K 2 videos / week ⋅ Oct 2013 Get Email Contact

MagicBox English Kids Channel

MagicBox English Kids Channel Chennai, India
Are you looking for a wonderful and useful channel for your kids ? - We assure that your search Ends Here. Our Videos are specially designed for Parents of preschoolers, Babies, toddlers and young learners. Our Videos are easy to learn and teach with fun-filing Animations. Enjoy our videos and let us know how it goes.
681Ksubscribers 87.2K 606 447 1 video / day ⋅ Jan 2012 Get Email Contact

Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein Atlanta, GA, Australia
It started more than fifteen years ago with a mom eager to share her love of the arts and humanities with her baby. From that humble beginning, the brand has grown to encompass some of the most creative Baby Einstein baby products imaginable. A common thread runs through it all: The curiosity of young children—and the wish of parents everywhere to nourish it.
537Ksubscribers 303.6K 15.8K 1 video / day ⋅ Jun 2014 Get Email Contact

WonderBalls - Official Channel

WonderBalls - Official Channel WonderBall are these cute amazing creatures they bring the best performances on to the stage When they meet, they start playing right away. Brush Ball, Sponge Ball, Water Ball, Accordion Ball, Castanets Ball, Xylophone Ball and more join to complete stories of vivacious arts, exciting music and joyful play.
391Ksubscribers 601 15 2 videos / week ⋅ Feb 2014 Get Email Contact

Simple Kids Crafts - Dollhouse and Miniature Crafts

Simple Kids Crafts - Dollhouse and Miniature Crafts New York, US
Simple Kids Crafts is a video blog dedicated to making easy, educational recycled crafts for people of all ages. Here we share Dollhouse and Miniature Crafts, General DIY and Doll Crafts. Our blog features crafts made out of recycled and Eco-friendly materials, as well as paper, cardboard, fabric etc. Follow this channel to get videos dedicated to making easy, educational recycled crafts for people of all ages.
730Ksubscribers 1.8K 3.5K 1 video / quarter ⋅ Dec 2008 Get Email Contact

DuckDuck Kids TV

DuckDuck Kids TV Brazil
Learn, Laugh and Play with DuckDuck Kids TV official channel. Learn Colors 3D with Surprise Eggs! Great for learning, spelling and identifying colours!
763Ksubscribers 10 6 11 videos / quarter ⋅ Sep 2016 Get Email Contact

Kids Toys Play

Kids Toys Play Canada
We love toys and playing around! 'Kids Toys Play' is a family friendly channel focused on providing entertainment for kids. Videos featured can simply include playing at home with our favourite toys reviews, family outings and playing at the playground.
259Ksubscribers 487 919 2 videos / month ⋅ May 2016 Get Email Contact

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga UK
Healthy videos made specially for kids - with a focus on yoga, mindfulness, stories and relaxation. Used in homes and schools all over the world. Interactive adventures which build strength, balance and confidence - and get kids into yoga and mindfulness early!Healthy screen time which gets kids moving, relaxing and learning simple lessons for a happy life.
387Ksubscribers 74.4K 11.2K 2 videos / month ⋅ May 2012 Get Email Contact

Kids TV Play Doh - Learning videos for Preschool

Kids TV Play Doh - Learning videos for Preschool India
Welcome to our channel Kids Play Doh. We are here for all you kids out there who are creative and want to learn more and more. This is the channel where you will learn with fun. Creativity has no end and this is what our channel believes. So come join Kids Play Doh and start learning with fun.
150Ksubscribers 2 videos / week ⋅ Sep 2014 Get Email Contact

Jaz Toonz Cartoons For Kids

Jaz Toonz Cartoons For Kids India, US
JazToonz cartoons is a kids' channel that showcases the best nursery rhymes, learning videos and amazing stories. Filled with fun, it promises to keep your children entertained all day long with a wide range of nursery rhymes, original songs, super babies' series, funny cartoons, action and adventure stories, pop culture and much more.
294Ksubscribers 44 12 1 video / week ⋅ Feb 2017 Get Email Contact

CBC Kids | Kids Shows for Toddler

CBC Kids | Kids Shows for Toddler Toronto, Ontario, Canada
It's CBC Kids! The place to be for your favourite kids shows and videos.
58.9Ksubscribers 75.3K 21.1K 1 video / day ⋅ Jul 2014 Get Email Contact

Super Crazy Kids

Super Crazy Kids US
Super Crazy Kids Is The Channel For Kids To Learn Colors, Shapes, Numbers With High Quality 3D Animation Videos, Come And Join For Different Coloring Videos For Kids. This Is The Right Place For Kids To Learn. A Joyful Learn With Funny Cartoons And Your Favorite Disney Characters Like Frozen Elsa, Spideraman, SuperHeros, Hulk. And Animals, Toddlers, And Animation Videos And Other To Have A Fun.
1.6K 2 videos / week ⋅ Dec 2016 Get Email Contact

Rapid Kids TV

Rapid Kids TV India
Videos Specially Made For Children. Made in the India (Maharashtra) Entertainment & Educational Videos.
190Ksubscribers 106 77 4 videos / year ⋅ Oct 2016 Get Email Contact

Liberty's Kids

Liberty's Kids US
Liberty's Kids: Two teenage reporters cover the events of the Revolutionary War for Ben Franklin's newspaper, The Philadelphia Gazette. James, an American colonist, brings the rebels' point of view to life while Sarah, a young Englishwoman stranded by fate in America, gives us the British viewpoint in her letters to her mother back in London.
166Ksubscribers 1 video / week ⋅ Jan 2016 Get Email Contact

Kids Games

Kids Games US
Welcome to Game Kids channel! Find videos of different kids games.
1 video / day ⋅ Feb 2015 Get Email Contact

Hillsong Kids

Hillsong Kids Sydney, Australia
Hillsong Kids BiG is a complete, all-inclusive resource to equip you to run a successful children's ministry. It is tailor-made to capture the attention of children of primary school age, can be used in a group of any size and includes multimedia teaching; quiz review segments; praise & worship tracks & videos; Bible verse videos; plus all print material. We've left nothing out!
87.2Ksubscribers 525K 32.9K 13 videos / quarter ⋅ Dec 2011 Get Email Contact

McQueen Songs

McQueen Songs US
In this channel you will find videos (movies gameplay) of Lightning McQueen and his friends such as Toy Story Woody, Spiderman, Hulk, Frozen Elsa and Anna, Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob and a lot more Enjoy it!
60 4 videos / week ⋅ Sep 2015 Get Email Contact

Mini Pop Kids

Mini Pop Kids Canada
Welcome to the official YouTube channel for Mini Pop Kids, Canada's #1 music brand for kids. Be sure to Subscribe to our channel to be the first to see new music videos, exclusive clips, and behind the scenes action!
106Ksubscribers 22.3K 1.6K 1 video / day ⋅ Nov 2006 Get Email Contact

Kids 3D Rhymes

Kids 3D Rhymes US
Kids 3D Rhymes is an Official Animation YouTube Channel of Pisces Creatives.We are expertise in making animation videos both in 3d and 2d.This kids 3d rhymes channel is for all the children round the world . We make your child learn alphabets and nursery rhymes through sings and HD animation songs.
1.5Msubscribers 240 2K 3 videos / month ⋅ Oct 2015 Get Email Contact


Smighties US
Smighties is a comedy-adventure series about the small and mighty heroes from a magical land that's part fun, part heroic, and all zany. Smighties are relatable and inspiring heroes for kids around the world, with their empowering message that you can be small, but still dream big.
65.6Ksubscribers 876 107 1 video / quarter ⋅ Mar 2015 Get Email Contact

Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo Houston, Texas
Videos from the Houston Zoo. The Houston Zoo provides a fun, unique, and inspirational experience fostering appreciation, knowledge, and care for the natural world.
31.6Ksubscribers 360.3K 95.8K 1 video / week ⋅ Mar 2007 Get Email Contact

Chase and Cole Adventures

Chase and Cole Adventures Welcome to our family channel, Chase and Cole Adventures, where Chase and Cole want to be your friends so they can help make your day a fun-filled adventure. If you're looking for entertaining, safe and family friendly content then subscribe now and have your family Join the Adventure!
32.2Ksubscribers 1 video / quarter ⋅ Jan 2018 Get Email Contact

Bamzii B

Bamzii B Pakistan
We welcome you all to the official #BamziiB YouTube Channel! In this channel, you'll find a variety of fun and entertaining family safe content, including: Healthy Food Challenges-Games -Comedy- VLOG -Toys Unboxing- No Stove Cooking- DIY and more.
3.7Ksubscribers 379 3 videos / day ⋅ Jul 2020 Get Email Contact


KID-A-LOO Minecraft videos and gaming fun! Join us for kid friendly Minecraft videos and other adventure gameplay fun! Kid-A-Loo is always family friendly with no foul language and is suitable for kids of all ages! Join art_princess9, karate_kidd7, ballerina5 and rad_dad77 on their fun adventures, challenge games and tutorials in the world of Minecraft! Hope you enjoy our Minecraft videos and other fun games!
17.8Ksubscribers 1 video / week Get Email Contact

3ABN Kids Network

3ABN Kids Network West Frankfort, Illinois, Collegedale, Tennessee
The purpose of this network is not for entertainment but rather to introduce kids to Jesus and come to know Him as their Best Friend! Satan is trying to steal the hearts and minds of our children and now, more than ever before, there is a need for consistent Christ-centered programming!
21.4Ksubscribers 182 2 videos / month ⋅ Jan 2017 Get Email Contact

Bennett's World

Bennett's World Family fun in the Bennett house. Everything from playing outside to doing reviews.
12.2Ksubscribers 6 videos / week ⋅ Oct 2017 Get Email Contact

Kids Activities Blog

Kids Activities Blog Flower Mound, Texas, US
Kids Activities Blog is a place where you can learn all about Kid's Activities.
11Ksubscribers 3.5M 19.9K 2 videos / month ⋅ Sep 2014 Get Email Contact

Team BBB

Team BBB England, UK
We are a family friendly toy opening channel. We love to open blind bags and boxes to entertain children and adults alike. From Disney to Shopkins and Nintendo to DC/Marvel superhero toys, we open everything toy related!
2.9Ksubscribers 98 676 1 video / day ⋅ Oct 2016 Get Email Contact

Andrew Max Show

Andrew Max Show Saudi Arabia
At Andrew Max show, our goal is to help make learning a fun and enjoyable experience for kids. Kids will laugh, dance, sing, and play along with our videos, learning letters, numbers, animal sounds, colors, and much, much more while enjoying our friendly characters and fun stories. Our videos also give you an opportunity to teach and play with your children as you both watch!
17.6Ksubscribers 1.6K 2.6K 30 videos / year ⋅ Sep 2017 Get Email Contact


3KidsTV US
The 3kids TV is a YouTube channel where siblings play together and have fun. The three kids belong to different age groups yet play with each other and enjoy. This channel not only shows the importance of family but also motivated children to do things on their own. Letting kids learn while playing is best form of teaching. Encouraging them to build up things is what will help them in taking their own decisions with confidence in the future.
9.8Ksubscribers 2.7K 2.3K 1 video / week Get Email Contact

Kids Channel

Kids Channel Kids channel is concept of visual learning for kids.Teachers and parents play an vital role in child development.Parents are the child's first teacher,the way they react,behave,all these resembles as their parents.So parents play an important role in encouraging and motivating their kids to learn.Teachers role is to mold the children to be an independent and responsible student.This makes a child to be comfortable in developmental skills of life.
1.1Ksubscribers 8 videos / week ⋅ Jan 2018 Get Email Contact

Angelo Reign Play

Angelo Reign Play Canada
We let Angelo play with his toys and record the happy moments. We go to different parks, fun playgrounds, and beaches to show the world how much a little kid enjoys them. We will do pretend to play for kids, kids playing with kids toys, kids challenges, daddy and my videos, and more fun just for kids and families! We hope you will enjoy our channel.
3.3Ksubscribers 1 video / week ⋅ Apr 2020 Get Email Contact

H&Z Kids Show

H&Z Kids Show UK
The stars of our channel are Haiqa and Zayan. On our channel we make family friendly content made especially for kids! All kinds of videos for all kinds of children. Come Learn and have fun with us as we share some of our videos with you to watch, follow our adventures.
5.4Ksubscribers 157 1 video / month ⋅ Apr 2019 Get Email Contact

Capu Kids

Capu Kids Canada
Capu Kids is a creative digital media company for children. Our goal is to educate, engage, and entertain young viewers using a wide range of original stories and multimedia content. We just completed our first two animated children's videos entitled, Counting Babies up to 10 and My New Rain Boots.
2Ksubscribers 1 video / day Get Email Contact

Heidi Karlsson

Heidi Karlsson Canada
Heidi is having fun, getting creative, and making stuff that helps kids win from the inside out. Here are a whole bunch of songs and resources aimed giving you something to enjoy, be inspired by, and maybe some information or idea that will spark hope and change.
422subscribers 4 videos / year ⋅ Aug 2013 Get Email Contact

Stella Bo Bella

Stella Bo Bella US
Get ready for wild and crazy weekly uploads from the one and only Stella Bo Bella!!!
568subscribers 1 video / month Get Email Contact


ESU KidsTV Keep up with videos on Nursery songs, learning colors,travelling, video with ESU kids!
553subscribers 1 video / year Get Email Contact

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Kids Youtubers

Top Youtubers covering Kids. Get Spreadsheet.
Youtuber Name Email Subscriber Count Video Views Video Count Youtube Channel Link
BillionSurpriseToys - English Kids Songs & Car 28.4M 8.1B 27582 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRx3mKNUdl8QE06nEug7p6Q/videos
Jugnu Kids - Nursery Rhymes and Best Baby Songs 6M 2.3B 2542 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsCe7SNQckiRJ6y563SIupg/videos
Kids TV - Nursery Rhymes And Baby Songs 21.2M 12.4B 1565 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Pq3Ko42YpkCB_Q4E981jw/videos
WildBrain Kids 2.4M 1.2B 1001 https://www.youtube.com/user/dhxjuniortv/videos
PowerKids 6.2M 2.8B 902 https://www.youtube.com/user/PowerKids/videos
King Games 539.3M 662 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGu9-9FqQtXAitxkOnHzz6Q/videos
Santa Studio 1B 471 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_c4psnFX-ZyCUXA_vlXpIQ/videos
Pinkfong Baby Shark - Kids' Songs & Stories 28M 11.6B 470 https://www.youtube.com/user/SmartBooksMedia/videos
KidsBabyBus HD 1.7M 939.7M 468 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUJz3Kx_UkivcPzdAmcFAPg/videos
Cartooning Club How to Draw 1.8M 376.8M 458 https://www.youtube.com/user/cartooning4kids/videos
Videogyan Kids Shows-Children's Cartoon Animation 8.2M 4.1B 426 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCc1DMB-AcOssKJ7KweLXBg/videos
CBC Kids 58.9K 40.6M 309 https://www.youtube.com/user/kidscbc/videos
Little Treehouse Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs 10.1M 5.6B 256 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpzYfBXbEHHQHU2e89jM9Tg/videos
Kids Channel - Cartoon Videos for Kids 6.4M 3.5B 247 https://www.youtube.com/user/thekydstv/videos
Sesame Street 12.1M 10.3B 247 https://www.youtube.com/user/SesameStreet/videos
Shemaroo Kids 8.1M 3.5B 247 https://www.youtube.com/user/shemarookids/videos
Ryan's World 23.3M 35.2B 198 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChGJGhZ9SOOHvBB0Y4DOO_w/videos
PowerKids TV 6.2M 2.8B 197 https://www.youtube.com/user/PowerKids/videos
Onyx Family 3.6M 2.4B 185 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2VERcmMqi3vdtoQQ0ZP2sA/videos
Hillsong Kids 87.2K 15.1M 183 https://www.youtube.com/user/hillsongkids/videos
Team BBB 2.9K 711.1K 174 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHyIeqvhdd85GxtfWBkbEgw/videos
Bamzii B 3.7K 140.6K 173 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8VhhNqliWcvLJ3UQGy8Scw/videos
WonderBalls - Official Channel 391K 208.3M 166 https://www.youtube.com/user/wonderballs2014/videos
BabyBus - Kids Songs and Cartoons 12M 6.8B 143 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpYye8D5fFMUPf9nSfgd4bA/videos
BabyBus - Nursery Rhymes 12M 6.8B 138 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpYye8D5fFMUPf9nSfgd4bA/videos
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