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Gardening RSS Feeds

1. A Way to Garden Blog RSS Feed

A Way to Garden Blog Hudson Valley, New York, US
The blog is a source of organic gardening inspiration and contains Horticultural how-to, from Margaret Roach, ex-editorial director of Martha Stewart and garden-to-table recipes. A Way to Garden has been awarded as 'the best garden blog' by NY Times.
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2. Fine Gardening RSS Feed

Fine Gardening Newtown, Connecticut, US
A website and magazine for gardening enthusiasts of all skill levels, from horticultural experts and landscape professionals, to the homeowner who wants to brighten their world with plants. Founded in 1988, our mission is to help every gardener.
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3. Digging RSS Feed

Digging Austin, Texas, US
Hello! I'm Pam Penick, a dirt-under-my-nails, hoping-for-rain, spiky-plant lover gardening under the Death Star in Austin, Texas (zone 8b). Here's where I share all the gardening goodness I can dig up, not just at home but wherever I go. Digging is for anyone who loves gardens, a sense of connectedness with nature, real-life plant info, design insights, how-to gardening tips, photos of beautiful plants, and virtual garden tours. D
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4. Plant Care Today Blog RSS Feed

Plant Care Today Blog US
Plant Care Today shares fun ideas for Your Home, Garden and everyday living. Also shares tips on caring for Houseplants, Annuals, Perennials, Propagation, Watering Advice, Controlling Pests and Diseases.
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5. The Middle-Sized Garden RSS Feed

The Middle-Sized Garden Kent, England, UK
Gardening ideas and inspiration for home gardeners and tips on how to save time, effort or money in your middle-sized garden. The Middle-sized Garden, authored by Alexandra Campbell, is about helping you to make your garden a reflection of your own personal style.
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6. Garden Therapy RSS Feed

Garden Therapy Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Garden Therapy chronicles garden projects, crafts, and recipes to help you live a better life through plants. Authored by Stephanie Rose.
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7. Gardener's Path RSS Feed

Gardener's Path
Welcome to Gardener's Path, your number one resource for gardening advice and troubleshooting tips, planting pointers, and in-depth reviews of our favorite products and must-haves, whether you're digging the soil in a small space, planting containers indoors, or tending to trees and rows of seasonal veggies on a larger plot of land.
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8. Chelsea Green Publishing Blog RSS Feed

Chelsea Green Publishing Blog London, England, UK
Get hands-on information related to organic farming and gardening, ecology and the environment, healthy food, sustainable economics, progressive politics, and, most recently, integrative health and wellness, DIY and recipes. Chelsea Green Publishing are the publishers of renewable energy, sustainable living, organic gardening, and progressive books since 1984. Their purpose is to reverse the destruction of the natural world by challenging the beliefs and practices that are enabling this destruction.
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9. Backyard Gardener RSS Feed

Backyard Gardener Tacoma, Washington, US
Backyard Gardener provides gardening tips on 33000 plants, with guidance on how to grow. Whether you are interested in flowers, plants, trees, organic gardening, vegetable gardening, lawn, herb gardening, they have it all.
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10. Farmside RSS Feed

Farmside Sussex, Wisconsin, US
Covers articles to educate and inspire readers to create outdoor spaces that are beautiful as well as sustainable, covering topics from native plant selection, IPM approach to pest and disease control, timely topics (e.g., spotted lantern fly), garden design tips and plant and turf health and management. Farmside Landscape & Design is a full service landscape contractor offering clients a complete range of services, from design concept, hardscape construction, landscape installation, to plant and turf health care and maintenance.
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11. Just Botany RSS Feed

Just Botany Uttar Pradesh, India
Just Botany is a place for people who love plants and are in someway connected with Gardening in their backyard or their home or office.
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12. Nation Bloom Blog RSS Feed

Nation Bloom Blog
Welcome to NationBloom, an online plant store committed to bringing the beauty and benefits of indoor plants to your doorstep. At NationBloom, we believe in creating an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and healthy for our customers.
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13. Home For The Harvest RSS Feed

Home For The Harvest Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada
Home for the Harvest is a popular gardening blog for learning to grow your favorite fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. The blog is filled with practical tips, inspiring ideas, and in-depth guides that will help you create a beautiful and productive garden that you can be proud of. The site welcomes millions of visitors each year and is a great place to go for both answers to gardening questions and garden trends.
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14. Garden Savvy Blog RSS Feed

Garden Savvy Blog New York, US
Garden Savvy is your source for discovering plant seeds, vendors, garden tools and gardening supplies. All the catalog and gardening information you could want in one easy location. Avoid the clutter of search results, and allow Garden Savvy to help guide your green thumbed passion.
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15. Gardening Know How's Blog RSS Feed

Gardening Know How's Blog
Articles on DIY Gardening, Product Roundups, Gardening Trends, and Pors and Cons of Gardening. Gardening Know How's want to help you become a better gardener, to have more fun gardening and to make sure all your gardening questions are answered.
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16. Thompson & Morgan Blog RSS Feed

Thompson & Morgan Blog Ipswich, England, UK
Get regular updates with posts and news in the gardening world from our expert horticulturalists. Thompson & Morgan being one of the UK's leading mail order horticultural companies, pride themselves in supplying exceptional quality flower & vegetable plants and seeds, many of which have been developed from our own breeding programme.
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17. Savvy Gardening RSS Feed

Savvy Gardening Canada
We are three garden writers, from two different countries and three different hardiness zones, each with a unique knowledge base, a passionate voice and a weighted opinion. Savvy Gardening exists to offer fanatical (and newbie) gardeners of all abilities and persuasions innovative solutions, novel ideas, enlightening research and a solid dose of sensible advice.
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18. Gardenista RSS Feed

Gardenista San Francisco, California, US
We launched Gardenista in 2012 as the definitive guide to stylish outdoor spaces. Since then, we've been finding the best design ideas, from fragrant old French roses to midcentury house numbers. Whether your outdoor space is a city balcony or a sprawling garden, it's yours to personalize and we're here to help.
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19. Empress of Dirt RSS Feed

Empress of Dirt Ontario, Canada
I'm Melissa J. Will a.k.a. the Empress of Dirt (Ontario, Canada). I've got creative and frugal ideas for your home and garden. While many plant care tips are universal, my experience comes from gardening in a cold climate, four-season garden and my tips are mostly suited to US & Canadian zones 4-8. I also share home and garden DIY projects.
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20. Garden Betty RSS Feed

Garden Betty Oregon, US
Linda Ly is the founder and creative force behind the award-winning site Garden Betty. What began as a personal blog in 2010 is now a leading resource in the home and garden sphere, reaching millions of readers every year in over 230 countries. The site celebrates the art of living slow and eating well, with fresh, prolific content on modern homesteading, farm-to-table cooking, and outdoor adventuring.
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21. Get Busy Gardening RSS Feed

Get Busy Gardening Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Get Busy Gardening is a website devoted to helping new gardeners learn through guidance, inspiration, how-tos, and expert advice that's easy to understand.
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22. The Survival Gardener RSS Feed

The Survival Gardener
The Survival Gardener blog is about Permaculture, Plant Propagation, Garden Design, Food Forests, Homesteading and Survival. David The Good's gardening is based on old-fashioned farming. He loves strange and exotic perennial crops, reads voraciously, uses lots of Latin and spend lots of time wandering through the wilderness looking for interesting plants and animals he can document and share.
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23. Grow a Good Life Blog RSS Feed

Grow a Good Life Blog Maine
Get vegetable gardening tips and garden to table recipes to help you grow organic food and create delicious meals. They believe in a simple, frugal, and sustainable lifestyle, and are getting back to basics, growing a fruit and vegetable garden, cooking from scratch, preserving the harvest, and keeping a small flock of backyard chickens.
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24. Swansons Nursery Blog RSS Feed

Swansons Nursery Blog Seattle, Washington, US
A blog for helping all gardeners find inspiration & success with exceptional plants, products and expertise. Swansons Nursery is proud to have been inspiring Northwest gardeners since the Swanson Family started their Land of Flowers right here over 90 years ago. Whether you're looking for rare and unusual plants or traditional favorites, or you just want to learn how to be a successful gardener, we'd like to help grow your passion.
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25. Growing Family Blog RSS Feed

Growing Family Blog Nottingham, England, UK
Growing Family is a UK home and garden blog sharing ideas, inspiration and tips for busy family life, written by Catherine Hughes. She have always been fascinated by the process of making things grow; she grew up grubbing around her dad's allotment and the urge to coax things into life and develop her own patch of land has been an obsession ever since.
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26. Monty Don RSS Feed

Monty Don Herefordshire, West Midlands, England
Monty Don O.B.E. is the UK's leading garden writer and broadcaster. He has been making television programmes for over thirty years on a range of topics, spanning travel, craft, outdoor living and, principally, gardening. Find out what you should be doing in the garden this month from Monty's latest blog.
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27. Growing In The Garden Blog RSS Feed

Growing In The Garden Blog
Master Gardener sharing garden inspiration and helpful tips for growing your own garden. Angela's love of gardening was kindled at a young age when she visited her grandparents' large garden in Indiana. She love growing Vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruit trees in her garden.
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28. Big Blog Of Gardening RSS Feed

Big Blog Of Gardening Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, US
Big Blog Of Gardening share advice on caring for your flower gardens, vegetable gardens and lawn using no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.Delicious vegetables, a green lawn and beautiful flowers without chemicals.
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29. Hort Zone Blog RSS Feed

Hort Zone Blog Kenya
Hort Zone is a gardening blog that focuses on actionable gardening tips, strategies, case studies, home decor, homesteading, reviews, and gardening guides. It helps the farming profession run more profitable horticultural enterprises. Provides guidelines on effective management strategies.
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30. A Green Hand Blog RSS Feed

A Green Hand Blog US
A blog dedicated to provide gardening tips, home repairing guides, tools and equipment reviews. A GREEN HAND has a lot of high quality articles from experts in real reviews about tools on the market, include lawn mower, reel mower, fertilizer spreader, sprinkler system, garden hose, soil tiller, snow blower and more. They provide one stop shop for all your organic living. They understand the effort you put into leading a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your body and mind.
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31. SumoGardener RSS Feed

SumoGardener New York, US
Sumo Gardener is a trusted gardening blog, providing you with useful and actionable information for all things gardening. Whether you are a beginner gardener or a seasoned gardener, Sumo Gardener provides tips and tricks to help your garden thrive. They also offer gardening information for plants, herbs, trees and vegetables, indoor plants, soil health, growing guides, lawn care, composting, hydroponics, plant diseases and solutions, gardening tool reviews, garden design and outdoor decorating.
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32. Flora Grubb Gardens RSS Feed

Flora Grubb Gardens San Francisco, California, US
At Flora Grubb Gardens, Our goal is to help our customers become successful gardeners. For novices, we offer expert guidance in navigating a well-curated selection of plants that excludes water-hogging options. For more experienced gardeners, we carry an unrivalled collection of rare and unusual drought-tolerant plants, along with all the necessary building blocks to create their dream gardens.
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33. Gardening Leave Blog RSS Feed

Gardening Leave Blog North Dakota, US
Gardening Leave is focused on providing quality information related to organic gardening. They offer detailed tips, reviews and grow guides for everyone. Gardening has always been a part of Michelle from an early age. She belong to a family of ardent farmers from North Dakota one of the farming powerhouse states in the United States.
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34. Seeds and Spades RSS Feed

Seeds and Spades
At Seeds and Spades, we share gardening tips and product reviews and help you find the best tools for your outdoor space. We love sharing knowledge and techniques to help you achieve your gardening goals.
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35. Square Foot Gardening RSS Feed

Square Foot Gardening Huntington, New York, US
Learn about the Square Foot Gardening Method created by Mel Bartholomew. Find tips and resources, locate a Certified Instructor, and read our newsletter.
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36. Carol J. Michel Blog RSS Feed

Carol J. Michel Blog Indianapolis, Indiana, US
Carol J. Michel is the award-winning author of five books of humorous and helpful gardening essays, and one children's book. With degrees in horticulture and computer technology, she spent over three decades making a living in healthcare IT while making a life in her garden.
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37. Gardenerd Blog RSS Feed

Gardenerd Blog Los Angeles, California, US
Gardenerd is your source for organic gardening information that will help you turn landscape, public space, and containers into a more satisfying and productive garden. They offer organic garden design, classes, free tips, information and advice. Learn how to grow your own food and find answers to your organic gardening questions here.
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38. Enchanted Gardens Blog RSS Feed

Enchanted Gardens Blog Holliston, Massachusetts, US
Learn about new plants, gardening techniques, events and places to visit for inspiration. Enchanted Gardens is a landscape design firm that creates unique and personal gardens for clients in Metrowest Boston and Cape Cod.
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39. The Frustrated Gardener RSS Feed

The Frustrated Gardener London, England, UK
Plantsman and book collector Dan Cooper shares his love of gardens, gardening and flowers in this blog celebrating the joys of gardening in London and Kent. He is a Garden Writer, Amateur Photographer and Blogger.
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40. The Impatient Gardener RSS Feed

The Impatient Gardener Wisconsin, US
Do you love gardening? Me too! I'm Erin and I garden in Southeastern Wisconsin, zone 5. The Impatient Gardener is all about real-life gardening: the good parts, the bad bits and even the funny stuff. It's part information, part inspiration and a little bit commiseration.
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41. Washington Gardener Magazine RSS Feed

Washington Gardener Magazine Washington, District of Columbia, US
Washington Gardener Magazine is all about gardening in the greater Washington, DC/Mid-Atlantic region. By local gardeners, for local gardeners. Washington Gardener Magazine is an independent, woman-owned business.
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42. Gardening In LA Blog RSS Feed

Gardening In LA Blog
Resources and information for gardeners of all kinds in the Southern California region. Yvonne Savio likes growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers year round in manure and compost amended gardens. From years of gardening, she knows what 'harvested at the perfect moment of ripeness' means and is passionate about enabling others to enjoy the benefits of 'growing your own'.
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43. Simply Smart Gardening Blog RSS Feed

Simply Smart Gardening Blog Colorado Springs, Colorado, US
It's time to start gardening smart, not hard. Cheryl Spencer helps beginning and experienced gardeners grow their best garden ever. With a few smart strategies and a little know-how, you can grow your dream garden and still have time to enjoy it.
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44. The Tender Gardener RSS Feed

The Tender Gardener Singapore
I am Olivia. I'm a nature spirit exploring my love of plants and low impact living in Singapore and beyond. Join me on my journey as I document experiences of others and my own in the areas of gardening, permaculture, and self-sufficiency!
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45. Garden America RSS Feed

Garden America San Diego, California, US
Covers current gardening trends, gardening experience, garden knowledge, garden tools, garden accessories, unique garden plants never seen before & more. Garden America explores the science and culture that yield true growing experiences.
12.7K 349 2 posts / week Get Email Contact More

46. Tending My Garden Blog RSS Feed

Tending My Garden Blog Virginia, US
Tending My Garden is an in-depth, informative site on organic gardening that helps get you past the hype and overwhelm of most of the 'how-to' books and sites. Also, get helpful tips to make your life in your garden and kitchen more enjoyable by Theresa Martz. She has been doing organic gardening in Virginia for 40 years.
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47. Misfit Gardening RSS Feed

Misfit Gardening Utah, US
I'm Emma the Misfit Gardener. I have a passion for growing and raising organic food on my suburban homestead in my backyard and making homebrew!
1K 744 1 post / week Feb 2015 Get Email Contact More

48. FlowerThere Blog RSS Feed

FlowerThere Blog San Diego, California, US
FlowerThere have assembled a professional team of home improvement experts and lovers to bring you original and insightful content that cuts through and helps you discern the home improvement wheat from the withering chaff. Lets Build a Beautiful Home.
1.3K 2 posts / month Get Email Contact More

49. Garden Chronicles RSS Feed

Garden Chronicles Malaysia
Welcome. My name is James, here is where I share all my tropical garden design, concepts, themes & experiences, secrets and tips in gardening, plant care, my plant discoveries, experiments of my trials & errors. Gardening is part of my life and I want to share that portion of my zeal and joy with you.
3 posts / quarter Apr 2009 Get Email Contact More

50. Gardening Step by Step RSS Feed

Gardening Step by Step North Berwick, Scotland, UK
Gardening Step by Step is aimed at new and improving gardeners and is designed to bring you clear actionable step by step gardening advice and tips. Whether you are looking for gardening tips relating to growing vegetables, fruit or ornamental plants, you'll find what you need here. Martin Cole is an avid gardener who loves to talk and write about gardening.
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51. Sustainable Garden RSS Feed

Sustainable Garden
Keep up with articles from Sustainable Garden.
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52. Gaia's Organic Gardens | Perth Gardening Blog RSS Feed

Gaia's Organic Gardens | Perth Gardening Blog Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Gaia's Organic Gardens help others to grow their own food. They strongly believe if everyone just took a tiny step to recover the immediate environment in their backyards, the world would be a much more beautiful, healthy and sustainable place. Follow us to keep up with articles and gardening tips from Gaia's Organic Gardens.
5.2K 13 2.3K 1 post / quarter Dec 2014 Get Email Contact More

53. Let's Get Gardening RSS Feed

Let's Get Gardening
Get all you want to know about how to grow plants and your own food. Let's Get Gardening features articles on gardening guides, gardening design, product reviews and a lot more.
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54. Palm Ropes RSS Feed

Palm Ropes
Provides latest information about gardening, plants and trees including classification, care requirements, propagation, diseases, insects, & product reviews.
1 2 posts / month Get Email Contact More

55. Cold Climate Gardening Blog RSS Feed

Cold Climate Gardening Blog New York, US
At Cold Climate Gardening Blog you'll find links to helpful resources, book and tool reviews, recommended plants. It is a regularly updated blog, and a garden blog directory, all designed to help you nurture a thriving garden.
4.9K 2.8K 1 post / quarter Get Email Contact More

56. Dallas Garden Buzz RSS Feed

Dallas Garden Buzz Dallas, Texas, US
A blog on gardening and recipes planned by gardening experts. They offer residents of Dallas county a chance to see what grows well in Dallas' climate, clay soil, and restricted water.
2 posts / month Jun 2012 Get Email Contact More

57. Grow Me Grow RSS Feed

Grow Me Grow
Hi, I'm Izhar Ahmad. I created to help teach thousands of people how to grow anything, no matter where they live in the world. Here, at Grow me Grow, we blend science and nature and put that knowledge in the palm of our hands.
3 posts / quarter Get Email Contact More

58. Go To 4 Gardening RSS Feed

Go To 4 Gardening England, UK
An online resource for Gardeners with useful tips and advice from experts such as Pippa Greenwood and a whole community of gardeners. Goto 4 Gardening can help you become a gardener, tell you about how to grow your own herbs fruit or veg and also enable you to get the best deals on gardening equipment.
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59. GroHappy RSS Feed

GroHappy is a website that uses the concepts of horticultural therapy to bring joy and happiness to people through interacting with plants and nature.
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60. Seattle Urban Farm Company RSS Feed

Seattle Urban Farm Company Seattle, Washington, US
Seattle Urban Farm Company blends ecological landscaping ideas with sustainable farming principles to create unique, productive outdoor spaces. Their blog provides seasonal tips on growing, managing, and enjoying your edible landscape or urban farm. 
5.2K 1.4K 47K 2 posts / month Jan 2009 Get Email Contact More

61. Espoma Blog RSS Feed

Espoma Blog Millville, New Jersey, US
The Espoma Blog is a community of natural enthusiasts where you can learn and discuss about natural organic gardening and lawn care. Espoma is the leader in natural organic gardening products including plant foods, lawn foods, & potting mixes. Their mission is to offer the highest quality, most effective, natural and organic products for the lawn and garden industry.
281.8K 2.3K 6.3K 1 post / month Get Email Contact More

62. JeffCo Gardener RSS Feed

JeffCo Gardener Jefferson County, Colorado, US
Articles on horticulture and gardening. Colorado Master Gardeners are CSU Extension volunteers trained in horticulture and work out of the local county extension office. We extend research based education throughout Colorado to foster successful gardeners, develop partnerships and build stronger communities.
3.3K 346 2.9K 1 post / week Get Email Contact More

63. Outdoor Garden Care » Gardening RSS Feed

Outdoor Garden Care » Gardening US
Welcome to Outdoor Garden Care, a site about gardening, tools, how-to guides, and product reviews. Angela Williams love gardening and she has dedicated her time and effort to researching better ways to grow successful gardens. Gardening for her is the perform of growing and cultivating gardens as a component of horticulture science.
326 1 2 posts / week Get Email Contact More

64. Miss Smarty Plants Blog RSS Feed

Miss Smarty Plants Blog Cedar Falls, Iowa, US
If you love gardening, plants, and trying new outdoor projects then you have come to the right place! This garden blog aims to inspire and educate gardeners with thoughtful tips and projects for any garden.
727 3 posts / quarter Get Email Contact More

65. My Garden Channel RSS Feed

My Garden Channel
My Garden Channel wants to help you become a better gardener by sharing tips and tricks, to have more fun gardening, and to make sure all your gardening questions are answered!
12 74 30 posts / year May 2019 Get Email Contact More

66. The Belmont Rooster Blog RSS Feed

The Belmont Rooster Blog Missouri, US
This is my third Belmont Rooster blog. It is mainly about gardening and the plants I have grown and my experiences with them. I prefer growing as organic as possible, but sometimes circumstances call for a more dramatic and immediate solution.
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67. Garden Rant Blog RSS Feed

Garden Rant Blog Buffalo, New York, US
The Rant's writing team of horticulturists, authors, nursery owners, columnists, ecologists, speakers, and activists provide an interactive, thought-provoking platform that tackles all aspects of gardening.
3.5K 10K 5 posts / week Get Email Contact More

68. Angie The Freckled Rose RSS Feed

Angie The Freckled Rose England, UK
Organic Gardening Blog provide gardening tips, easy DIY projects, fresh recipes, budget-friendly ideas and simple living on the homestead. Angie spends most of her time outdoors surrounded by nature. She is drawn to the homesteading lifestyle and is raising ducks and geese.
900 6.8K 4.3K 2 posts / month Feb 2015 Get Email Contact More


Articles on general gardening, landscape design, gardening tips, planting, pruning, garden maintenance, specialty gardens and more. Lee is a landscape designer, consultant, garden blogger and book author involved in the design profession since 1996.
583 1.5K 205 2 posts / month Feb 2010 Get Email Contact More

70. Fantail Valley Homestead RSS Feed

Fantail Valley Homestead New Zealand
We help you learn to homestead, no matter where you live. Grow your own food and build your independence by joining our community, and become what your great grandparents would be proud of.
94 1 post / week Get Email Contact More

71. Blooming Anomaly RSS Feed

Blooming Anomaly California, US
Blooming Anomaly offers how to garden posts, container gardening tips, home & garden guides, and how to start a blog, social media tips, and more.
323 2.8K 3.5K 3 posts / week Get Email Contact More

72. GraftinGardeners Blog RSS Feed

GraftinGardeners Blog London, England, UK
A great resource for tips and advice on managing your home, garden and trees. GraftinGardeners Ltd are professional tree surgeons in London and supply a full range of tree surgery services for residential and commercial purposes.
288 286 1 post / year Feb 2015 Get Email Contact More

73. Chickadee Gardens Blog RSS Feed

Chickadee Gardens Blog Oregon, US
Gardening on two acres in northwest Oregon with an emphasis on native plants and sustainability.
277 1 post / week Aug 2013 Get Email Contact More

74. Gardening Jones Blog RSS Feed

Gardening Jones Blog US
Simple tips and information from a self-proclaimed gardening addict. With decades of experience growing organic edibles, Gardening Jones is a former restaurant owner and a lover of homegrown food.
3.6K 696 1 post / month Get Email Contact More

75. Central Texas Gardener Blog RSS Feed

Central Texas Gardener Blog Austin, Texas, US
Central Texas Gardener is all about organic gardening, outstanding water wise plants, design inspiration, wildlife, homegrown food, and creative fun in the garden. See how to tackle the techniques, pick drought-tough plants for wildlife, fill up your kitchen with fresh food, and enrich your soul with artistic designs and homegrown philosophy from hands-on gardeners.
19.9K 2K 6.1K 3 posts / month Get Email Contact More

76. Veg Plotting Blog RSS Feed

Veg Plotting Blog Chippenham, England, UK
Award winning allotment and garden blog about discovering new things, gardening and working things out by Michelle. She is a freelance writer. She has written for Reader's Digest, The Guardian, The Independent and features for various local and specialist magazines.
414 1.5K 490 3 posts / quarter Get Email Contact More

77. Real Men Sow Blog RSS Feed

Real Men Sow Blog Halse, England, UK
Follow us to keep up with articles on Vegetable Gardening. Real Men Sow has been named as one of Dobbie's favourite allotment blogs, and a recommended site by the Daily Mail.
737 2.6K 1 post / week Sep 2010 Get Email Contact More

78. TheYardandGarden RSS Feed

Hundreds of great articles covering gardening, lawn care, pest control, tools, outdoor living, and garden design. Everything you need for the yard and garden.
1 post / day Get Email Contact More

79. D.I.Y. Gardens RSS Feed

D.I.Y. Gardens
Do it yourself home gardening. Tips, tricks, and money-saving strategies for growing your own garden.
7.7K 7 posts / month Get Email Contact More

80. Lisa's Garden Adventure RSS Feed

Lisa's Garden Adventure lisasgardenadventureinoregon.. 
A longtime gardening lover documents the trials and triumphs of gardening in Southern Oregon. A special emphasis on herbs and pollinator plants.
2 posts / week Get Email Contact More

81. This Green Thumb RSS Feed

This Green Thumb
We're a family of for living in Oxfordshire, embarking on a slow journey to a Homestead! We say slow because we're working on a four year plan currently to get debt free, save for a deposit and learn the basics to become more self sufficient.
193 3 posts / year Get Email Contact More

82. Hoosier Gardener RSS Feed

Hoosier Gardener Indianapolis, Indiana, US
An informed, yet personal take on natural gardening in Indiana and other dirty topics. As a garden coach, Jo Ellen helps clients learn about their landscapes and what to do when, problem-solving and other advice.
777 390 1 post / day May 2008 Get Email Contact More

83. Hope Gardens RSS Feed

Hope Gardens Los Angeles, California, US
Find posts on DIY garden guides, fertilizer, landscaping, vegetable gardening and more. Author Erin is a Los Angeles-based landscaper specializing in organic vegetable gardens and native, drought-tolerant landscapes.
147 5 posts / quarter Get Email Contact More

84. Let's Grow Wild RSS Feed

Let's Grow Wild England, UK
I'm Georgina, a writer and author. When I was a child, I dreamed of living 'wild style' in the woods, growing my own food, foraging and keeping livestock to supply food throughout the year. That feeling has never left me.
77 1 post / week Get Email Contact More

85. Nuts for Natives | Gardening for the Chesapeake RSS Feed

Nuts for Natives | Gardening for the Chesapeake
I am a self taught gardener who loves native plants. They just make sense. Native plants are compatible with insects and birds living here in the Chesapeake watershed; they are already adapted to our climate, soils and topographies; they don't require fertilizer or other controls; and they are just beautiful - guaranteed you'll see more insects, butterflies and birds the more native plants you use!
367 1 post / week Get Email Contact More

86. An Urban Veg Patch RSS Feed

An Urban Veg Patch London, England, UK
A blog about creating a community oasis for growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers - with photographs, growing advice and book reviews.
930 960 1 post / quarter Aug 2009 Get Email Contact More

87. The Anxious Gardener | A Gardening Blog. Mostly RSS Feed

The Anxious Gardener | A Gardening Blog. Mostly England, UK
David Marsden, a gardener at two country houses. GMGA Blog of the Year 2015. Likes Biggles, Beagles and Bagels. Indifferent to Bugles.
1.5K 4.6K 1 post / quarter Feb 2011 Get Email Contact More

88. The World's Best Gardening Blog By Amy Campion RSS Feed

The World's Best Gardening Blog By Amy Campion Portland, Oregon, US
Amy Campion is a Freelance garden writer. She shares sexy plant pics, gardening how-tos, bad plant puns, and photos of heinous acts of pruning. Amy is in love with baby oak leaves.
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89. Sarah The Gardener RSS Feed

Sarah The Gardener Waiuku, Waikato, New Zealand
Sarah O'Neil is an author, blogger and passionate gardener writing about the ups and downs of her country garden.
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90. Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments RSS Feed

Our Plot at Green Lane Allotments York, England, UK
The ups and downs of gardening on an allotment plot and garden with space for creatures that share our gardening spaces with us.
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91. Life at No.27 | Motivational Gardening Blog RSS Feed

Life at No.27 | Motivational Gardening Blog Oxford, England, UK
Allotment blogger, vlogger and radio personality - learning to grow my own vegetables & cut flowers at No.27.
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92. Sally Nex Blog RSS Feed

Sally Nex Blog Somerset, Pennsylvania, US
Meandering through a gardening life! Sally Nex is a Gardener, and garden writer, blogger, mum, and would-be smallholder, but mostly a gardener. Especially if it involves growing things you can eat.
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93. The Wealthy Earth RSS Feed

The Wealthy Earth Salt Lake City, Utah, US
A square foot gardening blog. My site discusses composting, organic, and sustainable practices that go along seamlessly with the square foot gardening method.
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94. Home Garden Joy RSS Feed

Home Garden Joy Prospect, Virginia, US
Hi, I'm Jeanne Grunert, master gardener, gardening book author, herbalist, and writer. If you're new to gardening, welcome! I make it simple and easy for you to grow a gorgeous garden and cook with the fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs that you grow.
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95. From the Garden Shed RSS Feed

From the Garden Shed
FROM THE GARDEN SHED. Enhancing the quality and style of your living space with the beauty of plants and botanical accessories.
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96. Irish Garden Plant Society | Ireland Gardening Blog RSS Feed

Irish Garden Plant Society | Ireland Gardening Blog Ireland
Members of the IGPS are enthusiastic gardeners, many of whom have a special interest in Ireland's great horticultural heritage. Members include amateur gardeners, nurserymen, professional horticulturists, garden designers, botanists and garden historians.
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Flowerpeek website is a flower garden website that discusses everything about flower plant. This website focuses on perennial flowers and annual flowers. On Flowerpeek website you will learn everything about flower gardens and different types of flowers.Flowerpeek website is owned and managed by Mr. Justin
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98. Sofias Country Gardens Blog RSS Feed

Sofias Country Gardens Blog Finland
Welcome to my garden blog from the south of Finland, where I grow organic vegetables and flower borders, maintain the farmland and follow nature in the country. A gardening enthusiast private organic cottage and kitchen gardens in the south of Finland. A mix of vegetables, flowers, wildlife, and natural gardening.
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99. Gardening For YOU RSS Feed

Gardening For YOU
Gardening For YOU offers how to garden posts, gardening tips and guides, vertical gardening, and more. Follow to get more updates and information on gardening.
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100. James Missier RSS Feed

James Missier Malaysia
Keep up with articles from James Missier. In this blog, he focuses on cultivating unique and colorful plants ranging from rare to common plants all around the tropical belt across the world. Check out the latest posts illustrating exotic varieties of tropical plants supplemented with name and images.
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101. Plants Bulbs Seeds | Bringing your Outdoor Space to Life RSS Feed

Plants Bulbs Seeds | Bringing your Outdoor Space to Life
Ideas for both new and experienced gardeners, Improving your garden world, Gardeners tips and ideas, Inspiration for beautiful gardens.
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102. Gardening Pool RSS Feed

Gardening Pool
Hi, I'm Zaib. I created Gardening Pool to help teach people how to grow anything In Your Garden, no matter where they live in the World.
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103. Wellness Garden RSS Feed

Wellness Garden
At Wellness Garden Design, I create outdoor spaces that are specifically designed to meet the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the people
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104. Lorraine Ballato RSS Feed

Lorraine Ballato
Articles on how to grow Hydrangeas from a Hydrangea Expert and Confirmed Plantaholic. Blog is dedicated to helping gardeners grow the best hydrangeas they can, regardless of where in the country they garden. Lorraine's love affair with plants comes through in her lectures, social media writings, magazine articles and photographs.
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105. Bintbiz RSS Feed

We will provide articles and tips regarding gardening, bonsais, palm trees and so much more to help you enjoy gardening.
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106. Gardening Mantras RSS Feed

Gardening Mantras
Covers information on the wide topics of gardening - plants, tools, guides, and more, to make gardening easier for both beginners and experienced gardeners. Gardening Mantras helps you to grow all your favorite food at home with us!
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107. Gardenoid Blog RSS Feed

Gardenoid Blog India
Our mission is to provide you loads of information on gardening that can be used in your own garden. Gardenoid is packed with food gardening tips, ideas, travel, DIY garden projects, recipes, crafty goodness and living style.
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108. Tenth Acre Farm | Permaculture for the Suburbs RSS Feed

Tenth Acre Farm | Permaculture for the Suburbs Cincinnati, Ohio, US
The author of the Tenth Acre Farm, Amy, is a teacher turned suburban homesteader. She shares homesteading tips that saves time and money in the garden, kitchen, and home.
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109. The Rusted Garden Blog RSS Feed

The Rusted Garden Blog Maryland, New York, US
Avid Gardener Blog with tips on vegetable gardening, vertical gardening, homestead, seed planting, and much more.
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110. The Garden Point RSS Feed

The Garden Point Jacksonville, Florida, US
Hi. This is Lawson. I have been gardening for the last 3 years and owns 2 gardens from different places. I love gardening and it's my hobby. The Garden Point is a blog about garden, lawn care or outdoor, and various activities of your interest.
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111. Garden Fix Blog RSS Feed

Garden Fix Blog
Gardening addicts we have your fix. A blog about gardening and decorating your outdoor space. Also a daily dose of crafts, DIY projects, up-cycle projects, inspiration, and recipes. They also feature inspirational articles and quotes.
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112. Gardening Favors Blog RSS Feed

Gardening Favors Blog
Gardening Favors is truly committed to helping you understand your garden needs and provide you reliable guide and tips. Gardening Favors unanimously emphasizes the importance of improving farmers livelihoods and the important contribution that a garden can make to addressing global challenges such as food security, climate change, and biodiversity. They believe gardening is the most relaxing and motivating hobby.
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113. Gardening Products Review RSS Feed

Gardening Products Review Tucson, Arizona, US
Honest, objective reviews about all types of gardening products. If it's used in the garden, we review it!
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114. Horti Advisor RSS Feed

Horti Advisor Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland
Horti Advisor provides a wide range of information from horticulture and floristry. Here you will learn about the current trends in gardening and floristry. You will also know what horticultural therapy is and how plants have a beneficial effect on our health. In addition, you will find interviews with experts, a solid dose of knowledge in the field of plant cultivation, guides, hints & tips, and much more.
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115. Home for the Harvest RSS Feed

Home for the Harvest Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada
My name is Mary Jane, and I write Home for the Harvest. I have lots of help around the garden from my husband, who also takes many of the photos on this site. Also helping me along the way are my wonderful friends, mentors, and teachers. This website serves to share about living a healthier life through organic gardening, choosing clean plant-based products, making nourishing food, and connecting with nature on a daily basis.
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116. Epic Gardening Blog RSS Feed

Epic Gardening Blog San Diego, California, US
DIY videos, growing guides and gardening advice for all experience levels. Learn to start a veggie or flower garden with simple, practical, and in-depth garden tips and tricks. Epic Gardening has grown to reach millions of aspiring gardeners in over 100 countries around the world.
432K 31.7K 30 posts / year Aug 2011 Get Email Contact More

117. Daves Garden RSS Feed

Daves Garden El Segundo, California, US
Founded in 2000, Dave's Garden caters to the interests and needs of gardeners and horticultural professionals worldwide. It is one of the largest sites for gardeners in the world. With tens of thousands of encyclopedic files on plants, bugs, and birds, as well as helpful articles by our gardening experts, you'll find everything you need to help your garden grow.
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118. Family Food Garden Blog RSS Feed

Family Food Garden Blog Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
A permaculture, homestead, and gardening blog to help you grow food. Learn lots about garden planning, family gardening, herb gardening, and more!
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119. Urban Garden Gal RSS Feed

Urban Garden Gal
Garden ideas for small backyards, courtyards and balconies.
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120. Joe Gardener RSS Feed

Joe Gardener Alpharetta, Georgia, US
Hi, I'm Joe! My infatuation with gardening and nature began as a child, growing up in Miami, Florida. Become an organic gardener by following professional gardening tips from the experts. Discover topics related to gardening tips, composting, mulch & much more.
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121. West Texas Organic Gardening RSS Feed

West Texas Organic Gardening
Organic, Regenerative and Sustainable Gardening and Farming in West Texas.
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122. The Sunday Gardener Blog RSS Feed

The Sunday Gardener Blog UK
The Sunday Gardener is about growing flowers, veg, plants, shrubs and all things gardening. Best tips and down to earth advice. The Sunday Gardener's monthly newsletter is full of gardening ideas and tips on shrubs and plants in flower.
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123. Zenyr Garden RSS Feed

Zenyr Garden US
Zenyr Garden is a peaceful garden that has been created to help passersby understand a bit more about themselves, find answers to the questions they are having, and appreciate the beautiful nature of the things around us.
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124. GearTrench Blog RSS Feed

GearTrench Blog
Gardening and Home Decor advice for all experience levels. Learn to start growing fruits, vegetables, & flowers with simple, practical and in-depth guide. GearTrench is a place to learn how to grow and care for lush green gardens with beautiful flowers.
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125. Three Dogs in a Garden RSS Feed

Three Dogs in a Garden Canada
Jennifer Connell started the blog 'Three dogs in a Garden' to share her love of gardening with other gardeners. Through her blog, she celebrates personal gardening triumphs and even reveals a few miserable failures. Her blog has been a great excuse for trips to the local nurseries and display gardens.
2.4K 19 1 post / year Get Email Contact More

126. Dirt Simple | Gardening and Landscape Blog by Deborah Silver RSS Feed

Dirt Simple | Gardening and Landscape Blog by Deborah Silver Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada
The Dirt Simple blog features landscape design and garden observations by Deborah Silver, a landscape and garden designer and owner of the Detroit Garden Works retail store. We have been writing this blog since April of 2009 that addresses both horticultural and design issues in the the landscape.
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127. Garden Ambition | Organic Gardening Blog For Beginners RSS Feed

Garden Ambition | Organic Gardening Blog For Beginners Miami, Florida, US
Garden Ambition is a popular garden blog devoted to helping new gardeners learn with how-tos, tips and DIY projects that are easy to understand and won't break the bank. By providing detailed step-by-step instructions, descriptions and photos, I help newbie gardeners feel confident that they can do it themselves, and quickly become a successful gardener.
627 1.5K 3 posts / year Get Email Contact More

128. Growing With Plants RSS Feed

Growing With Plants Worcester, Massachusetts, US
A blog for people who are seriously into gardening. Matt Mattus is an American author, top 10 ranked garden blogger, plantsman, horticultural speaker, Hasbro futurist, visual designer NARGS president, and random cross fitter.
5.2K 3.2K 1 post / quarter Get Email Contact More

129. Gardening Wizards | Gardening Tips Blog RSS Feed

Gardening Wizards | Gardening Tips Blog US
Gardening Wizards gives you the best pro tips, advice and information you need to make your garden flourish. A team of contributors bring you expert knowledge in everything from using LED lights to boost your plants to giving tips about growing a rose bush. You can find out what to do in your garden, greenhouse or even just with potted plants in your homes.
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130. Center for Urban Agriculture RSS Feed

Center for Urban Agriculture Griffin, Georgia, US
The UGA Community and School Gardens page allows community and school gardeners to get garden ideas, resources for success and to share photos of their gardens. The Center for Urban Agricultural and Environmental Sciences will provide intellectual leadership through research, teaching and extension to sustain urban ecosystems, enhance economic development, and improve the quality of life in urban settings.
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We are glad you could join us. If you love to garden we hope you will find timely and helpful information to guide you on your quest for a successful and rewarding gardening experience. Take advantage of our years of working in the nursery trade plus a life time of gardening. Join in the fun of planting and growing, learning and creating.
2 posts / year Get Email Contact More

132. Suburban Hobby Farmer RSS Feed

Suburban Hobby Farmer US
Hello! I'm Bill Brikiatis. I started Suburban Hobby Farmer to help you be more successful at growing organic food in your backyard. I use hoop houses and cold frames to externd the growing season. I've been growing fruits and vegetables for most of my life. Much longer than I want to admit. That's not to say that I don't make mistakes. I make plenty, then I write about them so both you and I get better at growing great things to eat.
3.3K 595 2 posts / year Get Email Contact More

133. The Unconventional Gardener Blog RSS Feed

The Unconventional Gardener Blog Oxford, England, UK
Blog by Emma Cooper on space, astrobotany, space gardening, hydroponics and growing food. She is a freelance writer and ethnobotanist exploring wild and wacky edible plants., also a blogger & published author.
1.6K 371 30 posts / year Get Email Contact More

134. MountainMama RSS Feed

Post on Decorating, Designing, Recipes, and Simple Living by Debbie. She believes in making life and home beautiful one day at a time in the mountains of Upstate NY. She was born and raised in New York City and is a mom of two beautiful daughters, and three sweet spoiled furbabies.
5 posts / year Aug 2015 Get Email Contact More

135. Veddw House Garden RSS Feed

Veddw House Garden Wales, UK
Anne Wareham's garden blog. She is a thorn in the flesh of the garden world. She is a garden writer for newspapers and garden magazines, and editor of the website thinkinGardens.
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136. Gardendaze | Backyard Gardening Blog RSS Feed

Gardendaze | Backyard Gardening Blog
Posts about Backyard Wildlife written by gardendaze.
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137. PITH VIGOR | Garden RSS Feed

PITH VIGOR | Garden Harvard, Massachusetts, US
Garden Design, Garden Travel, Creativity and Finding Genus Loci wherever you are from Rochelle Greayer.
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138. The Enduring Gardener | Organic Gardening Blog RSS Feed

The Enduring Gardener | Organic Gardening Blog UK
The Enduring Gardener, a friendly community of like-minded garden enthusiasts. This is an organic gardening blog of Stephanie Donaldson.We like to keep up to date on the latest garden trends, plants and products. Enjoy our garden design ideas, inspirational articles and how-to guides.
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139. Aussie Organic Gardening RSS Feed

Aussie Organic Gardening Australia
Aussie Organic Gardening provides advice to gardeners of Australia. Its mission is to encourage more gardeners to enjoy the benefits of organic gardening and discover that their gardens have become more naturally resistant to pests and diseases, and more adaptable to the changing climate.
1.9K 11 posts / year Jan 2008 Get Email Contact More

140. Embracing Harvest Blog RSS Feed

Embracing Harvest Blog Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Supercharge your health and cook with fresh, local ingredients. Learn about eating seasonally and locally by growing your own food and supporting local farms.
419 1 Get Email Contact More

141. Dreamley RSS Feed

Dreamley aims to help you make the very most of your outside space, no matter how little time you have available. Richard's love for gardening grew when his parents gave him his own little patch of dirt at the end of their garden. There he grew his own tomatoes and squashes, together with an assortment of flowers.
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142. Try Backyard Farming RSS Feed

Try Backyard Farming
Try Backyard Farming will show you how to use old-world concepts and modern permaculture-style techniques to super charge your home organic garden. It is a website that shows how to Benefit From Backyard Farming using cutting edge Ideas to Grow Tons of Healthy Organic Foods in your Backyard.
596 24.4K 1 post / year Get Email Contact More

143. Decorate A Garden RSS Feed

Decorate A Garden
Join Charles S. Nelson as he shares everything he has learned in the past 15 years in gardening. Stay tune with him to get a boatload of tips, information and practical how-to guides on gardening. He is a Canadian Gardner & foodie, and the founder & editor of
1 1 post / year Dec 2020 Get Email Contact More

144. Wall Flower Studio RSS Feed

Wall Flower Studio Haliburton, Ontario, Canada
Follow this blog to get articles and updates related to gardening from Karen Sloan. She is a garden designer, artist, writer, & floral designer, with a background and education in the Fine Arts and horticulture. One of the reasons she started this blog 15 years ago was to share her creative endeavours, including painting, writing, and photography.
3.8K 4K 631 6 posts / year Get Email Contact More

145. Fancy Gardening RSS Feed

Fancy Gardening
Hi! I am Steve. I started FancyGardening as a platform where I can share informative, interactive, and thought-provoking gardening articles and innovative solutions related to Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aquaculture, Landscaping to all gardening enthusiasts. I also provide honest, unbiased reviews on a wide range of home garden tools and equipment. I am passionate urban gardener with over 10 years of gardening experience and an expert in container gardening, and lawn care.
1K 1 post / year Get Email Contact More

146. Richard Jackson's Garden | Gardening Advice Blog RSS Feed

Richard Jackson's Garden | Gardening Advice Blog London, England, UK
Visit Richard Jackson's Garden for the latest gardening news, advice, inspiration, videos and how-to's straight from gardening guru Richard and friends.
10K 4.4K 30 posts / year Get Email Contact More

147. Experiential Gardener RSS Feed

Experiential Gardener Denton, Texas, US
My name is Rebecca and I started the Experiential Gardener channel to share practical how-to Texas gardening information and tips that I have found to be useful based on my experience gardening in North Central Texas Zone 8a over the last forty plus years.
1.3K 23.8K 6 posts / year Get Email Contact More

148. Realistic Gardening RSS Feed

Realistic Gardening Long Island City, New York, US
Hi, I'm Rebecca. I created this blog to document my small suburban gardens in Long Island, NY (zone 7b). I currently have a native pollinator garden in the front yard and an annual veggie garden in the back.
97 1 post / quarter Get Email Contact More

149. Gardeninacity RSS Feed

Gardeninacity Chicago, Illinois, US
Notes from a wildlife-friendly cottage garden. Jason is a gardener, garden blogger, native plant and habitat gardening enthusiast.
575 1 post / year Jan 2012 Get Email Contact More

150. Using Georgia Native Plants RSS Feed

Using Georgia Native Plants Atlanta, Georgia, US 
I'm Ellen Honeycutt. I consider myself to be an average gardener with perhaps an above-average passion for it! Fostering an appreciation for native plants is now a passion of mine, and I love to help other people learn more about the benefits of native plants. I also like to help people figure out which plants might work best in their garden.
100 2 posts / month Oct 2010 Get Email Contact More

151. eGardenGo | Gardening Blog RSS Feed

eGardenGo | Gardening Blog
A website with DIY garden recipes for every skill level, eGardenGo helps you design like the pros. Its unique tools allow you to focus on foliage, texture, and form to create amazing plant combos that will become the basis of a beautiful garden that will delight you all year long.
1.6K 3.4K 5 posts / year Sep 2017 Get Email Contact More

152. EARTHeim Garden Blog RSS Feed

EARTHeim Garden Blog Lexington, Kentucky, US
Garden Blog about sustainable gardening, homesteading, recipes, garden book reviews. Katrina Kelly is the owner and solopreneur of EARTHeim Landscape Design, LLC. She is a native of Lexington, Kentucky.
553 4 posts / year Get Email Contact More

153. Gardenhousing RSS Feed

As an academic and hobby gardener, I set myself the goal of offering gardeners, or those who would like to become one, a platform where they can get reliable information about gardening from all over the world. With the educational, helpful, and especially entertaining articles, I want to motivate you to start gardening and give you new ideas on your way.
17 154 3 posts / week Get Email Contact More

154. Gardening Austin | Austin Kitchen Gardening Blog RSS Feed

Gardening Austin | Austin Kitchen Gardening Blog Kyle, Texas, US
Phytonutrient Gardening Vegetables are not as healthy as they used to be. Find out why and improve your health by knowing how to get the most out of every spoonful. Joe Urbach is the original Kitchen Garden Farmer and has both lived and worked in the Austin, Texas area for over 30 years.
5 Get Email Contact More

155. Denys & Fielding | Gardenware Blog RSS Feed

Denys & Fielding | Gardenware Blog Kent, England, UK
Denys & Fielding is a boutique furniture and accessories brand that is all about the celebration of the great outdoors. Bright, colourful home and garden wares. Made in the UK. Lovers of colour, plants and life outside.
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156. Sharpen your Spades | Kitchen Gardening Blog RSS Feed

Sharpen your Spades | Kitchen Gardening Blog Cardiff, Wales, UK
Developing and managing a family allotment as an effective kitchen garden. Allotment diary, tutorials and articles.
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157. The Bonnie Gardener | Scotland Gardening Blog RSS Feed

The Bonnie Gardener | Scotland Gardening Blog Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Nicola is a Gardener by trade, freelance writer and PR. Her mission is to inspire the next generation of gardeners, Nicola sharing tips, advice and gardening know how.
452 447 Get Email Contact More

158. thinkinGardens RSS Feed

thinkinGardens Wales, UK
ThinkinGardens is exploring a new way of thinking about, and discussing, gardens.
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159. Stephi Gardens RSS Feed

Stephi Gardens
Casual Gardening and Living in the Suburbs. Hopefully I can help make your gardening experience easier and more interesting. I'll also be tossing in some cooking, crafting and traveling posts as well.
159 179 Get Email Contact More

160. My Garden My Refuge RSS Feed

My Garden My Refuge
Hello, and welcome my home refuge/ garden. I am a proud mother of four, two girls and two boys. I consider myself an accidental gardener, as eight years ago, I would not have imagined myself growing my own food and finding my peace in my garden. My gardening interest sparked after I saved a loquat tree from getting chopped down by my landlord. Despite the fact it was a sickly-looking tree, it had sentimental value in my heart. It reminded me of my parents house.
134 8 posts / quarter Get Email Contact More

161. LifeGuardner RSS Feed

I'm your Garden Chibi and can't wait to share all I've learned. From health, to food, a changing world, and love... life is complicated.
77 2 7 posts / year Get Email Contact More

162. Toronto Gardens Blog RSS Feed

Toronto Gardens Blog Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Toronto Gardens is all about the gardens of this city (real gardens by real people) and how Torontonians imagine, create and care for them. Created by the muddy hands of Helen Battersby and Sarah Battersby, sisters and neighbours who come from long lines of English gardeners.
1.9K 5.8K 1 post / year Get Email Contact More

163. Make it a Garden RSS Feed

Make it a Garden
Welcome to my little garden blog from the Land of the Midnight Sun. You'll find simple, creative ways to personalize your yard and garden. Fresh ideas that add artistry and style on a small budget.
751 4 2 posts / quarter Get Email Contact More

164. Gardening With Grace RSS Feed

Gardening With Grace Albany, Oregon, US
Gardening With Grace is a blog on gardening by Grace Peterson.
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165. Plant2Harvest RSS Feed

I'm Jake, I always loved gardening. I remember that as a small kid I worked with my father in our back yard almost every weekend, planting, harvesting, mow the yard and whatnot. I'm also a part of a large community of gardening professionals and enthusiasts, and they all agreed to contribute their knowledge and expertise to create step-by-step guides for you.
1 post / year Get Email Contact More

166. Green Fingered George RSS Feed

Green Fingered George Manchester, England, UK
Hi, my name's George, I'm 13 and I live near Manchester, with my Mum, Dad & dog, Buddy. I absolutely love gardening and wildlife and don't mind describing myself as a nature nerd and gardening geek.
6.9K 1 post / quarter Get Email Contact More

167. Fennel and Fern Blog RSS Feed

Fennel and Fern Blog UK
Fennel&Fern is the gardening blog where you'll find stylish content, fabulous photography and delicious vegetables. Stylish gardening blog written by a team of gardeners, designers, allotmenteers and cooks.
4K 34K 1.7K Get Email Contact More

168. Backward Garden RSS Feed

Backward Garden US
Landscaping ideas, practical tips, advice and inspiration for your garden and backyard space.
3.9K 1.7K 6.8K Get Email Contact More

169. My Garden Plot RSS Feed

My Garden Plot British Columbia, Canada
Gardening adventures and landscaping inspiration in the Pacific Northwest. Making gardening enjoyable. Sharing tips and plant recommendations.
383 1.1K 461 Get Email Contact More

170. RSS Feed
Grow your Gardening Knowledge. Discover one of the fastest-growing Gardening Blogs... Offering free advice on Gardening from houseplants to vegetables for all abilities!
22 4 posts / year Get Email Contact More

171. The Citrus Guy RSS Feed

The Citrus Guy Smithfield, North Carolina, US
Darren Sheriff is a Certified Professional Nurseryman, Master Gardener and works at a nursery. He loves working with other gardeners and plant problem solving.
2K 85 Get Email Contact More

172. About Garden Tool RSS Feed

About Garden Tool Birmingham, Alabama, US
Useful Information for Your Home and Garden!
2 Get Email Contact More

173. Gardening in the sky | Balcony Gardening Blog RSS Feed

Gardening in the sky | Balcony Gardening Blog
Gardening in the Sky Balcony & Rooftop Planters is a blog that gives expert advice about planters and balcony gardening.
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174. Mark's Veg Plot RSS Feed

Mark's Veg Plot Fleet, England, UK
Mark is Trying to narrow the gap between Gardeners and Foodies. Long-time veggie gardener, keen cook, enthused with photography and blogging.
3.7K Get Email Contact More

175. Gardengik RSS Feed

Gardengik is the leading online retailer of indoor plants. Check out our blog articles to read about gardening and related things.
23 4 posts / quarter Get Email Contact More

176. Garden Synthesis RSS Feed

Garden Synthesis Dhaka, Bangladesh
Get gardening, pest control, and plants related articles. Garden Synthesis provide everything related to the gardening sector starting with the healthy seeds to the stable greenhouse setup. They are reliable company for any kind of product or service related to gardening.
8 posts / year Get Email Contact More

177. mylittlebegonia RSS Feed

mylittlebegonia is a blog about container gardening! Discussing the basics of container gardening and how you can get started. Gardening is a great way to enjoy nature, while also expressing your creativity. It's also a great way to grow your own food and save money on groceries.
7 27 posts / year Get Email Contact More

178. Urban Organic Gardener | Urban Gardening Blog RSS Feed

Urban Organic Gardener | Urban Gardening Blog Los Angeles, California, US
Urban-style organic gardening blog about growing your own food with limited space and creative resources.
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179. The Old Farmer's Almanac Gardening Blog RSS Feed

The Old Farmer's Almanac Gardening Blog Dublin, Ireland
Welcome to the Almanac's blog on gardening and gardens! Whether you're a beginning gardener or a green thumb, we've got lots of advice and inspiration to help you in your backyard. Look through this page for a variety of topics, including gardening with vegetables, herbs, fruit, flowers, containers, houseplants, and more.
1.7M 32.9K 18 posts / year Dec 2007 Get Email Contact More

180. Farm.Food.Family RSS Feed

Blog on Family , Gardening Ideas, Food, DIY Projects and Home Docor.
30 posts / year Get Email Contact More

181. You Grow Girl By Gayla Trail RSS Feed

You Grow Girl By Gayla Trail Toronto, Ontario, Canada
You Grow Girl was launched by Gayla Trail in February 2000 and has grown into a thriving online community that speaks to a new kind of gardener, seeking to redefine the modern world relationship to plants.
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182. Fantastic Gardeners Blog RSS Feed

Fantastic Gardeners Blog London, England, UK
Read some of the most exciting articles, tips of the month and news from the world of gardening and landscaping. Fantastic Gardeners tackles a wide range of exterior maintenance and design projects with professionalism and expertise.
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183. It's Not Work, It's Gardening Blog RSS Feed

It's Not Work, It's Gardening Blog
Occasional Posts by Alan Lorence from his suburban St. Louis garden on Plants, Projects, Nature and Discoveries on insects and spiders. He started this blog for recording things he do in the yard, but also a resource for others who have their own garden projects.
1 Get Email Contact More

184. Wagners Greenhouse Blog RSS Feed

Wagners Greenhouse Blog Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Check out Wagners Greenhouse blog for a collection of best tips and tricks to help your garden and gardening skills flourish. Wagners is a fifth generation family owned company operating at the same location since 1901.
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185. Colorado Mountain Gardeners RSS Feed

Colorado Mountain Gardeners Colorado, United State
Master Gardeners gardening and blogging in the mountains of Colorado.
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186. Constant Delights Blog RSS Feed

Constant Delights Blog
Constant Delights is the best resource on Gardening, DIY, Home Improvement Projects, and In-depth Buying Guide and Reviews to make you a better gardener. Jill Sandy is a sustainable focus gardener. She love's decorating her home backyard with beautiful landscape design and creative garden care techniques.
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187. Grow Your Own Food Anywhere RSS Feed

Grow Your Own Food Anywhere Rayville, Louisiana, US
We are all concerned with the quality and safety of our food today. You can grow on a back patio, on a windowsill, in a spare room, in your living room, on a balcony, in a greenhouse, just about anywhere that you can spare a little space. There are many space-saving methods and methods of growing that will increase your yield and your harvest. We intend to discuss all of these options on this blog.
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NYBG | NY Gardening Blog Bronx, New York, US
Experience The New York Botanical Garden by following this blog.
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Garden Ranker
After testing thousands of gardening products, we have put together our top picks - nozzles, hoses, pruners, loppers, gloves, and more. Updated weekly.
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