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Herbal Youtube Channels

1. Dr. Paul Haider

Dr. Paul Haider About Youtuber Dr. Paul Haider talks about Spirituality and Herbalism - Ancient Teachings for Modern Times - An Awakening the The Soul thus Finding True Peace.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Feb 2007
Youtube Followers- 37,100 . Views Count- 3,353,419 . Video Count - 719

2. The Mental Health Herbalist

The Mental Health Herbalist Rialto, California, United States About Youtuber Empowering Medicine, will help you make home remedies for every day problems and will help you to use herbs and foods to have better mental health and manage stress better.
Frequency 1 video / day
Since Nov 2014
Youtube Followers- 36,600 . Views Count- 2,603,421 . Video Count - 163

3. Wisewomantradition

Wisewomantradition Woodstock NY About Youtuber Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing the Wise Woman Way with Susun Weed, herbalist, author, health expert. Topics covered in the more than 250 videos at the Wise Woman Tradition YouTube Channel include easy instruction on how to make herbal remedies, nutritional recipes, easy plant identification, harvesting tips, and so much more...
Frequency 1 video / week
Since May 2008
Youtube Followers- 35,200 . Views Count- 2,447,775 . Video Count - 301

4. About Youtuber Herbalist Kareem 101 lessons on how to take care of your body on a day to day, week to week and all year long. Herbs, science and mother nature combine with your spiritual self, you cannot loose.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Sep 2013
Youtube Followers- 191,000 . Views Count- 9,984,663 . Video Count - 309

5. Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs Eugene, Oregon, United States About Youtuber We are lovers of plant based healing, organic agriculture, herbal pleasures, botanical bliss, and the simple act of sipping tea. Offering organic herbs, spices, teas, and bulk ingredients since 1987.
Frequency 4 videos / week
Since Feb 2009
Youtube Followers- 85,600 . Views Count- 3,724,416 . Video Count - 123

6. Susana Home Remedies

Susana Home Remedies United States About Youtuber In our Channel, SUSANA HOME REMEDIES, we are dedicated to healthy living with natural remedies, home remedies and more.
Frequency 14 videos / year
Since Aug 2016
Youtube Followers- 794,000 . Views Count- 78,193 . Video Count - 13

7. Hardcore Herbalist

Hardcore Herbalist About Youtuber Welcome to The Hardcore Herbalist YouTube Channel! This channel is will include videos related to CrossFit, Natural Healing, DIY Herbal Medicine Making, Natural and Healthy Living Tips, Cooking Demonstrations, and more!
Since Mar 2017
Youtube Followers- 23,700 . Views Count- 55,609 . Video Count - 17

8. HerbTV

HerbTV About Youtuber Learning about the plants that we live among. Medicine, food, refreshments, spiritual, sensual, alternative, eclectic
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Jan 2007
Youtube Followers- 16,000 . Views Count- 1,030,763 . Video Count - 133

9. School of Evolutionary Herbalism

School of Evolutionary Herbalism About Youtuber Welcome to the channel of Organic Unity and the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Here you will find information on the subjects of herbalism, alchemy, spagyrics, shamanism, astrology, and Earth centered spirituality.
Frequency 3 videos / quarter
Since Dec 2011
Youtube Followers- 13,100 . Views Count- 348,361 . Video Count - 97

10. Herbal Beauty Tips

Herbal Beauty Tips About Youtuber Many of the ancient Indian Ayurvedic texts describe various therapies aimed at retaining youthful health and beauty. Here we try to set out some tried and tested traditional home remedies for beauty care problems with herbal cosmetics.
Frequency 1 video / year
Since Sep 2013
Youtube Followers- 5,030 . Views Count- 118,979 . Video Count - 17

11. VitaJing Herbs

VitaJing Herbs About Youtuber We source premium Chinese Tonic Herbs and provide educational material to empower you to become your own health guru.
Frequency 15 videos / month
Since Sep 2013
Youtube Followers- 38,800 . Views Count- 3,157,185 . Video Count - 734

12. Bowl of Herbs

Bowl of Herbs About Youtuber We at Bowl of Herbs are a group of people who believe that the everyday food we consume is all the medicine the body needs and that when we eat right, healthy living is easy to achieve!We are not here to make claims and promises about natural remedies, but to merely suggest the everyday options present in front of us for a healthier tomorrow.
Since Apr 2016
Youtube Followers- 15,500 . Views Count- 2,496,483 . Video Count - 421

13. Siddha Medicine & Natural Remedies

Siddha Medicine & Natural Remedies Trivandrum About Youtuber Natural Medicine, Herbal Health Remedies, Natural Treatment for Diseases & its Prevention through the Holistic Medical System -- Siddha Medicine. Siddha herbs provide natural remedies for the diseases which affects our day to day life. These herbs are a gift of the MOTHER NATURE and the medicinal properties or natural remedies were formulated by Siddhars thousands of years ago.
Frequency 5 videos / quarter
Since Apr 2010
Youtube Followers- 7,150 . Views Count- 1,560,948 . Video Count - 169

14. Sinew Therapeutics

Sinew Therapeutics Las Vegas, NV About Youtuber The leading brand of Chinese sports medicine for sport-related injuries and rehabilitation. Our products are rooted in the battlefield medicine of the great Chinese Warriors who used herbal remedies for centuries to rapidly heal everything from sprains, strains, contusions, dislocated joints and broken bones.
Since Nov 2016
Youtube Followers- 9,690 . Views Count- 4,797,288 . Video Count - 534

15. Cat the HerbalPrepper

Cat the HerbalPrepper About Youtuber A YouTube Channel dedicated to herbal remedies and skills that may be useful in a potential collapse or SHTF situation, when access to medicines and medical care may be cut off indefinitely.
Since Sep 2013
Youtube Followers- 3,710 . Views Count- 194,890 . Video Count - 37

16. Reece Carter

Reece Carter About Youtuber Making the ancient art of herbal medicine new again.... Reece Carter is Australia's leading herbal medicine expert, bringing health tips and natural beauty recipes to your screens in 'The Garden Apothecary' web series. With his help, you can make an organic skin cream to wind back the clock, or brew a pot of weeds and seeds that will banish stress and send you to sleep.
Since Aug 2013
Youtube Followers- 1,650 . Views Count- 311 . Video Count - 2

17. REH Herbal Online

REH Herbal Online About Youtuber The objective of this website is to give a little bit of hope on those people diagnosed with malignant diseases and doctors' said that it was beyond medical hope and means.
Frequency 1 video / day
Since Feb 2010
Youtube Followers- 7,050 . Views Count- 2,118,628 . Video Count - 351

18. Gaia Herbs

Gaia Herbs Brevard, North Carolina About Youtuber Gaia Herbs is the leading herbal brand in North America with more than 200 liquid extracts, functional powders, teas, and patented Liquid Phyto-CapsTM
Frequency 11 videos / year
Since Apr 2009
Youtube Followers- 2,130 . Views Count- 48,249 . Video Count - 31

19. Pinoy Herbs & Fruity Medicine

Pinoy Herbs & Fruity Medicine About Youtuber Variety of nature herbal medicine plant & fruits that surely cure a thousand of diseases and illnesses found in the Island Philippines.
Frequency 1 video / year
Since Nov 2013
Youtube Followers- 3,450 . Views Count- 788,845 . Video Count - 23

20. Herbal Academy

Herbal Academy About Youtuber The mission of the Herbal Academy is to teach the art and science of plant medicine honoring our intrinsic connection to nature. We are dedicated to teaching and promoting a lifestyle of wellness and vitality through the use of herbs, sound nutrition, and optimal health practices.
Frequency 4 videos / quarter
Since May 2012
Youtube Followers- 5,800 . Views Count- 79,442 . Video Count - 26

21. Sophia The Herbalist

Sophia The Herbalist About Youtuber I'm a medical herbalist and on this channel I share with you ways to incorporate herbs into everyday use, simple health tips and herbal information! I also share simple recipes that are all plantbased!
Frequency 1 video / month
Since Jul 2016
Youtube Followers- 8,260 . Views Count- 150,276 . Video Count - 36

22. HighQuality Organics

HighQuality Organics About Youtuber With our recent merger, High Quality Organics is the largest provider of wholesale bulk 100% natural herbs and spices; certified organic herbs and spices, as well as natural and organic culinary and botanical ingredients.
Since Feb 2012
Youtube Followers- 2,020 . Views Count- 312,803 . Video Count - 104

23. Barlow Herbal

Barlow Herbal About Youtuber This is the official channel for Barlow Herbal Specialties - Learn about all things herbal, holistic, nutrition, anti-aging and fitness as you walk through this life.
Frequency 6 videos / month
Since Oct 2011
Youtube Followers- 2,500 . Views Count- 190,671 . Video Count - 145

24. HerbalGram - American Botanical Council

HerbalGram - American Botanical Council Austin, Texas About Youtuber Our mission is to provide education using science-based and traditional information to promote responsible use of herbal medicine - serving the public, researchers, educators, healthcare professionals, industry and media.
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since Feb 2012
Youtube Followers- 983 . Views Count- 59,461 . Video Count - 41

25. Just Herbs

Just Herbs India-Singapore About Youtuber This is the official YouTube channel for Just Herbs organic skincare. Here we talk about how our products are made, how they should be used and other tips, tricks and interesting information about leading a healthy lifestyle.
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since Sep 2011
Youtube Followers- 1,260 . Views Count- 168,333 . Video Count - 22

26. New Direction Natural Medicine

New Direction Natural Medicine About Youtuber New Direction Natural Medicine provides a unique and highly effective combination of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Functional Medicine to treat the root of your health problems. Achieve better health naturally!
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since Aug 2014
Youtube Followers- 601 . Views Count- 4,271 . Video Count - 9

27. Pukka Herbs

Pukka Herbs About Youtuber Pukka create delicious organic herbal teas and incredible health supplements that take you on a journey to a healthier, happier life.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Jul 2015
Youtube Followers- 1,260 . Views Count- 108,533 . Video Count - 80

28. Jill Cloutier

Jill Cloutier About Youtuber Videos and podcasts about Permaculture, Ecology, Ethnobotany, plants, organic gardening, herbal medicine, and more. Podcast episodes from Sustainable World Radio and The Plant Report podcasts.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Apr 2012
Youtube Followers- 686 . Views Count- 47,177 . Video Count - 148

29. The Medical Herbalist Apothecary

The Medical Herbalist Apothecary About Youtuber University-qualified Medical Herbalist via England, UK. Advanced Post-Graduate work via Medical Doctors of Paris, France. Based in USA: NJ | NYC | Los Angeles | Phone/International. NeuroEndocrine [brain body hormonal] and Immunology are my Specialty - Hormone SuperHero!
Frequency 9 videos / year
Since Jul 2011
Youtube Followers- 251 . Views Count- 29,194 . Video Count - 57

30. The Herb Guide

The Herb Guide About Youtuber Welcome to The Herb Guide where you will learn useful tips about all things herbal. Growing, cooking, homemade remedies and cosmetics. Making your own remedies, cosmetics, household cleaners can save you money PLUS you'll know what's in your products.
Frequency 1 video / year
Since Apr 2015
Youtube Followers- 350 . Views Count- 25,472 . Video Count - 46

31. CommonWealth Herbs

CommonWealth Herbs About Youtuber The CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism is located in Boston, MA. We teach herbalism in Boston and we offer online classes for folks everywhere!
Frequency 2 videos / week
Since Dec 2016
Youtube Followers- 1,500 . Views Count- 31,119 . Video Count - 124

32. Herb Hunters

Herb Hunters About Youtuber Discover and learn to use the healing plants that grow all around us, with Kirsten Hartvig and Frances Hambly - 21st-century wise-women with over fifty years combined experience of herbal medicine.
Frequency 2 videos / year
Since Jul 2016
Youtube Followers- 428 . Views Count- 13,432 . Video Count - 19

33. Home Remedies Advice

Home Remedies Advice United States About Youtuber Do you want to get natural home remedies about anything? We believe that herbal remedies is great sometimes rather than other health treatment. we want to give best information and home remedies and natural cures for you. Health is wealth, so you need to care yourself.
Frequency 5 videos / year
Since Nov 2017
Youtube Followers- 1,120 . Views Count- 70,080 . Video Count - 66

34. Complete Guide to Natural Healing

Complete Guide to Natural Healing New Jersey, USA About Youtuber Empower people. Natural Healing, Health & Well-Being. My focus is on natural healing, herbal remedies, alternative methods, Ayurvedic, homeopathy, beauty, yoga, meditation, science, and fitness.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Sep 2007
Youtube Followers- 2,510 . Views Count- 98,978 . Video Count - 170

35. Abbe Findley

Abbe Findley About Youtuber izia a community herbalism projected founded by herbalist and artist Abbe Findley. It is a hub for herbal and creative projects ranging from handmade products to educational videos and free foot care and herbal care for those living in the Skid Row community of Downtown L.A.
Since Feb 2016
Youtube Followers- 335 . Views Count- 17,284 . Video Count - 14

36. of the Moon Medicine

of the Moon Medicine About Youtuber I focus my practice around herbal medicine through the Wise Woman approach, authenticity, listening carefully to our emotional and physical body, intimate healing sessions to release trauma stored within our the body, intuitive readings for better understanding and hosted gatherings to share space for folks who want to learn and be heard in a sacred setting!
Frequency 2 videos / quarter
Since May 2017
Youtube Followers- 129 . Views Count- 4,810 . Video Count - 21

37. Essentially Alkaline

Essentially Alkaline About Youtuber Essentially Alkaline is a wildcrafted plant based herbal store providing a second option for you & your family with affordable organic products, holistic methods, diet guides and information on how to apply wildcrafted, Super foods, herbal formula & organic products to your lifestyle that will assist to aid any health conditions know irreversible.
Frequency 6 videos / quarter
Since Jan 2017
Youtube Followers- 109 . Views Count- 39,711 . Video Count - 66

38. Lucie Bradley Medical Herbalist and Massage Therapist

Lucie Bradley Medical Herbalist and Massage Therapist Glasgow About Youtuber Health and wellbeing using traditional holistic approaches. Lucie Bradley offers treatments and professional advice on herbs, nutrition and massage.
Frequency 2 videos / year
Since Nov 2016
Youtube Followers- 39 . Views Count- 3,714 . Video Count - 30

39. Christopher Carlow

Christopher Carlow About Youtuber Nature's Healing - Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Clinic offering preventative medicine and natural healing based on the time-honored principles of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Also offering self-care classes for promoting optimal health and longevity.
Frequency 3 videos / year
Since Jan 2011
Youtube Followers- 19 . Views Count- 3,749 . Video Count - 21

40. Joel LeBlanc

Joel LeBlanc About Youtuber Joel LeBlanc is a medical herbalist, Reiki Master, & freelance writer in Whangarei, New Zealand. He owns The Natural Allergy Clinic.
Since Aug 2012
Youtube Followers- 18 . Views Count- 582 . Video Count - 11

41. Herbal Remedy

Herbal Remedy About Youtuber Herbal Remedy
Since Apr 2017
Youtube Followers- 11 . Views Count- 595 . Video Count - 30

42. The Herbalist Doug Taylor

The Herbalist Doug Taylor About Youtuber Doug Taylor is a Consulting Herbalist for Sunflower Meadows Herb Farm, located in Kanosh, Utah. He has been an Herbalist for nearly four decades, and is now sharing his knowledge of alternative health solutions with those who are looking for a path that can lead to a healthy way of life.
Since Nov 2016
Youtube Followers- 12 . Views Count- 2,802 . Video Count - 11

43. Pacific Herbs

Pacific Herbs Bend, OR About Youtuber Cathy is the founder of Pacific Herbs, an herbal products company. Pacific Herbs uses the highest quality Chinese herb concentrated granules for products to help with; sleep, pain relief, PMS Relief, Menopause Relief, Libido, brain health, stress and weight loss.
Since Nov 2010
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 79,900 . Video Count - 65

44. Aviva Romm

Aviva Romm About Youtuber Aviva Romm is a Yale-trained physician, a midwife, and an award winning herbalist and author. She has spent nearly 30 years as a health care practitioner and advocate for women and children and is a leader in the health care revolution to transform the current medical system that over-medicalizes life, from birth to death, into a model that respects the intrinsic healing capacities of the body
Since May 2012
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 35,307 . Video Count - 22

45. Herbs Medicine

Herbs Medicine About Youtuber herbs medicine, herbs natural, natural medicine, Traditional medicine, Diabetes mellitus, Herbalife,
Since Nov 2017
Youtube Followers- 4 . Views Count- 745 . Video Count - 18


HERBAL REMEDIES Hà N?i About Youtuber Welcome to Herbal Remedies Channel. Guide people to take medicine from nature to benefit everyone's health.
Since Feb 2017
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 25,368 . Video Count - 99

47. Green Herbal Medicine

Green Herbal Medicine About Youtuber Green Herbal Medicine
Since Jan 2018
Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 240 . Video Count - 22