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Los Angeles

About Site - STEEZY is the ultimate resource to improve your dance skills at any level! Get Hip-Hop Dance Tips, Knowledge, and Community articles, videos, and online dance classes to help you become a better dancer.
Frequency 1 post / month
Since - Apr 2014

2. Reddit » Bboy RSS Feed

Reddit » Bboy

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San Francisco, California, United States

About Site - Bboy is a subreddit for anyone interested in b-boying/b-girling. A b-boy/b-girl is a male/female dancer who practices breaking or b-boying/b-girling, the acrobatic hip-hop dance style, commonly known as 'breakdancing.'
Frequency 2 posts / day

3. Reddit » Hip Hop, Urban, and Street Dance RSS Feed

Reddit » Hip Hop, Urban, and Street Dance

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Site - reddit.com/r/UrbanDance

San Francisco, CA

About Site - A subreddit for you to upload videos of you dancing, teach a new move, show off your crew, keep up to date with events in your area, ask for help, or just generally discuss this style of dance.
Frequency 3 videos / week

4. Flavacast Blog RSS Feed

Flavacast Blog

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Site - flavacast.com

About Site - A platform to inspire, connect & document the scene- Indian Bboying, Popping, Locking, Krumping, Hip hop Dance, Music, Graffiti, BMX, Skateboarding.
Frequency 1 post / quarter
Since - Apr 2017

5. Hip Hop International RSS Feed

Hip Hop International

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About Site - Hip Hop International is the producer of multiple live and televised street dance competitions that are the largest and most respected in the world.
Frequency 20 posts / year
Since - Nov 2012

6. Mini BREAKS Dance RSS Feed

Mini BREAKS Dance

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Seattle, WA.

About Site - Mini BREAKS was created by Fides 'Anna Banana Freeze' Mabanta upon the opening of The Beacon, Massive Monkees' Seattle dance studio, at the beginning of 2013. ABF strongly believes in building community, especially so in the power and positivity of the hip-hop community.
Frequency 5 posts / year
Since - Feb 2013