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Here are 50 Best Hindu Blogs you should follow in 2023

1. Hindu Blog

Hindu Blog Pune, Maharashtra, India
Covers articles about matters related to Hinduism (like festivals, astrology, temples, sacred places, fasting, rituals), the latest developments in Hindu society and religion and explores Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism). An attempt to learn the true teachings of Sanatana Dharma.
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2. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti India
Covers articles about Hinduism, history of Hinduism, issues related to Hinduism, education, awakening, protection of Dharma, protection of the Nation and uniting Hindus. The mission of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is to create awareness about Hindu issues, to Educate about Hindu Dharma, to unite Hindus globally, to achieve broader social interests instead of their narrow-minded power centric Hinduism.
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3. Hindu Devotional Blog

Hindu Devotional Blog India
Focuses on Hinduism, Hindu festivals, rituals, temples, lyrics of mantras and stotras, and pilgrimage destinations.
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4. Hinduism Today Magazine

Hinduism Today Magazine Kauai, Hawaii, US
Hinduism Today Magazine covers articles about beliefs of Hinduism, major Hindu festivals, denominations, karma and reincarceration, sacred Vedas and Hindu religion, and more. Hinduism Today is Sanatana Dharma's flagship religious magazine, recording the modern history of a billion-strong global religion in the renaissance.
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5. Hindu Human Rights Magazine

Hindu Human Rights Magazine London, England, UK
Covers the latest Hindu news updates about human rights abuses of Hindus, defamation against Hinduism, Hinduphobia, and much more. Hindu Human Rights Group (HHR) was officially formed in early 2000 to highlight cases of persecution and defamation of indigenous Hindus and Hinduism around the globe.
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6. Kauai's Hindu Monastery Blog

Kauai's Hindu Monastery Blog Kapaau, Hawaii, US
Covers articles about Hinduism, monastery temples, monastic life, worship, meditation and more. Our mission is to train renunciate monks who live under formal vows, providing them the opportunity to perform advanced sadhana under the guidance of a satguru.
41.4K 2.4K 1 post / day Get Email Contact More

7. Hindu American Foundation

Hindu American Foundation Washington, District of Columbia, US
Focuses on human and civil rights, public policy, media, academia, and interfaith relations, issues affecting Hindus worldwide and more. The mission of Hindu American Foundation is to sustain a leading institution of Hindu American advocacy for the promotion of human dignity, mutual respect, and pluralism.
28.5K 70.6K 1 post / week Get Email Contact More

8. World Hindu News

World Hindu News Houston, Texas, US
World Hindu News focused on Hindus, Hinduism, and Bharat (India), and news on strategic affairs like - Police, Military & Intelligence community. The aim is to help Hindus and Hindu organizations in their efforts to preserve, protect and sustain Hindu Dharma.
11.6K 7.4K 20 posts / quarter Get Email Contact More

9. Atma Nirvana

Atma Nirvana Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Covers information about Hindu Temples, Philosophy, Spiritual Master's disclosure and various other knowledge that is directly or indirectly related to the Religion. Atma Nirvana, is a small attempt to share and explore Hinduism.
Also in Indian Spiritual Blogs
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10. Sound Bhakti

Sound Bhakti Burlingame, California, US
Covers articles where you will find encouragement and support for expanding your book distribution, sadhana, and understanding of sastra.
Also in Hinduism Podcasts
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11. Struggle for Hindu Existence

Struggle for Hindu Existence Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India
Features articles on Hindu Rashtra, Hindu Janajagruti, Dharma Yuddh, Temples, and all about Hindu Existence. Struggle for Hindu Existence is dedicated to pre Hindutva.
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12. The Gaudiya Treasures of Bengal

The Gaudiya Treasures of Bengal Focuses on disseminating the teachings, pastimes, and holy dhams of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and His beloved associates.
49.7K 321 2 posts / week Get Email Contact More

13. Dandapani Blog

Dandapani Blog New York, US
Features insights, teachings, and spiritual tools for living a life of purpose and joy. Dandapani is a Hindu priest, speaker on self-development, and entrepreneur teaching simple practical spiritual tools that are easy to implement in everyday life to bring about a personal change that can be sustained.
299.4K 13.6K 81.9K 3 posts / month Get Email Contact More

14. VedicFeed

VedicFeed Covers research-based contents on Vedic Culture. History, Scriptures, Hindu Dharma, Spirituality, Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Bhagavad Gita and various other Hindu scriptures.
14.7K 3.2K 316 1 post / week Get Email Contact More


Covers articles about Sanatan Dharma and Hinduism Cosmos, ancient Hinduism science and more.
26.6K 9.2K 2 posts / month Get Email Contact More

16. Sanatan Characters and Their Stories

Sanatan Characters and Their Stories Covers articles about Mysteries and Secrets about The Great Sanatan Characters and their Stories, Sanatan dharma rules, Sanatan dharma principles, Mahabharata.
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17. Bhaktisatsang.com

Bhaktisatsang.com India
Covers articles about Hinduism, Astrological Remedies, Fasting Festivals, Auspicious Time, Veda Purana Upanishad, Yoga Meditation, Mantra Shloka Stotra, Palmistry, and more.
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18. Jothishi

Jothishi Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Covers articles about Vedic Astrology and Horoscope Analysis. Also assists in Marriage and Relationship compatability, Career, Health. Shlokhas, Hymns and content on Temple.
154.1K 44 9 posts / quarter Get Email Contact More

19. Sakalam

Sakalam India
Covers Hinduism facts, beliefs, history, culture, legends, slokas, mantras, puja Vidhan, Hindu Festivals and Temples Guide.
1 post / month Get Email Contact More

20. Hindu Students Council

Hindu Students Council Covers the latest discussions from the perspectives and experiences of Hindu youth attending schools around North America, and providing opportunities to learn about Hindu heritage, spirituality and culture. Hindu Students Council is a non-profit providing a safe space for Hindus on campuses all over and is a platform for young Hindu leaders to grow.
25.1K 7 posts / year Get Email Contact More

21. Progressive Hindu

Progressive Hindu Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Covers articles about exploring, recognizing and advancing the rational, liberal and progressive nature of Hinduism, by Pramod Puri.
57 2 posts / month Get Email Contact More

22. The Guardian

The Guardian London, England, UK
Covers latest news and features from The Guardian on Hinduism, the world's leading liberal voice.
6.7M 10.9M 2 posts / month Get Email Contact More

23. The White Hindu

The White Hindu Maryland, US
Covers articles about culture, ethnicity, identity, labels, religion, and language, general information about Hinduism and details about different ways of looking at conversion.
3.9K 1.7K Get Email Contact More

24. Bhagwat Gita Blog

Bhagwat Gita Blog India
Covers articles about Philosophy pf Bhagwat Gita, Bhagwad Gita, teachings of Gita given to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra by Lord Krishna.
12.6K 2K 2 posts / year Get Email Contact More

25. Detechter

Detechter Covers interesting articles, resources, and facts about life, culture, health, and spirituality. Learn about Hinduism, Vedic Culture, and Ancient History.
77.9K 80 Get Email Contact More

26. All About Krishna

All About Krishna Gainesville, Florida, US
Covers articles about Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, Bhakti yoga, kirtan and mantra meditation, Srimad-Bhagavatam, Chaitanya Charitamrita and related Vaishnava scriptures.
7.7K 5.4K 3 posts / year Get Email Contact More

27. TemplePurohit

TemplePurohit Your source for all your spiritual needs. Explore Hindu Temples, Vedas, Hindu Scriptures & Teachings. Bhakti Aur Shraddha, Connect with God.
Also in Spiritual Forums
462.9K 241 2 posts / month Get Email Contact More

28. Rgyan

Rgyan India
Covers articles to fulfill all your spiritual and devotional needs and information about festivals, mantras, mythology, rituals, Puja Vidhi and astrology. Ryan is an ultimate destination for every information regarding spiritual aspects, ancient history and mythology.
37.7K 361 17 posts / month Get Email Contact More

29. Gujarat Hindu Society

Gujarat Hindu Society Preston, England, UK
Covers articles about Hinduism, faith, cultural activities and more. The vision of Gujarat Hindu Society is to maintain and promote the Hindu Dharma and cultural heritage in order to enrich the lives of people in the Hindu and wider communities, now and in future generations.
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30. The Vaishnava Voice

The Vaishnava Voice Hertford, England, UK
Covers contemporary practice of the teachings of Bhagavad-gita. Kripamoya Das brings the Vaishnava tradition from India and offers it to the rest of the world. He writes to give companionship to his students and friends who have gladly accepted what Srila Prabhupada offered.
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31. shivgyaancharcha

shivgyaancharcha Patna, Bihar, India
Covers religious, mythological, folk tales, vrat(fast) stories and other useful information related to Sanatan Dharma.
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32. Vedic Healing

Vedic Healing California, US
Covers articles about Vedic astrology healing, ayurveda, and ultimately provides us with a deeper understanding of the intricate aspects of ourselves through a fuller appreciation of our destiny.
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33. Mantra Quest Blog

Mantra Quest Blog India
Covers articles about mantras for health, wealth and love, that are designed to attract specific benefits your life, from protection, health, love and material prosperity.
Also in Spiritual Blogs
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34. SamHindu

SamHindu Covers latest updates on Hindu, India, Hinduisum, Islam, Terror, Vedant, Sanatan Dharma Poetry.
69 2 posts / year Get Email Contact More

35. Voice of Hinduism in English

Voice of Hinduism in English Covers news, history, stories and facts related to Hinduism.
1.7K 1.2K Get Email Contact More

36. The Hidden Roads

The Hidden Roads Shruti Pradhan shares her experiences of traveling to Himalayas, trekking, visit to Shiv places etc.
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37. Arti, Vrat Katha and Mantra

Arti, Vrat Katha and Mantra India
Covers articles about various arti & Chalisa of Hindu god and goddess and also includes Katha( like Brihaspati vaar) and Hindu mantras.
1.1K 1 post / year Get Email Contact More

38. Divya Bhumi

Divya Bhumi India
Covers articles on traditional folktales, stories of various victorious hindu warriors, life hacks, pooja articles and honest opinions on current events.
Jun 2014 Get Email Contact More

39. Stories of Eternal gods of Sanatan Dharma

Stories of Eternal gods of Sanatan Dharma Covers stories about different Hindu scriptures and ved puran and life stories of various saints of India and of different gods of Hinduism.
26 posts / year Dec 2020 Get Email Contact More

40. srichants

srichants Covers articles about Vedic Astrology, horoscope, marriage compatibility astrology, Career, Numberology, Gems, Lal kitab and much more.
95 10 posts / year Get Email Contact More

41. Hints to the Ancient Wisdom

Hints to the Ancient Wisdom Covers articles on Hinduism, rituals, scriptures, tantra, yoga and more from Hints to the Ancient Wisdom.
2 posts / quarter Get Email Contact More

42. Hindu Blog

Hindu Blog Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India
Provides information about Hindu temples, Hindu gods, Hindu festivals, and other articles relating to Hinduism.
30 posts / year Get Email Contact More

43. My Indian Cultures

My Indian Cultures India
Covers articles about Vedic knowledge, temples, deities, history, and exploring India.
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44. The Great Hindu Dharma

The Great Hindu Dharma Covers articles about the importance of multiple gods, caste system and festivals of Hinduism. The Great Hindu Dharma describes faith, belief and values of Hindu religion.
Oct 2020 Get Email Contact More

45. Srimad Bhagavata Mahatmya

Srimad Bhagavata Mahatmya Covers articles about Srimad Bhagavatha Mahatmya, Srimad Bhagavatham Skanda, Kali yuga, divine plan and more.
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46. Sanatan Dharmi

Sanatan Dharmi Provides information about Dharma, Spirituality, and Vedic teachings. Sanatan Dharmi Blog is based on Spirituality and Hinduism. It presents the best and trusted information about Hindu religion from all over the world.
22 posts / year Get Email Contact More


ASHISH KUMAR Covers articles on Hinduism, the culture, and much more.
1 post / week Jan 2020 Get Email Contact More

48. The Programmer's way

The Programmer's way Articles explain Hindu philosophy in a way appealing to contemporary original thinkers, and in some cases fits well with views held by many physicists, and also why Sanatana Dharma is the natural choice of programmers, designers, and creators of all kinds, when adopting a world view from the many we inherited.
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49. Immortal Values Divine Inspiration

Immortal Values Divine Inspiration Coves articles that emphasize over practical implementation of God's virtues, His qualities, His powers, His sayings.
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50. Sanatan World

Sanatan World Covers articles about Hindu Religion and Culture.
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Blogger Name Email Blog Link Total Blog Posts
Abhilash Rajendran hindu-blog.com 1325
Paresh Sawant sanatancharacters.blogspot.com 739
hinduexistence hinduexistence.org 369
Murugan jothishi.com/content 235
Ashish kumar ashishkushawah1986.blogspot.com 182
Vaisesika Dasa fanthespark.org/wisdom/audio-playlists 143
Alisha Chandel templepurohit.com 134
Simon himalayanacademy.com/blog/taka 129
gaudiya thegaudiyatreasuresofbengal.com 109
HHR hinduhumanrights.info 107
WHN worldhindunews.com 95
Sanatan Stories sanatancharacters.blogspot.com 86
Web Desk Atmanirvana atmanirvana.com 73
Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism pparihar.com 51
Hinduism Today hinduismtoday.com 45
Rgyan rgyan.com/blogs 43
Team Bhaktisatsang bhaktisatsang.com 43
Syama Allard hinduamerican.org/blog 34
Ankur vedicfeed.com 31
Promod Puri progressivehindudialogue.com 26
sanatanlok sanatanlok.com 22
Temple Purohit templepurohit.com 18
Madhavi vedichealing.com/blog 15
Bikram vedicfeed.com 15
Team Jothishi jothishi.com/content 8
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