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Freestyle Football Youtube Channels

1. Séan Garnier

Séan Garnier About Youtuber Séan Garnier is an 2X Football Freestyle World Champion, 3X France champion, Red Bull athlete & Founder and member of S3 crew.
Frequency 3 videos / month
Since Jan 2006
Youtube Followers- 2,960,000 . Views Count- 257,912,243 . Video Count - 313

2. Kieran Brown

Kieran Brown About Youtuber Kieran Brown is an Football Freestyler & GoPro Ambassador!
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Mar 2012
Youtube Followers- 1,320,000 . Views Count- 288,560,220 . Video Count - 313


TOUZANI TV Netherlands About Youtuber Sofiane Touzani is a Dutch football freestyler whose popularity rose with his very first YouTube video. The video got the attention of EA games immediately. He was asked to perform his tricks for the game FIFA Street, and in the second game he even got his own character. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Thierry Henry and Robin van Persie have watched his videos, and Ronaldo and Neymar are even performing his tricks! He got his own YouTube channel, TouzaniTV, which is one of the most popul
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Jan 2011
Youtube Followers- 834,000 . Views Count- 156,557,142 . Video Count - 329

4. Andrew HendersonTV

Andrew HendersonTV London, England About Youtuber Youtube Channel of World Champion Football Freestyler Andrew Henderson.
Frequency 4 videos / year
Since Sep 2012
Youtube Followers- 131,000 . Views Count- 6,307,895 . Video Count - 190

5. F2Freestylers | Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel

F2Freestylers | Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel United Kingdom About Youtuber F2Freestylers Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch present you best match-play tutorials, live performances, football entertainment, pranks and banter! We want to inspire every single person that loves & plays football, no matter how good or bad you may be, you can become as good as you want to be by simply working hard & practicing.
Frequency 4 videos / month
Since Apr 2011
Youtube Followers- 11,100,000 . Views Count- 2,233,440,223 . Video Count - 648

6. SkillTwins

SkillTwins Sweden About Youtuber Josef and Jacob El-Zein, the identical twin brothers that can do a 'spin akka' in the blink of an eye. They are not only football freestylers, but they are also central and attacking midfielders for the VSK Academy in Sweden, one of Sweden's best football academies. The twins were the first YouTubers that earned a sponsorship deal with Adidas and they even have their own webshop! These two are almost the best freestyle duo on the planet.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Apr 2011
Youtube Followers- 2,430,000 . Views Count- 284,163,535 . Video Count - 226

7. Indi Cowie

Indi Cowie United States About Youtuber Freestyle Footballer Indi Cowie here, Welcome to my Freestyle Soccer Channel! You can watch my INDIvidual Freestyle Tricks, Soccer Skills, and Behind the Scenes Footage of my life as a freestyler.
Since Jan 2008
Youtube Followers- 81,700 . Views Count- 6,330,260 . Video Count - 60

8. Lisa Freestyle

Lisa Freestyle About Youtuber Lisa Zimouche is one of the world's youngest football freestylers at only 17 years old. At the age of 13 she was already competing in the Red Bull Street Style World Final, and at the age of 15 she became World Panna Female Champion. She is a tough and dedicated girl and definitely one to watch out for in the future!
Since Feb 2012
Youtube Followers- 64,900 . Views Count- 3,433,151 . Video Count - 12

9. Global Freestyle TV | Football Freestyle and Street Soccer

Global Freestyle TV | Football Freestyle and Street Soccer United Kingdom About Youtuber Global Freestyle TV, is a new channel that will feature, Football Freestyle, Street Soccer and Football. You will find the best Freestyle and Street Soccer skill tutorials on the internet, you will have the chance to win some amazing Global Freestyle products, and witness some amazing Freestyle and Street Soccer adventures, pranks, and challenges throughout the year.
Frequency 5 videos / year
Since Sep 2013
Youtube Followers- 26,900 . Views Count- 1,957,415 . Video Count - 68

10. Flair20TV | Freestyle Football Lifestyle

Flair20TV | Freestyle Football Lifestyle United Kingdom About Youtuber Home to Freestyle Football and Panna battles from competitions all over the world - the only place to watch all of the best football freestylers and street footballers battle against one another in domestic, continental and world championship events.
Frequency 2 videos / day
Since Jan 2012
Youtube Followers- 44,000 . Views Count- 12,619,287 . Video Count - 1,118

11. Tek Neek

Tek Neek Luxembourg About Youtuber Tek Neek is dedicated to producing quality football freestyle content and bringing it to a growing global community. Tek Neek is a group of freestylers that have a passion for filmmaking.
Since Apr 2010
Youtube Followers- 29,500 . Views Count- 4,587,367 . Video Count - 80

12. Singh Freestylers

Singh Freestylers India About Youtuber 'Singh Freestyler's', Jaspreet Singh and Prabhsimran Singh- The two Punjabi boys (Balle Balle). We Love To do freestyle football and we also love to teach you people some football skills as we are from india.
Frequency 2 videos / month
Since Aug 2015
Youtube Followers- 120,000 . Views Count- 7,639,481 . Video Count - 85

13. PWGfreestyle

PWGfreestyle Malmo, Sweden About Youtuber Philip Warren Gertsson, is an pro football freestyler. On this channel he shares videos related to football freestyling and skills.
Frequency 1 video / week
Since Feb 2006
Youtube Followers- 24,200 . Views Count- 1,295,907 . Video Count - 164

14. Tom Folan

Tom Folan LONDON About Youtuber Tom Folan is an 21 years old Vegan Football freestyler.
Since Sep 2008
Youtube Followers- 14,100 . Views Count- 1,356,485 . Video Count - 39

15. Super Ball

Super Ball Czech republic About Youtuber Official channel of Super Ball World Championships (20-26 Aug, Prague) - the biggest, most reputable and prestigious freestyle football open world championships. World open Freestyle Football Championship bringing people from all over the world to one place for the same passion.
Frequency 15 videos / year
Since Aug 2012
Youtube Followers- 9,380 . Views Count- 1,453,501 . Video Count - 535

16. Tobias Becs

Tobias Becs Oslo, Norway About Youtuber Tobias Becs is an Norwegian football freestyler and founder of 4Freestyle, a sport and lifestyle brand for freestylers. Multiple World Championship titles, European Championship titles and Norwegian Championship titles.
Frequency 29 videos / year
Since Sep 2006
Youtube Followers- 11,600 . Views Count- 1,031,201 . Video Count - 196

17. MichRyc

MichRyc About Youtuber MichRyc is an freestyle footballer and he shares his skills on this channel.
Since Jul 2007
Youtube Followers- 5,610 . Views Count- 281,513 . Video Count - 9

18. Roland Karászi

Roland Karászi About Youtuber Hi I'm Roland Karászi, I love freestyle football and i also like watching other extreme sports and activities especially flatland, footbag, skateboarding, break dancing..hmm..yes. im fond of cwalk as well but FF is my real life.
Frequency 1 video / year
Since Jun 2007
Youtube Followers- 4,800 . Views Count- 799,055 . Video Count - 45

19. Conor Reynolds

Conor Reynolds Ireland About Youtuber Conor Reynolds is a Professional Irish Soccer Athlete and also an Irish Freestyle Football Champion 2017
Frequency 4 videos / year
Since Jan 2010
Youtube Followers- 4,010 . Views Count- 461,081 . Video Count - 109

20. Liv Cooke

Liv Cooke About Youtuber Liv Cooke is an Professional football freestyler. She has travelled the world working for major brands, entertaining crowds and inspiring others. Her passion for Freestyle Football enables her to perform live, on television and as part of a wider group.
Since Feb 2011
Youtube Followers- 9,150 . Views Count- 163,262 . Video Count - 56

21. Andrew & Paul Freestyle Football

Andrew & Paul Freestyle Football About Youtuber Hi, I am Paul Perepel. I enjoy Freestyle Football along with editing videos and many other things.
Frequency 14 videos / year
Since Sep 2009
Youtube Followers- 2,360 . Views Count- 448,943 . Video Count - 61

22. Kotaro Tokuda

Kotaro Tokuda Japan About Youtuber Football Freestyler Kotaro Tokuda (Tokura) from Japan.
Since Jan 2008
Youtube Followers- 2,930 . Views Count- 260,492 . Video Count - 6

23. Baruzdin

Baruzdin About Youtuber Hi I'm Zhenya Baruzdin and I'm a football freestyler since 2006.
Frequency 2 videos / year
Since Jun 2007
Youtube Followers- 2,290 . Views Count- 431,586 . Video Count - 210

24. Fagerlibrothers

Fagerlibrothers About Youtuber Welcome to our (Brynjar and Erlend) freestyle videos! We have both been freestyling since may in 2009.
Frequency 6 videos / year
Since Dec 2007
Youtube Followers- 1,968 . Views Count- 183,904 . Video Count - 96

25. Lucia Kevická | football freestyler

Lucia Kevická | football freestyler Slovakia About Youtuber Lucia Kevická is female football freestyler from Slovakia. She has won World open freestyle football championship Superball 2012.
Frequency 1 video / quarter
Since Mar 2012
Youtube Followers- 839 . Views Count- 56,345 . Video Count - 29

26. Harald Moser Freestyle Football

Harald Moser Freestyle Football Austria About Youtuber My name is Harald Moser and I am a Football Freestyle Artist. A few years ago I discovered the passion for this sport and since then I am constantly trying to improve and widen the range of tricks.
Frequency 1 video / month
Since May 2011
Youtube Followers- 198 . Views Count- 10,175 . Video Count - 22