50 Best Kids Movies Podcasts

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Kids Movies Podcasts

Here are 50 Best Kids Movies Podcasts worth listening to in 2023

1. KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions

KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions San Francisco, California, US
KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions is a show hosted by the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics, 60 youth, ages 8 to 21 from across the country. They review the latest films, interview celebrities, and give you insight into upcoming new films, TV shows and Digital media. They give you the latest news about media for kids, by kids. Before your spend your hard earned money at the movies, listen to what we have to say.
Play 20.2K 31.9K 3 episodes / month Avg Length 54 min Aug 2011 Get Email Contact

2. It's My Screen Time Too

It's My Screen Time Too Two moms review the TV and movies made for their kids.
Play 82 33 1 episode / month Avg Length 42 min Mar 2017 Get Email Contact

3. Monster Kid Radio

Monster Kid Radio Beaverton, Oregon, US
Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, John Agar . . . these are the patron saints of Monster Kid Radio, the Rondo Award-winning podcast celebrating the classic, and sometimes not-co-classic, genre cinema of yesteryear. Your host Derek M. Koch is joined by a special guest each episode to talk about a favorite monster movie; favorite classic actor, actress, or director; or a topic relevant to monster kids of all ages. Framed by mostly-spooky surf music, every episode of Monster Kid Radio is your weekly escape to the monster kid playground.
Play 753 47 1 episode / week Avg Length 86 min May 2013 Get Email Contact

4. Not Another Film Podcast

Not Another Film Podcast Chicago, Illinois, US
Taking movies we used to love as kids and re-examining them in the harsh, sobering light of 2021.
Play 177 47 16 episodes / year Avg Length 109 min Apr 2018 Get Email Contact

5. Parental Advisory Movie Podcast

Parental Advisory Movie Podcast Mount Juliet, Tennessee, US
A movie podcast where two dads, Jeff and Patrick talk about movies that they have seen with and without their children. They also discuss stories about taking their kids to the movies.
Play 159 1 episode / week Avg Length 68 min Jul 2019 Get Email Contact

6. Horror Rewind

Horror Rewind Minnesota, US
Horror Rewind revisits movies from our childhood. Join them each week as they discuss a rewatch of a horror movie we saw as kids, a mixology segment, and a fast forward segment discussing something current in the world of horror or a related genre.
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Play 506 1.3K 2.7K 1 episode / day Avg Length 16 min May 2019 Get Email Contact

7. Scarred For Life

Scarred For Life Washington, District of Columbia, US
On Scarred For Life, hosts Terry and Mary Beth open up old wounds by talking about the films that scared us when we were kids. We interview writers, directors and more about that one film that gave them nightmares and revisit it as adults. New episodes are released every Monday morning!
Play 7.5K 1 episode / week Avg Length 54 min Sep 2019 Get Email Contact

8. What the Kids Were Watching

What the Kids Were Watching Austin, Texas, US
Welcome to What the Kids Were Watching, a podcast dedicated to exploring the weird, wonderful, and terrible babysitter movies of Sarah and Rafael's youth. In this podcast series, your hosts will revisit the movies they watched on repeat during their younger years, played in perpetuity thanks to their VCRs and HBO. Each episode includes a frank discussion about why the hosts loved the movie as kids, what they think upon revisiting the movie, and whether or not they'd recommend rewatching it.
Play 399 1 episode / month Avg Length 45 min Dec 2019 Get Email Contact


GMWKS Two friends and writers watch kids movies and tv shows and chat it up. Join us for fun, humor, insight and a few bad words.. Okay, maybe more than a few.
Play 263 17 1 episode / week Avg Length 88 min Mar 2020 Get Email Contact

10. Cruel to Rewind

Cruel to Rewind Chicago, Illinois, US
The movies they loved as kids, ruined by the people they love as adults. Married co-hosts Jeff and Angie take turns sharing their favorite childhood movies with each other for the first time - and possibly the last. Will they be kind as they rewind?
Play 19 6 episodes / year Avg Length 62 min Apr 2020 Get Email Contact

11. The Old Kids Movies

The Old Kids Movies Boston, Massachusetts, US
Revisit millennial kids movies! Trevor Howell and AJ Beltis recount the popular, obscure and forgotten movies of our childhood, asking ourselves if the movie still holds up, what it would take to release the movie today and look at where the stars are now.
Play 871 1 episode / week Avg Length 56 min Jun 2020 Get Email Contact

12. Well...I Liked It!

Well...I Liked It! San Francisco, California, US
Some movies are good. Some movies are bad. And sometimes there's a movie that people say is bad, but you saw it and liked it so when you people ask you about it the only response you have is, 'Well...I liked it.' This podcast is for those movies. As your hosts, Brad and Katie, we will review and recap some of the movies that we loved as kids that maybe Siskel and Ebert didn't like so much. Join us as we take a renewed, 20/20 vision look back at these films in our podcast, Well...I Liked it!
Play 4 99 3 episodes / month Avg Length 75 min Jul 2020 Get Email Contact

13. Not Just For Kids Podcast

Not Just For Kids Podcast Oxford, England, UK
Welcome to Not Just For Kids. Once a week we will revisit the movies we loved as children, looking at their place in the history of family films, the themes they explore and if they're any good. Each season we will focus on a different area: be it a particular film studio, director or time period. And each week we will invite a guest onto the podcast who will offer their own perspective on the films being covered that week.
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Play 836 3 episodes / week Avg Length 76 min Aug 2020 Get Email Contact

14. Reel Window: Rewatching Random Movies from our Childhood

Reel Window: Rewatching Random Movies from our Childhood This is a podcast where two sisters, and sometimes a guest, rewatch movies they saw when they were kids and review them. With humour, sarcasm, and random tidbits of info, this is a great listen for anyone born in the 80s, anyone who loves movies, and anyone else whose family speaks complete sections of dialogue as part of their daily conversations.
Play 14 1 episode / week Avg Length 48 min Sep 2020 Get Email Contact

15. Honey, We Made a Disney Podcast

Honey, We Made a Disney Podcast Two dads, Eddie and J.B., take a nostalgic look at the Disney movies they grew up with as they watch them now with their kids. Friends since first grade, J.B. and Eddie share funny stories of childhood and fatherhood all while looking back at Disney movies. Honey, we made a Disney Podcast will have you laughing and reminiscing at the movies we grew up with.
Play 2 7 4 episodes / month Avg Length 60 min Sep 2020 Get Email Contact

16. So, Anyways! Movie Reviews with The Kid Critic

So, Anyways! Movie Reviews with The Kid Critic Listen to The Kid Critic's unique and insightful movie reviews. Movie and show reviews for kids by a kid. Enjoy!
Play 2 episodes / year Avg Length 23 min Sep 2020 Get Email Contact

17. Saturday Morning Obscurities

Saturday Morning Obscurities Missouri, US
Saturday Morning Obscurities is a fun look back on half-remembered kids entertainment of yesteryear. Adult siblings Melissa and Jams rewatch shows and movies of their childhood, showcasing underrated gems, finding the weird moments in popular shows you thought you knew, and discovering oddities even they've never seen before! Join us every other Saturday for a movie or a handful of TV episodes, maybe a guest appearance, and a lot of nostalgia and laughs.
Play 121 2 episodes / month Avg Length 79 min Oct 2020 Get Email Contact

18. Give Me Back My Action Movies

Give Me Back My Action Movies While there are new movies that are fun and enjoyable, they just don't have the same impact as the Action Movies we remember as kids/teenagers.So I figured, we were not alone in our nostalgia and created a podcast to entertain people who feel the same as us.
Play 430 1 episode / week Avg Length 92 min Jan 2021 Get Email Contact

19. The VCR Kids

The VCR Kids Charlotte, North Carolina, US
This is Jay, Erin, and Richard, and we're The VCR Kids! We watch movies from our childhood and see if they still hold up. Every week we take a movie we loved (or maybe just watched) as a child and submit it for review to our adult brains. We also have special episodes on Pretentious Picks, and our Harry Potter Virgin series where we force our friend Andrew to watch all the movies.
Play 1.5K 536 8 episodes / year Avg Length 41 min Feb 2018 Get Email Contact

20. Kidflix with Ross Weisman

Kidflix with Ross Weisman Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Kidflix is the podcast where adults try to definitively rank every kids movie ever made! From the greatest cinematic triumphs to the crappiest direct-to-video sequels, we'll watch everything that can technically be classified as kids entertainment!
Play 320 460 5 episodes / quarter Avg Length 42 min May 2017 Get Email Contact

21. RetroGrading

RetroGrading Retrograding is a bimonthly podcast where three nineties kids give adult looks to our favorite childhood movies. Tune in as we discuss details of the plot we missed as kids, give reviews as to the rewatchability of the film and the emotions it invokes and play games that give the film a new perspective. Also, we'll try to be funny and entertaining, but honestly, no promises.
Play 30 2 episodes / year Avg Length 109 min Feb 2017 Get Email Contact

22. Kids and Their Dog

Kids and Their Dog Florida, US
A Scooby-Doo Movie Review and Recap Podcast.
Play 20 3 episodes / year Apr 2018 Get Email Contact

23. Grown Up Kids: A Disney Podcast

Grown Up Kids: A Disney Podcast Grown Up Kids: A Disney Podcast! Join us as we watch Walt Disney films from the past and present, and then discuss them in-depth. New episodes every Sunday!
Play 1K Feb 2018 Get Email Contact

24. The Older Kids

The Older Kids Los Angeles, California, US
Hosted by comedian Elliott G-B and featuring rotating guests, The Older Kids podcast revisits your favorite childhood movies from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s to see if they still hold up.
Play 250 421 Oct 2018 Get Email Contact

25. Latchkey Movies

Latchkey Movies The podcast where we take a critical look at the movies your kids are watching without your supervision.
Play 51 1 1 episode / month Avg Length 50 min Apr 2019 Get Email Contact

26. The Castle Vault - A chronological deep-dive of Disney animated films powered by Disney Plus

The Castle Vault - A chronological deep-dive of Disney animated films powered by Disney Plus Vancouver, Washington, US
A weekly exploration of the Disney Vault as we watch and discuss every Disney Animated movie - and so much more - thanks for Disney Plus!
Play 855 2 episodes / month Avg Length 138 min Nov 2019 Get Email Contact

27. Indoor Recess

Indoor Recess Two folks watch lesser-known kids movies. You know the kind. The ones filling up bargain bins, the perennial shelfwarmers at Blockbuster, made by companies you had never heard of before and would never hear of again. Those movies.
Play 8 18 episodes / year Avg Length 79 min Mar 2020 Get Email Contact

28. Movie magic podcast

Movie magic podcast In this podcast, host reviews Disney/Pixar from Toy Story 1 to Incredibles 2. Hope you enjoy!
Play Apr 2020 Get Email Contact

29. Magic by Design

Magic by Design Ireland
Two brothers and lifelong Disney fans watch and review the entire Disney animated theatrical canon in the hopes of unearthing the secrets behind the magic. Each week, we re-watch or in some cases, experience a feature for the first time and break it down in an attempt to discover the recipe of Disney's secret sauce. We want to find out what got us hooked and has set the animated offerings of the House of Mouse apart for generations of children and big children, alike.
Also in Animation Movies Podcasts
Play 115 23 16 episodes / year Avg Length 37 min Apr 2020 Get Email Contact

30. Popcorn Parenting

Popcorn Parenting Somerset, England, UK
Popcorn Parenting is about watching movies with your kids and chatting about them from a Christian perspective. Nate Morgan Locke's done a lot of thinking about this. And James Cary is more than happy to wind him up and let him go. Just don't mention Toy Story 4, okay?
Also in Christian Movie Podcasts, UK Christian Podcasts
Play 405 7.5K 9 episodes / year Avg Length 35 min Apr 2020 Get Email Contact

31. Once Upon A Nostalgia

Once Upon A Nostalgia We are two grown up kids who grew up in the 90s and were heavily affected by Disney movies. This podcast is broken up into two parts. The first part is where we discuss our childhood memories of these movies and the second part is our discussion after re-watching the movie again and seeing how they hold up to today's standards. Fun facts, historical references, and Disney secrets included!
Play 2 episodes / year Avg Length 76 min Aug 2020 Get Email Contact

32. The Rewinders Podcast

The Rewinders Podcast The Rewinders Podcast rewinds - and reboots - movies from the 80s and 90s that we watched as kids. We talk about what is remembered and felt about it as a child. Then, we determine if the movie still holds up. In between that we sing, make jokes, and act dumb in general.
Play 33 2 episodes / quarter Avg Length 56 min Aug 2020 Get Email Contact

33. Kids of the Past Podcast

Kids of the Past Podcast This is Kids of the Past Podcast: where history repeats itself. In this podcast, we revisit movies and tv shows from our childhood and some that probably shouldn't have been part of our childhoods... But we've all been there! So come join us to see if they are still as great as we remember or if we were just dumb kids of the past.
Play 57 41 Oct 2020 Get Email Contact

34. Disney++Ben+Friends

Disney++Ben+Friends Kansas City, Missouri, US
Join Star Wars fanatic and all-around Disney lover Ben Wendt, and a rotating cast of his closest friends as they discuss the movies that shaped their childhoods, established their senses of humor, and made them weirdly attracted to foxes. If you're a millennial who finds yourself over drinks with friends loudly debating who the hunkiest Disney prince is, or who would win in a fight between Darth Vader and Ultron this is the podcast you're looking for!We may be discussing movies made for kids but this show is NOT made for kids!
Play 556 Apr 2020 Get Email Contact

35. Living Movies Podcast

Living Movies Podcast Boise, Idaho, US
Parents should share not only living books but great works of art with their children, and movies are no exception to either of these. Our goal is to help parents determine movies that are worth sharing with their children, and to help those parents impart the ability for their children to partake and discern media, whether it be print, audio, or visual (or any combination thereof), and to be able to take the good and leave the bad.
Play Jan 2021 Get Email Contact

36. Blockbuster Was My Babysitter

Blockbuster Was My Babysitter Two cousins who spent the better part of their childhoods watching movies and having sleepovers. Lets look back at all the movies we loved as kids and see if they hold up.
Play Jan 2021 Get Email Contact

37. For the Love of Childhood Movies

For the Love of Childhood Movies Denver, Colorado, US
Sisters Kelsey and Brett rewatch their favorite movies from childhood to view them through adult eyes. Jokes that went over your head, glaring plot holes you just didn't care about as a kid and general adult observations, make for a fun way to revisit your childhood classics.
Play 328 60 Feb 2021 Get Email Contact

38. Plus With Us

Plus With Us We ruin our childhood and stomp on our nostalgia by revisiting movies we used to love as kids.
Play Mar 2021 Get Email Contact

39. 90s Kids' Movie Pod

90s Kids' Movie Pod Pull up a bean bag, grab your favourite video tape and join the club as three millennials rewatch the movies that shaped our childhood.
Play 39 2 episodes / year Avg Length 45 min Apr 2021 Get Email Contact

40. Good Movies

Good Movies Here host talks about fun movies on Netflix and Disney. Movies to watch that are good and fun for kids and safe for kids
Play Mar 2021 Get Email Contact

41. Movies We Liked As Kids

Movies We Liked As Kids Every Week a band of goofs come together to re-watch a movie from our childhood. Watching the movie with fresh eyes allows us to juxtapose what we saw with what we remembered as kids.
Dec 2020 Get Email Contact

42. Ruin My Childhood

Ruin My Childhood Mike and Kat watch cherished childhood TV shows and movies. They find out if watching these cherished titles ruin their childhood. Are some things better left in the past? Find out on Ruin My Childhood.
Play 2 episodes / quarter Avg Length 51 min Mar 2017 Get Email Contact

43. Magic Meter

Magic Meter Magic Meter is rating every Disney animated movie!Hosts Anthony Maddaloni and Breanna Baker have adult conversations about kids' films.With over 150 movies being ranked out of 101 possible points, which movies will contain the most magic?
Play 18 May 2020 Get Email Contact

44. Max's Movie Mentions

Max's Movie Mentions The world of kids movies has dramatically changed from the beginning. Most of the movies follow the same formula, but good movies can't be only made money make. that's why I'm here, as a kid, to find the best and the worst (sometimes).
Play Aug 2020 Get Email Contact

45. Movies for Kids

Movies for Kids Mike Bobbitt is an entertainer and a storyteller, but more importantly, he's a new dad. Movies were an important part of Mike's childhood, shaping him into the man he is today. Mike interviews his friends and families about their own relationship with the movies they grew up with. He also talks to parents about their experiences with their own kids and film. Along the way, Mike makes an important discovery about what it means to be a parent.
Play 2.4K 2.2K Apr 2020 Get Email Contact

46. Kids Spoil Movies

Kids Spoil Movies Listen to kids' hilarious summaries of favorite movies, shows and more! Fun for kids and parents. Does your kid have a particularly precious take on a favorite movie, book or show? Send in their review or spoiler as well!
Play Jun 2020 Get Email Contact

47. The Kid Critics

The Kid Critics Three friends reviewing movies and TV shows.
Play Jan 2020 Get Email Contact

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Pauline and Lisa anchor.fm 97
MoonStreet Media anchor.fm 96
The C2R Network crueltorewind.com 86
Jay Moore shouldercatsradio.com 68
KIDS FIRST! Film Critics voiceamerica.com 67
Russell Bailey notjustforkids.libsyn.com 65
Derek M. Koch monsterkidradio.net 47
Josh Brown & Jason Grier thecastlevault.libsyn.com 46
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