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Intuitive Eating Blogs

Here are 35 Best Intuitive Eating Blogs you should follow in 2023

1. Fannetastic Food

Fannetastic Food Washington, District of Columbia, US
Hi! I'm Anne, and I started this healthy lifestyle blog back in 2009 as a way to inspire others to lead happier healthier lives. I want people to see that eating nutritious food and staying active doesn't have to be complicated - and can even be fun! On this blog, you'll find a mix of daily life, easy recipes, quick meal ideas, running & race recaps, adventures in motherhood, active travel, nutrition tips, and more.
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2. The Foodie Dietitian Blog

The Foodie Dietitian Blog Boston, England, UK
Kara is a nationally recognized and award-winning registered dietitian nutritionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, yoga teacher, and the owner of Kara Lydon Nutrition. Her blog features delicious, nourishing seasonal recipes and simple strategies for a well-nourished life, and has been featured in countless national online publications.
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3. Laura Thomas

Laura Thomas London, England, UK
I'm Laura, a Registered Nutritionist and Intuitive Eating Counsellor based in London. I help people figure out their issues with food, sort through confusing diet advice and help people get their shit together around food. Get the latest nutrition articles, podcasts, and recipes in my blog.
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4. Christy Harrison Blog

Christy Harrison Blog US
Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CEDS is a journalist, registered dietitian, and certified intuitive eating counselor. Since 2013 Christy has produced and hosted Food Psych, a weekly podcast exploring people's relationships with food and paths to body acceptance. It regularly ranks as one of Apple's top 100 Health podcasts, reaching tens of thousands of listeners worldwide.
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5. Crystal Karges Nutrition Blog

Crystal Karges Nutrition Blog San Diego, California, US
I'm Crystal Karges, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and mama of five specializing in intuitive eating for mothers & families. I'm passionately committed to helping you and your children enjoy freedom with food as a family.
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6. The Joy Of Eating Blog

The Joy Of Eating Blog Boston, Massachusetts, US
The Joy of Eating Blog by Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist Rachael Hartley is your online resource for fresh and creative recipes, intuitive eating, and non-diet support. My team and I have worked with hundreds of people, helping them heal their relationship with food and live a well-nourished life. As non-diet dietitians, we are here to listen and provide the support and tools you need to eat with confidence.
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7. Colleen Christensen Blog

Colleen Christensen Blog I am Colleen. I'm not a regular dietitian. I'm an Intuitive Eating dietitian. So I'm never gonna tell you to track your food intake or force foods you don't like, I boldly believe that food should be fun and even joyful, and I know that dieting and food obsession robs us of that joy.
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8. Katie Hake Blog

Katie Hake Blog Indianapolis, Indiana, US
Discover healthy recipes, nutrition information, fitness motivation, and everyday inspiration for the body and mind. I'm Katie Hake, a Registered Dietitian and Fitness Professional with a passion for helping people find their fierce. Eliminate the rigid, all-or-nothing mindset that once controlled you and replace it with one that celebrates life's small wins to let you grow.
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9. Jill Merkel Nutrition Blog

Jill Merkel Nutrition Blog Nashville, Tennessee, US
My name is Jill Merkel and I am an anti-diet, weight-inclusive Registered Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor specializing in body image, chronic dieting, disordered eating, and sports nutrition. I practice from a weight-neutral, inclusive perspective, which means I believe all bodies are good and everyone deserves respect, care, and acceptance. You are the expert of you.
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10. Stephanie Dodier Blog

Stephanie Dodier Blog I'm Stephanie Dodier, a clinical nutritionist, intuitive eating expert, podcast host, and creator of the Going Beyond The Food method, which was born from my own journey with chronic dieting & body image and has since grown into a global movement.
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11. Embody Health Blog

Embody Health Blog London, England, UK
Hey! We are Cassie & Ariana, Aussie and Canadian dietitian besties, diet culture dropouts, and avid pizza connoisseurs. We're also the co-founders of Embody Health London where we have helped thousands of women feel worthy in their bodies and (finally) achieve food freedom - for good! Our food behaviors and health are inextricably linked to our psychology and are deeply rooted in our belief systems, social health, environmental health, mental health, socio-economic status, and genetics. In short, we are all unique and so should our approach to health and well-being.
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12. Jenna Hollenstein Blog

Jenna Hollenstein Blog Hi, I am Jenna. I'm a pasta-eating, compulsive-reading, horror movie-watching, cat-worshiping, drag queen fangirl who also happens to be a certified Intuitive Eating counselor, nutrition therapist, author, and meditation teacher. I'm a grown-up weirdo who never trusted my body or my own intelligence until I got sober, quit dieting, and started meditating. I want to help you stop questioning your eating, feeling guilty and ashamed, and hating your body so that you can learn what it means to trust yourself and be fully in your own life.
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13. Dietitian Hannah Blog

Dietitian Hannah Blog US
Hey there, I'm Hannah. Otherwise known on the internet as 'Dietitian Hannah'. I'm a Midwesterner, life-long learner, wife, dog mom, and self-proclaimed foodie. I am also a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and ACE Certified Personal Trainer, meaning I get to help people with both their nutrition and fitness goals! Best job ever! My goal is to provide you with the tools you need to finally make peace with food and eat in a more balanced way.
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14. Balance By Molly Blog

Balance By Molly Blog Molly is a Certified Health Coach and Nutritionist based in Portland, OR and takes clients throughout the U.S. She received her education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, and is also trained in emotional and intuitive eating. Molly uses her knowledge and passion for nutrition to educate her clients on how eating whole foods can lead to a better metabolism, reduced stress, increased energy, balanced cravings, and better health.
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15. Elizabeth Harris Blog

Elizabeth Harris Blog US
Hi, I'm Elizabeth Harris, I help women who are tired of feeling guilt, stress, or frustration about their eating habits or bodies choose nourishing foods and build lifelong healthful habits so they never have to diet again, feel good about their wellness choices and experience body image healing, and show up like an energized superstar for everyone and everything else they care about.
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16. Nutri Foodie Blog

Nutri Foodie Blog Canada
Cristel brings her personal and professional experience to coach clients to have a healthier and more peaceful relationship with their food and body, as well as to have a better, more fulfilling, and satisfying meal balance throughout their busy schedules. Her blog is full of nutrition, intuitive eating, & health at every size talk, as well as food tips, tricks, and tidbits. You'll also find a lot of recipes, motivational posts, and a glimpse into her programming and services as a registered dietitian.
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17. Victoria Myers Blog

Victoria Myers Blog Victoria Myer's website exists to give you a safe space to pursue wellness without having to be bombarded with messages about losing weight, changing your body, and dieting. You can expect to find information and education here on intuitive eating, holistic health, and wellness, body image, motherhood, and more.
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18. Rachel Molenda Blog

Rachel Molenda Blog Rachel Molenda is a globally recognized mindset coach motivational speaker, award-winning podcast host of the late Fill Your Cu podcast, and content creator. Through all of the hats, Rachel has worn and will continue to wear, her mission remains the same: to help people to come home to their most authentic selves, rewrite their reality, and Do The Damn Thing.
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19. Thriv Inspired Blog

Thriv Inspired Blog ThrivInspired Nutrition's compassionate, non-diet approach, based on principles of mindful and intuitive eating, can help you get there. Our mission is to empower individuals to optimize their health and well-being by nourishing a peaceful, joyful, and attuned relationship to food, body, and self.
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20. The Nourish Collective Blog

The Nourish Collective Blog We are weight-inclusive dietitians with a shared passion for helping individuals heal from eating disorders and disordered eating. While working in private practice, we recognized the need for specialized care in the community. With shared values of compassion, connection, and respect, we created The Nourish Collective as a safe place to support individuals heal their relationship with food and their bodies. We empower our clients to connect with their inner wisdom and strength to create a full and joyful life.
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21. Happy Valley Nutrition Blog

Happy Valley Nutrition Blog We believe that too many of us are focused on the number we see on a scale. So many of us have had our views warped by the healthcare industry, diet culture, the patriarchy, and capitalism and we've lost all sense of what our bodies should be. Our philosophy is that you should be able to enjoy the body you have - right now - while you are living.
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22. Wild Healthy Blog

Wild Healthy Blog Dublin, Ireland
Hi. I'm Carla, a Registered Associate Nutritionist and Director of Wild Healthy Nutrition. I help people sort through the information they've been told about their health and their bodies. My approach to nutrition is evidence-based and person-centered. It is informed by nutritional science at its foundation and rounded out with the Health at Every Size approach. I am a certified Intuitive Eating counselor and use a non-diet framework to help my clients repair their relationship with food, re-learn hunger and satiety cues and unlearn restrictive and punitive food rules.
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23. Food Life Freedom Blog

Food Life Freedom Blog UK
Hi, I'm Emma Townsin, Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor. Wherever you are in the world, I can support you to stop feeling obsessive over food. I work with you as a UK Registered Healthcare provider with one-on-one counseling sessions and lessons to complete in between our appointments so you can find your food and life freedom. I support women who want a peaceful and happy relationship with food and body through intuitive eating.
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24. Stephanie Dorfman Nutrition Blog

Stephanie Dorfman Nutrition Blog Astoria, Oregon, US
I am Stephanie Dorfman. I was not always the anti-diet, Intuitive Eating registered dietitian that you are meeting today. I went through the same weight-focused nutrition education that all dietitians do - but a few years ago when I learned about Intuitive Eating, something clicked. I re-learned and re-understood why I became a dietitian - and it is to help heal people's relationship with food and ditch diet culture for good!
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25. A Full Bite Nutrition Blog

A Full Bite Nutrition Blog Hi! I'm Britt Richardson, a Vermont-based registered dietitian who loves food and lives without restrictions or food rules. I was born to help you learn to do that, too! As a non-diet dietitian with a science-based approach, I use a weight-inclusive approach to help you break free from dieting and diet culture.
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26. 21st Century RD Blog

21st Century RD Blog Howdy! I'm Kelsey, the 21st Century R.D. I am a Northern New Hampshire gal who loves food and adventure! I live in a converted 1999 International Bluebird School Bus with my boyfriend Thomas & our pups: Ellie & Buster. I love cooking, strength training, margaritas, yoga, traveling, eating, and dismantling diet culture! I provide compassionate, person-centered, science-backed nutrition and wellness counseling utilizing the Health At Every Size & Intuitive Eating approaches.
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27. Dietitian Kirsty Blog

Dietitian Kirsty Blog Hello and welcome to my website you beautiful human! I am Kirsty, a registered dietitian based in the U.K. I am registered with the Health & Care Professions Council, a full member of the British Dietetic Association in addition to being a member of the Gastroenterology Specialist Group and the Maternal and Fertility Nutrition specialist group. My goal is to help you to feel comfortable and confident in your body right from the beginning.
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28. The Centre For Intuitive Eating Blog

The Centre For Intuitive Eating Blog Return Home to You
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29. The Real Life RD

The Real Life RD Boston, England, UK
Hi and welcome to the Real Life RD, a blog dedicated to helping women find true & peace with food and their body, without diets or programs, or protocols. I am Robyn, a non-diet dietitian and nurse practitioner helping women find peace with food, accept their natural body size and heal from hormonal issues and period problems. I talk a lot about moving, eating, and living intuitively so you can be well hormonally and live a fulfilling life in line with your values.
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30. Alissa Rumsey Blog

Alissa Rumsey Blog New York City, New York, US
I'm a registered dietitian, certified intuitive eating counselor, food and body liberation coach, and the author of Unapologetic Eating. Here I share my thoughts, break down the science, and provide you with practical tips and resources for living your most authentic, unapologetic life.
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31. Follow The Intuition Blog

Follow The Intuition Blog Estonia
Hey! It's Elisa! I'm an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach helping people recover from various eating disorders, and extreme dieting behaviors and helping them return to intuitive eating. My approach to recovery is combined with nutritional rehabilitation, intuitive eating practices, brain retraining, and un-brainwashing from diets and restrictive behaviors.
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Anne fannetasticfood.com 60
Rachael Hartley rachaelhartleynutrition.com/blog 40
Elisa followtheintuition.com/blog 28
Alissa Rumsey alissarumsey.com/blog 25
Stephanie Dodier stephaniedodier.com/blog 20
Dietitian Hannah healthwithhannaht.com/blog 20
Crystal Karges, Ms, Rdn, Ibclc crystalkarges.com/blog 20
Victoria Myers victoriamyers.net/blog 20
Emilee Fry katiehake.com/blog 20
Kelsey Mccullough 21stcenturyrd.com/food-for-thought-blog 20
Rachel Molenda rachelmmolenda.com/blog 19
Colleen colleenchristensennutrition.com/blog 19
Amanda Mittman, Ms, Rdn, Ldn happyvalleynutrition.com/blog 18
Christy Harrison christyharrison.com/blog 17
Molly Alliman balancebymolly.com/blog 17
Robyn thereallife-rd.com 17
Dietitian Kirsty yourhealthandlifestyle.co.uk/blog 14
Dana Notte thrivinspirednutrition.com/blog 13
Fionabray laurathomasphd.co.uk 13
Kara Lydon karalydon.com/blog 12
Embodyhealthlondon embodyhealthlondon.com/blog 10
Kalin Herbach thenourishcollective.ca/blog 10
Britt Richardson afullbite.com/intuitive-eating-blog 9
Cristel nutrifoodie.ca/blog 9
Monique Jephcote centreforintuitiveeating.com.au/blog 9
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