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1. Tokyo Fashion RSS Feed

Tokyo Fashion

RSS Feed - tokyo-fashion.tumblr.com/rss 

Site - tokyo-fashion.tumblr.com

Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

About Site - Harajuku-based online magazine dedicated to Tokyo street fashion, Japanese fashion and Harajuku style.
Frequency 1 post / day



RSS Feed - eyescream.jp/tyo/blog/feed 

Site - eyescream.jp/tyo/blog

tokyo, Japan

About Site - EYESCREAM is a fashion and lifestyle magazine with a particular focus on the Japanese fashion industry. What differentiates this magazine from the various menswear publications in existence is that it draws attention to the creative and artistic side of the industry.



RSS Feed - mensnonno.jp/blog/feed 

Site - mensnonno.jp/blog

Tokyo, JAPAN

About Site - MEN'S NON-NO is the male fashion magazine by Tokyo-based Shueisha. MEN'S NON-NO features an extensive array of menswear styles ranging from street, contemporary and high fashion, as well as more formal attires, making it appealing to a broad audience regardless of age and interest.
Frequency 1 post / day

4. LEON RSS Feed


RSS Feed - leon.jp/feed 

Site - leon.jp


About Site - LEON is a menswear magazine dedicated to the choi waru oyaji, which more or less translates to 'the bad-ass middle-aged man'. With a target audience of single Japanese men in their 30s and 40s that have a lot of disposable income, this niche magazine provides coverage on elegant and sophisticated European flair, with a particular emphasis on Italian trends.



RSS Feed - droptokyo.com/street/feed 

Site - droptokyo.com

Tokyo, Japan

About Site - DROPTOKYO is a Web magazine telling the world of the next generation Tokyo fashion scene. Discover the latest party photos, fashion editorials and creator interviews and official blogs of Tokyo fashion icons.



RSS Feed - grind-mag.com/feed 

Site - grind-mag.com

About Site - GRIND is Adult fashion & lifestyle magazine sent to the street graduation generation. Proposing a new style of adult's sense that does not forget playfulness. Fashion / lifestyle magazine for adults who experience various play such as skateboards and club culture, and now enjoy fashion in the sense of youth.
Frequency 5 posts / month

7. Fashion in Japan RSS Feed

Fashion in Japan

RSS Feed - fashioninjapan.com/feed 

Site - fashioninjapan.com


About Site - Fashion in Japan is known worldwide for setting the global fashion trends on the street and in high fashion. On our blog, our trend forecasters bring you fresh photos of the latest fashion trends from Tokyo Fashion Capital every day. Our site features the most up to date information about Japanese fashion stores, designers and trends straight from the streets.
Frequency 30 posts / month

8. Tokyo Fashion Diaries RSS Feed

Tokyo Fashion Diaries

RSS Feed - tokyofashiondiaries.com/feed 

Site - tokyofashiondiaries.com


About Site - This is a fashion blog authored by fashion journalist Misha Janette. 'Tokyo Fashion Diaries' covers everything from street and fringe styles to haute couture, fashion news and trends from Japan.

9. Little Bit RSS Feed

Little Bit

RSS Feed - emisuzuki-official.com/blog/.. 

Site - emisuzuki-official.com/blog

About Site - Emi Suzuki keeps a fashion blog known as Little Bit. It's a style focused, picture heavy blog that not only shares her fashion sense but gives her fans a glimpse into her private life.
Frequency 2 posts / year

10. Samantha Mariko RSS Feed

Samantha Mariko

RSS Feed - samanthamariko.com/feed 

Site - samanthamariko.com

Tokyo, Japan

About Site - My name is Samantha Mariko, currently residing in Tokyo, Japan. I started this blog in late 2011, where I can share my style, modeling work, beauty, travels, music and anything that interests & inspires me.
Frequency 1 post / month

11. popsister RSS Feed


RSS Feed - popsister.tumblr.com/rss 

Site - popsister.tumblr.com

About Site - Japanese fashion
Frequency 3 posts / year

12. xoxoHilamee | Japanese Fashion Blogger RSS Feed

xoxoHilamee | Japanese Fashion Blogger

RSS Feed - xoxohilamee.blogspot.in//fee.. 

Site - xoxohilamee.blogspot.com

Kanagawa, Japan

About Site - Personal style blog that sends coordination of European casual wearing pretty casual by Japanese fashion blogger Mizuho K.
Frequency 3 posts / month

13. Plus Size J-Fashion RSS Feed

Plus Size J-Fashion

RSS Feed - plussizecutties.tumblr.com/rss 

Site - plussizecutties.tumblr.com

About Site - Finding inspiration and acceptance in the J-fashion community can be hard when you're plus sized. Here we will share pics of adorable plus size girls dressed up in all different types of Japanese fashion.

14. Kanaho's show RSS Feed

Kanaho's show

RSS Feed - kanaho-bo.blogspot.com/feeds.. 

Site - kanaho-bo.blogspot.com

About Site - Kanaho Morisue's blog Kanaho Show focuses on her fun, funky sense of style one outfit at a time. An artist at heart, this fashionista designs and sells clothes and accessories with her trademark patterns.
Frequency 1 post / day



RSS Feed - kawaiilabo.blogspot.com/feed.. 

Site - kawaiilabo.blogspot.com


About Site - Blogger and designer Junko Suzuki is among the queens of kawaii. Her style goes beyond simply kawaii, as it oozes elegance and flawlessness through classic pieces.