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French Learning Youtube Channels


Welcome to Learn French With Vincent, where you will find a wealth of resources and expertise to help you master the French language. Vincent, a Fren...ch native speaker fluent in three languages, has been teaching French for over 25 years. In 2007, he started his YouTube channel with the belief that video was an effective tool for teaching French as a foreign language, and since then has never wavered in his conviction. In 2016, Vincent created French4me, a comprehensive platform that provides learners with all the tools necessary to become proficient in French. To date, Vincent has produced...more
889K subscribers 4 videos / day Feb 2007
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Learn French with Vincent

Learn French with Vincent France
Learn French daily with free videos made by a skilled and motivated native French teacher.
889K subscribers 5.7K 2 videos / day Feb 2007
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Learn French With Alexa

Learn French With Alexa Alexa Polidoro, is a real French teacher with many years' experience of teaching French to adults and children at all levels. People from all over... the world enjoy learning how to speak French with Alexa's popular online video and audio French lessons. They're fun, friendly and stress-free! more
1.6M subscribers 36.3K 5.4K 1 video / week Nov 2011
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Learn French with FrenchPod101.com

Learn French with FrenchPod101.com FrenchPod101.com is an online French language learning website. You'll learn to speak, read, write and hear French. You'll have fun learning w...ith listeners around the world. Get ready to start speaking French from the very first lesson!more
1.2M subscribers 107.7K 13.8K 4 videos / week Dec 2007
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Like a Frenchwoman

 Like a Frenchwoman Grenoble , France
Learn French online the easy way for free.
297K subscribers 30.3K 4.2K 1 video / day Jan 2013
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Learn French Through Music

Learn French Through Music LEARN FRENCH WITH MUSIC 'Without music, life would be a mistake', Friedrich Nietzsche
165K subscribers 1 video / day Mar 2007
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Learn French Through Music

Learn French Through Music Find videos on french learning through music.
164K subscribers 115 1 video / month Mar 2007
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Learn French By Suchita

Learn French By Suchita India
Learn French By Suchita - The Fastest, Easiest and Most Fun Way to Learn French with Audio and Video lessons from basics to upto DALF C1 and TEF/TCF e...xam Level. Learn French By Suchita is an online French language learning website. You'll learn to speak, read, write and hear French. You'll have fun learning with listeners around the world. Get ready to start speaking French from the very first lesson! Website/Courses - www.LearnFrenchBySuchita.com Facebook - www.facebook.com/LearnFrenchBySuchita Instagram - www.instagram.com/LearnFrenchBySuchita Whatsapp/Call : +91-8920060461 Email -...more
245K subscribers 1 video / month May 2015
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lingoni FRENCH

lingoni FRENCH Germany
lingoni produces fun and useful French lessons for the A1 - B2 levels. lingoni teaches you how to communicate in French by showing you what you can sa...y in different situations, like at the airport, in the office or when you are spending time with your family. You have many opportunities to practice your listening comprehension, review essential grammar structures and build your vocabulary. Videos are complemented by exercises, worksheets and flash cards on all kinds of different topics and for all proficiency levels. Visit lingoni.com to find out more. lingoni FRENCH is a web application for...more
83.2K subscribers 3 videos / week Sep 2018
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Learn French with a French Dude

Learn French with a French Dude France
U wanna learn French ? My way to provide french lessons : Learn French with a French Dude ! Speak French is not so difficult ( writing is tricky, e...ven for a French dude ) I try to provide easy, efficient, useful, funny, aesthetic and 'badass' French lessons. If you learn French, keep in mind : No pain no gain ! learn French with movies, music or... whatever. Bon courage et bonne chancemore
70.3K subscribers 2 videos / quarter Dec 2015
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Learn To French

Learn To French France
Learn French online with free resources for French learners. Bonjour ! Je m'appelle Eden, I'm a French language teacher. In this channel, you... can find free online resources for beginners or intermediate learners. - Improve your French listening skills - Work on your French pronunciation - Understand the most important French grammar points - Practice for DELF exams BEFORE CONTACTING ME: Please keep in mind that I do not offer online lessons to new students as of now. Thank you for understanding! À bientôt !more
29.8K subscribers 4 videos / month Apr 2020
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French with Mr Innes

French with Mr Innes UK
Bonjour tout le monde, bienvenue! Welcome to French with Mr Innes! On this channel, you'll discover the perfect way to learn French for beginners ...and kids! The videos can easily be used for home learning or by teachers as lesson starters. Videos come out each fortnight. Learn French online for beginners and kids with great pronunciation, progressive vocabulary and strong grammar, while discovering the culture of France. Fun French for kids and beginners! With lots of humour, this is the best form of French language lessons! You can also find a brand-new course from my new home in Paris...more
12.5K subscribers 1 video / quarter Mar 2013
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Learn French with Lexie - French for Beginners

Learn French with Lexie - French for Beginners France
Hey there! I'm Lexie. I know how it feels to live abroad and be misunderstood and confused most of the time. I've been there. Many times! Today ...I speak three languages fluently (French, English & Portuguese), and my students have seen similar results with their French skills! They now navigate their daily life confidently and without any stress in France. This is not magic! I made it my mission to help them, and you, feel fully integrated in your new home. You can do this! And I'm going to show you how! Lexie French Educatormore
2.3K subscribers 1 video / day Jul 2021
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Learn French with escargot

Learn French with escargot Thailand
Hi everyone, welcome to my channel. The purpose of this channel is to provide you video to learn French. Learning a language is never easy, and Fr...ench is unfortunately not an easy one, however if you practice a bit every day, you will be able to improve efficiently your level. Good luck for all !more
6.4K subscribers 1 video / month Jul 2018
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Expatlang - Learn French with Jean-Baptiste

Expatlang - Learn French with Jean-Baptiste France
Are you looking for the best resources to understand french speakers ? Are you learning French to live in France or want to go from intermediate Frenc...h to advanced? Then welcome to Expatlang your YouTube channel to learn French conversation. Why create a channel dedicated to French conversation? Simply because spoken French is way different from the French you learn in books and in French schools. My name is Jean-Baptiste, I'm a French teacher and I want to create the best resources to learn French online. But this is something I can't do without you. That's why on this...more
8.5K subscribers 2 videos / month Jun 2020
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Learn French Today

Learn French Today Learn French Today with a native speaker
1.6K subscribers 1 video / week Jul 2022
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Learn French Fun

Learn French Fun France
Learn French is FUN! Sure it is
2.3K subscribers 2 videos / month Oct 2020
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The French Learning Kit

The French Learning Kit Helping you Speak French fluently
361 subscribers 1 video / day Sep 2021
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Learn French with Fab

Learn French with Fab France
You lack French grammar, you want to learn this language, you wish to speak like people in France, you'd like to know more about our French cultur...e : watch my videos, they will help you, you will listen to my pronunciation, you'll improve your level quickly as you'll get to read and repeat, and what's more, you'll learn a lot of facts about my country ! For low levels, look at my playlist : leçons, grammaire, you'll get all the grammar you need, alphabet, numbers, tenses (present, past, future,...) and much much more !more
2.5K subscribers 1 video / day Jun 2021
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Pardon My Learning French

Pardon My Learning French France
Bienvenue sur Pardon My Learning - French! We are Sarah and Mikayla, two French teachers from Lyon who are here to show you that we are NOT your typi...cal French class. We believe that learning French is more than just memorizing conjugation charts and studying lists of vocabulary. To us, French is a living, breathing creature. Every month, we choose a theme that we discuss. On our Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and Monthly Newsletter we put out different posts, videos, and exercises that have to do with that theme. Make sure to follow us everywhere!more
499 subscribers 3 videos / month May 2019
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Learn French with Stephanie

Learn French with Stephanie France
I'm Stéphanie, I'm French ans I help French learners to speak French confidently and learn French quickly with an effective method that will ...allow you to make rapid progress in your learning. To learn more : https://www.learnfrenchwithstephanie.com Download my Free e-book and my free level test : https://www.learnfrenchwithstephanie.com/ebook_french_level_testmore
446 subscribers 1 video / week Nov 2022
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Learn French with Tumu Learning

Learn French with Tumu Learning Canada
Welcome to my channel! My name is Umut and I love French language and culture ! In this channel, I help French learners to improve their French while... explaining some confusing words and expressions and giving some important tips !more
695 subscribers 2 videos / week Sep 2011
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Learn French With Queen

Learn French With Queen Nigeria
Learning french has been made easy with Queen. You can learn french with Queen on the go, with short and easy to understand french lessons. Start lea...rning the French language with Queen from anywhere in the world on your smart devices without necessarily being in a native or colonized country. With Queen, French is fun, Learning is fun. You can enjoy a well planned and structured outline of lessons for learning and developing your french skills while having fun.more
1.1K subscribers 1 video / quarter Apr 2021
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Learn French

Learn French US
Hello everyone. Welcome to my channel. In this channel, I make videos in French that cover grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, verb conjugation and i...mportant phrases in conversation. Subscribe for free YouTube lessons. Let's progress together.more
649 subscribers 12 videos / quarter Aug 2022
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Learn French with Lara

Learn French with Lara Hello everyone. My name is Lara Streel and I am a French native teacher. I am the creator of the website Learnfrenchwithlara.com. On this channel I wi...ll present you videos and material to have fun learning French. I specialize in the French GCSE and French A level exam. I used to be a French teacher in the UK. Today I want to help everyone learn French. Please let me know what you think of my channel and don't hesitate to check out my website.more
289 subscribers 9 videos / year Jun 2021
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Learn French with Jérôme

Learn French with Jérôme France
Just doing what I like.
378 subscribers 6 videos / quarter Jan 2021
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Learn French and thrive! - Sweet French Learning

Learn French and thrive! - Sweet French Learning Canada
It's a piece of cake to learn French with Sarah Dessert! — C'est du gâteau d'apprendre le français avec Sarah Dessert! Bonjour! Yes, my real nam...e is Dessert, and it suits me well because I do have a sweet tooth! Born and raised in France, I decided to start a new life in Canada because I love this beautiful and wide country. After a beginning in Quebec, my passion for country music and calling from Nature brought me to Alberta in 2017. I love teaching French probably as much as I love to speak English! I got my French teaching degree in France and have been teaching for 7 years...more
342 subscribers 3 videos / year Feb 2021
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Savvy French Learners

Savvy French Learners UK
Welcome to all the Savvy French learners! I am a bilingual native French teacher residing in Scotland. With this channel, you can choose to learn Fren...ch, or simply test yourself if you happen to be a more advanced French speaker. First, I say something in English, then you have time to guess the answer in French, next I give you the answer in French, and finally, you have time to repeat in French after me. If you are new to French, you might want to pause or watch a same video a few times before you can give the correct answers in time. All the best with your new French adventure!more
155 subscribers 1 video / week Oct 2011
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Efficient French Learning

Efficient French Learning US
Hey there! I'm Akool and I'm a polyglot too. I got a big experience in learning foreign languages and really wanna help you. The most effectiv...e way of studying something new is to visually see (the text and image) and hear it (proper pronunciation of the words) while learning. Also it's very effective to learn a WORD, then make a short PHRASE using that word, then make a short SENTENCE. The more you use the NEW WORD, the better you memorize and understand it. I make video lessons using those 2 effective methods. Hope it will benefit you. Good luck and never give up!more
4 subscribers 12 videos / month Dec 2022
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Learn French with Pascal

Learn French with Pascal Learn French and French Grammar for free.
138K subscribers 22K 5.9K Sep 2007
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Learn French With Frencheezee

Learn French With Frencheezee UK
If you're learning French and are looking for French lessons or just a bit of help with your French homework, I'm here to help. My name's ...Cindy, I'm a native French teacher and I'm here to answer all your questions about the French language, so please ask away!more
109K subscribers 1 video / year Mar 2017
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French Truly TV

French Truly TV US
French Truly is the only company designed to satisfy your French curiosity on these three levels: Language, Culture and Immersion.
77.1K subscribers 2K 2.2K 1 video / year Jul 2015
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French Lessons by Indu

French Lessons by Indu India
Indu Sharma, from French Lessons by Indu, is a French Teacher with many years' experience of teaching French to adults and children at all levels.... French Lessons by Indu - The Fastest and easiest way to learn French. SUBSCRIBE the channel and start learning French today ! New Video Lessons Everyday !more
38.4K subscribers 1 video / quarter Jan 2016
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Learning French with Kaja

Learning French with Kaja Canada
8.6K subscribers 2 videos / week May 2020
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Transparent French

Transparent French Language and culture videos for students learning French, courtesy of Transparent Language.
2.2K subscribers 244.6K 48.7K Apr 2010
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Learn Canadian French with Nat

Learn Canadian French with Nat Canada
Hi, my name is Nat and welcome to my YouTube channel! I'm a bilingual native French and English speaker from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. On this YouT...ube channel, I review pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar for Canadian French but I also enjoy discussing some of the interesting and quirky differences between Canadian French and Standard French. I first became interested in teaching French while helping my kids learn how to read and write in French. I noticed the difficulties associated with certain French sounds, words and grammar rules. I thought it might be helpful to share with you...more
1.8K subscribers 2 videos / week Jan 2019
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Learn French with iliass

Learn French with iliass US
Hi, I am Iliass, I am here to help you to learn French easily. So don't forget to subscribe for more videos. Learn French easily with a native sp...eaker. Bonjour, je suis Iliass, je suis là pour vous aider à apprendre le français facilement. N'oubliez pas de vous abonner pour recevoir d'autres vidéos. Apprenez le français facilement avec un locuteur natif.more
4.5K subscribers 2 videos / quarter Sep 2018
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Yippee Learning French

Yippee Learning French UK
Bonjour je m'appelle Caroline. I make videos to help make learning French easier. They are based on the French GCSE program in the UK. Let's m...ake it an enjoyable journey. Bon voyage à tous!! FOLLOW MY FACEBOOK PAGE HERE: https://bit.ly/2Sm8A0Y FOLLOW MY ETSY SHOP HERE FOR RESOURCES: https://etsy.me/3taBmhPmore
1.2K subscribers 3 videos / year Nov 2016
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Learning French With ASMR

Learning French With ASMR France
Hey ! Welcome here ! I'm your new french teacher
1.4K subscribers 8 videos / year Aug 2022
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Fast French Learning

Fast French Learning Ireland
Learn and improve your French with Thomas from Fast French Learning
729 subscribers 11 videos / year Nov 2017
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Forever Learning French

Forever Learning French US
Bonjour, je m'appelle Roshelle. Merci de suivre mon parcours fou pour apprendre le français. Suivez-moi sur Instagram à: @foreverlearningfrench
328 subscribers 7 videos / year Nov 2019
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Easy French Learning With ASHITA

Easy French Learning With ASHITA India
Bonjour! Hello everyone, I am Ashita Jain. Welcome to my channel. Here I am going to share videos on easy learnings of language FRENCH. I will be deli...vering french education in the simplest form. After watching a couple of videos you will be able to understand, read and communicate in French language. Hopefully it will give you heights in your career. Especially to the aspiring candidates who are willing to go to European Nations or Northen America for pursuing higher education or job purposes.more
375 subscribers 15 videos / year Mar 2022
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Learn to speak French

Learn to speak French UK
Welcome to learn to speak french. In this channel I will teach you to speak my language. I have been a teacher for a long time and now that I am at ho...me with my two children, I thought it would be fun to do what I used to do, but out of the classroom.more
103 subscribers 11 videos / year Apr 2022
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Learn French With Sophia

Learn French With Sophia Learn French in the easiest and quickest way possible. Each video comes with practice worksheets that you can obtain by sending us an email. Sophia ...makes learning French grammar and concepts effortless!! She has many years of experience teaching all levels. To book your first class today email torontotutors.ca@gmail.commore
20 subscribers 14 videos / year Dec 2021
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