25 Best Healthy Eating Podcasts

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Healthy Eating Podcasts

Here are 25 Best Healthy Eating Podcasts worth listening to in 2023

1. The Doctor's Kitchen Podcast

The Doctor's Kitchen Podcast London, England, UK
Welcome to The Doctor's Kitchen Podcast with Dr Rupy Aujla. Covering a range of topics from the principles of healthy eating to how to prevent and treat illness, Dr Rupy and his panel of experts draw on the latest research to give you actionable tips to help supercharge your health. What you choose to put on your plate is one of the most important health interventions anyone can make. Dr Rupy's cooksbook, The Doctor's Kitchen and his latest, Eat To Beat Illness, are out now all good bookshops and ebook.
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2. Nutrition Diva | Quick & Dirty Tips for Eating Well & Feeling Fabulous

Nutrition Diva | Quick & Dirty Tips for Eating Well & Feeling Fabulous Baltimore, Maryland, US
Join Monica Reinagel, author of 'Nutrition Diva's Secrets for a Healthy Diet,' as she serves up simple, painless ways to upgrade your eating habits. Sorting through conflicting information and busting popular myths, Monica takes the stress out of eating so you can enjoy food, instead of fighting it. Before you know it, you'll be eating healthier and feeling more fabulous.
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3. You Won't Believe What I Ate Last Night

You Won't Believe What I Ate Last Night Washington, District of Columbia, US
Join Rick and Kate's conversation about the endless challenge of getting and staying healthy in a tasty world. Topics range from comfort food to healthy recipes, to advice on navigating social eating, to using mediation and other tools to get back on track. Tune in and have a healthy laugh with them.
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4. Food Psych Podcast

Food Psych Podcast Helping people make peace with food since 2013. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor Christy Harrison talk with guests about their relationships with food, body image, eating disorders, weight and size acceptance, non-diet nutrition, exercise, body politics, feminism, self-compassion, and self-care - all from a body-positive, Health at Every Size perspective.
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5. The Love Food Podcast

The Love Food Podcast Greensboro, North Carolina, US
Food behavior expert and host, Julie Duffy Dillon is rolling up her sleeves to get to the bottom of what is really healthy. This award-winning dietitian seen on TLC's My Big Fat Fabulous Life has a secret: food is not your enemy and your body is tired of the constant attacks. Show topics include emotional eating, intuitive eating, weight concerns, binge eating, orthorexia, body image, eating disorders, dieting, parenting, and food healthy eating, stress eating, food addiction, mindful eating, non-diet approaches, and much more.
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6. Healthy Human Revolution

Healthy Human Revolution Dr. Laurie Marbas brings you the most inspiring stories of individuals conquering chronic disease, overcoming incredible obstacles, and the experts to help you find health. Changing health by changing the food we eat.
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7. Food School: Smarter Stronger Leaner.

Food School: Smarter Stronger Leaner. Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
On a mission to inspire a world where food makes us better. The truth about food and food products. Food, we, and the planet. Food and health, and why our plate is the most powerful self-development tool and the ultimate game-changer. Tune in and listen what host Angela Shurina has to say about health, food, and all things related.
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8. Eat's Healthy

Eat's Healthy London, England, UK
Here we'll discuss about the healthy aspects of life, like how can we reduce the sugar intake, practice sports, choose food, sweets and tips and tricks for doing them.
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9. Outspoken Nutrition

Outspoken Nutrition Nazareth, Pennsylvania, US
Ever find yourself often confused about what to eat and what is truly healthy? Well, you're in the right spot, we'll discuss all the latest health and nutrition trends to breakdown what's real and what's a real waste of time.
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10. The Daily Dollop

The Daily Dollop Australia
A daily podcast giving you a dollop of advice from registered nutritionist Kate Freeman. The Daily Dollop calls out nutritional 'woo', removes food stress, and teaches you how to build healthy eating habits instead of dieting.
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11. More Than What You Eat

More Than What You Eat Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Rachel Goodman, helps women ditch the diet, heal their relationship with food, foster a positive body image, and nourish the body with trust, joy, and confidence. Listen to the Beyond the Food podcast for tangible tips, advice, and support as Rachel interviews experts in the Intuitive Eating, Body Image, and Wellness space on how to take the stress out and live your healthiest, happiest, and fullest life.
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12. Healthy Eating For Busy Women

Healthy Eating For Busy Women Florida, US
Certified Health Coach, Kat Rentas, answers in the Healthy Eating for Busy Women Podcast. Each episode is designed to give you actionable steps each week so you can change your eating habits forever. Kat's specialty is helping high-performing women work through their unique food & body challenges, so they can become a naturally healthy eater. This podcast will allow you to take immediate action on changing your eating habits without restriction or overwhelm. So, you can finally make healthy eating feel easy, enjoyable, and effortless for you.
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13. Power Over Food

Power Over Food Coventry, England, UK
Power Over Food is a thought-provoking podcast to help you explore your relationship with food. For anyone on a weight loss journey, whether on a diet plan or following a healthy eating regime.
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14. Mary's Nutrition Show

Mary's Nutrition Show Seattle, Washington, US
Mary is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition (MS) from Bastyr University. I have 10 years of professional nutrition experience: counseling 1-on-1, presenting at conferences, speaking to groups, and training other professionals. All this in clinics, at corporations, in colleges & universities, in a nutrition textbook, via online webinars, in magazines, on the radio, and on TV.
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15. Quick Bites by Mind Over Food

Quick Bites by Mind Over Food Beverly, Massachusetts, US
Want to learn some quick tips on healthy eating you can incorporate into your life right now? Changing your lifestyle to include healthier choices is all about changing your thinking. I'm Andi Freedman and I created my company Mind Over Food by combining my passion for health, nutrition, and fitness with my cognitive behavioral therapy experience. My Quick Bites series offers tips and tricks in an easy, 'chewable' format to help change your thinking about food and eating so making nourishing food choices comes naturally.
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16. Let My People Eat

Let My People Eat Los Angeles, California, US
On Let My People Eat, co-hosts Jill Sharfman, a holistic nutritionist, and Dr. Andrea Moskowitz, MD talk about food, arming you with the knowledge and confidence to eat, feel, and be healthy every day. Our nutrition approach is based on Dr. Ed Bauman's Eating for Health system, which teaches the intrinsic pleasures of choosing nutritious foods and eating them mindfully and with gratitude. The kosher lifestyle makes for a special kind of food frustration, as eating is a symbol of celebration and connection and a time-honored feature at every Sabbath, Holiday, and community event.
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17. Art of Eating

Art of Eating New York, US
Welcome to The Art of Eating: A Holistic Guide to Healthy Living with your hosts Dr. Vincent Esposito and Dr. Kali Olsen. We explain the connection between everyday choices and how they influence how we feel. Stay with us to learn practical, real-world solutions for a healthier life using real foods and real lifestyle changes.
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18. Herb' N Wisdom and Natural Living podcast

Herb' N Wisdom and Natural Living podcast US
Herb' N Wisdom and Natural Living podcast is about the best in herbals, healthy eating, and overall natural living.
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19. Kids Nutrition Podcast

Kids Nutrition Podcast London, England, UK
Healthy eating on kids' nutrition is a podcast hosted by Bahee Van de Bor, a pediatric dietitian with 14 years of experience based at a world-renowned children's hospital. Worried about a fussy eater? Or perhaps you follow your own diet being a vegan or vegetarian and you're unsure how to start weaning your new-born. Tune in every fortnight for practical tips and strategies on how to encourage healthy eating, how to manage common food allergies such as milk allergy in babies and toddlers, and tips for putting together delicious recipes for your family.
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20. The Nourishment Community Podcast

The Nourishment Community Podcast California, US
The Nourishment Community Podcast explores our relationship with food, and how to eat joyfully yet in balanced ways. Based on scientific research, we share practical sound advice for healthy eating & healthy living. Matt and Alice's down-to-earth approach will keep you listening as we share our personal journey as well. The goal is to take time to reflect on small and simple changes you can make now to enjoy greater health and happiness ahead!
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21. Nutrition Matters Podcast

Nutrition Matters Podcast Salt Lake City, Utah, US
Join Paige Smathers, registered dietitian nutritionist, as she explores popular topics in nutrition, interviews experts in the fields of wellness and health, and celebrates the successes of people who have overcome eating disorders, weight struggles, and food issues.
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22. Vegan or Not

Vegan or Not Listen to discussions of healthy eating, sustainability, and how to succeed on your health journey, whether you're vegan or not!
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23. Oh How Healthy

Oh How Healthy Delran, New Jersey, US
The Oh How Healthy Podcast hosted by Jamie Zwier, BS. Ed, CHHC. Jamie is an elementary teacher turned health coach. She teaches busy families how to simplify healthy eating so that eating well can fit into tight budgets & tighter schedules. Jamie recognizes that every family & situation is unique, which is why she takes a holistic approach when sharing health and lifestyle recommendations.
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This podcast inspires for a healthier and happier gourmet foodie-fit healthy nutrition and balanced lifestyle that bursts every day with a little magic spice. Chef Marie and Lee Cummings, Foodie-Fit at Heart talk about culinary trends, food from all around the world, Gastronomy is a Lifestyle. The main subjects are nutrition: clean-eating tips with Chef Marie no. 1 Rule: no more plain food even if you have any food restrictions.
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25. Unfiltered Survivors

Unfiltered Survivors Amanda DeJesus, a heart transplant survivor and Kelly Fucheck, stroke survivor share life UNFILTERED. Each episode they discuss the life of a survivor from healthy eating to exercise and their love of bacon and avocado.
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