40 Best Gen X Podcasts

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Gen X Podcasts

Here are 40 Best Gen X Podcasts worth listening to in 2023

1. GenXGrownUp Podcast

GenXGrownUp Podcast Hill Valley, California
We're Generation X'ers who spent our childhood immersed in the music, movies, games, and pop culture of the late 70s & 80s. All of that stuff has shaped who we are today as adults. And those nostalgic things are still very much a part of how we live our lives & see the world in the 21st century. On this podcast, we look at yesterday and today through the eyes of Generation X'ers.
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2. Generation X-Wing Podcast

Generation X-Wing Podcast Vancouver
A podcast where we look back at all things that define our generation. We are Vancouver's premier podcast about retro pop culture. A generation built on comics, movies, tv & Star Wars. A modern look at our retro lifestyle.
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3. Waiting to X-hale

Waiting to X-hale California
A Gen X-themed show with podcast veterans Wynter Mitchell-Rohrbaugh and Karen Tongson (Pop Rocket). W2X revisits the pop culture & social issues that defined Generation X from a (queer) woman-of-color perspective in a way that sheds new light on the pop culture from both then, and now.
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4. Generation Exceptional

Generation Exceptional Helping Generation X to be Generation Exceptional! Healthy Living hints and tips for the Over 40s
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5. Gen X, This is Why

Gen X, This is Why Gen X, This is Why is a podcast that re-examines the sometimes bizarre and often scarring media from our shared childhood. Jennie and Amye, sisters and sometimes mortal enemies, are your hosts. Our first stop is Walnut Grove as we take a fresh look at our favorite frontier family, the Ingalls.
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6. RetroBlasting | Dreamland

RetroBlasting | Dreamland The RetroBlasting Podcast covers everything Generation X and gives you a jolt of nostalgia along with things you never knew about your childhood. Everything from fads, foods, music, movies, cartoons, toys and more - it's every Gen Xer's favorite place to hang out. It's RetroBlasting as a podcast!
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7. Generation X Gaming

Generation X Gaming Generation X Gaming is a weekly Podcast by two brothers as they discuss and rant about a few of the top stories from the past week in gaming and entertainment with over 60 years of experience playing games. Sometimes they are joined by other streamers.
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8. Gen X Talks!

Gen X Talks! California, US
This podcast looks at everything through the eyes of a Gen X Family! My Mom and Dad (along with me, Gen Z kid) talk about everything. You will get a very good look at the Gen X take on things, that's for sure!
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9. Gen X-Unlatched

Gen X-Unlatched If you're ready to build a path to living a more fulfilled life, the Office Hours podcast was made just for you! Join Dr. Mario as he empowers Gen Xers to ditch the idea of waiting for retirement to enjoy the freedoms they crave in life NOW!
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10. GenX Stories

GenX Stories GenX Stories is a podcast about how the so-called 'Lost Generation' found itself at midlife. Join hosts Eve, Lori, Chris & Courtney every other Wednesday for a fun and frank discussion about what made us and what's next. We all have a GenX story. What's yours?
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11. Gen X Network

Gen X Network Podcast with a Gen X point of view, pronouns prohibited. Keeping it real since 1996.
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12. The Gen-X Geeks Podcast!

The Gen-X Geeks Podcast! Welcome to a geeks paradise, we talk about all things nerd! The Gen-X Geeks Podcast, for ALL you geekly needs!
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13. The Gen-X Woman's Guide to Love

The Gen-X Woman's Guide to Love Los Angeles, California, US
The Gen-X woman's Guide to Love is a podcast for women that are ready to have their big, amazing love story. Mindset Coach and Hypnotherapist Shonda Howard will teach you exactly how to stop attracting all of the wrong men so you can finally meet and marry the man of your dreams. Every Thursday you can expect simple how to's and heart to heart conversations that will inspire you to create your soul-mate relationship. Follow Shonda on instagram @shondahoward_ for more inspiration. Subscribe and share with any other women you know still want to believe that their love story is waiting for them!
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14. The Gen-X Gamer Podcast

The Gen-X Gamer Podcast I've owned just about every console that's been released. Some of my favorites are Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5. PC is now my platform of choice. Gaming is a passionate hobby of mine, and now Podcasting has become another one as well.
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15. Society Owes Me A Gen-X Podcast: The 90s

Society Owes Me A Gen-X Podcast: The 90s Hove, England, UK
Brits Lily and Hannah go through the A to X of music commentary including Grunge, Indie, Alt Rock, Pop, movies, TV shows, and soundtracks of the 90s - all of the 'Generation Catalano' goodness.
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16. Get Off My Lawn! - The Mad Ramblings of a Gen X-er

Get Off My Lawn! - The Mad Ramblings of a Gen X-er 'This is the true story of a Gen X-er picked to do a podcast and give his personal views on Pop Culture, Politics, Sports, News and more, So find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. - 'Get Of My Lawn' As we grow into an ever changing world and new Generations are born, only one stays the same with their distain for all others - 'Gen X'. We survived riding bikes without helmets, No cell phones, understanding you go home when the street lights go on. We lived through Hair Metal and watched the birth of Grunge.
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17. Gen-X Photography

Gen-X Photography This podcast is designed for budding film photographers, by a budding film photographer. Join me once a month for a discussion of various aspects of film photography, from the joys, to the embarrassing and inevitable mistakes.
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18. The Gen X Factor - by Just Jeff... and the Dazzlingly Uncool

The Gen X Factor - by Just Jeff... and the Dazzlingly Uncool Texas, US
Brothers Jeff and Rocky discuss growing up in the 70's and 80's! They consider themselves 'dazzlingly uncool.' Make no mistake about it, they were both cool back in the day. But, nobody thinks middle-aged men are 'cool.' That's a young man's game. So, they strive to be the most 'dazzling' versions of 'uncool' that they can possibly be! In other words, the dad jokes will fly. They hope to provide some nostalgia for those who lived the Gen X upbringing with them, and also to provide some entertaining stories and advice (possibly questionable) to the generations that have come after them!
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19. The Gen X Money Advisor

The Gen X Money Advisor Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
Did you know that there are over 65 million Gen Xers? Yet, so few financial advisors focus on Gen X. Why? It's because you aren't rich yet. Welcome to The Gen X Money Advisor with Michael Labos, Certified Financial Planner®, Certified College Funding Specialist®, and Founder of Gen X Wealth Partners. This podcast focuses on the specific needs of Gen Xers by a Gen Xer.
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20. Gen X Besties

Gen X Besties GEN X GIRLS TO THE FRONT get a view looking toward that empty nest. You want to see bands. You want to BE IN A BAND. You are not about to spend the next 40 years with nothing but that dusty old monthly book club. You don't even read the books, ladies. Come listen as two old friends talk about living their best midlife. Music, online dating, formative crushes, money, friendship, family, and love. We are here for you.
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21. GEN X TALK with Starchy and Johnny

GEN X TALK with Starchy and Johnny Starchy and Johnny walk on Saturday mornings. They both enjoy remembering times of growing up during the 70's, 80's, and 90's. They both share stories of watching Saturday morning cartoons, watching Johnny Carson, eating McDonald's Happy Meals, and going to the movie theater to watch Star Wars. We decided to start a podcast to help share these stories. We also discuss issues of the day. Thank you for listening to Gen X Talk with Starchy and Johnny.
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22. Gen X Cinema Geeks

Gen X Cinema Geeks Join two Generation X siblings as we count down our favorite films of the 1990s and beyond. Guaranteed to amuse with witty banter and movies you may have forgotten, (or wanted to forget), or have yet to love! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/kristine-white8/support
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23. Typical: A Gen X Microcast

Typical: A Gen X Microcast Novelist Jaime Clarke explores growing up in the culture of spectacle.
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24. Stuck In The Middle - A Gen X Podcast

Stuck In The Middle - A Gen X Podcast Welcome to Stuck in the Middle - the podcast about the music, movies, and culture of Generation X.
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25. The Gen X Files

The Gen X Files Los Angeles, California, US
For all things Gen X, check out The Gen X Files! With your hosts, Jim and Adam, The Gen X Files covers a single topic every week that resonates with Generation X. Covering movies, tv, technology, and social issues that resonate with today, it's the most Gen X hour of the week.
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26. Gen X Playback

Gen X Playback - Celebrating pop culture- '70s, '80s, and '90s- Music, Sports, Television, Movies, Commercials- The Brothers High reminisce the formative decades of their lives- Generation X
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27. Gen X Tonic

Gen X Tonic Atlanta, Georgia, US
The Gen X Tonic podcast is an entertaining, authentic, inspiring and helpful podcast for the busy and stressed Gen Xer who is looking for some hope and help for this complicated life, so that we can look to the future with excitement, and not dread.
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28. Caregiving Gen X Style

Caregiving Gen X Style Virginia, US
A podcast by GenXers for GenXers who are taking care of their aging parents. We're not experts, but we're part of the sandwich generation, too!
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29. Money Sex Gen X

Money Sex Gen X Chicago, Illinois, US
Money Sex Gen X ('MSG') is a weekly podcast convo between gentlemen Gen X'ers Mr. Eric McLoyd and co-host Big Stew. These CHI-TOWN based hosts feel like Generation X needs to be portrayed better in the media. No shade or hate but they feel like Baby Boomers Millennials get all the shine. Without judgment, they dive into topics like 'Is College A Joke?', 'What Does It Mean To Be Black?' and 'Let's Talk About Sex' in hopes of uncovering new truths for viewers and themselves.
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30. Gen X Reverb

Gen X Reverb Phoenix, Arizona, US
4 Cousins talk about the '80s and '90s. This latchkey generation of 80's babies squares up, big shoulder pads and all, with the best of the '80s and '90s. From Nintendo Entertainment Systems and Power Gloves to epic cartoons and crunchy cereals, Gen X Reverb put their spin on those days as well as today. Listen in!
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31. Gen X Bros.

Gen X Bros. Las Vegas, Nevada, US
From the greatest Generation of all time. Join Gen X Bros. Erik and Glenn. Two half brothers that make up one hell of a show. Reliving the 80's and 90' with a messed up point of view towards todays Pop Culture. They have a whole lot of crap on their minds and they're here to dump it into your ear drums. So sit back, relax with us and kill a few brain cells. Don't take anything seriously and most importantly - Enjoy the Show!
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32. Make Your Life Magnificent with Jackie Mimi

Make Your Life Magnificent with Jackie Mimi Life and Business Coach for Generation X women who are overwhelmed, exhausted, lost and disenchanted. They are ready to reclaim their magnificence.
Also in Life Coach Podcasts
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33. Mancave Chat

Mancave Chat West Yarmouth, MA
Join your hosts Pete Maguire and Adam Bunker, Card-carrying members of Generation X, talking current events, sports, music, movies, news, and everything else on their minds. Coming at you from Cape Cod Massachusetts! Morning Drive, Afternoon Drive, and Anytime is a good time for Mancave Chat!
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34. Generation X-Men Podcast

Generation X-Men Podcast Central Coast, New South Wales
Podcast for X-Men: The Animated Series. Generation X-Men is a podcast that reviews every episode of the famed animated series which ran from 1992-1997. We'll be going through the entire series one episode at a time and give a detailed review of it and more importantly share our thoughts and memories and have a laugh at the same time.
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35. Stick This In Your Ear! A Podcast About Music

Stick This In Your Ear! A Podcast About Music A podcast where three Generation X-ers from the midwest (a mobile D.J., a writer, and a professional musician) discuss music from their generation. 80's and 90's music are fond to their hearts but they explore older and current music with contrasting opinions, wit, and candor. Guests occasionally pop in and lend a voice as well. Funny, insightful, and nostalgic; there are no rules. So sit down, download, plugin, and STICK THIS IN YOUR EAR!
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36. Afro Pop Remix

Afro Pop Remix This podcast looks back at the pop culture of Generation X, from an African-American perspective. (Years covered: 1960-2000)
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37. Gen X Amplified with Adrion Porter

Gen X Amplified with Adrion Porter Gen X Amplified is the premier personal growth and leadership podcast dedicated to the powerful generation between the boomers and millennials. Its mission is to redefine the narrative of Generation X and help Gen X professionals maximize their impact at work and in life.
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38. Gen X Has Something to say

Gen X Has Something to say Generation X is a gifted, creative, versatile, resilient, underrated, overlooked, forgotten about Generation! Gen X Has Something to Say is a podcast created by an African American Gen X'er for African American Gen X'ers. This podcast highlights the great people of our Generation and drops gems of our unique experiences and perspectives about life, faith, culture, and everything in between.
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Jennie + Amye genxthisiswhy.com 79
Dr. Mario anchor.fm 62
GENXWING generationxwingpodcast.wordpress.com 59
Eve Simon, Chris Goumas, Lori Luna & Courtney genxstories.com 49
30nstillgaming anchor.fm 48
Modern Gen X Woman therestingmind.buzzsprout.com 39
Make Your Life Magnificent with Jackie + Mimi therestingmind.buzzsprout.com 25
Thomas Payne genxpodcast.buzzsprout.com 21
Karen Tongson and Wynter Mitchell-Rohrbaugh waitingtoxhale.libsyn.com 19
Eve Simon & Sacha Cohen genxstories.com 18
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