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India Podcasts

Here are 50 Best India Podcasts worth listening to in 2023

1. The Times Of India Podcast

The Times Of India Podcast New Delhi, Delhi, India
The Times Of India podcast will put the spotlight on ideas, people, and stories that matter. A new episode will be uploaded each day, from Monday to Friday.
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2. Forbes India Daily Tech Brief Podcast

Forbes India Daily Tech Brief Podcast India
Every week day, Forbes India tech briefings will bring you essential tech news from around the world that has a bearing on India covering everything from big tech to the subcontinent's growing tech startup ecosystem
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3. NewSpace India

NewSpace India India
The NewSpace India podcast brings you insights by providing glimpses of the past, addresses the present challenges and installs a vision for the future from experts who have been involved in India's space activities. Follow to keep up with our podcast.
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4. Maed in India

Maed in India Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
India's first indie music podcast that showcases the best Indian independent musicians from India and abroad. Each episode presents an interview with an artist/band along with an exclusive stripped-down session or acoustic renditions of their original music. The weekly show prides itself on being the destination for new music, a variety of genres from hip hop, blues, soul, to folk, punk, rock, little-known stories, and unreleased music never heard before.
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5. The Musafir Stories | India Travel Podcast

The Musafir Stories | India Travel Podcast The Musafir Stories is an audio podcast that documents Indian travel tales. Each episode, we share the journey of travelers in their own words and relive their experience with you, our listeners. The sole aim of our podcast is to share the rich experiences of traveling in India and inspire listeners to take the leap of faith, grab those backpacks and set out to explore the beautiful and exotic country, India!
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6. Stories From India

Stories From India I'm the host Narada Muni, and I'm a mythological character myself! I have the gift of eternal life, and knowledge of the past, the present, and the future. I'm also the son of Brahma, the creator of the Universe. By profession, I'm a traveling musician and storyteller, so the way I'm doing my job is by podcast. In every episode, I'll bring you Stories from India from well known Indian Mythological epics like the Ramayan and Mahabharata to folklore including the Panchatantra, Jataka Tales, Vikram and Betaal, Akbar and Birbal, Tenali Raman, etc.
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7. Invisible India | Navigating Indian Culture With Love

Invisible India | Navigating Indian Culture With Love The Invisible India podcast highlights lesser-known facts of Indian culture from the perspective of a returning NRI and an American living in India. They explore the mysteries of Indian culture and current social issues through conducting interviews with various experts and stereotype breakers.
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8. Bird Podcast

Bird Podcast India
Welcome to the Bird Podcast hosted by Shoba Narayan. This podcast will focus largely on birds, specifically on Indian birds with occasional global forays. We will talk to naturalists and birders about common and special birds such as the Greater Coucal, Himalayan Quail, Nilgiri Flycatcher, the Malabar Trogon, the Great Indian Bustard, and other amazing species. We will highlight issues both old and new.
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9. Grand Tamasha

Grand Tamasha Each week, Milan Vaishnav and his guests from around the world break down the latest developments in Indian politics, economics, foreign policy, society, and culture for a global audience.
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10. Nature India Podcast

Nature India Podcast Nature India is a digital magazine providing information on India's science. Nature India highlights the latest and best research from the country and curates information on science jobs and events. The editorial team regularly goes through the latest science papers published with authors from Indian science institutions and selects interesting and timely stories to cover.
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11. History Of Ancient India

History Of Ancient India This is an effort to make learning history easy and effective as listening to history is more interesting than reading it on a page of a book with boring pictures.If I am mistaken anywhere then forgive me as I am a beginner and open to learning new things.
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12. Nationalism in India

Nationalism in India Nationalism in India podcast is hosted by Khushboo Mishra on Discovering the unknown facts about India.
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13. Bharatiya Junta Podcast

Bharatiya Junta Podcast This is a quirky, liberal take on all that's farcical, absurd and depressing in 'New India'. From cricket to science, entertainment to politics, the old Indians take on the new Indian narrative. Listen to some hard-hitting but mostly sane take on the happenings from Aryavrat.
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14. Finshots Daily

Finshots Daily India
A daily 5-min podcast explaining the most important finance and business happenings in plain English.
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15. Discover India Podcast by Professor Pankaj Jain, Ph.D.

Discover India Podcast by Professor Pankaj Jain, Ph.D. The Discover India Podcast is about Indian Culture, Indian Classical Music, Sustainability, Hindu/Buddhist/Jain Studies, Film Studies, and Diaspora Studies are discussed with respective experts. Episodes include presentations at various conferences and webinars as well. Dr. Pankaj Jain is the Head, Dept of Humanities & Language & the India Centre at FLAME University.
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16. Ideas of India

Ideas of India Through conversations with top thinkers in the social sciences and beyond, economist Shruti Rajagopalan explores the ideas that will propel India forward.
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17. Khooni : The Crimes of India

Khooni : The Crimes of India Khooni -The Crimes of India Podcast, where every week two Indian girls, try to navigate the murky waters of true crime in their country. Join us as we narrate, bemoan and sometimes joke about the sordid but riveting details of each case. Whether you are a true crime aficionado, budding sleuth, secret deviant, or just looking for something interesting to jazz up your boring commute or jog, this podcast has a little something for all of you!
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18. Capitalmind Podcast

Capitalmind Podcast Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Capitalmind looks at stocks, bonds, funds, and the macro to bring you their view on the Indian financial markets. We discuss all things related to investing at our focussed podcast that keeps it simple. For more, go to capital mind in and to invest with us.
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Non-partisan forum for sharing of bold ideas and intelligent insights through spontaneous conversations and spirited debates on History, Art & Culture, Foreign Policy, Politics, Society, Economy and Environment. We dive deep into topics, bring insider perspectives, challenge popular notions and uncover new angles.
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20. You Inc.

You Inc. Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Every Monday, the You Inc. Podcast brings sharp & actionable brand-building & entrepreneurial insights from the most badass media founders, business leaders & creators in the whole wide world.
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21. The Modern India's Podcast

The Modern India's Podcast Leading voices within various fields share their thoughts on Norway-India.
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22. Interpreting India

Interpreting India On Interpreting India, every two weeks, we bring in voices from India and around the globe to unpack how technology, the economy, and foreign policy impact India's relationship with the world. Interpreting India is a Carnegie India production and is hosted by Carnegie scholars. In season 2, Srinath Raghavan passes the mic to a new generation of hosts, his colleagues at Carnegie, who will explore the questions that hold the potential to alter India's trajectory through the coming decade.
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23. India Classified

India Classified India Classified - A show about the secrets of India and the truth surrounding the myths. The show explores 'Not everything is what it seems to be' and keeps a scientific intellect while doing so. Find out more about the hidden truth about customs, rituals, scientific theories, the architecture of ancient temples, and much more.
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24. The Gyanban Experience

The Gyanban Experience India
A simple podcast in the complex world of the wobbly,woke and the wise. Think of it as a slow-burn podcast, with a carousel of experiences, which surround us each day. With deep insights on topics ranging from facts to fiction, reality to entertainment and society to culture. This is your one-stop shop for a sanity check in this mad world. If you like what you hear,then don't share, with those who don't care!
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25. Nana Can You Tell Me A Story?

Nana Can You Tell Me A Story? I plan to tell stories that will be amusing, recreational and also help the listener learn about India. My granddaughter Adhya will join me in the podcast and ask questions while listening to the stories. I hope other children will enjoy these stories as my granddaughter does.
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26. Echoes Of India: A History Podcast

Echoes Of India: A History Podcast Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Echoes of India is the story of India like you've never heard it before. Host Anirudh Kanisetti takes you on a journey through its wonders, from the Greek art of Afghanistan  to the thriving ports of Tamil Nadu. Along the way, monks debate, queens boast, and armies roar. From philosophy to politics to economics, the past comes back to life - noisy, breathing, as thriving as the Indian subcontinent is today.
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27. Imagined Tomorrow

Imagined Tomorrow Imagined Tomorrow is a long-form podcast that imagines futures for India and this part of the world through the lens of science and technology. Each episode explores a hypothetical future for India, and with the help of different voices and experts, tries to figure out what the journey to that future might look like given Indian realities in mind.
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28. Expert Hour by Sandeep & Gitanjali Maini Foundation

Expert Hour by Sandeep & Gitanjali Maini Foundation Bangalore, Karnataka, India
We work to preserve Indian history, heritage, art, artists, and culture. This series of talks deals with subjects that are light, interesting, inspiring, and invigorating.
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29. Indicast - All Podcasts

Indicast - All Podcasts Indicast is India's longest-running and most popular Indian podcast network. This is the mother feed of all the shows produced by Indicast including a current affairs news show, a business news show, a tech show from an Indian perspective, a Bollywood movie review show, and a conversational interview show. Expect a good discussion with a few laughs in our special India-focused content.
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30. Indicast - Indians on India

Indicast - Indians on India Indicast is India's first multi person podcast and have been at it since 2005. We will be covering anything and everything that might be of interest to a listener of Indian origin so the topics range from Sonia to Sania. The podcast is a mix of english and hindi and we try to keep it very informal. We usually have a serious discussion and balance it out with lighter topic. So expect a good discussion with few laughs.
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31. Indian Epics And Puranas Stories for Kids

Indian Epics And Puranas Stories for Kids Stories are narrated in English using the contemporary delivery style and a very child-friendly way which kids of today can relate to and enjoy. Covering the stories from famous tales like avatars of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga, Samudra Manthan, etc.
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32. India Speak: The CPR Podcast

India Speak: The CPR Podcast As India navigates its way through the 21st-century, it confronts crucial challenges. Tune into India Speak, the podcast by the Centre for Policy Research (CPR), as experts shed light on some of the most important issues of our times and how India can address them. These issues include politics, climate change, governance, foreign policy, technology, state capacity, urbanisation, land rights, sanitation, economy and more.
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33. Indian Entropy

Indian Entropy Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Do you want to know how it feels to live in a different state? Want to know in detail from culture to the lifestyle from the perspective of a domicile? Welcome to Indian Entropy! A fun attempt to bring unbiased discussions on political, economic, and social aspects. It is a promise to bring one guest per episode from a different part of India.
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34. History Under Your Feet

History Under Your Feet India
Basically on Indian history, the events, the issues, the personalities.
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35. Honest Indian Art

Honest Indian Art A podcast that examines the relevance of Indian art history to current events, social issues and the politics of image-making.
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36. The Indian Cycling Podcast

The Indian Cycling Podcast Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Your one-stop destination for all the events, personalities and discussions on cycling in India.
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37. Maharajas of Scale

Maharajas of Scale Maharajas of Scale is a Podcast focused on Indian Entrepreneurs. It is hosted by Krishna Jonnakadla, Co-founder of Mango Mobile TV and Flit. We, at Maharajas of Scale, celebrate the creative mind. We will take you on a journey to understand, dissect, and learn from the masters who have scaled it Big.
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38. Bharatvaarta

Bharatvaarta India
Bharatvaarta podcast is a commentary on politics, policy and culture focused on India. The podcast brings together people from different walks of life who have varied and interesting perspectives on what's happening around us.
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39. Ithihasa India History Podcast

Ithihasa India History Podcast Hampi, Karnataka, India
An Indic history podcast that explores different eras and periods of the vast expanse of India's unique history. This podcast will unfold in seasons. Each season will go in-depth into different periods of India's history. We will go where the history books in school and TRP driven News outlets rarely go.
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40. The Indian Podcast

The Indian Podcast The Indian Podcast provides a glimpse into the future by revisiting the past. Join our host, Alisha Anand (ex radio host), as she takes you on a riveting & insightful journey that bares it all on how we have evolved as a society, culturally, politically & socially. As she interview academicians, historians, anthropologists, authors and literary doyens among others, learn from their perspective on issues and stories central to understanding Indian history. These are the stories you 'want to learn' rather than you 'had to learn'.
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41. Material Analysis Podcast

Material Analysis Podcast Material Analysis is a self-aware podcast about a materialist look at Indian politics, policy, media, news, and society.
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42. Swadeshi/Videshi

Swadeshi/Videshi Swadeshi/Videshi is an exploration of India's political, socio-economic, and historical past and present through an insider and outsider's perspective with host Sudhanshu Kaushik as he dissects the complexities of current events occurring for young Indians and diaspora members to digest with interviews of experts while also having conversations with young Indians to gauge what India is to young Indians all over the world.
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43. Tark

Tark India
So from Cricket to Science & Entertainment to politics, the new age Indians take on setting the Indian 'narrative' right. Devansh and Kanisqa engage in a series of interesting discussions with young leaders from various fields, helping everyone make sense of the logic behind the scripted chaos around them.
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44. News - All India Podcast

News - All India Podcast India
All India Podcast - News is a daily podcast providing you with quintessential Indian news that you need to know for the day. This podcast is created with the idea of a NO non-sense, good old-fashioned All India Radio kind of news for the digital age.
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45. Indian Startup Stories

Indian Startup Stories 'Indian Startup Stories' is a podcast about entrepreneurs and startups. Hear out stories straight from the founders, co-founders & leaders of various startups in India. They talk about how they started with their idea?, the passion which drives them, challenges they've faced, their achievements, how they managed bringing in funding and all the insights they have gathered in their journey, making them long runners. And yes! don't miss-out the rapid fire questions, at the end of each episode.
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46. Smile India - English With Shifa Maitra

Smile India - English With Shifa Maitra Welcome to Smile India, hosted by the Media Consultant Shifa Maitra, where you get positive and uplifting news on India. The podcast also sheds light on interesting rituals and practices that help us thrive.Our host gives some tips that can help you to do your bit for India. This is the kind of news that makes you feel good about your country and is guaranteed to make you smile.Tune in to the new episodes every Thursday.
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47. Yuddha - The Indian Military History Podcast

Yuddha - The Indian Military History Podcast Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
In Yuddha, Anirudh Kanisetti (host of Echoes of India: A History Podcast) and Aditya Ramanathan explore the darker, blood-splattered side of India, beyond Bollywood and school textbooks.
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Finshots anchor.fm 271
The Musafir Stories - India Travel Podcast themusafirstories.com 230
Centre for Policy Research (CPR) soundcloud.com 197
Times Of India timesofindia.indiatimes.com 195
Forbes India Daily Tech Brief Podcast forbesindia.com 182
Bharatvaarta bharatvaarta.in 167
Aditya & Abhishek podcasts.apple.com 153
Gyanban podpage.com 142
Khushboo Mishra anchor.fm 128
Red FM omny.fm 119
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