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Gunsmith Forums

1. Practical Machinist Forum » Gunsmithing

Practical Machinist Forum » Gunsmithing Practical Machinist is the largest metalworking online community. Join the discussions on machinist tools and techniques relating to gunsmithing here. Also, check out tips on how to prevent tools and machines from rusting.
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2. AR15 Forum » Gunsmithing

AR15 Forum » Gunsmithing Explore the forum content and find information on Gunsmithing here. Find advice before upgrading your weaver punches, ask barrel threading questions, and recommend a gunsmith for barrel replacements. AR15 Forum is a place to get news, product discounts, free giveaways, and much more.
102.4K 58K 1 post / week More

3. GON Forum » Gunsmithing

GON Forum » Gunsmithing Georgia, US
A place to find in-depth questions and answers about Gunsmithing. Come across the best gunsmith for Remington 700, share leads on female firearm trainers, and get gunsmithing tips.
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4. Shotgun Forum » Shotgun Gunsmithing & Restoration

Shotgun Forum » Shotgun Gunsmithing & Restoration Connect with others to find solutions to your shotgun problems or discuss ways to customize or enhance your shotgun. Further, get videos on Fabarm ring replacement, and the best techniques to remove or hide rust pitting. Shotgun Forum is a world for owners of shotguns to talk about Remington, Beretta, and Mossberg.
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5. 24hourcampfire Forum » Gunsmithing

24hourcampfire Forum » Gunsmithing This is a forum to interact with others about Gunsmithing. Discuss everything from firearms, get a gunsmithing list, and buy, trade, or sell classifieds here. 24hourcampfire is a place to find forums on hunting, fishing, reloading, and campfire.
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6. Gun and Game Forum » Gunsmithing

Gun and Game Forum » Gunsmithing Discover threads to talk about sources for parts, repair supplies, and reloading press parts here. In addition to this find methods to clean up the LR chamber, and help people figure out the dates of barrels.
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7. M1911 Forum » Gunsmithing

M1911 Forum » Gunsmithing This forum is for all 1911 content. Get threads on how to improve your M1911 pistol, ask technical questions, share issues and find guides on building your own pistol. M1911 Forum is your place to learn more about the pistol, when it was designed, how it works, who makes it, and what accessories are available.
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8. 1911Forum » Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting

1911Forum » Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting Talk about custom parts, gunsmithing, maintenance, and troubleshooting for 1911 here. Find firearm manuals, ask barrel width questions, and discuss firing pin stop issues.
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9. Trapshooters Forum » Gunsmithing

Trapshooters Forum » Gunsmithing Visit the Trapshooters forum that is dedicated to friendly discussion and getting helpful content on Gunsmithing. Find help, advice, and recommendations on firearms, recoil reductions and so much more here. The Trapshooters community is for shooting enthusiasts to talk about gear reviews, hunting, targets, and more.
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10. The Hobby-Machinist Forum » Gunsmithing & Firearm

The Hobby-Machinist Forum » Gunsmithing & Firearm Show us your gunsmithing & firearm projects and accessories here. Learn how to color case hardening, read firearm safety warnings, and get gunsmithing references. The Hobby-Machinist Forum is a place for enthusiasts to discuss different types of metalworking machines.
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11. Reddit » Gunsmithing

Reddit » Gunsmithing San Francisco, California, US
A subreddit to discuss troubleshooting, building, and repairing firearms. Share pictures of firearms you own and get tips on how to make one here. Also, find information on firearm-related events here.
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12. Shooters Forum » Gunsmithing

Shooters Forum » Gunsmithing Join the community and stay up-to-date with the latest discussions on Gunsmithing. Share buying guides on obsolete gun parts, learn how to maintain Remington 700, and communicate on safety issues for shotguns. Shooters Forum is for people to talk about reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more.
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13. Firearms Talk Forum » Gunsmithing

Firearms Talk Forum » Gunsmithing Find general threads on how to modify and fix your gun here. Get a gunsmithing school list, guides on barrel threading, and recommendations on Gunsmith screwdrivers. Firearms Talk is a community for owners to discuss optics, hunting, gunsmithing, styles, and reviews.
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14. Brian Enos's Forums » Gunsmithing

Brian Enos's Forums » Gunsmithing Need help re-barreling and replacing the hammer spring? This is the right place to be. Also, modify, maintain, buy, sell, and trade firearms here. Brian Enos's Forum is a place for like-minded enthusiasts to discuss specific techniques to improve their shooting.
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15. Texas Gun Talk Forum » Gunsmithing

Texas Gun Talk Forum » Gunsmithing Texas, US
Read discussions related to gun builds, general workmanship, techniques, and other topics related to Gunsmithing here. Talk about all aspects of firearm ownership, and anti-gun legislation, and chat with local gun shops, ranges, trainers & other businesses.
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16. Carolina Shooters Forum » Gunsmithing

Carolina Shooters Forum » Gunsmithing Do you like to build your own Firearm? Ask the experts how and also share your tips and tricks here. In addition to this get complete AR lower build guides, and discuss issues. Carolina Shooters is firearm owners and enthusiasts forum to talk about classifieds and styles.
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17. 1911 Firearm Addicts Forum » 1911 Gunsmithing

1911 Firearm Addicts Forum » 1911 Gunsmithing Do you have a problem? Want to fit a new part? This is the right place for you. Besides this, recommend a list of best Gunsmiths, and find threads that contain tutorials for several modifications that you can make to your 1911.
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18. Indians For Guns » Gun Care & Gunsmithing

Indians For Guns » Gun Care & Gunsmithing The Indians For Guns forum is India's largest community for guns, shooting, and outdoors. This section is to discover the list of gunsmiths in various parts of India, and find videos on disassembling & reassembling Precihole Air Rifle here.
1 post / day More

19. Mississippi Gun Owners » Gunsmithing

Mississippi Gun Owners » Gunsmithing Find discussions on general maintenance and repair of Firearms. Ask gunsmithing questions and get help for the same. Besides, communicate with the Mississippi Gun Owners about firearm training, classes, and permits here.
2 posts / week More

20. Indiana Gun Owners Forum » Gunsmithing

Indiana Gun Owners Forum » Gunsmithing Indiana, US
Locate threads on Gunsmithing resources and training in this category of the forum. Besides, put forth the recommendation for shotgun gunsmiths, and get guides on assembling an AR15.
13.7K 636 1 post / day More

21. Gulf Coast Gun Forum » Gunsmithing

Gulf Coast Gun Forum » Gunsmithing This is a community for Gun Owners of the Gulf Coast States to discuss Gunsmithing. Stay updated on firearm-related events, share photos and videos of firearms you own with other members, and chat with local firearm trainers.
4 posts / week More

22. Marlin Forums » Gunsmithing

Marlin Forums » Gunsmithing Whether you are in need of where to find a good gunsmith for Marlin 1894 or you want to resolve your jamming problems? This is a place to be. The forum also covers aspects of gunsmithing and metalworking.
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23. Alabama Gun Forum » Firearm Help and GunSmith

Alabama Gun Forum » Firearm Help and GunSmith A forum section to find Gunsmith and Firearm help related topics. Further, if you have a problem with guns post it here and discover solutions for it. Alabama Gun Forum is a place for like-minded to get discussions on handguns, long guns, ammunition, optics, and NFA items.
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24. Reddit » Gunbuilds

Reddit » Gunbuilds San Francisco, California, US
A place for DIY Gunsmiths to show their builds in progress or completed projects. Besides, recommend good websites to order parts, and find threads if you are a machinist, welder, builder, crafter, and more.
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25. Patriot Gun Builders Forum

Patriot Gun Builders Forum Patriot Gun Builders Forum is a community of firearms builders and enthusiasts. Talk about Polymer80 Builds, Strike80 Builds, Lone Wolf Builds, & Sig Clone Builds, get insights on long gun building & smithing, and discuss anything related.
Also in Gun Forums
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26. National Gun Forum » Gunsmithing

National Gun Forum » Gunsmithing Can't fix it yourself? Ask questions and improve your weapon! Besides, obtain repair guides on gun stock, discuss firearm requirements, and help identity small revolvers.
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27. Kimber Talk Forums » Gunsmith

Kimber Talk Forums » Gunsmith Discover new and emerging things about Gunsmithing in this section of the forum. Come across guides to replace rod springs for ultra carry II, find links to owner's manuals, and share common issues you have been facing in firearms.
5 posts / quarter More

28. Milsurps Forum » Gunsmithing for Old Milsurps

Milsurps Forum » Gunsmithing for Old Milsurps Discover forum discussions about gunsmithing techniques and related issues in regard to military surplus firearms here. Get video lessons on using foredom tools, left-hand extractor, and more.
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Additional Forums

  1. Home Gunsmith Forums is a place to showcase your projects, and ask gunsmithing-related questions and get answers from the experts.
  2. Home Shop Machinist Forum » Gunsmithing is a section to discuss gunsmith projects and techniques. Share ruger disappointments, scope ring lapping guides, and more.
  3. Gunsmith Part Corp Forum » Gunsmithing is a forum to talk about all aspects of firearm ownership. Also, get list of all Firearms Parts Dealers and Master Gunsmiths.
  4. Michigan Owners Forum » DIY Gunsmithing is a corner to ask for help or lend your advice to other Do-It-Yourselfers and give guides on cleaning rifles.
  5. Enough Gun Forum » Gunsmithing is a place for advice and ideas on barrel making and gunsmithing. Also, share the list of top gunsmiths.

Gunsmith Subforums

Forum Name Subforum Name Subforum Description Also in
CNC Zone Gunsmithing Gunsmithing - Discuss machinist tools and techniques relating to gunsmithing here!
Rimfire Central Stocks: Making, Repairing, Refinishing, Mods, etc.

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