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Kenya Podcasts

Here are 45 Best Kenya Podcasts worth listening to in 2023

1. Out The Booth Podcast

Out The Booth Podcast New York, US
Out The Booth is a weekly Kenyan music podcast dedicated to exploring, playing and uncovering the finest in Kenyan music. In addition to this, the podcast also highlights ongoing matters within the entertainment industry as well as playing select picks from artists across Africa.
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2. The KENYAFIED Podcast

The KENYAFIED Podcast This Podcast is all about making you amazing from Your Mind, Body, Spirit, and Self Esteem! When you understand your value you'll never settle for less than your worth!
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3. The Sports Drawer

The Sports Drawer Nairobi, Nairobi City, Kenya
The podcast is about discussions based on topical sports issues in Kenya, reviewing and previewing local events and profiling local sportsmen and women.
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4. Ado Veli Podcast

Ado Veli Podcast Nairobi, Nairobi City, Kenya
Ado Veli Podcast is the number 1 weekly Kenyan music podcast show. It is hosted by Pesh, Michelle Rwenji and Ado Veli.
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5. The Kenyanist

The Kenyanist Hallo and welcome to 'The Kenyanist' with Kamau Wairuri. In this show, we step back from the rush of current affairs to take a broader and deeper view of issues that Kenyans fight about. In each uepisode, I speak to an expert who will help us understand a particular social or political issue better and hopefully propose how we can address some of our most pressing challenges as a society.
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6. A Kenyan's Experience

A Kenyan's Experience On A Kenyan's Experience (aKEx) we use real, raw, and personal journeys to provide you with the knowledge and the power to demystify, simplify and make better decisions about your academic and professional future. We ask the questions you wished you had before you started your journey and normalize making bold decisions for YOU.So tune in for weekly episodes that will leave you inspired, challenged, and laughing as Kenyans tell their stories here on Alex.
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Kenyan Podcast MY COMFORTABLE SPACE My podcast is generally what is affecting us ..all age brackets to be precise.. certain occupations mostly based on research and people's stories ..experiences too .. majoring to do one on one interviews and if the network proves legit why not online recording
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8. The Clatchet Podcast(T.C.P)

The Clatchet Podcast(T.C.P) A Kenyan safe space where we aim to Educate, Empower, and Entertain through the tales of a confused millennial.
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9. The Sustainability Journey

The Sustainability Journey Are you worried about our planet? Do you feel the need for change? Imagine a journey together. Changemakers around the world will share their views and solutions to the greatest challenge of our time. Diverse, Inclusive and Open. From Kenya to the World with Samuele Tini, 3 episodes per month,9,19 and 29!
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10. Tubonge Tax

Tubonge Tax Because your Taxes matter, that's why we explain everything in a comprehensive way. hosted by Kenya Revenue Authority.
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11. Kenyan podcast

Kenyan podcast #1 Kenyan podcast for entertainment news, sports, business, trending features & a lot more. Hosted by Kenyan podcast.
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12. The chop shop Podcast with Andy & Neville

The chop shop Podcast with Andy & Neville Two millenials in the entertainment industry talking about our lives in the field ,the party scene, and what's going on in the kulture(Kenyan new sounds) both locally and internationally. We drop our own wisdom/Gems,unsolicited. We also get into music,give our unpopular opinions on songs,artists and projects, and we also allow conversation to grow around that.
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13. Ramblings Of A King

Ramblings Of A King This is a Kenyan Podcast and here, we talk about anything and everything. Hosted by God's greatest gift to mankind, The One, The Only, KING.
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14. The Introverted Awkward Black Girl

The Introverted Awkward Black Girl This podcast will showcase the daily pains, anxieties, inconveniences, joys, peace, and more of living and being socially awkward in Africa, zooming into my country Kenya. I am an introverted, highly sensitive, socially awkward girl. I explore loving, working, and just being me in this extroverted, high-paced world.
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15. Winning at Law

Winning at Law This podcast celebrates excellence in the legal profession. With a focus on Kenya and the wider African continent, we spotlight the greatest legal minds and highlight the nuances that enable them to excel in their respective practices.
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16. This Kenyan Life with Betty Makasi

This Kenyan Life with Betty Makasi My name is Betty Makasi and I have a passion to be a Radio Personality. With my podcast, I venture into topics that are fun, knowledgeable, and witty, and talk about common things that happen to all of us. I strive to connect with everyone at all levels.Listen in and enjoy!
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17. The Local Pod Ke

The Local Pod Ke This is the third installment of the local but we are still the same. My name is Adrian Simba and I am your captain on this ride of self-discovery combined with a little laughter and sometimes the inevitable sadness. Come join me as we tackle life issues one conversation at a time. This is the Local podcast Kenya.
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18. Kenyan Teen Life Podcast

Kenyan Teen Life Podcast Hello you, welcome to your home of weekly motivation and weekly conversations. My name is Justin Mureti your host and this is your Monday and Wednesday podcast. On this podcast, we try our very best to make the world a better place for each other and bring in a bit of motivation to start your week.
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19. Life Is An Art -kenyan podcast

Life Is An Art -kenyan podcast I created this podcast as a platform to talk about The SELF. I have learned that you cannot master LIFE without a constant review of one's self. That's why I talk about ways in which we can encourage Self-growth, Self-awareness, Self-love, Self-improvement, Self-empowerment, mental health alertness everything that affects our relationship with life. I encourage you to listen.
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20. My First Time Stories

My First Time Stories 'My First Time' brings together voices and stories on a topic that is to date highly taboo, but have a place in changing perceptions. These stories, once internalised, have the potential to improve the lives of millions, not only in Kenya but around the world, in putting an end to period poverty.
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21. Murder Ciru

Murder Ciru A true crime-ish, sometimes amateur history podcast exploring cases of murder in Kenya, with a focus on femicide.No explicit content.
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22. Sunday Wine Down Podcast

Sunday Wine Down Podcast A Podcast recorded with a live online audience brought to you by Kenyan Immigrants in the USA, both with very different, yet similar backgrounds and experiences. Idah Alisha and Dj Sunny Sistuki talk about real issues especially within the Kenyan and African culture, Help build and support others and laugh a little
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23. Cha Kula Podcast

Cha Kula Podcast Kenya
Who doesn't need food? We all need food not just for enjoyment but for our survival. With this at the back of our mind, Route to Food Initiative gives a 360-degree view of issues affecting food security and the Right to Food. This is a platform where we will engage, motivate, chide, discover more about food as a human right. From thought leaders who have interacted with these issues firsthand including farmers, researchers, journalists, policy experts, entrepreneurs, and you. The Cha Kula podcast brings you conversations about food in Kenya from an economic, social, and political lens.
Also in Food Security Podcasts
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24. Wamathai

Wamathai Kenya
Thought-provoking podcast by Wamathai that explores Kenyan culture. Hosted by Wamathai.
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25. Bigpin's Radius

Bigpin's Radius Nairobi, Nairobi City, Kenya
A podcast sharing Kenyan music stories, from Kenyan music industry players. Hosts Naomi Wamboe,Freshier and Bigpin
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26. Kenyan Stories by Daniel Duwa

Kenyan Stories by Daniel Duwa Los Angeles, California, US
Kenyan Stories is the home of some of our most exciting stories from all over Kenya and the world. For the past twenty years, I have extensively covered people from all walks of life. There is a story in all of us! Please enjoy. I am Global Executive Strategist Business & Leadership Scaling (ILS) expert. I specialize in growing talents, scaling businesses, and bringing clarity to individuals and corporates in uncertain times.
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27. Newz Podcast

Newz Podcast The Newz Podcast is a Kenyan podcast focusing on Kenyan music. Hosted by Tela Wangeci and Fadhili Odewo, dive into unlimited discussions on the Kenyan music and vibe with our monthly playlist.
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28. Kenya's Market Map

Kenya's Market Map Nairobi, Nairobi City, Kenya
Kenya's Market Map is a weekly podcast that maps out business activities that occurred during the week, across all sectors & provides an in-depth analysis.
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29. Omenerds Podcast

Omenerds Podcast A Kenyan podcast that irreverently takes on everything: pop culture, music, film, book, events, food, TV, everything! Omenerds are the wry voices you need to help you laugh and maybe make a little sense of it all. Join us and our dope guests as we break down the travails of being a Kenyan millennial and hopeful despite it all.
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30. Cafe Construct Podcast

Cafe Construct Podcast Welcome to the Cafe Construct podcast. Your go-to for tips to achieve success in the Kenyan Construction Industry.
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31. The Market Meter Podcast

The Market Meter Podcast Nairobi, Nairobi City, Kenya
This a podcast hosted by young Kenyans passionate about demystifying finance, economics, blockchain technology, and geopolitics. Topics of discussion include business, investment, financial markets, macroeconomics, technology, entrepreneurship, and geopolitics.
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WAIT LET ME EXPLAIN SIS WAIT LET ME EXPLAIN SIS a weekly podcast produced and hosted by Kenyan radio personality and you tuber Harriet Mwikali.Here she tells raw stories without any filter.The podcast is a space where young Kenyan youth can disclose what they don't like in our culture today without getting any negative backlash.ALL EPISODES ARE REAL,AUTHENTIC AND KENYANSTAY TUNED
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TUSEME! IKO NINI! This podcast is about real life stories in Kenya. Sometimes explicit, sometimes not! Hosted by Brian Sam Okeyo.
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34. Kenyan Girl Chronicles

Kenyan Girl Chronicles Kenyan girl chronicles are about my experiences and I am so sure everyone relates to them whether Kenyan or not. I'm all about experiences, interviews, and stories that matter to everybody.
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35. Kenya's Blueprint

Kenya's Blueprint This podcast series investigates Kenya's parastatals (or state-owned entities), explores the reason for their formation, and journey, and answers the question of what went wrong.
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36. Tokea Let's Talk About It

Tokea Let's Talk About It Tokea is a Swahili word which simply means to show up. In this podcast we show up to talk about issues we experience, especially as Kenyans in the Diaspora to be able to connect, vent and most importantly learn from each other. Tune in and pull up to the conversations.
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37. KejaniQr

KejaniQr Nairobi, Nairobi City, Kenya
A hub of aesthetic contemporary lifestyle content and space for creatives curated to tune young adults. Made in Kenya.
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38. Builder's Haven Podcast

Builder's Haven Podcast The Builder's Haven Podcast is a flagship podcast series that takes you inside Kenya's (and the region) construction and Real Estate world. It features conversations with experts on issues that matter most in construction and Real Estate. Our goal is to bring you key thoughts and insights from today's brightest minds: We discuss unique perspectives on Government, Competition, Marketing and opportunities in the sector. If you are involved in the industry, then consider this podcast.
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39. The Boys Klub Podcast

The Boys Klub Podcast The BK pod is a podcast based in the coastal region of Kenya hosted by Danté and Yswevy, two twenty-something-year-old creatives with all the right conversations for your entertainment and education. Hop in let's get to talking.
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40. PoweredVoiceKe

PoweredVoiceKe A platform that gives voice to issues affecting African youth through Engagement & inspiration from Young People of different professionals, Business leaders, Thought leaders & Youth initiatives in Kenya and across Africa.
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41. Let's Roll With It!!

Let's Roll With It!! A Kenyan girl who likes having candid and authentic conversations with her friends who thought why not
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42. In Isaac's Eyes

In Isaac's Eyes Growing up Nigerian, and adulting in Kenya, journey with me through the adventure that my life is. Let's take a walk through the laughs and the flogging, the joys and pains of the growing of this African child.
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43. My Basic Life Podcast

My Basic Life Podcast This podcast shares my personal stories and experiences, of running a small business in Nairobi, Kenya. I have been self-employed from June 2014 to date.
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PASS THE BLUNT PODCAST Based predominantly on the Kenyan and wider East African music scene, PASS THE BLUNT (PTB) is a Kenyan podcast where hosts OP and ZACH deconstruct local music, while also addressing local issues affecting Kenyan youth.The fusion between conscious talk and melodies is served brilliantly, in a fun yet critical manner as they tackle matters in the most candid way.
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45. The Kenyan Experiment

The Kenyan Experiment The Kenyan Experiment is a podcast exploring Kenyan history. The things you know, the things you don't know, the things you think you know, and everything in-between. A wild trip down the cocktail of chaos that is the formation of this nation called Kenya. 
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